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going solo or not going solo

what does solo mean? OK let look at the word solo to see what it means. ? This how I see the word solo , Let say you are in a club and you like doing things but the club does not want you to do what you want to do so you now going to do the things that you hope you have people with you to make the things more fun. In other words this call going solo . yes going solo means you are going to be doing it alone with out help and no body with you this is what going solo mean like I said be for going solo
let look at people who become jet plane pilots when it come test time the future pilots have to fly the jet by them self so the person can past there pilot test this is all so going solo . I think at this time It still be hard to go solo on a rocket ship or space ship what ever you want to call it were we do not go solo when we have a driver test for a car lineces to get . Now I all so know some one a long time ago name their dog solo
why I have no idea may be it ran away a lot of just like to all over the place with out it owner. Other mean of going solo. I think I would never name a pet solo now what or who is a good name for a pet but not going solo . Now what else can I say about going solo I am not sure as you see I am still working on it .What do you think solo means beside going alone on doing things.AS we know solo is doing it alone or going alone it one of them. OK that it for now.

word games do you like them?

Word games I think they can be good for people who write and blog. What do you think. Some word games can help writers like us get topics for are stories or post.
The stories can be about real life or something else like some kind of story the word games I like is I take a word that some one wrote down on paper and then I look at and see how many words I can get out of it
then I take each word and make a story or post about that word. I think it a fun word game. I be showing soon how I do this word game. For me this word game is kind of relaxing I know some will say it not relaxing but I say it is Ok here the word I am going to use The word is Colossal
now the trick is how many words can you get out of Colossal? let see I think I have ten words. Here are the words I got so far
the words are coal, call, loss, loco cola, lass
solo.cool ,lasso class coo,and Al, there is other word that I can write down some might think that one word can be dirty so that one I will not write down .OK back to the words I wrote down as you see I now I have ten words or more which gave me topics to write about I do it inprove style like it I was in a class here I going to try to tie in all the words in one story let see how it turn out?There was a guy name Al who work at a coal mine Al thought he was cool but he rally was not he rally had no class and the lasso that her carried did not help him, The Spanish workers call him loco because he all ways spill his cola and though his lasso was to catch a young lass who was in a coo. This why Al was all ways solo end of this story. Now back to word games Now you see this is a challenge to take all the words you got from one word and put them all toghter to make one story with only like 3 minutes to make the story up this I say it more of the challenge So what do you think do you like this kind of word game? Like I said before it kind of relax me Ok that it for this word game I might do more later on if I can think of one

Jolly llb 2 movie review; not bad
March 21, 2017

Jolly llb 2 movie review

Mishr Jolly is the hero in story who is played by Akshay, Jolly works as a lawyer assistant in Kanpur. jolly loves his work and have goals directed by his dreams so he tries his luck to work alone into a case that involoves a pregnant lady and that is Hina which played by Sayani Gupt , he helps her find justice. Hina is trying to find out who dared to kill her partner.

so it is a case of the murder which jolly would not dare to dream about even, and has no experience in dealing with, but later she knew that jolly is not a real lawyer and he is a scam, so she kills herself to leave him guilty; Jolly with his sadness and shame, can not bear it on his conscience so yea, you get it he do all what he has to, for her sake and investigate the case day and night, not for his dream and money but for the justice of his fraudness and that families death.
starring, akshy kumar, huma qureshi and anu kapoor.
type of the film
its drama and some comedy there too
duration of the movies
its two hours and few minutes.

its good little fun, lots of action, but the story is not so with events, its kinda needed more story in this story
be sure to check the trial before you see the movie, its Jolly llb 2, yeaa there is another older version, but its different story, so you dont need to see the first part to follow this part. advise for those who dont like drama, then film story is not for this people, and if you like comedy its not for you gals and guys, but if you like action and drama then see this movie, good luck all who liked to see it

Don’t you think Amitabh is a good dancer.
March 21, 2017

I love watching Amitabh Bachchan dance.people thinks his dance steps are easy.

But he says he do lots of practice for those steps. And Which is not to suggest that most durable star in history of Hindi cinema is celebrated for his fancy footwork. And In fact, apart from his undoubted acting chops & sheer force of his brooding masculine charisma, & he is most fervently admired for his verbal gifts.And
the sonorous baritone that makes all his setpiece speeches sound like Mosaic proclamations, & the flair for mimicry he exploits as one of first Bollywood actors to adopt the authentic Bombay street slang in his gangster roles.

Bachchan is also one of few Bollywood stars who has occasionally recorded his own playback & tracks.

In contrast, Bachchan’s typical terpsichorean style is about as basic as it gets, sort of blue eyed Punjabi variant on one of Zorba Greek’s hoop hah strut ‘n’ shrug routines. But when he dances, Amitabh Bachchan is great actor.

Son of well known poet Harivansh Rai Bachchan & Teji Bachchan. He has brother named Ajitabh.

He completed his education from Uttar Pradesh & moved to Bombay to find work as film star, in vain though, as film makers preferred someone with a fairer skin, & he was not quite fair enough. But if they did use one of his other assets, with his deep baritone voice, which was used for narration & background commentary. And He was successful in being cast in Saat Hindustani.

He got his break in Bollywood after letter of introduction from then Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi, as he was friend of her son, Rajiv Gandhi. This is how Amitabh made an entry in Bollywood, starting with Zanjeer, co starred with his future wife Jaya Bhaduri, & since then there has been no looking back.

Then He married Jaya Bhaduri, an accomplished actress in her own right, & they had two children, Shweta and Abhishek. Shweta is married, lives a no filmy life & has two children.

Being friends with Rajiv Gandhi,he got him to decide to run for seat in Congress from his hometown but had to leave midterm because of controversies, particularly after Rajiv & he were implicated in now infamous bofors case along with U.K. based Hinduja Brothers.

After four year break, he was back in now unsuccessful Mrityudaata 1997, comeback which actor wanted to forget. Critics written him off but his career was saved with Bade Miyan Chote Miyan 1998. But four flops in 1999 & incurring debt of over 90 Crores rupees of his sinking production company ABCL saw him at an all time low in life.

To make matters worse, after defeat of the Congress party, Amitabh lost considerable political support, opposition made him a target, & his credit rating deteriorated to such an extent that leading nationalized bank, Canara Bank, sued him for outstanding loans.

He did bounce back, presenting Indian version of Who wants to be millionaire.

He is legendary actor.In bollywood he has earn a tag called star of the millennium.
On every Sunday outside of his house fans waits for hours for to see him.

Doordarshan should improve to gain trp
March 21, 2017

Cable networks are recent phenomenon in India when compared to video & Television. It started in India in 1984, patronized first by the tourist hotels.

Cable television offers its subscribers large number of special interest channels well as signals of local area, superstation channels, with special interest”Superstation channels imparted by satellite.

Cable channels are linked to centrally located VCP through cables. And Cable networks with dish antennae became widely prevalent after the July, 1991.

And Cable TV is different from television as it is capable of greater decentralized programming thereby offering the greater scope for narrown casting or programming for well defined, within boundary audience.

In cable TV, programmes are ‘piped’ to viewer’s sets from ideally placed common antennae, instead of each viewer individually receiving signals from his her private antennae Kumar, 1989.

It has advantage of improved reception from local transmitters offers possibility of relaying services from distant foreign transmitters beyond reach of domestic antennae. Thus, it provides subscriber with access to multiple channels.

Cable networks fall under purview of Indian Telegraph Act 1985, which lays down no restrictions except for requirin license when cables are to laid across public property.

Now days, many housing societies or multi storeyed buildings are connected with central control room from where video players transmit taped programmes.

Though, it does not present as wide personal selection of programme content as video, it does offer similar programming at less a cost.

Cable TV operators do the originate some programmes of their own related to the local events, such as the celebration of festivals. And They also carry local advertisements.

Cable TV brings variety of the national & international channels to the cable linked households.

survey concluded by Audience Research Unit of the Doordarshan in May 1992, covering 10 big cities of country such as star TV & BBC are yet to build up their audience becuse these programmes are in English & their accent is not easily followed by even the English knowing people.

Due to quick growth of cable TV, Doordarshan’s advertising revenue affected advertisers as the turned to satellite channels as their rates were lower. As result, Doordarshan launched metro other regional language channels which are available all over country through satellite. This again attracted advertisers.

With phenomenal growth of satellit cable television in India, cable Television Network.Regulations .Bill was introduced in 1993 so as to regulate operation of cable television networks in country.

The number of cable operators & households having cable connection has been steadily increasing along with number of channels & types of programmes.

And This resulted in to educated masses, feeling concerned about impact of cable TV on familial, social & cultural life of people.

Vardan Committee was appointed by Government of India in 1991 to study relevance of cable TV invasion.and The committee observed some disturbing implications of this development.

Committee pointed out that no country can sit back passively & let some foreign agency decide what kind of the programmes should be broadcast to people of country. At same time, it is neither desirable nor feasible to stop transmissions or ban their reception.
Committee also recommended arrangements to be made under which the programmes put out by licences are continuously monitored to ensure that prescribed guidelines are not be violated.

It suggested that single statutory autonomous body known as the broadcasting council India envisaged under Prasar Bharati Bill be assigned task of laying down guidelines & monitoring quality of programmes, find out warnings & suggest punitive action in cases of violation of guidelines.

The Government of India subsequently introduced legislation in parliament in August, 1993. The Bill provides for registering authority, takes resources to programme code and advertisement code, to be framed under Act.

It has also been made mandatory for cable operator to transmit at least one Doordarshan channel of his choice through cable serial.

In India victim of instant communication has been Doordarshan. Satellite transmission not only made communication easy & instant but also brought in competition.And Now days, DD is making strenuous efforts to improve image.

Movie review: Marvel Comic’s Dr. Strange (2016)

When one plans to watch a movie starring Benedict Cumberbatch, naturally the expectations are high. Millions of people became his fan after watching the BBC Sherlock Holmes series and he never disappointed. The movie Doctor Strange shows that even great actors can make some silly choices in their otherwise distinguished careers.


The movie begins with Benedict Cumberbatch as a brilliant neurosurgeon whose medical career is destroyed by a devastating car accident. When science and medicine fail to cure him, he turns to spiritual healing which takes him to a sanctuary in Nepal. Here he meets the Ancient One who trains him and Dr. Strange masters the magical arts. He finds out that an evil dark force Dormammu is going to destroy the world along with his zealots.


The movie has some amazing CGI effects and some funny moments too but somehow the movie failed to impress me.

My problem with the movie was that there was hardly anything original in it. In the first half hour of the movie Benedict Cumberbatch behaved exactly like Sherlock Holmes where he is brilliant, rude and arrogant, declining to take medical cases that fail to challenge his superior intellect.


Then we get a touch of Batman with him seeking the sanctuary in a broken yet determined state. Then comes shades of Matrix as the Ancient One explains about the dark forces which no one knows about.

Battle scenes between the zealots (followers of Dormammu) and the superhero in London with his sidekick reminded me strongly of Harry Potter movies, Ron and Hermione defeating Voldemort and his Death Eaters while the Muggles were totally oblivious to everything going on around them.

The brief history of Master Kaecilius reminded me of scenes between Master Shifu and Tai Lung in Kung Fu Panda where the master is accused of creating the out of control disciple who has decided to join the dark forces of evil.

The ending with the time loop seemed reminiscent of the movie Edge of Tomorrow where Benedict Cumberbatch can replay the same thing over and over again till he got the desired results, brought Dormammu to his evil knees and saved the world and the common folks who inhabit it.

I did not find the movie to be thrilling, exciting or anything that one associates with Superhero franchises. Po’s training in Kung Fu Panda at the hands of Shifu had more intensity than Ancient One teaching Dr. Strange the mystic arts.

I am sure many would disagree with my review as I have seen people praising the movie but this is how I really felt.

Have you seen the movie? Do you agree with my review?


Genre: Fantasy/Science fiction film

Director: Scott Derrickson

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We all are eddicted to cinema
March 20, 2017

These days we have eddicted to cinema.Since its beginning with film ‘Raja Harish Chandra in 1913,cinema has remained most powerful media for mass communication in India.

Cinema has ability to combine entertainment with communication of ideas.

It has potential appeal for its audience.And It certainly leaves other media far behind in making such an appeal.

As in the literature, cinema ahs produced much which touches innermost layers of man.

It mirrors episodes in such a manner that leaves an impact on coming generations.

Cinema presents an image of society in which it is born and the hopes, aspirations, frustration & contradictions present in any given social order.

There are variable views about effects of cinema.

Producers & financiers consider it as tempting and lucrative business. For actors and actresses, it is means to earn money & popularity among masses. The director, story writer, song writer and cinematographer take it as an art work. To some, it is an audio,visual translation of literatures and has its own message.

As for thegovernment, it is potential source of revenue & employment. For majority of cinema goers, it is nothing but cheap & interesting form of entertainment & pastime.

Whatever may be the reason, cinema has occupied a major share of market for its cine lovers.

In present era, cinema is getting replaced by small screen productions.

Televised serials & programmes are replacing craze. They advertise & earn revenue for industry.

Thus films telecast has become source of further income for industry and trade.

Man has instincts, different thoughts flow which leave an effect on minds.

The person laughs with films & tears with them. Scenes of ‘Shaheed Bhagat Singh’, film by Raj Kumar Santoshi & Manoj Goswami makes people national minded & sentimentally involved in film show.

And The fim dialogues are occupying places in our real life. Dialogues of Mugle Azam found place in normal interaction of people for long time. People talked & walked like Prithvi Raj, the great king Akbar. In same way, plays by Agha Hashat & Devdas by Sharat Chandra left deep impact on masses.

In same way, film ‘Sholey’ created an imending effect on so many.

It is always good & well groomed to see good subjects on cinema. They have very positive and long lasting effect on minds whereas cheap & shabby movies affect tender minds of audience very badly.

And There is general feeling that present day crimes are all due to effects of cinema. Besides open & demonstrative subjects throw tarnished messages.

They spoil our culture, & society. Cinema & TV badly affect the health of youngsters. They neglect studies & physical games to spend more time on this entertainment.

School going children & society children fail to make use of good impacts & are influenced by the bad part of programmes on air.

The motive is not to discard cinema or TV telecast so easily. The desirable act will be to selective & choosy for programmes. Good movies should be seen by students.

And The movies of TV shows should be very much restricted & for fix time.


The Little Mornings, by C M Albrecht, is a murder puzzle with 262 completely retaining pages. We have three fundamental characters here – the grandfather, a drunkard of flawed character, a somewhat shaky lady (Angie) and a naive young fellow (Darcy) who gets to be distinctly stirred up in a tornado of occasions. Robbery, murder, over worked, and falsehoods keep the precarious connection amongst Darcy and Angie tense. Keeping a mystery is no simple undertaking, particularly when another person flies into the scene with inside learning to reality. Darcy, not able to control the occasions, turns into another individual altogether from the one we knew in the initial few pages of the book.

Maybe in light of the fact that I am an essayist, and this book needs to do with the distributing business, I am inclined toward the theme. Grandfather’s portrayal of an essayist’s strategies to achieve their imaginative dreams made them roar with laughter – on the grounds that it was so valid. Similar the baffled, yearning for journalisoverworkeddistributers. I felt the book was extremely reasonable in such manner.

I cherished the initial few passages – they truly pulled me in. I continued hearing Humphry Bogart’s voice in my mind portraying the story as I read along. I sat on the edge of an awkward plastic seat 2 days back and opened the primary page to start surveying The Little Mornings. I intended to take just a ten-minute break from my day to appreciate the daylight. The following thing I knew, my leg and butt-cheek were both totally numb and inert… and I was on page 50! So be cautioned, perusers, this book might just remove you from commission for a couple days. I couldn’t hold up to hit it up each moment I needed to save!

Try to search for it and you’ll probably like it.

Kristen stewart in Personal shopper review
March 20, 2017


Kristen stewart in Personal shopper review, the movie is of new story but weird one and some may not like that type of stories; its about ghosts and contacting died people , the movie done in paris and not sure which areas, its kinda not deep story and Kristen did not made it her best in that movie. So good luck and read this post personal shopper review before you go to the movie to be sure its your type of stories

personal shopper is new movie but not in the list of upcoming movies, i guess people are into comedy and action today

In last movie about ghosts, she plays as girl; her name Maureen , maureen is from usa and lives in Paris, she has very hard personality and faces any one. She love shopping, she is shopcoholic, has lots of clothes, jewelry and bags accessories and all bought to one girl called Kyra , kyra is french actress whose dont like to wear those clothes . Maureen doesn’t always listen. But the imperious Kyra, who’d rather

Stewart has a goal contacting recently deceased brother, and her brothers name Lewis, who she lost him due to heart defect The sister and brother promised each other that the person who died would contact by ghostly presence. but for her bad luck the spirit who lived in her brothers apartment, its not for her sibling, sometimes who she will hate alot and break her privacy and cell phone
That’s the story of the film, its suspense also drama

kristen Stewart did really awesome movies for us and the character’s in twilight through the lot of people in emotions, but this movie is not as good as the her movie.

In all things, the cell phone story is not convincing and then you see things which not clear but it surprise the audionce with not deep story.

Bob the orange and the earth

The life of Bob the Orange

The life of Bob the orange , It was a beautiful day out In Spring Hill Florida
The Orange orchards were doing great. There was this one happy orange Bob He was excited about leaving the tree and helping the humans out. Some of his friend thought he was nuts. But he knew he was a orange not a nut from a nut tree. Bob knew it would be his time to end of the way he his but he belive there a reason for every thing and he prefer to be eaten or drink by a human then to rot a way on a tree or on grass. AS a orange Bob mission was to help humans. Why do you want to do that the tree that bob on ask him? Bob said because I knew if I rot a tree my life would be a waste. The tree say to bob not rally a lot of rotting fruit does help the ground so you are still helping these earth . I did not know that bob said but I still prefer to help the humans out. Why ? the tree said. Because they are pitful . the tree said human do not have pit some are fruit friends do Bob said that not what I mean the human rally need help they are kind of loss more then normal and we need to keep this planet going and the humans are what we need to do to get things done right it not a good choice but it better then having no plans at all. This was bob plan if I become a drink the humans will drink me and then I can help from the inside I know I will not know who I am but it the right thing to do.So bob did this and every one was happy end of story