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Business Trickery and the Hiccups

Business can be very tricky, there are all sorts of tactics used in business, some of the competitors are simply trying to cause disruption because they’re trying to knock their competition to the ground. “Competitors may use sorts of tricks in order to try to advance in the business world.” Of course some of the tactics used can also cause a business to fail. The tactics could even cause a business owner to end up in court. That’s why business owners should be in constant communication with lawyers just in case any issues arise.

Business isn’t always splendid when dealing with “different personalities” there can be a lot of problematic events. Not every business owner will know how to conduct business. Some may not use friendly communications and not doing so can cause a business to suffer a decline. If any business owner plans to keep their business up and rolling then they’ll want to stay clear of the tricksters. A lot of competitors are simply testing their competition. Some want to see how far they’re able to go with their competition.

Yes, any person who has is who had a business is quite aware of how rough the competitors can be. Some go through extreme measures in order to cause confusion in order to distract their competition. It’s unfortunate that so many feel the need to do so because if a brand, business, or product is up to par then there will be no need to engage in the trickery. Although there will be plenty of tricks projected. The focus shouldn’t cease. If the business owner expects their business “to prosper” then they’ll have to ignore the disruptions.

In order for the business or brand to grow there will need to be some tactics used. Of course the tactics should be appropriate for business and there should be ethical practices used. Too many become overly excited and start using unethical practices in order “to advance.” Of course it may appear as if the business or brand is prospering at first but eventually the tactics used will cause a business to suffer a decline. All one has to do is observe just how some continue to cause havoc for certain business owners. For some the actions are considered hating.

No business owner should neglect their customers or potential customers and if there is focus on what the competitors are doing then that’s exactly what will occur. Business owners should do what’s best for their business or not what others think the business owner should do. The disruptions may occur but there are many ways to prosper in business and other areas. “Don’t Allow the Behaviors of the Competitors to Cause a Decline in any Area. Doing Business can be Good.” By: (Tanikka Paulk).

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Brands Must Receive Exposure in Order to Increase Sales

All brand owners should be aware of how to gain exposure to their brands and business. There must be promoting and if there is little “promoting” going on then the brand owner can not expect to receive lots of exposure. There is online exposure, exposure through the mail, and television. So many are using the web these days and that’s why so many have navigated to social media and other platforms in order to advertise their brands and businesses. Too many brand owners end up losing out because of not connecting with the right individuals. Little networking or perhaps not supplying what is needed to produce a successful brand.

Some brands are so popular and may not need a lot of exposure. The ones who have been in business for a long time have developed enough skills so that they’re able to properly promote their “brands.” Social media is a great place to advertise and that’s why so many are continuing to add their businesses and brands. Some platforms are more business friendly than others. There are some platforms which make promoting easy. There’s a lot of competition so therefore all brand owners must get to work on promoting their brands.

Brands Popularity

Brands can become very popular when there is networking and a lot of advertising taking place. There are many ways that a brand owner can promote their brand or brands. Firstly, every brand owner should have some form of people skills, it’s no fun coming in contact with brand owners who are mean. No person would want to do business with brand owners who sabotage others or at least continue to business with the individuals. There are some platforms that offers brands as well as businesses packages which will allow the owners “to advertise” with extras.

No brand should be hidden. Some have chosen to advertise on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Facebook is highly popular and the CEO Mark Zuckerberg seems to know the ins and outs of business. A very successful businessman< CEO, and investor. All persons in business should know a lot about business. There should be continuous learning taking place. No brand owner or business owner should avoid networking or communicating with potential customers. Some brand owners may need some assistance with promoting their brands. Some “will need” to hire promoters and advertisers in order to get there brand where the brand should be and where the brand owner wants their brand.

The Best way to Network

What are the best ways to network? Social Media. Social media is very popular and so many love to use the platforms in order to socialize or share experiences. No matter who the brand owners are, the owners should network, and not be bashful about doing so. Some may think that they’re above networking with potential customers or other brand owners. If the brand owners expect to receive more sales then they’ll do what’s necessary in order to “elevate” their sales.

There is no need to have lengthy information about a brand. Customers would rather read less information which offers the details they’re seeking. Most customers want to know the pricing. The promotional material should be bold. There should be colors which grab customers and potential customers attention. Brand owners should develop “communication” skills. Of course a lot of brand owners may become shy but when it comes to developing a successful business then brand owners should practice the skills necessary to do so.

“Don’t Dismiss an Opportunity to Promote a Brand. Increasing Sales Means Increased Revenue.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Politics is not Only Tricky but can be Damaging

There are some great politicians who really do care about the well being of others. However there are some who have no business being in politics. Not offering any solutions but creating chaos. Some politicians seem to think that their positions mean that treating others unfairly is justified. They’re so wrong. There’s no reason why any politician should treat citizens unfairly. No politician should violate the rights of people. Any “politician” who constantly causes a disservice shouldn’t be in office. It appears as if a lot of corruption surrounds politics.

There are some willing to do the right thing. Some go beyond their call of duty. There are some who continuously show their gratitude towards others. It’s really unfortunate that so many aren’t doing what they’ve been voted in to do. There are some who simply should try other careers. Not all politicians are people friendly. There are some who are quite corrupt and will continue to do what they’re doing unless there’s a reason not to. “Politics” isn’t always peachy. There are some who seem to have taken the positions in order to become powerful.

Perhaps some politicians aren’t considering that it’s citizens who vote the politicians in. They’re quite vengeful some are. Not considering the voters and causing all sorts of madness. Perhaps there’s some politicians who are so competitive that they’ll do what it takes to compete. Some can destroy a whole nation. Too many people are victimized by politics and politicians. Some not aware of their “rights” and continue to be victimized. So many may be afraid to stand up to politicians.

Politicians Violating Rights

Unfortunately there’s a lot of politicians who are bullies and not concerned about the rights of voters or anyone else for that matter. They’re actually sabotaging society and in the long run will suffer a decline for their actions. There’s way too many people who refuse to stand up against the injustices which continue to occur. Politics is no game. Although there are some politicians who seem to be playing games. There has to be seriousness in politics. Some politicians are over “healthcare” and why would any politician want to play around with healthcare?

Some may believe they’re in no position to stand up to the bullies. Any person who is in charge of a country should be stable and use good judgement. “Some don’t seem to be appreciative” of voters who go out and vote the politicians in. There are Senators who feel as if they’re justified in mistreating citizens. There is no reason any person should be mistreated but especially from politicians. So many complain but refuse to do anything about what they’ve had to face.

There needs to be a change. There needs to be more caring politicians. If there is a continuous decline in politics then the country will suffer greatly. There seems to be a breakdown in communication and in other areas. Politicians have even resulted to debates which involve bullying the ones running against the other. What a sad way to continue to do business because business is certainly involved in politics. There will continue to be a decline and “citizens could decide to stop voting” of course not all will but every vote counts.

“Politicians Should be Fair and try to Understand all People. Voters are the Ones who Vote the Politicians in.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Should Dwyane Wade go Into Retirement

There will come a time when every NBA player will have to make the decision to retire from the NBA. Some prepared to do so and others may not be ready but all other areas point towards the need for the retirement. There are some players who had no choice but to retire early. In fact I Tanikka Paulk worked with one who had to retire early due to injuring his knees. The person called Coach played for the Boston Celtics. Of course when listening to his stories about his NBA days. It was obvious that having to retire was a mournful decision but necessary.

Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat Experience

What an exciting moment in time when the announcement came that Dwyane Wade would be apart of “The Miami Heat.” Fans became excited and were ready to see how powerful Dwyane Wade would be on The Miami Heat Team. DWade went beyond the calling. Ticket sales increased and fans continued to become excited about Wades presence on the Miami Heat. Dwade proved to be a team leader. Gave 13 seasons to the Miami Heat. Jerseys, shoes, and socks were selling like mad. Wade uplifted the Miami Heat Organization.

DWADE’s Departure From the Miami Heat

Wade leaving the Miami Heat Organization was tough. Fans weren’t thrilled at all about the decision to depart from such an successful experience with the Miami Heat. Pat Riley explained why the decision was made to let Dwade go. The decision wasn’t an easy one and ever NBA player is familiar with the possibility of either being traded or let go from the team. Some will make the decision to leave a team and navigate to another team where the player or players deem are a better fit or for some the decision as to do with family related issues.

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Pat Riley received a lot of flack for making such a decision and of course Pat Riley knew he would. The decision is a decision that Management has to make at some point. Business is business and although Wade gave 13 seasons to the Miami Heat. The Miami Heat wanted to find younger talent. Did Miami Heat Organization Regret Their Decision? Yes indeed. It appears as if the Miami Heat suffered a bit due to Wade’s departure but did not want to continue to focus on what occurred.

Was the Decision to Leave the Heat and Reside Back to Chicago a Good Decision?

Some may say that the decision was a decision Wade felt Wade had to make but to be frank it really as if the decision to not retire with the Miami Heat wasn’t the best decision. Of course Dwade wanting to play for the Chicago Bulls was a dream and it’s understood why Wade chose to play for the Bulls. It didn’t seem as if the decision to do so was right. In my opinion, Wade should have retired with the Miami Heat, there was way too much history there. Miami really appreciated the contributions which Wade made.

Dwade contributed a lot to the South Florida Community. Giving food, spending time with children, and giving to after school programs. Somewhere there seemed to be a disconnection meaning what occurred with the Miami Heat caused some perhaps irritating emotions. Some claimed Wade seemed different. Not being the same Miami Heat Dwade. There seemed some changes which for so many seemed alarming. There will always be decisions in which difficult but may seem necessary.

Back to the Question. Should Dwyane Wade go Into Retirement

Yes. Wade should at least consider retiring. There are many reasons why Dwade should retire. Perhaps Wade may not be ready to retire but with all of the dramatics and such it would be best that Wade retire from the Chicago Bulls. Wade already proved his abilities to be an outstanding player. The contributions made haven’t be unnoticed although Wade did not receive the recognition Wade probably would have liked to receive. Perhaps the Miami Heat is willing to show Dwade just how much Dwade was appreciated. The decision to retire may not be an easy one but it’s better that Dwade go out as legendary and not add anymore dramatics to his resume. “Dwade Gave a lot to the Miami Heat Organization and I’m Believing That it is Time for Dwade to Adios the B-Ball Court.” By: Tanikka Paulk

Author’s Notes: My name Tanikka Paulk and I’m a writer, blogger, advocate and founder. I’m a mother of 5 sons and have expressed my appreciation for the contributions Dwade made to an after school program where all of my sons attended. I’m also the one who advocated when Dwade was bullied on Facebook because of not participating in the Canadian Anthem and also on another social media site. Although there was and is great appreciation for Wade’s contributions there is also some disappointment because of some misunderstandings and behaviors which are unacceptable.

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Advocacy is the Desire to Fight for Causes and Rights

Advocates can come across some of the toughest battles. When it comes to fighting for the ones of self and others, there may be a lot of resistance, some continuously fighting against the person or persons. No matter how many try to stop “advocates or activists” from fighting for rights and causes no advocate should back down. Even when there’s a lot of noise and threats. That’s right. There are a lot of advocates and activists who have received threats. There are some who suffered a demise because of their voice.

Not every individual will believe in advocacy. There are some who may not accept certain advocates for whatever reason. Advocating isn’t an easy tasks. There are some advocates who are compensated for their advocacy but a lot are not. Some choose to become advocates because of experiences and the desire to help others. It’s certainly difficult to advocate when there’s a lot of individuals unwilling to accept “the position.”

Some may not want advocates to generate attention on certain issues. If there’s advocating involving corruption then there could be some individuals who aren’t pleased with an advocate who chooses to bring attention towards corruption. A lot of reasons have to do with the persons knowing who’s involved in the corruption or not wanting certain individuals to suffer consequences. There are a lot of rights continuing to be violated. If no one stand up then the injustices “will continue.”

Some may not believe in some advocate until they’ve made a strong case. Meaning when they’ve found some solutions and made some positive changes then there may be confidence built towards the advocates. Every person has rights and so many do not know what their “rights” are. A person has a right to live peacefully. To be free from threats whether coming from citizens or the law. To be free from being harassed and attacked in anyway.

If persons aren’t in a position to advocate then the persons can choose to allow others to do the advocating. Not every person will feel brave enough to advocate. “To take a stand.” Some suffer severely because of their rights being violated. Some choose to continue to violate person’s rights because there’s thoughts that the individuals are pushovers or unwilling to speak up. Once there are consequences then the actions will be minimized or cease altogether.

“I’m a Writer, Blogger, and Advocate who Continues to Fight Against Some of the Injustices.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Writer, Blogger, and Visionary. I have a degree in Business Administration/Criminal Justice. I love fighting for people’s rights. I’m called “The Mommy Advocate.” Will advocate in any are area. (Tanikka Paulk).

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Business Ethics and Who’s Concerned

Whatever happened to proper business practices? It appears as if even the large businesses and corporations aren’t engaging in ethical practices anymore. When conducting business there should be seriousness. It appears as though many businesses are now engaging in bullying which should never occur. When businesses take such “a route” they’re placing their business at risk. Some will lose their business because of using unethical practices. There’s some businesses which treat their customers unfairly.

Successful businesses will treat customers with dignity such as Amazon (CEO Jeff Bezos). Perhaps that’s how his company incurred billions. Mr. Bezos is a Billionaire. Net worth 

82.3 billion USD
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Companies, Businesses, and Corporations as well as Organizations should try to be friendly with potential customers, consumers, and prospects. Not too many are these days. There are some who seem to not be concerned with growing at all. If they’re not treating their customers right then the business will surely fail. There will be a lot of complaints to the BBB and other complaints may be supplied. Some stopped using ethical practices for whatever reasons.
Perhaps some aren’t considering the ramifications of not using proper business practices. Not thinking long term and some “advertisers” could stop or not consider doing any business with the businesses which offer no ethical practices. Their ratings could decline as well as sales. The ones who are in tuned with treating their customers properly will probably end up being some of the most successful businesses. Some businesses owners may end up suffering a decline because of their desire to be overly competitive.
“The competition can cause some business owners to behave abnormally.” Some will continue to do so until they’ve suffered many lawsuits. Not all businesses will continue to rise because of the methods and practices used. The business owners aren’t considering how to increase their sales and to provide better products and services. Some will end up losing their business because of the treatment given to most of their customers.
Some may need to take sensitivity courses or perhaps stop doing business. No customer should be treated unfairly. “Any business who is unwilling to offer customer satisfaction shouldn’t be in business.” There are some previously used proper practices but stopped doing so. The decision to stop the practices is a mistake. Customers are the ones who keep the businesses open and people continue to help businesses thrive. Unfortunate for so many businesses.
“Business Owners Should be Concerned With Their Practices.” By: Tanikka Paulk
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Disagreements but Many Achievements Despite the Conditions

There will certainly be adversity some may face extreme adversities. Some not knowing when all of the trouble will let up. Eventually there will be some “solutions” and although it may appear as if the troubles will last always. no trouble will last always. Some may not agree with what is and will continue to take place. There is a battle and for some trying to get through the storms is extremely difficult. Life is difficult, it was promised that we’ll all go through troubles, there’s so many ways to deal with the storms.

The key is to never consider giving up. No matter how many appear to be against another. There will always be support and in some cases there will be a supportive team. There may be a lot against a person but through determination there will be victory. “There will be new discoveries.” The challenges could be set forth because of  strength building. No matter what’s done there will always be some who are in disagreement. In order to achieve more through the adversities at hand. There will be some time to gather thoughts.

It can be difficult having to deal with a lot of disagreeable people but there are ways to manage. There are ways to incur achievements although at times doing so could be difficult. It can also be difficult to have sound discussions when some are unwilling to accept or understand what’s taking place. “Communication” is still important however there may be times when silence needs to occur when the disagreeable people are out of control.

For so many they’ve given up because they’ve felt as if there was no headway. There shouldn’t be any ceasing going on. There is a possibility of incurring many :achievements through patience” and finding effective solutions. Of course having to deal with a lot of chaos can be quite unsettling and if the focus is on the chaotic environment then little achieving will take place. There’s a lot to be discovered and so many have simply given up on trying to discover what can create a more stable society.

No matter what’s done or said there will always be some who refuse to agree for whatever reasons. Some may become difficulty because they’re not wanting to accept that certain “avenues” are to be followed. For some it’s a matter of wanting to control others and that’s why so many disagreements may occur. There’s a lot instability and in order to create a more functional society there will need to be more individuals willing to make the necessary changes in order to do so. There will be some who may disagree at first but will agree once there is more understanding.

A person should continue with advancement even when difficulties arise. There should be times when there is complete thoughts occurring. The removals of all negatives and “thoughts” of producing greater. Too many are caught up with not wanting to be wrong and go against the very ones who can assist with building. There can be achievements through others. There is growth when growth is allowed. To disagree is something which will occur but to not even try to understand can cause a decrease.

“There’s Solutions but There has to be a Desire to Find the Solutions.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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There’s Something About the Competition huh?

Competitors are always looking to compete with their competition. Some may go overboard while trying to do so. some competitors may become extremely mad when not accomplishing what they’ve hoped. There are some competitors who will try to harm their competition and that’s why “it’s important” that there is alertness. It’s not fair of course the way a lot of people try to cause so much havoc for the ones who are trying to advance. Competition is all over. There are some who are very competitive. There are some who really should seek professional help because of their competitiveness.

Having to compete with persons can be quite irritating and especially if there’s a lot to compete with. There are some who will behave insanely if they’re having to compete with tough competition. Some will use extreme measures in order to knock their competition out of the race. There are some who may become embarrassed because of the competition doing so well. For the ones who are use to “staying ahead”and having to fall back some there may be some anger.

Not all persons are overly competitive. There are some who continue on without even “noticing’ all of the competition. A little competition is fine and dandy but too much competition is very unhealthy. Some can even drive themselves insane because they’re refusing to back away from the competitiveness. Of course persons don’t want to lose but there as to be a time when individuals stop so they’re able to keep their insanity. There are so many who really do not like to compete and they’ll become extremely violent when having to do so.

It is better to keep sane and live productively so that losing the mind is avoided. There are some not even focused on their own advancement. There’s a lot focused on what others are doing and doing so could cause the individuals to not progress further. Competing can be quite dangerous. Some are willing to lose their freedom because of competitiveness. There are some willing to take away a person’s dreams because of their thoughts of the individuals not deserving to have the dreams. Some competitors are quite evil.

There are some who have claimed to need professional help because of their overly competitiveness. Not wanting to stop competing. Some will lose their train of though because they’re so in tuned with trying to stop their competition. Spending their time trying to come up against their competition. Some will constantly follow their competition to see what moves they’re making. For some it’s to stop “the progress” and others are just needing to know.

It’s pretty disturbing when so many refuse to just live productive lives and do what’s necessary to achieve. Trying to pull others down in order to stay on top isn’t the answer. There are some who will invade in a person’s affairs in order to stop any prosperity. Not even considering how they’re actions can backfire. There are some extremely toxic competitors out there and it’s best” to stay away from such individuals. Some may even try to take claim of a business or work in which they know they haven’t discovered.

“Competition is There and Some Competitors are Even a Danger to Themselves.” by: Tanikka Paulk

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Don’t be Surprised as to who Receives Abundance

There are some people who are in situations where individuals are constantly taking advantage. Some lurking about to try and gain and some waiting to see what it is they’re able to take. Trying to subtract instead of adding. That’s why God may delay blessings. Really doesn’t make sense for a person to have and as soon as the blessings are gained the blessings are taken away by greedy individuals. There are some who “should have” received their abundance long ago but due to the circumstances the abundance was withheld.

Some may wonder why they’re not receiving when they’ve been through so much. God looks out and does not want His children to go without. although there are poor individuals, due to some not taking the right path, or other reasons they’re poor. God wants prosperity to occur. He does not want any person to be poor. There are riches “awaiting” for some but until the removals occur. The riches may not be administered.

There are some people who add no value to a person’s life. Meaning they’re causing more harm than good. There are some women who can do without their husbands. The husband may hinder growth and that’s why some wives aren’t prospering the way that they’re suppose to. Husbands who block the blessings aren’t good. The abundance can occur when there is changes and movement. Staying in the same place can actually cause a decrease instead of an increase. Some may need to divorce in order to receive their “abundance.”

Of course God doesn’t like divorce but if there is abuse, danger, or adultery then divorce occur. Some may choose to separate but any person who has experienced loss due to a spouse such as money loss shouldn’t continue to stay in a broken marriage. Abundance can not occur if there is persons around trying to steal, take away, and gain what is given to the person. A blessing to one doesn’t mean “entitlement.”

Some may wonder why their breakthrough hasn’t occurred yet. If God isn’t pleased with a situation then He’ll put away the blessings until the situation is rectified. Too many end up losing out on their blessings because of staying in areas too long. There is greater meant for God’s Children People but until the persons are willing to make the necessary changes. The breakthroughs will not occur. There has to be a “decision to move.”

There can be “further growth” when individuals decide to live bleak situations. Some may remain due being afraid of change, the unknown, or some for financial reasons. No person deserves to be treated unfairly and if abundance is suppose to occur then removals need to occur as well. Yes, some will have to leave behind even their mother, or children in order to incur better for the family.

Abundance can take some time. Some should have received their abundance but their situation may have lead to the delay. Once there is movement then God will prepare the administering. Until “the rewards” are received there should be continuous praises. Not all will because some may not believe in giving God the Creator of Mankind praise. He’s the one who makes sure the abundance is received. Some may try to hinder the abundance because of not wanting certain individuals to receive the abundance. Some may try to stand in the way because they’re trying to gain. Know who’s who.

My Abundance Awaits and I Tanikka Paulk Shall Receive.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Proceed and Keep the Confidence

It may be difficult to understand why so many may want to stop what can help a lot of people. Growing the economy is very important and individuals should want to see others “excel.” The doors that are opened for some are ways to open more doors for others perhaps some aren’t considering this when trying to disconnect others from business ventures and other means that can help incur a more stable economy. No matter how many are trying to create a disconnection the persons who are on the venture, journey, who are living their purpose should continue and although doing so can be quite difficult at times. There shouldn’t be any doubt whether to proceed or not.

There will be some who will try to intimidate others so that they’ll simply give up. Not wanting some to shine could be the reason. For some it’s the competition. Wanting to be the center of the shine at all times so therefore they’re trying to find ways to slow the process down or to stop what’s taking place altogether. The key is to remain confident and do whatever needs to be done to make sure there’s progress. The resistance is why so many choose to not live a dream or to allow their vision “to prosper. ”

If there’s determination then there will be progress. The interruptions will arise but it’s up the persons who are on the journey whether they’re willing to allow others to stop the flow. There should be success and every person has a right to go after the success, to produce success, and to live successfully. Some may not start early an outstanding finish. The ones who are shining the most will receive the most resistance. Some fear seeing others get ahead. No matter what others are feeling about the progress. There should be “continuous progress.”

Everyday “there’s an opportunity to grow” in someway as long as we’re here. No matter how angry the crowd becomes there shouldn’t be any reason to stop. If there’s setbacks, there should be ways in place to rise up again, no stopping. Getting to the finish line is very important. Although there may be a setback or two. The setbacks do not equal failure. No matter what others may say. Do not believe in failure. Believe in being productive and progressing further.

Rise above the criticism. The critics will surely have their say and some want to see a cease in the movement. There are some who will give constructive criticism and some who simply are hating. Not all want to see a decline. Some actually want to see others rise up in order to assist some who are having difficulties doing so. Certainly can use more successful people in the world. The ones who believe in “stronger economies” and who believe in not only themselves but others as well.

Being confident is extremely important. Let no person take away the confidence. Yes, there are some who will be extremely cruel, but “understand” they’re dealing with issues that have nothing to do with the persons who are trying to rise up. Every group should want to see their people do better and become more successful. There should be some helping going on but never become overworked or consumed with the stress in which so many may try to produce because of needs or desires.

Be focused on getting from one point to another. Making a positive difference can help so many. No person should be expected to help every person. Not possible to do so. Helping some is good and continuing to do more is a plus. Eventually where a person truly wants to go will occur if they’re determined enough. There can be progress in any day. There has to be “confidence” and beliefs that one is deserving to incur their desired success level.

Some may start to believe what the critics are saying. There should be encouragement and a lot of times we’re having to encourage ourselves. Do not become dismayed by what so many will have to say. Some will be challenging to see if a person is really “determined” and really want to make it to the top. If a person is really desiring to grow then they’ll do what needs to be done to do so. No matter how many times some may try to stop the dream of vision. They’ll rise above the madness.

Keep believing and remain hopeful. The doubters will doubt what is taking place because so many have to see the end result. It’s hard for some to imagine a dream when the dream isn’t complete. Visionaries should remain encouraged and when a setback occurs “continue on.” There are so many ways to bounce back. Fight for the vision do not allow any person to stop the vision from occurring. There’s a lot to go through but in time all will come together.

“Be Determined, Remain Confident, and Keep on Moving. There’s a Reason for the Journey.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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