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How to your financial for a long time basis?
What to Avoid in Personal Financial Management- Experiences and Lessons-II

The familiar proverb says Haste makes Waste, and alert is your lone companion. How genuine such an adage is with regards to the universe of individual monetary arranging. Alert implies that you stop and take a gander at all alternatives before settling on any choices keeping in mind the end goal to guarantee that as a general rule the outcome is a dependable choice with a positive result. This progression is practically required when managing issues of budgetary arranging, 401(k)s, and future cash needs like retirement assets, and so on. Poor monetary choices can bring about cataclysmic outcomes like late installment, a breaking down FICO assessment and even chapter 11.

When putting resources into land for here and now buys, one of the choices you might consider is an intrigue just home loan. These can be a precarious venture thus you might need to counsel with your money related guide, before going into a home loan of this sort. What’s more, since it truly can’t be viewed as a bit of your speculation portfolio, a will more than likely be a piece of a business wander or venture. This is the place the taking a gander at all the choices truly becomes possibly the most important factor. A premium just home loan is not a decent financing choice when you are taking a gander at obtaining a bit of property for a long haul venture reason or will assert capital picks up on the property. Intrigue just home loans are for speedy benefit exchanges. You get in, and you get out. No sticking around in the center. In. Out. Quick. Simple. Why do I say that? Since premium just home loans don’t take into account an expansion in incentive to you, there isn’t a value developing measure included so you can’t get more out of the exchange, truly; and, your venture obligation never diminishes.

Here and now suggestions and contemplations of intrigue just home loans have one primary point. The installments are quite low amid the term of the installment, however that is essentially in light of the fact that the general risk is failing to go down. Other than that, this home loan item truly shouldn’t be a consistent thing of thought in your money related arranging portfolio.

The intrigue just home loan offers little in the method for assessment conceded funds when contrasted with the greater items like IRAs, MSAs, and even 401(k)s. Beyond any doubt the intrigue is assessment deductible, however not at a balanced proportion. Indeed, even SEPs for the independently employed individual can have a coordinated proportion of assessment funds.

Over the long haul monetary arranging picture, if you somehow managed to consider an intrigue just home loan in contrast with a routinely amortized contract you would see that when the frequently amortized advance is paid out, there is as yet a long line of installments to be made on the intrigue just credit. The measure of investment funds could be very generous in the event that you consider the time estimation of cash. Time esteem is straightforward once you learn it. The fundamental idea is that the dollar is worth more today than it will be worth tomorrow (history appears to affirm this). So cash put in investment funds today, will at last be worth more than cash you begin sparing in ten or fifteen years. This is the reason monetary organizers encourage people to get ready for retirement at such an early age as opposed to holding up until age 35 or 40 to begin putting something aside for what’s to come.

While an intrigue just home loan may appear like a suitable choice to you, be watchful and consider the various conceivable outcomes. Odds are a respectable money related organizer will have different alternatives that advantage you more over the long haul.

The beginning of Indian development story

Over the past 25 years India has been witnessing ongoing social and economical changes. Starting from last decade of last century Indians have felt liberated from the past closed economical environment and social backlog. At the same time Indians felt there were too many accumulations of uncompleted work or matters needing to be dealt with without any delay.

If we look at pre 1980 era of Indian development story our books on economical subjects have lot to say. Almost all of them were nothing but detailed chapters of mysterious government plans which have lost their importance today. But this is also a fact that today’s books are no different having anything but ‘market’ in them.

Either of these ways is perfect for Indian society but we shall have to see the reality. We need a balanced economy more suitable for a mixed population of poor and rich. If we have to deal with Indian socio economical conditions properly we shall have to design a comparatively lesser aggressive market policy with lesser sense of risk that suggests some positive and new directions for the welfare of each section.

The modern economists may or may not agree with these suggestions but to people like me feel a greater sense of risk in present aggressive market policies therefore in the greater interest of Indian consumers we need policies designed to anticipate and help people in lower income group at the same time while keeping in mind the interest middle and upper middle class.

For example the interest rate cut in the different schemes by government of India offered by the Indian post office has been reduced up to 0.8% per annum to promote banks incurring loss due to their wrong loan policies will certainly have an adverse effect on saving habits of Indians especially the unorganized sector. In m views the economic policies need to be poor people centered rather than keeping middle or upper middle class in center.

Image source https://pixabay.com/en/peninsula-seacoast-coastal-1209165/

Recuperating from the Boss From Hell
Why You Should Not Ever Work for a Boss From Hell

I worked for the Boss From Hell for Two Years and Eleven Months.  I walked off the job two weeks before pay day.

I knew the Boss From Hell, we had gone to school together.  I didn’t expect his treatment.   I had never met a Boss From Hell, so became fascinated and began writing about it.

I was luckier than most people.

Put it like this; there is a difference between a volcanologist … a person who studies volcanoes,  who is there to map the explosions, the damage, take readings, and the poor people who hear the explosion and panic.

I was a volcanologist.

Seeing his behaviour that first ‘eruption’, hear him spew his ‘lava’, seeing how it was more important to him to explode than to have the work done,   I began to ‘study’ him.

While I studied him I noticed the effect he was having on me, and was capable to separating his opinions from reality.

Even though I knew what I was seeing, even though I could physically write down the events, I noticed its effect on me and appreciated that those who worked with him, for any period of time, would be damaged.

Amazingly, I found that outside of his secretary, who was virtually certifiable insane, no one spent much time except his sons.

One of them was a complete disaster.  A ‘baby’ deep in his forties who lived no where, (Daddy put him to live in the office), had nothing, (except an old bicycle) and was repulsive, and another who was nearly as old but the son of his current wife, so lived in Daddy’s house, ate Daddy’s food and was driven to and from work in Daddy’s car.

Outsiders, as myself, didn’t last six months.

I stayed longer because having developed strategies to deal with him I was not as oppressed and overworked as I made out, and tended to take him for comedy.

Despite this, when I walked out there was still a kind of ‘trapped’ sense, a kind of ‘uncertainty’ in my nature that had not existed before.

I realised that if one works for a Boss From Hell, they will need a time of self-rebuilding to function.

Leaving the Boss From Hell for another such person is to be avoided at all cost.   Better to take a lower paying job where one has some respect then re-experience the torture.

Working from home for a time might be excellent rehabilitation, or taking a part time job.   Anything to give your spirit a time to heal.

I was fortunate in that I was more aware of his psychopathy than anything else.

I recall towards the end he had called me into his office to attack me for whatever.   I say whatever because in my mind I was creating a sauce for my dinner and really didn’t hear a word he said.    At one point, when I thought of a few drops of honey, I looked up and met his eyes, and he paused.

I had looked up in that ‘Eureka!’ moment because a few drops of honey would be the ‘secret’ ingredient to make the sauce especially delicious.   Finding myself in his office, realising that he had called me to berate me, I made my exuberant face seem pained, and looked down.

I have no idea what he was saying, he could have spoken Klingon for all I know.

I glanced at the clock on his desk and thought; “thirty seven minutes to leaving…”   a little later I glanced again and it was “thirty four minutes to freedom”  when he sent me to my desk to do whatever.

I went to my desk, answered a few personal emails,  erased my browsing history, went to a document I was doing, put a few touches on it, and with twenty minutes to escape, began closing down, ran a malware, packed and was out of the office.

I realised, on my way home that I had so totally mastered the use of a Boss From Hell I had nothing further to gain from continued exposure.

When I left I began a new job the following week and it took time to adopt to the fact I had no ‘arrival’ or ‘departure’ time.  I didn’t have to be at the office bang on 8:30 and escape wasn’t until 4:30.

It took time to adjust to being in charge of my time.  And I was lucky.

But it takes time to excrete the Boss From Hell out of one’s system.

Strategies To Deal With the Worst Boss
boss-copy_The Boss From Hell's Best Victim

The worst employers often have mental problems.   They use the office as a place to act out their fantasies and neurosis.

Those with Inferiority Complexes have their photos and awards, no matter how ridiculous all over the walls. This is true of Narcissists as well.

These people have the mentality of Dictators who need to oppress everyone in their ambit.   The office is their version of their totalitarian state.

Interestingly, various psychological tests have revealed that Psychopaths are successful businessmen.  This may be based on the ‘murder’ of their competitors, the abuse of employees is enough to prevent them from becoming serial killers

If you think you are working for a Psychopath, you are probably correct.

Strategies to Use When You can’t Quit…

When you can’t just quit now, you have to put up what is flung at you.  Just as you can’t control the weather or your car doesn’t start you have to deal with it.

When you work for a Boss From HellYou have to learn to know what you can’t control and what you can. The major thing you can control is YOU.

That is, your feelings, your attitude, your reactions.

Once you admit that you are working for a mentally ill evil monster it all falls into place. You don’t need to analyse why,  search for reasons, you accept the fact. this is a psychopath.

What probably provokes a lot distress is finding yourself in a illogical and offensive environment.  When you accept this is nothing but a psycho-drama from a twisted brain, you lose a lot of stress.   You can lose more if you readjust your perception of real/normal/sensible when it comes to your office.

The Readjustment

Do Google on psychopaths.   You’ll see your boss.   Now develop strategies which do not only protect you, but reset your entire work environment to lounging in a spa.

Although it seems completely impossible and absolutely impossible in the hell you occupy, it isn’t.

The first thing you do is reassess your job.   Understand that none of this is your work.  All of this is his work. And the work is not as important to him as oppressing his workers.  The work is NOT important. Oppressing you is important.

There is a difference.   He is not assigning you this killing bundle of work because he wants it done.  He is doing it to oppress you.   What’s the difference?   The difference is that you don’t do the work.  You take one file or one aspect of the work.  That is all you do.   And you take All Day to do it.

He will insult you whether you are the best in your field or the worst.   The key word is ‘insult’.   That is important.   If you do a file perfectly in an hour, he will find fault because he needs to berate you.  He will have you do perfect work over, make it imperfect, than have you do it again.

So why are you killing yourself?

Do a shoulder shrug job and take all day to do it.   So he can insult you for taking all day to do a shoulder shrug job.

You get it?

Slacking Off

When people are forced to work on weekends or overtime, not because it is really required but because the Boss needs to express his ‘ownership’ of his ‘slaves’  there are ways to play it.

Many people will  surf the Net, enjoy the T.V.,  make phone calls.  And, many will often run a private business during those hours.

If you don’t want to work overtime find excuses.   Get sick, pretend to get an emergency call,  do something to get out of the office.

Don’t Care

Don’t take the work personally.   It is his work and doesn’t matter.    Waste time.   And do what he says as he says.  Don’t correct him.   Do the work wrong.  If he thinks   2+2 = 5, don’t correct him.

If he is a micro-manager who vets every keystroke you will do substantially less work than if  he was dead.

Doing less work is always good for you.

If you can type a letters in  ten minutes, make it take thirty.   Work slow and slower.   Make silly mistakes (deliberately) so the document takes extra long, wastes extra paper.

Making silly mistakes gives him the chance to insult you.   This is good. Ten minutes of insult means ten minutes of no work.

You slow down even more and when he jumps in your face for that say that you are trying not to make mistakes.


Arrive on time and leave on time.  No Matter what.   Provoke him to waste day. If he demands you perform useless tasks, as long as you’re getting paid, why grouse? Take it for comic relief.

Do not fret about being unproductive, do not think, “I have so much work to do!” You have no work.  He has work. If the work piles up until the company has to rent another premises to hold it, so what?

And waste time.

Arrive, take ‘forever’ to set up, then go to the bathroom, then return.   You should easily catch thirty non-work minutes.

Work slow, dawdle, take a break.    Disappear for you lunch hour for that one blessed hour.  Return.  Take your usual thirty minutes or so to look busy but doing nothing, and remember, thirty minutes before quiting you start to close down.    And you take your time.


Separate your mind from the work, from your boss. Stop caring.  What is important is  how late can you arrive without penalty?   How early can you leave.   This is important.  The Work is not.

Steal as much time as you can, working to make that eight hour day slightly over six.

Enjoy the Internet if you can, looking out the window, organising your desk,  talking on the phone whatever does not bring your mind to this building, to this job.

Take Control of Yourself

You are pat of a ‘fantasy world’ created by your psychopathic boss.  Develop strategies to turn stress into relaxation and  use his tools against him.

Recreate the job  to cut out his incursions into your head.  Become not merely proactive, take control.  Know what you are going to do, and how to control him.

Many of the worst bosses want you to work late or on off days. You don’t.    Have people call you ten minutes before quitting with an emergency.

Get someone to pick you up.

When he demands you work late, say, “I can’t.” He can not legally fire you for not working late. If he does, you have a lawsuit.

If you are a parent say, “I have to pick up my daughter at school.”

Most Bosses from Hell spring late work on you a few minutes before you are about to leave. “I can’t,” you reply. Don’t get into an argument.

Other Tricks

Get a work cell phone.   Turn it on just before you are to leave for work and turn it off when you leave the office. If you only have one phone, do not answer it when you are not in the office or on your way.   Let him leave a message.

Shut off your cell phone.  This prevents late night/early morning calls as well as those weekend ones.

When he jumps up about why you didn’t answer the phone, say you shut it off.

He’s very good at lectures.  A long insulting diatribe is his usual.  Say nothing. He is talking to hear his voice, not to impart information.

Keep reminding yourself that your boss is mentally ill and has has personal issues. Don’t listen.   Think of what you will eat for dinner, or how you will perform some domestic task.

Don’t listen. Let his words flow like sewage.

He’ll get more abusive when you don’t turn into jello, but as most of these people have bad hearts if he goes on long enough, he’ll suffer, not you.


Why Sam can’t get a job
images (1)

Sam is a professional.   He’s got a bag of degrees, diplomas and all sorts of on paper qualifications.   He has worked before and his resume’ is formidable.

Yet Sam can’t find a job.  Not a good job.

If we could drop twenty years off the calendar, Sam would have no problem grabbing cushy positions with great pay and benefits at top companies.

But, unfortunately for Sam, he is applying for jobs today.

The first thing most companies  do when considering hiring someone is to enter the name into a search engine.  And, of course, check that Facebook page.

And that is why Sammy can’t get a job.

If you go to Sammy’s Facebook page you’ll see a lot of images of him dancing with a woman who seems to charge by the hour.  The dancing they do  is one of those South America spread out dances, almost as nasty as what you’ll see at a dance hall in Jamaica.

This is not a romantic image, this is a nasty image.   The gal has her leg on Sam’s shoulder, or is lying on the floor at Sam’s feet.

Just looking at the image, unless you are hiring Sam to dance at a club or serve lunch, you don’t want him in your office.  Especially not a professional office.

The impression is simple,  if this is what Sam thinks is suitable to post on Facebook, if this is what Sam wants the world to know about him,  then he is not qualified to work in a professional office.

If he had images of playing chess, if he posted topical items,  and maybe one of these nasty dance things, well, he could be considered.   But image after image of this dancing, no.

So Sam applies, doesn’t receive the call back so makes his own call and is told that his application was declined. Does he know why?   No.   If he asks, he won’t be told; “We saw your Facebook page,” because if he doesn’t know what’s wrong, he can hold his note.


Direct investment in ecommerce sector of India

I feel disappointed when I read that a country like America with a population of little over 0.3 billion is far ahead in eCommerce compared to us having 1 billion more people (1.3 billion).  I think our turnover should now go up with the recent permission of foreign direct investment by the government of India.

As usual Indian traders associations are not in favor of such a step as they feel that it will prove to be a back door invitation to foreign traders in the Indian market which will affect their interests. As usual we do not think in wider interest for the poor people of this country and the employment it will create but as usual traders’ interest is primary concern in their minds and arguments against this useful step.

We have witness a fast growth in ecommerce in India in last few years but despite all the development we are too far behind in this sector compared to other countries and the main reason as I understand that these companies have mainly targeted metros and big cities. If they seriously consider including teir two cities and smaller towns I am sure the turnover of these companies will grow even faster.

Actually we need rapid growth in ecommerce sector as it does not need big infrastructure, large staff, customers’ visit, and most of all the parking space and of course saving on fuel and environment. Look at the country like America with a turnover of $240 billion and then compare it with our turnover of less than $4 billion with four times more population.

We immediately need to whatever we can do to increase of ecommerce business but I will not be surprised if we hear a little while later that government has backed out from their decision under pressure from the retailers as they are considered a big vote bank for any political party.


Gotta Do Jodhpur In 3 Days || An All Girls Budget Travel To Rajasthan

I finally have an updated travel story in the #GuiltyBytesGoesTo section with the only difference is that you won’t see a lot of your Miss Guilty in the post! But hey, my bff and my best friend has written the story and this is her 3 day trip to Jodhpur that by the way happened to be super exciting and very well planned. An all girls trip to Rajasthan is possible especially if it is a weekend getaway, want to know how? Continue reading!

Last year, we backpacked to Rishikesh, so this year we decided to give Rajasthan a try. Of all the cities, we wanted to explore the blue city of Rajasthan, Jodhpur. It makes sense to travel to this city during the off season as you not only you get a good bargain anywhere you stay or travel, but you will also find the key cities to be less crowded. This was a budget travel for us and hence we booked our train tickets to Jodhpur well in advance. The trains to Jodhpur originate from Old Delhi Railway station, however they also stopover at the Delhi Cantt station for sometime and that’s why boarding became super convenient for us as we live around that area only.
Day 1 – We arrived at Jodhpur early morning and booked a pre-paid auto to our Hotel Haveli, makrana mohalla, which was located 15 minutes from the railway station. The hotel staff was very friendly, and the rooms had a very traditional feel to them. I had already made the reservations online from the goibibo app, and got really cool discounts too!
Around 11 am planned to kick start out tour with the Mehrangarh Fort – largest fort in Rajasthan being the first stopover. The fort was built in 1498 and one requires at least 3-4 hours to take a complete tour of this magnificent fort. It has museums, handicraft stores, a restaurant and cafe inside it that is worth trying!
The hotel staff handed over a map to us with some detailed directions around the area next to fort. We decided to walk our way around the fort and caught some beautiful glimpses of life and culture in Jodhpur.
The evening was reserved for some adventure and we tried our share of thrills with an English owned company ‘Flying Fox’ that operates a zip tour out of the beautiful Chokelao Gardens within the fort. We made the bookings for the same in advance and got discounts online. You can book the time slot when you want to try the flying fox. There are 6 different ziplines of various lengths and they guarantee fun, speed, and a mesmerizing view of Jodhpur to you.
Kingston NY the town of Ulster

Why people in my town shop in the town of ulster area.
I live in a small city call Kingston New York
out side the city limited it call the town of ulster but if you live there the address is still Kingston New York . This why people shop in the town of ulster.Number one for the business that are there the taxes are lower number two for the people there is no parking meters and there are parking lots all over the place. The mall we have is a dead mall is open but we call it a ghost mall target and best buy are the only stores that are doining good. Why people do not shop uptown Kingston. One for guys there nothing up there to buy like t shirts or pants , two parking meters will be 1.00 hour soon. number three most place in uptown Kingston are resturnats or lawyer offices we have the county court house in that area,
it a nice historic area, Kingston New York was the first capital of New York state until it was burn down by the British that will be other post. A long time ago uptown had the stores like JC Penny’s and wool worth then the mall came in which kind of kill uptown and the city not helping try to bring it back to life by raising the parking meters rate from 25 cent an hour to a $1.00 hour
most of the time I will not be uptown I can get every thing I need in the town of ulster area Plus all the big box and discount stores are in that area . Does any one on here have a other towns that are like this were the mall kill the town I know some are saying walmart kill the stores but it the malls that kill the towns. but some city politician are greet all they want is money for the town and they are just chasing business and people out of the area OK that it for this one

If You Have To Apply For A Job…

The other day I was having an argument/discussion with a colleague.   To prove that ‘If You Have To Apply For A Job You Won’t Get It’,  I applied.

Now I am far more qualified than every single person at the institution.  I know it, those in charge know it, it’s public knowledge.

However, I applied for the job and was turned down.

I thanked the person who turned me down for helping me prove the point.

In Kakistocracies, which Jamaica is, corruption is our form of governace.  It is not that the government is corrupt, it is that corruption is our government.

This extends to every aspect of life.

You have to ‘know’ someone to get a position.    The person you know will give you the position if s/he wants to.  To fool the world, the position you have been given will be advertised, applications taken, interviews held, and then, you get the position.

This is how it goes.

This is why I knew I wouldn’t get the position when I applied for it.   And despite my qualifications, knew I would be turned down, because the ‘Big Man’ in charge hadn’t been consulted.

I say all this as a friend of mine encouraged me to apply for another position.  I thought it was ‘in the bag’ until I was asked to write a resume.

I have never written a resume because it is unnecessary.  Either you get the post, or you don’t.  It has nothing to do with qualifications, experience or anything else.

So here I am, asked to write a resume.

I went on the ‘net to check out various resumes, then decided to wing it.  After all, why knock myself out?  I’ll write what seems right for me, and then email it, and expect to be turned down.  No sense downloading and tweaking and trying to match my qualifications to what is required in the little boxes.

I just honestly wrote why I was qualified and why I wanted the position.

If I get turned down it would not be a shocker, as I say; when you live in a country as corrupt as Jamaica, if you have to apply for a position, you won’t get it.

The Twin Economic Principles: Multiplicity of Wants and Scarcity

Economics is said to be the “queen of sciences”.  It is not only an academic subject that one study in the four corners of the classroom but one could apply its teachings and principles in daily life.

There are two great principles upon which the science of economics is founded upon. The first principle is the Principle of Scarcity while the second principle is the Principle of Multiplicity of Human Needs or Wants.

Consciously or unconsciously, one is using and encountering economics every day. How much money do you have? How much time do you have to do your homework or to finish you project before the deadline? Such question and the answer to it involve economics.

The Principle of Scarcity

   Everything in this world is scarce and there is no such thing as unlimited supply of everything. Scarcity implies limitation. Take for example money or time. There is no such thing as unlimited supply of money. Even the the total amount of the money of a billionaires has a limitation or could be quantified to a certain extent.

Our time is limited. Each one of us is only given 24 hours a day. There is no such thing as 25 hours a day or 8 days a week as the lyrics of the Beatles song goes. Yes time is limited, fix and scarce.

The further example of scarcity is the supply of food and water. Why is there world hunger? Because of the scarcity in the supply of food. Even the world natural resources are limited say for example oil and natural gas.


The Principle Of Insatiability Or Multiplicity Of Human Needs

   Human beings needs is multiple and complex. There is the thing that our human needs or wants is always insatiable or remains unsatisfied. That’s why we keep on producing and consuming more, whether they are essential or mere luxury goods.

Economist for quite a long time thinks about why human needs or want remains unsatisfied. Every person has his or her own personal needs or wants. It varies from one individual to another individual.

Human needs or human wants may be simple or complex. The basic human needs of food, shelter and clothing are simple necessity for some but complex for others.

In all economic decision making, whether in the individual level or on the national level, the Principle of Multiplicity of Human Needs must always be balance with the Principle of Scarcity as much as possible.

This can easily be said than done. Take for example the issue of world poverty or world hunger. You may ask yourself why there are some people in some part of the world that goes hungry while in some parts of the world there is even plenty and surplus of food supply?

Another example is the problem of international unemployment. Why is it that there is high unemployment rate in the developing country compared to developed country? Why such an imbalance?

These two fundamental economic principles even though seem to be quite simple and easy to understand are nonetheless often neglected and even taken for granted in so many economic-decision-making.