Why LiteracyBase?

LiteracyBase is not just a blogging website but it is an organization that provides a platform for all those who can write, Comment, Share, Discuss and socialize. Whether you are a freelance writer, housewife, student, jobless or working anywhere but can contribute some of your precious time to us and get rewarded for your efforts.

Get Paid by Socializing at LiteracyBase

Join-us and become an essential part of this organization and get your rewards / profits.

How to earn rewards and profits?


How to earn reward at LiteracyBase by LiteracyBase-LB

To earn your reward at LiteracyBase, you need to perform some simple tasks that are mentioned in the table below.

Click on each task for further elaboration and steps.

Task NumberTop Rewarding Tasks
1Logging in
2Wall Update
3New Blog Post
4New Blog Comment
5Creating Groups
6New Forum Topic
7New Forum Reply
8Referral Commission
9Referring Visitor