What is LiteracyBase?

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LiteracyBase is an online open community to help people by resolving day to day issues and let them know the information they needed the most. The main focus of LiteracyBase is to share the knowledge among people in such a way that writer’s expert area can be explored. You can discuss anything you care about from pin to airplane even be a part of the conversation whether its dinner dishes, Health, sports or something entirely different as long as it’s complying with our policies.

What is the difference?

LiteracyBase is a makeshift microblogging platform that is intentionally created to add values to everyone’s life by providing their answers, value added rich content and rewarding points. We make this site search engine friendly and even optimized for mobile devices. With the help of this platform you can interact, write, help, get help and as a result get your rewards. In simple words this platform has opened up the doors of rewarding platform of learning. We had wide verity of topics to cover no matter which expert area you belong? You still can contribute with your information as everyone has its own point of view.

LiteracyBase was founded in 2014 by two IT professionals who simply wanted to take research and development to the new level and have an idea that everyone has something to share like them. So, why not permit users to share their knowledge and get multiple rewards from their posts.

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