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Anxious About the Permitted Goals

There are goals which need attention,. It’s important that I’m very attentive when it comes to the goals. Projects which deserve to be completed, objectives, and the very important “project” I’ve received advice from Tyler Perry to avoid working on too many projects all at once. Understandable but when one is anxious and aren’t sure about the permitted “time” then one will want to move anxiously. There is the thoughts of what areas to work on first. Sometimes there will need to be refocusing because there were setbacks. Discouraged? No.

The Goals are Meant to be Completed

I’ve worked on many tasks at once but I’m also aware that too much work can cause stresses which can be avoided. My journey is at “one” although there are some agreeing to be along I’ve been said to be a “self builder.” “Focusing, concentrating, and allowing my mind to be at ease in order to adhere to completeness is what I’m seeking.” (Tanikka Paulk). There will be the advice whether to work on certain projects but I’m determined to complete all or at least most of the desired projects. Soon enough there will “be completeness” of the most important projects.

The person giving the advice is highly successful so I’ve listened but am still anxious to move forward and complete the movie and the story. I’ve already accomplished more than I’ve realized before that I would accomplish. I’m thrilled that some of the adversities have decreased. There’s more to the projects than just writing. Before the actions are to occur there will need to be some pondering. Oh gosh I’ve pondered so and will continue to do so. “I’m making and I’ve made.” (tanikkap). There’s success and soon enough I’ll reach my desired successful level.

Goals are meant to complete due to some distractions some goals are pushed back and some never pick the goals back up again. I’m continuing to learn how to pace myself. Yes some may view my “progress” as slow but I’ve accomplished what some of the very wealthy haven’t accomplished. Some could stray away from the gifts because of what the critics have to say. Criticism could help a person grow or in some cases criticism could cause a person or persons to decline. Each person has their own gifts and there will be flourishing of the gifts.

Prospering occurs when the negatives are removed. However there will be negatives but there are ways to experience the positives. Think carefully of what needs to occur and set a pace. All persons won’t work in the same manner. Their goals aren’t met in the same time frame. There could possibly be some delays but there shouldn’t be less focus because of the adversities. “Accomplish the goals, remain focused, and try to experience the positives.” By: Tanikka Paulk. Movements can occur daily but there should be time resting.

Eventually the objective goals will come together. There’s a designed purpose and I’m confident enough to proceed. Making the best of my time and continuing to analyze which goals should be firstly. “There are some who’ve tried to discourage, they’ve tried to sabotage, but what’s purposed is so.” by: Tanikka Paulk. There is no time to pay close attention to the hecklers or the overly critical persons. Making progress although sometimes the progress has seems to slow down. There is still the ability to meet some of the shorter goals.

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