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Gaining More Knowledge is a Gem

The ability to obtain more knowledge to grow and learn more than the previous years is certainly awesome! I’m so grateful to have the experiences and to be apart of the growth. There are so many ways to gain knowledge and I’m certainly thrilled that there are individuals who have paved the way. “There’s more to expect. “Surprises! I’ve worked towards what is said to be received in the future. There were many challenging my path but God knows what’s to be received. “I’m here continuing to place the actions which are necessary to achieve the abundance.” (Tanikka Paulk).

I’ve learned more and searched the facts in order to achieve further. Do I Tanikka Paulk think that I’m ahead? Yes. Although there were so many thinking that I was behind, they’ve been told, and shown. So many have assumed that my “growth” was on a lower level. There are some unwilling to look for the true facts. There is documentation which should be read and I’ve read and that’s how I’ve obtained more. There’s the history and the computing which is so necessary in order to accomplish the objective, goals, and agendas. There should be the helping hands.

I’m continuing to seek, to discover, and to explore. How many are willing to go beyond their box? Some are so content with staying in one section instead of trying to move ahead. “There are thoughts of how the other part of  the progress will occur.” By: Tanikka Paulk. I’ve gained small amounts and now it’s time to gain abundantly. Yes, I’ve faced the adversity, and there will be more but I’m prepared to deal with the adversities. There’s many books to read and I’ve read plenty and there will be more books read by me=Tanikka Paulk.

There are some unwilling to learn perhaps they’re afraid to learn more or there could be some laziness. Whatever the reasons are. I’m choosing to gain the knowledge necessary to obtain the “further advancement.” I’ve seeked the making and I’m the made. Where in the process of making there will be some resistance. If there are many competitors involved then they may want to cause some disruptions. It’s up to the person or persons on their journey to remain confident and determined. That’s what I’m doing right now.

To Gain What’s Necessary

My progress is necessary and to assist with developing the abundance is what’s needed to build a stronger economy. Yes, I had to learn more and relearn in order to achieve what I’ve achieved. There is more to accomplish and although there were some delays. “The journey is still proceeding.” (T. Paulk)=Tanikka Paulk  My mission is to help build better communities, society, and a world full of strength. How many are willing to do the same things? Perhaps there are so many afraid to take the risks. “There are many reasons why I’m proceeding.” (Tanikka Paulk)


“Oh Yes Indeed. I’m Still Growing and Seeking What God has Already Ordained for me!”=Tanikka Paulk

“I’m Light, Great Light, Goodness” By: Tanikka Paulk  Photo belongs to Tanikka Paulk

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