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losing money I hate it do you?

Some people can get loss in the mall , some in the parking lot. Yes we know kids get loss
which I think is call a code Adam ? then some people get loss in their minds like when ordering food from a restaurant. for me I went to a reunion and when the reunion was done I got loss in the driveway, Yes I did get loss in the drive way and no I was not drunk. How did I get loss in the drive way ? The time was 12.00am mid night and the place which was in the country a golf corse they turn all the light off so it was pitch dark out so I could not find which way the drive way went to get out. how did I get out of the driveway of the restruant? I wait for some friends to come out and follow them out of the drive way . This place was kind in the woods this is why the place was pitch black
that how I got loss in the driveway since the drive way was the size of a normal street neighborhood. I was not a little house drive way. That would be hard to do . Has any one else ever got loss in a driveway ? lol. Here some thing else I hate to lose ? What do I hate to lose ? Money is what I hate to lose and what am I talking about? One I am not talking albut losing money from investing or writing or gambling. What I am talking about is losing money from my wallet and it falling on the ground I did not see it happen or if I see and the wind take it and I can not catch it I think that worst then losing money that kind like having the wind steel your money . That just got me thinking I have to make sure the wind does not take my money when I open my food cart ,hot dog stand, So that some thing else I going o have to work on .OK that it for now.

Notes From a Corporate Trouble Shooter

Any one involved in any form of business consulting knows a basic problems  is ‘Over Staffing’.  Governments, primarily those in 3rd and 4th World Countries are famous for this.   It isn’t limited, for course to failed or failing nations, it also effect many companies.

The Standard Business model of 1890 has survived.   It persist until virtual bankruptcy, take overs, or when they owners (gasp) actually listen to the Trouble Shooters.

The overstaffing is instantly obvious to the new pair of eyes which belongs to the Consultant.

Many entities do not take advantage of technology.   As some bosses love an army of  workers in eye shot, to make them feel important, or have a number of useless positions, (for example, too many managers) the cumbersome nature of the business or agency becomes obvious.

When a company is in trouble, (outside of someone running off with the assets) it is likely this is caused simply by too many employees.

Voluntary Redundancy — A Very Bad choice

Every company which has implemented a Voluntary Redundancy Exercise, (VRE) it is the best employees who  have shot out of the building as if it were on fire.

This is because;
a) the best employees have usually rebuffed offers from other companies. And regretted it.
b) they can create their own businesses
c) they are bright enough to take a life boat from a company they see as the Titanic.

In every company that has implemented a VRE it is the very worst employees who remain.

This is because;
a) no one wants them
b) they couldn’t run a lemonade stand
c) they don’t see that the ship is sinking

Never implement a VRE until after you have recontracted the best workers.   Once you have them under lock and sealed contracts, then you can make the offer.   But don’t expect the worst employees to take it.

Further, expect the best employees to not recontract if there are alternatives, for they can smell the failings of the company and will, as soon as they see the warnings, jump.

If you create a VRE go through the staff, one by one.    Those who chose to leave although you desire them to stay, those who you want to leave, but don’t want to go, are now known.

The advance notice of ‘one month’ gives you time to clear out the office, replacing those you need to, and cleaning up the mess the others have left.

Once the staff has been culled,  you have one month to reorganise, to find replacements.   When someone seems irreplacable,  pay them more, give them more perqs and sign them for six months, so that you have a better chance of replacement.

To warn you how dangerous a VRE is, in one Cell Phone Company an entire department grabbed it and the
company tried fruitlessly to keep a few.  The Company had not a hint at how dissatisfied its staff was.

It may take some finesse to get rid of the undesired and maintain the desired employees.   One can always create a ‘branch office’ somewhere else, ship those they don’t want to that location, then, terminate them over there.

How to know who to get rid of?

Phone Tests and Other Tips

A large company needed to get rid of 1/3rd of its work force to survive.  What was done seems ridiculous, but ten years later has proven its merit.

Trouble Shooters arrived and visited all four stories of the business.  Armed with a seating plan, identified each employee and watched their phone behaviour.

They discounted business calls, focusing on personal calls; whether via land land or cell. All those on personal calls were ticked.

A few hours later they  returned to each floor. Those found having personal calls were ticked. Where there were two ticks, that employee was discharged.

Simply put, people who can’t differentiate between work and not work don’t need to work here. People who have long conversations on the phone which are not business related don’t need to work here.

That ‘downsizing exercise’ has served the Company well.

File Tracking is another test.

One file jacket of a different colour is placed on each desk.  The time for that file to move to the ‘Out’ tray is measured.

When the Coloured File sits in the ‘In’ box for X amount of time, and the work in the Outbox does not substantially increase, that employee is ‘unworking’ and can be let go. Where an employee seems to get through ten files in an hour, (and those files are checked to insure that work was accomplished) that worker stays.

Do You Really Need So Many Managers?

Many businesses are so top heavy you think it’s a comedy.

At this supermarket there is the Manager, supported by two Assistant Managers. There are six Supervisors, each with an assistant, but only six cashiers.

Shoppers are lined up to the far wall, and some have walked out in disgust.

This is a failing business.  It may survive by being the only Supermarket in five miles. It may survive because it ‘owns’ the plaza and the rentals are keeping it afloat.  But it is failing.

Customers will shop elsewhere and only use this supermarket as one would a corner shop, that is, if they need a jar of jerk seasoning or a loaf of bread. But the major weekly or monthly purchases are done elsewhere.

Many businesses think by making a worker a ‘staff’ member they save on ‘overtime’  but they can save on salaries by stripping their staff to the bone, making sure everyone is actually working.

There should be only one manager, one supervisor, and an assistant, and all three should be active, not sitting in the office unless they are actually doing accounts, or handling complaints, processing cheques, etc.

Going from the top down in a downsizing exercise is how it should be done.

Employee Dissatisfaction

You can’t tell, in most cases, by simply looking at the Staff that they hate their job. Many people are working here because they have no choice, at the moment.

As soon as they get choice or can’t take another minute from the Boss from Hell they are going through the Door.

They don’t trumpet their discomfort or hatred or annoyance. They go day to day until they reach their limit.

As most bosses don’t realise this, the second there’s the chance for a VRE everyone races to the exit.

To locate a Boss From Hell, one hires a troubleshooter.   That person takes a job, seems like everyone else, but is really a spy.   This person gets the vibration of the office, how a manager is despised, how certain regulations are too constricting, etc.

Having a spy on the floor, (unknown to the staff) gives a fantastic insight into a business.

Sometimes getting rid of one manager makes all the difference.

why share in social media your post

why share in social media your post

sharing in media is as they say, bring you lots of views, bring you lots of traffic and that is what all th writers in any sites want, why because as views and comments means more money

so do you do sharing in social media like facebook, linkedin, instagram, google, atavi and more of these famous media?

i used to, yes used to, read more to see why and if you will decide to stop you also from sharing or what, this article about sharing your post and tweets and every single post on social media the famous and not famous

writing a post needs at least half an hour, to find the idea that you want to talk about first, then try to find the exact context adn then find the good keywords that will make the pepole come to your site, keywords means more views traffic

more views mean you get more revenue and that depend on the site wht you are writing for, some are fair and give you better share, and some are stealing your hard work and give you little dollars

so how bit you have to wait to get few dollars, add to this the time you need to waste posting in social media, its alot, its too much, when i tried to find out how beneficial the social media, i get the idea that if you will write your next post instead of sharing in media here and there, you will earn more, of course im talking with the good keywords using.

if any body agrees or find out that they did the same let us know to see the social media or the more posts works or do money better.

here are the social media that i used int he past to get more views and revenue

youtube, google, instagram, twitter, atavi, stumbleupon, pinterest, digg and lots more that i can nto remember now

to get a freazer or not to?

Soon I have my food cart open
soon I have my food cart open . Now the question should I buy a freser to keep my hot dogs frozen? Yes I know food taste better if they are not frozen but at the same time I do not want lose money or time by having hot dogs for the week I save time by not having to go to the store every day to get my hot dogs and more.So my question to get a freezer or not . Or maybe I should just buy a little apt size
refrigerator this way the hot dogs will not be frozen As you know some time when a good hot dog is frozen then cook the taste can change and I know some people say the all beef hot dogs when frozen taste like rubber .
as you know a lot of fast food places their food has no taste because the meats come in frozen if you cook food you know the differnts of fresh and frozen food taste. When people go to a restruant they do not want to eat food that was frozen and I am one them and a hot dog is still a restruant in a way just a very small one with a limited menu So my question is still the same to get a freezer or not to get a freezer this is my question. Yes I know it kind of a spin on William Shakespeare thing but that is my question but I think since I just got done rereading this post I answer my own question do not freeze the hot dogs so I am going to go that route I want to offer good food and a ok price this is my goal my hot dogs are all beef with the natural casing, This is what I like and I know people who like that way to.

Is there anything wrong if oil prices go down?

If you remember how the world market was facing the ever-rising oil prices less than 8-9 years ago as the China’s ever growing demands for different commodities was the main cause pushing prices mainly oil which had sent it to over $140 a barrel in 2008.

But some thought that the decreasing prices of oil were causing worries to world powers for they saw it as reason of worldwide economical recession. I can understand their reasons but as far Indian interests are concerned our government is not reacting either way as the price of crude has come down  in the range of thirties. Maybe the current changes in oil prices is temporary and the oil price will again touch new lows and it will happen once the prices go up sharply yet the result will be different ultimately.

They say it’s all about demand and supply and the oversupply was certainly a factor that brought the prices down until the October of last year. There is no doubt about the fact that cheaper fuel stimulated economic growth worldwide. Particular for the industry that uses oil as its major input found more beneficial. The OPEC (Organization of Oil Exporting Countries) tried its best to see that their member countries keep the production down but the producers did not do that in their self-interests.

As far we in India there is no secret in the fact that we export more than 70% of our consumption so the lower price of crude lessens the burden on our economy. There might be some adverse effects on our economy but that would be not as bad as when the price of crude goes up in the international market and we have every reason to believe that when we are getting it on one 1/3 of the price that we used to pay until recently.

However, the fact that even if there is no reason to believe India will be a looser if the prices of crude go further down. We have passed through a horrible time when we were under a tremendous economical pressure during Iraq – Kuwait war. That war had spread a stir on the economy of oil producing countries of Western Asia and the reduced production of oil caused a steep rise in price that had its very bad effects on our economy that reduced our foreign reserves to a dangerous level.

The result of poor investment in public sector and pressure of loan repayment reduced our world credit rating especially the under par rating by Standard & Poor’s and Bond Research Institute of Japan further increased Indian worries on financial front.  International Monitory Fund thought it was the right time to slap their conditions on India and refused financial support.

The worst that could have happened was downfall of USSR, the long time of alley of India that always supported India during all challenging situations India faced and emergence of America is sole world power of world horizon.  We are far better off from that situation we faced 25 years ago and now feel proudly being among the countries progressing at the fastest rate.

Image source https://pixabay.com/en/oilfield-pump-crude-petroleum-643836/

survey to make money or ptc site
Husb and wife 3

i tried bothe survey sites and ptc, sites and even tasks to soins, not really made moeny even to buy chocolate a day, its always too little that i feel its waste of time, i m doing this for years but because the income in real life is too low i try to see onlines works and still didnt find somering that can help me with some income, i will be happy it i make 2 dollars aday but no, there is no such tasks or online surveys or anything that makes  you that amount, and less than one , just one dollar a day is not enough to help in this so pricey life, also sites some them are false and you wasted your time with site for months and you feel so bad that you hurted your eyes for nothing.

Surveys sites like opinion and other sites market survey are good and trustest but they pay you after ages and yet its so little after your time is wasted on survey that take oyur whole time, some survey really it take about fouty minutes for 1 dollar, just one dollar, int that stealing, dont you think

i like to find good site to earn few dollars to quite the job and stay home, i like to wake up when evern i want and do the work and drink my coffee at our home but years and i mean literally years nothing happened.

i heard that some people do their living with writing sites and surveys but are they areall since i cant really find such a site, are they fake or they have friendsthat press the ads and follow them so getting lots of views and referral and so on, i guess there is key for that and which to find it one day to earn good enough money at least to pay some bills that will be awesome, if you know of some good site share it with us and tis going to bothe earning.

so writers and those who love to earn make money online thhe experts ones let us  know your keys to earn online and make some income extra

Federal Reserve to raise interest rates — Will this help the economy?

I read a news report stating that the Federal Reserve (The Central Bank of USA) will be increasing the interest rate soon.  It is also mentioned that this is the third time since 2015 that the interest rates are being revised and this may not be the last revision…that is further revision may also be coming soon.

In a way it is a news that is very relevant not only for USA economy but also for other countries.   If the Federal Reserve raises the interest rates, it will help retired people to some extent.  Yes they may be able to get higher return on their investments.   This may bring smile in the faces of retired people.

At the same time this may result in borrowing costs of companies to go up because they will have to pay a higher rate of interest for their borrowings.  This will help Banks to some extent.  This in turn may help the economy which has not been improving considerably.

It is good to have an inflation which is not high.  This will bring interest in people to work, produce more and sell more  This may also increase the share price and market will move higher.

This move in turn strengthens USA dollar and it will help people visiting other countries with their US dollars.  They may be able to buy more in other countries using their dollars.

This may also result in other countries’ central banks revising their interest rate higher.  This will improve the economy of other coutries also to move faster and expect a higher growth.   Yes. I am from India.  We are facing a situation where the deposit interest rates have been steadily coming down.  Now though the deposit nterest rates may not rise considerably, this will crtainly check the downward trend.   If the rates rise and fixed deposit holders like me get a higher interest rate –in turn higher returns this may help us to some extent to beat against the rising inflation  It is true that the pensioners like me get increase but that is not matching the increase in inflation and prices

In India also the share prices will be going up.  Again tis trend will be followed by China economy.  They will also see increase in interest rates and since that country has a higher population consisting of retired people this will help them get more interest.


good day.

Use Of Social Networking Tools In Business

These days many social networking websites and apps are even used by business houses as well for different purposes and they are taking advantage of the large Audience and reach of these social networking websites and Apps as well. Firstly I would like to through light on which web sites are regarded as Social networking websites and which Apps are widely used for that. Facebook has the greatest coverage and has many users in world around and its main advantage is that. It can be accessed very easily and even on a smile mobile phone as well. Many people advertise their products and services on Facebook as well and some even use the messenger option for official business things as well. Twitter, Google plus and many other are available but Facebook is the most popular and wife my used. And in apps there are many Apps like Skype, Viber, We chat, Telegram, Hike. But these are not much popular in India. In India the most widely used tool Or App is WhatsApp. As its very easy to use. And even layman can use it. It’s pretty quick as well to share pictures as well. It also gives the option of voice call, video call, text message, voice message. And many other feature like that. Earlier and even now companies use MS Outlook, IBM lotus, and even the Blackberry message service but all these services took a lot of time and that’s why present day business person tries to be and remain up to date with latest trend and technology in the market as it provides an added advantage of saving time which is of the essence to all these days and it is very rightly said, many a decades ago that “ Time is money” if we can save time then we can earn more and properly as well. Actually I have seen many people now a days preferring to WhatsApp more rather then on MS outlook mail due to it’s time saving and easy to share features and also WhatsApp can be easily accessed.

on line income from writing and more

My steps for me making money on line

number one with my writing sites is to get stick with my self and do ten post a day I kind of do my ten post a day because most of the time I need to use store wi-fi . That the reason most of my post are next to each other I have to do them if I want to make some money soon I have a car payment yes it a small truck but it still a payment and if I can make some thing then the money on line can go to the credit card payments. my number two thing is to go to the swagbuck surveys and try to them do even if I do qualified I still get one swag buck, then number three I go to mint vine like swagabuck I do the surveys and if I do not qualify I get five points , After I get that done my number four is going back to all the writing sites that I am on and answering the comments if I have any most of the time I do have comments. when that done I go to my paid to click site like click sense and in box . Most of the site I am on I have no problem cashing out when it my time to cash out. So I have money to pay some bills most of the time my on line income will go the credit card bills so they will bet paid. I wish I rally can find some thing auto that on line that can help me make more money . I think soon I find that to. how about you have you found your on line income that you can live form yet? If you did let us know ok have a fun night.

Have to be nice when you do not want to

Have to be nice when you do not want to

When you work retail or fast food or doing some thing with the public some times you might have to deal with a very anger customer. The inside of you would rally like to tell the person off . Because you know there nothing wrong. But we all know the manger of the store would not like us doing that. Like one time I work at a discount store in the food ave section the customer was bad . So this is what I did I just said sorry for that and I offer him free ice cream cone. He then told I kind of ruin his day because now I made him happy and he want to be mad that Day. How was I alae to offer him a free ice cream with out a manger it that store we were all ready had to go head to offer some thing like that because it was under ten dollars. So no manger was needed for the go head which save the customer time and me time so I can get back to my clean and cooking . If any LB writers here work in retail,fast food, or any thing doing with the public you most likely deal with angry people some times they are right some times they are wrong . But being nice some times can crate good Karma
and we all know that we all need good Karma today. So being nice to the general public is all ways a good idea. How about you were do work do you have to be nice or can you tell aa customer off? I know some people do but those people own their own business. That some times can be harder to be nice to people who shop were you work