Creating Groups

  • Create groups with quality topics
  • NOTE: Before Creating Group Make Sure that Similar Group Is not exist Already. 
    • Make Sure You provide proper Information while creating group which gives complete Idea about Group.
    • Make Sure You must provide highly relevant image to this group, So It look more attractive and professional.

If you do not follow the complete mentioned guideline to create group then your group will be deleted and your compensated amount will be reverted back. Because we need quality groups who are not exists already and most follow quality structure.

Step1: Click on the group tab at the top of page.

Creating Groups 1



Step2: Then click on create group at the right side of the page.

Creating Groups 2








Step3: Enter the group name and group description, then click on create group and continue.

Creating Groups 3










Step4: Select the privacy option and group invitation as shown in below figure. You can modify it, but these are the recommended settings.

Creating Groups 4


















Select the option < Yes. I want this group to have a forum> and then click next.

Creating Groups 5






Step6: Upload any picture.

Step7: Select < All group Member > and then click next.

Creating Groups 6







Step8: Invite your friends and then click finish.

Your group is created.

P.S : Creating Group will not provide much earning potential. For high earning potential you need to create Blog Posts, Create Topics in forums, respond to any created topic and mostly share articles on your social media platform so you can earn much more.