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How to monetise your presence online

Many people are interested in earning an income online. Maybe you are also interested in doing that. If you want to earn an income while on the internet, today I discuss 10 ways you can achieve that.

At person who is on the internet may be involved in different activities. Usually someone on the internet may be surfing for information or reading news.

Either way, the good news is that you can earn something every hour or minute you are online. You can earn through Presearch and Brave Browser.


You use Presearch to earn a cryptocurrency called PRE, by carrying out researches using Presearch search engine. You need to create an account at Presearch and install the Presearch extension on your browser.

For every search you do online using the Presearch search engine, you earn their cryptocurrency. You will be able to withdraw at least 1000 PRE.

How is that? A very simple way of earning while you are carrying your researches on the internet. Apart from using Presearch on your computer, you can also use it on your Tablet or Android.

Brave Browser

You can also earn cryptocurrency by using the Brave Browser. You are paid in a token called BAT. You need to install Brave Browser to your gadget. It works on both your computer and smart phone.

How do you earn? You do not just earn by opening the browser. However, when you are using Brave, you will be paid for paying attention to the Ads that it posts. Usually, you find pop-ups, which are the advertisements you should watch.

Once a pop-up shows, click it and it opens on another web page. By simply viewing the Ads you earn. You can also earn if you are a content creator. You have to put a Brave plugin on your website.

Apart from earning cryptocurrency, Brave browser has other advantages. It blocks other Ads that usually pop-up. This reduces your browsing data usage.

By blocking the Ads, your browsing becomes faster as compared when using other browsers, such as Chrome.

Brave also blocks all Ad trackers. Ad trackers are usually used by some advertisers who want to track the sites that you visit.

The best news

The best news is that you can use both Presearch and Brave at the same time. Remember, Presearch is a search engine which you can install on the Brave browser.

So when you are on the internet you earn simultaneously from Brave and Presearch. Both Brave and Presearch can be used on your computer and smart phone.

All that you have to do now is to open accounts on Presearch and Brave Browser and download the applications. Within a minute you will be earning from these two twin applications.

Others related sites you can earn from

As this is not enough, there are many sites you can earn from while online. For instance you earn from Winza by playing games and lottery.

From GrabTC you earn bitcoins by participating in surveys, playing games and micro-jobs.

You use the WOWAPP for earning cryptocurrency while chatting with family and friends.

From OmniBazaar, you earn cryptocurrency for buying and selling goods

You earn at StreamYard for creating videos and lives streams. All for free.

At World Token Profit, you earn guaranteed profit up to 40 000%. This is a worthy investment destination.

At Markethive, you earn cryptocurrency for advertising your business for free.

While at Publish 0X you earn cryptocurrency for blogging. Make your mind known while you earn.

As you can see, whatever you do on the internet, there is an opportunity to make money. That is why the internet is called a Gold Field.



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Know how many people are earning online in a simple and genuine way

At times I feel jealousy to tell others about this earning program, because it creates a good stream of income. This is not a quick money making business project. This is a long term business deal, that will make you earn steadily throughout your life.

It starts by training and learning, then earning. You need a lot of effort and time on learning how to do it. But the result will be a continuous income inflow.


In fact, what business can pay anyone without training? Without investment? Without effort? Only fake internet businesses promise you thousands of dollars without these.  I am not a cheap business person to profit from lies. I want to tell people things that bring bread on their tables.

An online business does not mean cheap money. Someone should also work hard, just as we do in our other forms of business. The good thing about your own business, based on the internet is that it will belong to you.

From my religious background, I have been taught not to lie or cheat. And how can I try to cheat people for the sake of money. I am talking about Wealthy Affiliate Business. The business that has produced millionaires from hard work and perseverance. When you join wealthy affiliate you get all important training. The training period depends on your learning capacity.


The free training period takes you one day. From there you can start doing your tasks to earn real money. The first task is to get other people to join and you earn commission instantly.


Then you get more intensive training when you upgrade yourself for $19 per month. However, you can earn without paying anything. You get training in the following areas:


Web development


Article writing


Traffic generation


Affiliate marketing.

For a genuine online business, you need a website or websites where you base your business. From your website you will earn from affiliate marketing with big firms such as Amazon, eBay and Clickbank.

Many people fail to realise large sums of money through affiliate business because they do not have their own websites with reliable traffic.

Wealthy Affiliate has got many tools to help you to market the business. But I like the art of writing articles. After all, Wealthy Affiliate taught me all this. So why not share back. Do not thank me now. You will thank me in the future.

This is a genuine course from which you evolve into a full time internet entrepreneur. Why would you want to spend your time joining scammy businesses, that lie to you?

Ok! Hands Off. The decision is yours. It is all about faith and trust in me.


For more information, click the Link WealthyAffiliate

For more earning programs visit: MoneyScope


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Progress and the Effective Methods are to Continue

When it seems as though there’s little progress there’s more than sights realize. Effectiveness has and will continue to occur. The “additions” are supplied because the additions are needed and are expected to produce. Similar to job descriptions persons must adhere to their duties. “Soon the many recommendations will be supplied proactively.” (Tanikka Paulk). The disruptions have served as lessons. The invited are the ones willing to be apart of movement.

I’ve been declared to seek. Confirmed. “To seek and you shall find.” So many aren’t quite understanding exactly what the seek really means. You are to find what is designed to be found it”s apart of you. You you are on your documentation documentations. So many have denied that unwilling to allow that to proceed steadily but glory to God she is protected. God said so in scripture. ” “Although situations may seem as though there’s minimum prosperity there’s abundance unseen to their visions.” (Tanikka Paulk)

The toughest critics have tried to sabotage the progress but she is really, really, really needed. Instead of focusing on the word replacement the focus is on the word placement. My contributions have provided excelling. Allowing the “law” along is apart of the effectiveness process. Ones I haven’t invited seemed to invited themselves and no matter what’s said or directed towards me=Tanikka Paulk God has allowed by continuing. Amen!

The actions caused some form of setbacks but the right track has faced the adversities. They tried to push me=Tanikka paulk backwards but I’ve moved “upwards” and still have some movements. An example of the effectiveness is “advocating.” Advocacy will correct the injustices. “She=her is a peaceful fighting advocate.” (Tanikka Paulk). Designed, declared, ordained. The voices which yell profanities wanting to cease the vision to stop a visionary aren’t effective.

Featured Image Credited to Pixabay

The past takeover was allowed. Observed and my findings include the individuals as foes. Although so many have tried to remove my presence my movement was already declared. None are able to overpower God. God the Father of Jesus Christ. My determination is one of the reasons why I’m still on my pathway. The disruptions have increased my motivation to reach my desired destination. “The somewhere is now. Readiness to accomplish more. What was taken will be restored. Indeed.

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She is Their Toughest Competition

She has dealt with so much so far and there doesn’t seem to be any reasoning. The crowd continues to try to defeat her but she is powerful. Oh yes she is. What will occur next? What they’ve expected isn’t where she’ll head to next shouldn’t be revealed. There appears to be way too much competition. Competitors behave as if they’ve lost their minds. “Too much competition can cause persons to sink into insanity.” (Tanikka Paulk). Competitors are becoming desperate. They’re doing things in which they  would’ve done many years ago.

Some aren’t aware of the best approaches to handling the competition. The back and fourth disagreements and insanely behaviors seem to have caused some to forget about their dreams. A strong person will continue although some may bite their nails “just” thinking about how their competition operates. They’re ready to try and defeat their competitors. Steady motions from here to there. Thinking of the most effective strategies. “Every situation isn’t a competition. There is more to explore.” By: Tanikka Paulk

Most of my competition is females however the men compete differently. Some use tactics which will make one’s hair stand up. There should be more “consideration” towards ethical practices. Business ethics seem to have faded away. The insulting messages which some of the competitors seem to think will detour their competition. Having a tough skin is necessary because there’s some of the harshest competitors out there.

Most would probably burn out having to handle competitors trying to take down their competition. There seems to be so many against ethical practices. Some wanting to rip their competition apart. To think that their actions could cause declines within the business realm just makes my skin crawl. Witness the behaviors and some would probably run in the other direction. “Some competitors have really over stepped their competitions boundaries.” (Tanikka Paulk).

Perhaps trying to communicate effectively would help to lower the risk of competitors causing meltdowns. Some aren’t in tuned with reasoning. Businesses are failing because of the tactics competitors are using. “Some have sent me=Tanikka Paulk the most insane messages trying to cause disruptions. I’m remaining confident and have learned to dismiss what’s said most of the time.” by: Tanikka Paulk. The problems are learning experiences.

The best way to proceed and help the business grow is to keep the moves uncovered. Revealing too much gives the competitors the upper hand. Strategizing is the best approach. “Strategic methods should be utilized. Effectiveness is the answer and motivation is the key.” (Tanikka Paulk). There’s the beginning and the ending. Competitors don’t need to know what their competition is doing at all times. Almost like a game of chess. There has to be a lot of thinking involved.

Featured Image Credited to Pixabay

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Competitors are Trying to Beat Their Competition Down

Competitors becoming aggressive can really cause businesses to decline. The competition produces the decreases of time. To know how and when  to compete will help lower the losses. Some business owners seem to think that they’re always has to be some “form” of competition. A little competition is needed but too much can cause revenue losses in which no business owner can afford. Accountability is directed at the competitors. Some are addicted to competing. They’re overly competitive. There should be ethical practices when competing. The excelling of a business is what helps create a stabilized country or countries.

Too many are attacking their competition because they’re trying to get ahead of the competitors but they’re causing their “businesses” to suffer. There should be more focus on increasing instead of causing the decreases. Maintaining healthy business practices. Unethical practices occur when the competition tries to bring down their competitor of competitors. They may have feel inadequate. There are some who’ve violated their competition. They’ve either hacked or breached their competition trying to search to find what they’re competition is up to.

They have yet to discover that overly “competitive” behaviors can cause businesses to close completely. There really needs to be more focus on business instead of focusing on what their competitors are doing. “Good business practices will help a business and businesses rise above.” By: Tanikka Paulk.  What is the competition saying about their competition? There’s a lot said and there’s the aggressive actions in which the competition continues to project. Sometimes further action needs to be addressed because business owners suffer.

If they’re unwilling to reason then obtaining legal advice could possibly help business owners thrive. When the competition is disorderly then businesses suffer and the competition places risk on competitors and on themselves. Productivity occurs when there’s less focus on trying to battle with their competition. “There’s evidence that competitors are and have projected hatefulness examples include harassing their competition, sending insults, and hacking their devices and computers.

Most business owners would become frustrated when they’ve had to deal with the competitors. The focus shouldn’t be on what the competition has to say or do but what will help the business grow. How are the actions creating effectiveness? The actions has proven to cause declines within the business spectrum. Produce and know when to compete. Trying to cause many problems for the competition will cause businesses to fade out. Growth should be the key word. Excel, produce, “be productive.”

“My competitors aren’t searching for the right methods or business ethics in order to help their businesses grow.” (Tanikka Paulk)

Image Credited to Free Advanced Google Images


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The Fundamentals of What’s Occurring Now!

There’s so much misconceptions about what is to occur and what has occurred. There are so many without fully understanding how “to develop” businesses, brands, and themselves. There should be more focus on the how to instead of focusing on competing. Yes there will be the competition but what are the competitors offering? There are the rules of business. Learning exactly what they are is very important. “They’ve focused on the competing but have they focused on building brands?” (Tanikka Paulk).

What has been demonstrated thus far? The demonstration of how to become independent business owners and brand owners. There seems to be way too much dependency. What is expected should be clarified and shall be. There has to be some order in order to succeed within the business realm. There are objectives to meet and goals to fulfill. Where are the visionaries headed? If they’re continuing to move in direction they’ve been moving in then they could witness their businesses and brands declining.

There is room for learning and growing. The growth processes should demonstrate effectiveness. Offering more and having the ability to move forward within their businesses without being babysat is what should be occurring. How many are truly independent within their businesses? There doesn’t seem to be many presently. They’ve indulged in competing there has to be “progress.” “Movements should occur with out the boss holding their hands.” By: Tanikka Paulk

There seems to be the confusion the ability to understand has occurred. Here is “time” the mindfulness, inspirations, and dedications to what can cause the rising. How many are elevation the properly? Why would any desire to stop growing their business? All will have to become dependent at some point but shouldn’t be dependent continuously. All need and some are more needy than others. There should be desires to head in the right direction. They’ve tried to sabotage when they really need to grow their brands. Think about moving upwards instead of declining.

What’s to be Expected

  1. Cooperation
  2. Growth
  3. Transformations
  4. Increases
  5. Building of Knowledge

There is more to be expected but there should be the figuring out there seems to be the guesses. Know, learn, succeed. There are some who’ve viewed themselves as highly successful but are having difficulties generating attention to their brands and businesses. “Isn’t about what a person is called but what they’ve chosen to answer to.” By: Tanikka Paulk. I’ve moved “confidently” because I’ve chosen to do so. No matter how many times the darts are directed towards my journey there is progress. They too need to progress in unbelievable ways. Soar like an eagle.

Image Credited to Pixabay

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Strategic Eruptive Advancement at the Highest Degree

Wouldn’t they like to know. What’s the plan some may say? If there is a desire to produce the best then there will need to be silence in the areas. “The less some know the more that can be accomplished.” Some will have to navigate to other areas in order to accomplish their own greatness. when there are some willing to sabotage then there needs to be the unification of the ones wanting to advance to “levels” in which some could only dream of. The ability to build, rebuild, and to discover some aren’t able to do so because of their line of thinking. One has to think beyond the box.

Image result for box

I’ve explored certain ventures and realize that there will have to be risks taken. Fear should leave the mind in order to incur what can lead to the greatest abundance. There’s no time to sit back and just allow the savages disrupt the ongoing. What they’ve perceived as failure is in fact success. I’ve “succeeded” and there will be more success gained. They will have to just wait and see how the beings are going to achieve what they’ve tried to prevent. Yes one can work alone but in order to go where some of mankind is unwilling to go there will need to be others involved.

Where am I headed? Just have to wait and see. There are so many trying to figure out what’s really going on and yes they may be confused. Do we really need to tell all? No. There has to be some discretion. Right! I’ve faced the challenges and have built enough strength to continue on the mission. I’m going to where they may think isn’t the right place. There are so many trying to control every move a person makes. Why? Shouldn’t they be concerned about where they need to head. “They’re minding my business when they really need to mind their own needs are the reason some want to hold me=Tanikka Paulk back.” (Tanikka Paulk).

Image result for journey


They need to let go of you=Tanikka Paulk. There should be desires to advance to accomplish what can incur prosperity. Too many are in tuned with whom a person should be or not be with. My decision, my choices, my picks. They’ve tried to hijack my purpose and I’m way “too determined” to get there. They shouldn’t count me out. No they shouldn’t. Where I’m headed isn’t any of their business. God has designed my purpose and it shall be fulfilled. Yes I’ve had to go through the adversities. Stopped breathing but life was revived.

I’m continuing to sit on my thoughts and stand when need be. No matter what they think of me=Tanikka Paulk. They’re unable to stop what God has already declared. There are some coming to the realization that there needs to be the pushing up the encouragement so that others are able to advance. Yes a journey could consist of one person but there will be others coming along even if it’s later on within the journey. Oh yes indeed they’ve tried to push be back but “Glory be to God.” Tanikka=Tanikka Paulk is way too determined to stop.

My mission has been approved. Yes I’ll need to navigate to other areas in order to give what I’ve always given. There won’t be any taking “given.” The words they’ve tried to dish out haven’t discouraged me=Tanikka Paulk. They’ve actually motivated you=Tanikka Paulk. It’s your dreams and why are so many trying to live your dreams? I’ve advanced and will continue to do so and the ones willing to be along they’re invited. There are some so confident that they don’t need to sabotage because they want to further their success. Amen!

Photo Belongs to Tanikka Paulk

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To Properly Conduct Business is to Learn About Business

When there’s business there will be focus on the important aspects of business. To conduct business transactions takes concentration. There will be disruptions in which so many competitors project but a “true’ businesswoman or man will conduct their business refusing to allow the disruptions to invade the business. “I’m a businesswoman and conducting business will receive my undivided attention understood.” by; Tanikka Paulk.  I’ve learned about business and still learning yes I’m passionate about business and understand that business isn’t my entire world.

Business will incur many avenues there are many doors to enter into. Some of the doors will close and yes there could be disappointments but the key is to get back up again. There are businesses failing because business owners refuse “to focus” on their business some are more concerned with what their competition is doing. There needs to be more focus on business so that there can be more revenue generated. The more revenue generated the better the economy will be. Business owners will compete but there should also be encouragement.

There are many ways to learn about a business. Education, reading, listening to audios about business. There are many forms of business and some are unwilling to learn to all to business. The ins and outs of business. Some jump into business deals without considering all the aspects of business. Business partners competing with one another. “Yes there’s the competition but what will the overly competitive offer?” (Tanikka Paulk). There shouldn’t be bickering or fighting occurring when trying to elevate businesses.

I’m passionate about business and understand that there will be competition but refuse to allow any business owner to disrespect my business path. There are way too many business owners trying to sabotage a business owner and their business. Growing the economy will help so many. Haven’t they considered such? A business can fail if there’s the focus on what their competition is or will do. There are some taking gigantic risks in order to compete why? Some are risking their freedom in order to get their competition down.

Who really wants to conduct business with disrespectful, ungrateful, awful business partners and businesses? Some are crazed. They demonstrate envy instead of reviewing their business growth the focus should be on generating wealth. That’s right. A stabilized “economy” will lower the homelessness rate. Business owners are at risk to be apart of the homelessness rate. To achieve will have to involve confidence and so many business owners are demonstrating that they’re without the confidence in order to grow their business. “Think about the business, securing the business, and elevating to levels which will offer unity.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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How Many Builders out There

How many are willing to build? Building will incur more prosperity but if so many are trying to tear down then there could be more problems than the individuals are geared to handle. “Yes I’m someone and could be considered to be somebody and they haven’t yet discovered that my purpose is to proceed and to proceed peacefully. Some aren’t focused on trying to understand at all. There seems to be disconnections because there are so many continuing to think that they’ll become more “abundantly” sound by trying to ruin my path. They’re mistaken.

For many years now there are individuals insisting on trying to pull this visionary down. Why? Perhaps they’re intimidated afraid of what will be incurred. Surpassing the ones seem to scare the ones. They’re unable to deal with having to witness my shine or others. Some are connected and are working as though they’re laying bricks. For the most part it appears as though my travel is alone. I’ve tried many times to include individuals but they’ve continued to project their antics and I’m refusing to accept the mistreatment. “There are many goals to accomplish and the dreams, visions, and “solid” ideas will continue because God already ordained that.” (Tanikka Paulk)

Where will I be headed to next? Have to wait and see there certainly are moves being made. The challenges aren’t intimidating in fact what they don’t realize is that they’ve added fuel to my motivation. I’m accomplishing and have accomplished. There should be more focus on their own elevation. If they’re trying to sabotage then they shouldn’t be invited on the journey. Even the ones who’ve received an invitation seem to be thinking the same way as the destroyers. What will happen to the ones? Perhaps there will be some consequences for their actions.

It’s important to remain confident and to consider what avenues to take. They’ve tried so many times to disrupt my journey and there must be frustration because they’re attacking the same person but at the same time I’m protected by the Armor. There is joyfulness because I’m so dedicated to my vision. There are many goals to meet and yes there’s fatigue but there isn’t any thought about giving up on my dreams. The competitors can take a back seat. No matter what they’ve perceived my plan is to keep it moving.

Their behaviors are oddly they’ve allowed what I’m doing on my journey to hinder their own progress. Some have proven to be afraid to live their own dreams. They’re tried to blame me=Tanikka Paulk but I’m refusing to accept the words which have been posted and have come out of their mouths. There is way too much confidence here to be bothered with foolishness. Yes, some have tried to send their insults, and there are some who’ve even tried to send out their attacks. Here I am continuing and that’s what God wants.

Imagine helping a lot of People. Perhaps some aren’t concerned about helping others. When they think that I’m selfish they’ve be “proven” wrong and the selflessness will be proven. They’re so in tuned to every move made that there isn’t a moment that they’re looking away. They’re eyes is always on Me! Looking trying to figure out what will occur in the next stages. Where will I Tanikka Paulk be headed? I’ve demonstrated the unification. If so many were more focused on unifying then there will be greater progress. There would be less problems but it seems as though there are some wanting to create more problems.

Oh yes indeed I’m focus on building. Building mighty, building, conquerors. There are more than dreams here. There’s the vision in which some aren’t understanding. “If I’ve invited some then they’ve decided to include the ones who are sabotaging my “progress” and I’m refusing to accept such individuals on my journey.” By: Tanikka Paulk. There has to be boundaries set. Perhaps some are unwilling to understand because they’re thinking on the lines of their own fleshly selfish ways. “Continuing because God said so.” (Tanikka Paulk)

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Ruined Business Relations due to the Actions

There are some networks I’d rather not have to deal with. Imagine being bashed on some networks and expected to be their support. How many would allow such incidents to occur? There are some who may choose to be very vacal about the mistreatment. I’m an advocate and one way to advocate is to be unwilling to accept nonsense. “Perhaps using Professionalism will help keep business relations intact.” (Tanikka Paulk). The African American community should be more supportive. Helping one another will help the race grow and will help generate “abundance.’

Oh the Bashing was Unnecessary 

Yes they bashed me=Tanikka Paulk on a network in which I Tanikka Paulk was very supportive of. Presently I’m unwilling to support the network and I’ve haven’t receive an apology so therefore I’m not considering being a supportive system to the network. Imagine a group of People behaving disorderly on a awards show. What are the other groups thinking about the disorderly group of People? They’ve already known just how the group can behave. Business disagreements can occur and how are some willing to deal with the disagreements. There should be boundaries.

I’ve set my boundaries and I’m expecting for the individuals to respect my boundaries. There’s no reason why any person should tolerate mistreated. There certainly is unfair treatment and I’m willing to take a stand. “So now there is the focus on the other aspects of business.” (Tanikka Paulk). There’s the competition so there will be some trying to disconnect business ventures. Although the bashing occurred by movements continue. There has to be a decision to avoid looking backwards. Forward is what’s on my agenda.

There are other networks who’ve decided to join in on the hoopla. Their actions haven’t detoured this that journey. Oh no! “I’m confident” that there will still be progress even when it appears as though there is less movement. There will be more in other areas so there is no need to fret. What’s to be expected? There are many avenues to choose from. It’s better to try and keep the important business relationships open. There are some overly competitive and they’ll allow their emotions to control their line of thinking.

Business is Business

Certainly have to keep the personal and business separate because the two could result in disasters. There should be more connecting occurring. There are some without the ability to understand so therefore they’ll overreact. The mishaps seem to have left some in a state of huh! They may not know what to do or what to say. There are some too prideful to even offer an apology. They’ll just continue on as if the incidents didn’t occur. “To love business is to be willing to take the risks but unwilling to accept the poop.” By: Tanikka Paulk

Do They Really Know who I am?

It’s apparent that the individuals are unwilling as to what they’re dealing with. They seem to have underestimated me=Tanikka Paulk. Perhaps thinking that I’m on a lower level. They’re wrong. Although there’s the unfairness my path was already set so therefore there has to be the completion. Oh yes it hasn’t been an easy journey but getting to the destination will “be worth” the pain and suffering. Every person must face the adversities. There will be some unwilling to cooperate and there has to be the patience in order to know how to deal with individuals.

I’ve Made Progress

There’s progress even when the crowd tries to send out the attacks. Yes, they’ve tried to cause discouragement but it’s necessary that my path continues. There is productivity occurring and although it may appear as if there is less at times there is still progress. The invasions seemed to help in some way because they’ve offered room to grow. There will be more to learn and there will be “the ability to adapt” to the many attitudes. Some may not agree with where I’m headed but there are chooses here. I’m choosing to continue to incur abundantly. How many are willing to do the same?

“Reflection of Excelling Confidently.” (Tanikka Paulk)

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