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Generating Order is the Right Thing to do

Disorderly folks huh? What can one or more do about disorder? Seek the justice having justice is different than revenge. There are laws, rules, procedures etc. Perhaps some think that they’re allowed to victimize others because they may believe that there’s no consequences. “Justice.” In order to be effective there needs to be the correct thought process think clearly and find the most effective solutions. It’s amazing how so many believe committing crimes is the norm. There has to be some willing to stand up and have their say. “I’m certainly vocal about the injustices and will continue to advocate no matter what others think about the views.” (Tanikka Paulk)

Oh yes they’ve tried to challenge every word said every action made. There are some People irritating enough to want to scream at the top of my lungs. That’s right. Perhaps waiting to see if there will be a snap. Waiting for a break. There are environments which can cause a person’s health to decline and that’s why it’s important to limit the “time” in such environments. There can and should be peace. There are some adults with minimum line of thinking. I’ve faced some of the toughest challenges. Some are criminal and really need to be placed where criminals reside.

Seeking justice takes a lot of courage. There should be order and the ones continuing to disrupt laws and important avenues should receive the due justice. There are some incarcerated because they’ve made a mistake and there are some needing to be incarcerated because they’re continuing to commit crimes. I’ve probably tolerated more than some are willing to tolerate giving individuals the benefit of the doubt. Their actions have demonstrated that they’re incapable of being productive citizens. Imagine individuals thinking that they are qualified to hold prestigious positions while committing crimes. There are some thinking such a thing.

There seems to be a lot of individuals taking unnecessary risks because wither they’re desperate or they’re hopeless. The adversities won’t prevent the seeking of justice. “They’ve tried to demonstrate that they’re more qualified but have criminal records.” (Tanikka Paulk). To think and to incur hopefulness is something some are unable to do. There are some believing that if they attack a person long enough then the person will stop moving forward. What are some willing to do in order to obtain? It appears as though some have already risked their freedom.

It’s amazing how some are willing to take big risks because they’re unable to handle witnessing a shine. Perhaps they’re lacking confidence or there are some just wanting to be a pain in the rear. No matter how many times I’m challenged there will be movement as long as I’m here on earth. No amount of attacks will stop what has already been purposed. Perhaps they’ve thought that I am Pinky. Brainless? No. When they think that I’m under and when it appears as so they’ll find that what they’ve perceived they were wrong and they are wrong. There are more individuals demonstrating that they’re corrupt than there are demonstrating that they’re good citizens. (civilians).

The word attacks could have broken my progress and the cynical expressions could have caused setbacks but there is so much confidence that what’s said won’t cause me=Tanikka Paulk to move backwards. The demonstrating of who’s smarter I’m smart enough to be free from being apart of a breach, hacking, monitoring and the other crimes committed. Imagine folks committing crimes in front of every law enforcement agency. They’re certainly in no position to call out. The crimes committed “certainly should” receive punishments.

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