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When You Don’t Know What To Watch… Go Vintage
Tricks to Watching Television Series online_Some Shows You Shouldn't Watch_A Vital Hint When You Watch T.V. Online

There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of programs that were on air in the Fifties, Sixties, Seventies, Eighties, and Nineties.  I doubt you’ve seen half of them.

Even if you are seventy and were planted in front of a Television from American Television’s first days, you couldn’t have watched what was going on Channel Two or Channel Four if you were Watching Channel Seven.

Further, if you were watching in America, you didn’t know what was playing in England.  So there is a whole world of programs you missed.

What you need to do is a bit of ‘vintage’ search.

Find out what were the most popular programs during a particular decade, and select those you find interesting, after perhaps a wikipedia study.

Sometimes a name sounds good, but wiki turns up information while has you shaking your head.  Hence, you aren’t clicking blind; you have a general knowledge of what the show is about so can look for the points you might otherwise not get at first glance.

Don’t read too far, after all it is all ‘spoilers’.    It is enough to know that this is cop show or a legal drama, a comedy or whatever, without getting the details.

Sometimes, even a wiki doesn’t give you enough to go on and so you’ll start to watch and then just close it down.

This is because, as I’ve said before, when you are able to watch a show when you want without commercial interruptions, the crumminess pops up quickly.   Especially if you are watching two episodes back to back.

Remember, when the show was aired, it was once a week.  There were breaks every few minutes.  You are getting the undiluted program without pause, [save if you pause it] and flotsam floats quickly.

There are ‘top rated’ shows like Homeland which quickly plunge into discomfort, just like Quantico, where trying to make ‘Supergirl‘ out of the star doesn’t work.

There are other shows which weren’t renewed, such as Graceland and Rosewood which will hook you and keep you.

Recently I began watching Robin Hood from Two Thousand and Six… only eleven years old, but a show I had seen sporadically.

I have also book marked Star Gate, which I caught a few last episodes of years ago, and Dr. Who.

So I’m set for viewing.



I love music it’s my life

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The Americans; Quite an Interesting Program

There are many programs which are okay.  There are some which are very good.  One of the best shows is  The Americans which will complete this season next week, and has been renewed for one more, then end.

It was and is a remarkable show.

Firstly,  it is different.  There is no show like it.   It tells the story of two Russian spies, put together as a married couple, with children, to live perfectly ordinary lives.

The ‘Jennings’ [The American names of the Family] are well trained, highly professional.  They can infiltrate, murder, yet pass as the average American family.

Their eldest child, a daughter, is at first suspicious, of what her parents do.  Then she becomes resentful.  When told the truth, [or a portion] she is at first confused, then, totally immersed.

The second child is oblivious he is interested in his book, games, television.  He doesn’t notice very much.

Across the street comes an FBI agent and his son, with whom the Jenning’s daughter has a friendship.   She terminates her relationship when she appreciates the dangers.  She isn’t told to do it.

She also becomes involved in a Church but when she accepts who her parents are, is instrumental in having her Pastor  assigned abroad.   She appears to be quite competent in tradecraft.

Another fact, which needs to be mentioned,  is that the head writer was just such a Soviet operative.  He knows what he is writing about.

Secondly, when watching this program, one doesn’t know what to expect.  How anyone will react to information, what the information will be.   Unlike other shows where you know that six guys with machine guns will miss the two stars who will kill both of them with hand guns, or which way the plot will go, one can’t know what is going to be broadcast.    Every episode is a mix of story arc and stand alone.

This is a show which you should watch online.

Watch it in single doses, one episode a day, so as to consider what you are seeing and hearing.


The Value and Interest of Cross Overs
watch-free-tv-online-Television Marathons

When various programs were only viewable on television, there was virtually no ‘cross overs’. A character on one show did not appear on another. Even though there may be a slurry of ‘westerns’ all happening at about the same time in the same area, one didn’t see this character pop up on that show.

Star Trek, the Next Generation and Deep Space Nine broke that ‘rule’ by putting the Enterprise crew from Star Trek on the Space Station, where the characters can interacting with each other.

Worf, well known from Star Trek, [TNG] became a regular on Deep Space Nine. When Star Trek ended, Worf contined. Since then, many shows have that kind of ‘cross over’, so to introduce NCIS Los Angeles, they characters first appeared on NCIS and there have been cross overs from one show to another.

Interestingly, NCIS Los Angeles made cross over with Hawaii Five O, a totally different series. This has connected both shows in an interesting manner, opening the door to further such events..

This concept of cross over is good for plots and interest, so that there’s something ‘new’ happening when the ‘other’ characters pop up.

In many cases the cross over characters are merelywindow dressing, in a few they move the plot forward, and create interest.

Many shows reach a level of repetition, even when they try so hard to avoid it. By brining in ‘outsiders’ they introduce the new/old character, and spin the dialogue and plot in a different way, at least for that episode.

Many shows could prosper from this, especially those where there is not going to be a renewal of the program. It would work so cleanly if where a show is going to be taken off because it is in competition with a more popular series aired on another channel, the characters are kept intact and moved to the stable show, and allow the cross overs.

This ‘consolidation’ would work, keeping the viewers of the stable show, adding viewers from the canceled show, and enlarging the plots and foundations of both programs.

The trouble with the long break
Tricks to Watching Television Series online_Some Shows You Shouldn't Watch_A Vital Hint When You Watch T.V. Online

In ancient days, a show came on at Nine p.m. on ABC on Monday night. The season began in September, usually the second or third week. It ran until May. Usually it was about twenty eight episodes in a season.

This allowed ‘breaks’ in transmission of the program for specials, be they sport, political, entertainment, whatever.

Imagining ‘then’ into the ‘now’, the first episode would air September Twelfth, then Nineteenth, on until May Twenty Ninth. For the months of June, July, August, and the first two weeks in September, that program would air ‘re runs’. The best fifteen episodes of the season would be shown in during the ‘summer break’.

Hence that slot, that Nine p.m. on ABC on Monday night, ‘belonged’ to that show.

In some cases, usually total errors, the show might be moved to another night, and often NOT take the fans with them.

However, the point of the re runs was to lock the fans in and not allow any break.

The allowing of breaks while some other show fills in often leads to the viewers finding something else, and by September ‘forgetting’ that previous series because they are not watching something on NBC.

These breaks are not good ideas unless they are filled with ‘alternative’ series. For example, if one watched NCIS and it took a break and during that break NCIS Los Angeles filled in, this would keep the interest in both series, so that Los Angeles could be moved to Wednesday at Nine.

When one watches on line, a break often leads to the watching of other programs online and in some cases, that first show is forgotten.

When watching on line one needs to select a very long series, for example, on that ran over seven seasons that had not been watched before, which is used as a fill in as one watches the new episodes of a program which is current.

If one moves slowly and carefully, one will begin season five when season seven is just beginning to air, and slow their viewing to the point that there is always a season in front.

In this way one doesn’t forget a program.

Some Viewing Marathons are Last Resorts
Watching Online, the Procedural NCIS

When you have absolute control over what you can view, sometimes you wrongly gorge on one show.   By wrongly gorge I mean that a show is in, for example, its seventh season.  It has been listed to begin an eighth season in six months, or so.

If you had been wise, you would have limited your viewing mid fifth season, so that you would not begin the seventh until the eighth was nearly completed.  But you didn’t.  So now, you have to wait for the next season, just like everyone else.

What you should have done, is stretch the continuing series by watching completed series.   There are many programs which ended a few years ago.  There are no more episodes.  Hence, if it ran five seasons, there is nothing to wait for, and a marathon is not problematic.  You don’t have to delay your viewing, for there is nothing more to come.

The mistake happens when, for example, you began Blue Bloods, and Hawaii Five O and Suits,  and have reached the last episode, and have to wait for the Next season.

Wiser would have been skipping days so that you stretched the viewing to the point that you were just going into the sixth season today, having that season and the subsequent to view before the next season began.

Having a cushion is a good idea.  For example, NCIS Los Angeles began some years ago, is in its eight season.   If you began to watch this show, you have a lot of episodes available, and if you did it right, you would always have more episodes to watch while waiting for the Next Season.

It makes no sense to watch online when you are using the computer as an alternate to television unless the shows you watch do not air in your country.  If they do not show on television in your country then the computer is an actual alternative to television.

So now, having finished so many of my series, I am stuck with only two, NCIS and NCIS Los Angeles.

Until the next seasons for my other viewing begins.

What gives a Television Program a Long Existence

There are shows which go on from season to season, reaching five, then ten, then on and on.

While others flounder and flop after one or two, some scraping to three, there are those which are either halted by the Actors after ten; but could have continued, and those which, like Grey’s Anatomy, are almost automatically renewed.

As a person who began watching Grey, first on television, then online, and who has written about the show on more than one occasion, I was intrigued this morning; having viewed yesterday’s last episode.

At first Grey’s was ‘okay’.   I watched it because there wasn’t much else to watch.  It didn’t air for long in Jamaica, and it was a shoulder shrug.

When I first began watching on line, as it was a familiar show I began to watch it.

Now Grey’s was uneven.

Written by the same person who does Scandal it suffered from the same flaws.

Firstly, the head writer seems to have no familiarity with how normal people talk or act or think.

The dialogue was ridiculous, the same stupid words in both series, the same inability to relate in both series, the same weak man overly strong woman.

It is kind of ridiculous to watch the early seasons.   No one is going to waste time with Meredith, especially if they have alternatives.  She’s cold a bit confused, and has no passion.

The same is true of Olivia, on Scandal.

So one watches it, and gets maybe ten or fifteen interesting minutes out of the forty or so.

At one point, Grey’s plunged to repulsive, and I believe that enough people spoke to the head writer, and there was a change.

It wasn’t enormous, it was done smoothly.   Different characters with different outlooks arrived, and there were different events and proceedings, which moved the show from what it was until what it is.

Yes, to keep interests, there are plane crashes, explosions, diversions in relationships of characters, but the dialogue has moved a few steps towards more normal, and although Meredith is still a virtual android, the other characters have personalities.

One starts to care about the other characters, and Meredith moves more to a ‘prop’ which spews some dialog and moves the plot a few steps forward.

Renewed for another season, hopefully it will be able to maintain it’s current standard.

On the path the the Center of my soul and the the path I took to get here chapter two. And the my first book.

The dreams were always there, sometimes I may be in the forest or other on a ship thin the middle of the ocean, but in the end I was in search of something and everything was stopping me from getting where I was going.
My youngest sister was born and my dreams where starting to speak to me as if I were taking to long, At this age the dreams have become more like I was looking for something that was just there and was meaningless.
I learnt was to not dream and it worked for a time, after a while I just started hearing and seeing things during the day when I was awake , My life was hard and keeping this dream from passing on this message I can’t even remember is going to see me to a nut hospital.
I started to try and remember as many details as possible about my dreams and what seemed to be the same in all and clues that will led me to the answer I am in search of.
at 6 I had a dream of where I was in a room with rows of books shelves that were as tall as the sky, the rows were lined up row by row. As far as my eyes I could see there were books. I was looking for there was a clue in the books and I needed to find it.
I up at the books, but the words made no sense to me at all, I looked around for help, but no one was there. All I could see was books, books, books. The room was dark and all I could see was rows of books. I was lost and had no clue of what to do.
I looked at the book as thou it were for years, I voice in a very low whisper, as if to be telling me a secret; it I said that I knew what I was looking at, but i just had to remember. I looked at the books and reach out to pick up a old leather bond book with a gold ribbon around it, as I did the words starting to change, But before I could see what the cover said; I fell down, down,down, but before I hit the ground I woke up………
End Of chapter two

Do You Use Fidget Cube When Stressed or Thinking?

My photo of a Fidget Cube

My son bought a “Fidget Cube,” the one in the photo above, and I was so amazed upon seeing it. It is like a “toy” for adults.

He said it is used by people to lessen boredom, stress, or to enhance their thinking; apparently to sharpen thoughts.

As seen in the picture, one side has small green buttons, which goes down and make a clicking sound when pressed; another side has a round metal-like button which you can turn and turn around with a thumb or a finger; and also has three layers of small teethed-wheels that can massage the fingers as you turn and push it with your fingers.

One side has a switch-like feature. It makes a clicking sound just like when you turn on an electrical switch for your lights at home; then another side with a round, protruded button with a small “stem” and it bends as you press it. Then there is also a rounded knob which you can push in circular motion.

Maybe the Fidget Cube was created to ease tensions; or to ease boredom, or to sharpen the minds! I don’t know. It is like those “plastic” bubbles in packagings that children and even adults enjoy to “pop” or burst. It provides some enjoyment to the person doing it. When you are bored, you pop it and you feel like relieved of some stress.

When you are angry or anxious, just pop it and you will feel relaxed, because you can direct your anger, or vent it, by popping the plastic bubble. So the Fidget Cube serves the same purpose.

I tried it one time when he left it. He usually takes it to his office, apparently to ease boredom or to vent whatever thoughts he have. It feels relaxing, and when I can not think of what to write here, I use it. It has that “massaging” feeling on my fingers.

Maybe it has some healthy benefits too, because there are points in our finger tips that are directly connected with the organs of the body, according to therapists. The reason why they press the fingers or the fingertips during therapy sessions.

A gadget like Fidget Cube is a nice invention, which is needed these times when people easily gets bored or anxious about life. It can keep the mind busy, as the fingertips are busy pressing the buttons, and the clicking sound is relaxing too. Or it is good to use when you are waiting for your appointment with your doctor, dentist, or the person you had set a schedule with. It is a good stress-reliever.