Become Paid Publisher Of Literacybase

Be Our Paid Publisher On Social Websites:

  • This is the main and highest rewarding task of LitearacyBase, because You can get paid mostly by sharing LiteracyBase Posts on your Social Websites such Facebook, twitter, Google+, reddit, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, flipboard and many Other.
  • Maintain Good Social profile on these above social networks. Just share and wait.
  • This activity is mainly depends on the number of visitors who visit literacybase from your shared Links. So share more and earn more and don’t forget to share on all your Social networks.
  • There is no limit to share your articles on your social profiles as long as you are not spamming.
  • You can share on your Main profile, Pages and Groups that you have been managing on those social sites.
  • Do not Share Literacybase Links on group and pages that you are not maintaining. As these refer to Spam. By doing this you will not only lost your social account but you will also get yourself banned from Literacybase as well.
  • Do Not Share LiteracyBase Links in Comments Section of any Social Website. This is known as spamming and this will lead to lose your account at all websites including Literacybase. So Be Aware!
  • Visitor from any traffic exchange is not allowed.
  • Try not to use any bot software or auto surf site as we have a mechanism to identify these kind of traffic and your account will be disabled.

I hope we have clearly mentioned rules above, if you still find it difficult to understand then feel free to send your queries here:

How To Share In order to Getting Rewards?

Many users find it difficult to share post on their social websites and later complain about their earnings. So be sure to share all those articles, blog posts, forum topics using following mentioned guideline.

Step 1: Go to Blog Section Or Forum Section Select any Blog Post Or Forum Topic You Would like to Share.









Step 2: Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the Share button. There are two ways to share, both are given in the Following screenshots:







Step 3: Click on the desired social website and share the post.

Now, Wait for the people who see your shared post on their social news feeds and click through to our website Literacybase. Once Users start interacting  and visiting here using your shared content. You will see that your balance will increase accordingly.