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The Economy Needs the Boost

Some probably haven’t considered how the economy may need the boast meaning that there needs to be some gigantic talk regarding “the economy” so that the economy receives the attention the economy truly needs. To speak and to act meaning to take action to be apart of movements which will add value to the economical system. There needs to be some big shot communications so that there will be in a rise in revenue. “Actions will generate the necessary excelling which will create a more stabilized society.” (Tanikka Paulk). The increase is certainly needed perhaps there are some turning away the needy because of their snobbish ways. I’d rather try to assist with building a stronger economy and help lower the homelessness rate then to demonstrate the riches.

Some only talk but never assist with building. There are more tearing down instead of building up. To laugh at the poor or less fortunate meaning is the individuals are ignorant. The poor have assisted more with helping to create a stronger economy. The wealth will allow communities to experience developments which will attract the tourists. “Whom ever thinks that they’re so rich that they can look down on the poor will have difficulties fitting into the socialism connections which can help build their businesses.” By: Tanikka Paulk. The person or persons willing to communicate effectively regarding the prosperity will create what so many desire to see.

More revenue will assist students wanting to gain a brighter future. There are lots of needs but how many are willing to assist. The talking may occur but there has to be more. There are more concerned about what a person may gain instead of being concerned about restoring. There’s more to “building” than building self to expand further will assist families but how many have considered how to assist? There certainly needs to be more unification. There seems to be distractions but where are the leaders willing to create advancement?

There are hecklers but the leadership will continue to create more jobs, increase revenue so that communities are revived, there needs to be more homes build for the less fortunate. The homelessness rate will continue if the budgets aren’t “focused” upon. There are complaints but there doesn’t seem to be individuals willing to put their hands together so that there will be ladders. There are ways to get to the top yes there will need to be lots of climbing but through many efforts the economist can achieve. There should be the desire to achieve greater.

When the economy is doing fair there are more happiness. The empty homes need to have residents living in the homes so that the taxes are paid and paid taxes will help increase the revenue so that the educational system also receives an increase. There should be the desire to grow rather than the desire to prevent individuals who are in a position to assist in someway. “Perhaps some try to cause disruptions because they’re without understanding as to how the economy experiences greater.’ (Tanikka Paulk). There are needs and some are too proud to admit to such.

Expand Beyond Measures Incur the Proper “Techniques” in Order to Create Stability. There Needs to be Togetherness so that Society, Countries, Communities are well developed. People will be more cooperative if there needs are met. “There could be more willing to join in if they believe that there will be the necessary changes.”  (Tanikka Paulk). How many are awaiting? I’m going to do my part but how going to do their part? Soon enough there will be modifications so that the community here and there receives what they’ve desired.

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