Reply to Forum Topics With Useful Information & Earn

How To Earn More By Responding Forum Topics?

  • Forum Topic Reply Always Earns More Than Creating Topic , Because you are providing proper solution to the topic or the person who is asking something.
  • Make sure your response is unique and create something meaningful to the topic creator.
  • Like Creating Blogs and comments, earning of your response is purely depend on your response. If your forum response is valuable then you will ultimately earn extra. They key to success is Quality and Quantity, just don’t add words which has nothing to do with the topic.
  • Do Not Post Content from Web, Copy and Pasting material from other websites are not allowed and considered as plagiarism. However you can take piece of information from Other websites and reference them in your answer. Remember this piece of information is for reference only and can be part of your answer not your entire answer. Your Solution or reply must be original based on your experience, knowledge and research.
  • Do Not Try to cheat the system, we have very advanced tools and moderators who monitor literacybase, if we found spun and copied material then your account will be disabled.

So, lets start Step By step guide on how to post topic reply.

Step1: There are two ways to access topics here First is Forum Section and second is Groups Section.

  • Forum Section has latest created / responded topics as you can see in this image:
  • You can Go into any newly created discussion and post your response in it.
  • Remember You need to join the Group of this Topic before responding to this discussion.
    • Read This Articles Completely If you want to know, How to Join Groups before responding.


  • Whereas Group section has topics segregated into their respective groups
    • like all the entertainment related topics are in Entertainment group.
    • Each group has Forum Section.


  • Open what you like and Join them, it’s necessary to join the group before creating any topic / response.

  • Select any topic Inside the Group / Forum and scroll down to the bottom.
  • Provide your answer in Content Area
  • Add Tags
  • Check “Notify Me”
  • Upload Image – Preffered Size 1200 X 600 (Optional)
  • Press Submit Button and your earning will be updated.

Note : If you are still facing Issues then let us know your query Here!