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The League – The dirty face of cricket as we see it today- Review
March 23, 2017

Dirty League- Seven teams- no rules by Mr. Rajeev Rajendra

This is all about the latest book written by Rajiv Rajendra ‘The League’ is out to show the real face of not so real cricket being played these days especially the T-20 leagues, the fastest version of cricket. The novel is second by the author based on cricket and its timing must give it an instant reorganization, as the timing is so perfect when the IPL-6 is in its prime stage. The book is all about money, scams, match fixing, murders and involvement of big guns from different fields society and it has become dirtier with the latest spot betting incidents those took place recently to make things worse which were already gloomy.

Most character in the novel need no introduction as they introduce themselves, take Prince Abdel Raftar al for instance who started the league in this novel on Palmyra Island who look so similar to filthy rich UAE billionaire Abdul Rahaman Bukhatir who started it all in Sharjah. The author has given a new dimension to character of Raftar by mixing a little bit of Dawood Ibrahim into him to give it a touch of mafia connection and glamorous touch as well.

The League – This is serious matter

As we know the in the real cricketing world, the novel also revolves around the billion dollars The League Of Cricket that is played every year on an imaginary Palmyra Island started by a filthy rich Arabian Abdel Rafter al Rafter which has seven teams consisting famous cricket players from all over the world.

The teams have as unique names as we have in real cricketing leagues like- Violet Super Heroes, Yellow Scorchers, Orange Speeders, and Red Shooters etc. The league has seven teams, which look so close to real teams with so many similarities including real life players incidents, officials and owners including an interesting name Jahan Pnah Khan, which certainly needs no describing whom the author is mentioning here.

The book is having so many other real incidents like murder of famous South African coach Bob Woolmer, who was training Pakistani team when found dead in his hotel room. In addition, the incident when Pakistani wicket keeper Zulqarnain Haider disappeared from his team hotel to emerge in England later seeking asylum fearing threat on his life by match fixers.

Then there is a character resembling to former under nineteen captain Virat Kohli who is leading a IPL team and one of the most successful members of Indian cricket team in all three formats of the game. Let us begin from the beginning as the book is all about money involved in the game especially in subcontinent where people go to any length just to watch a game of cricket with all their concern toward their favorite team.

As we are a nation who loves our movies, cricket and politics without any reason whatsoever but for the sake of our affiliation to a particular team, party or film star. Same is true for this book that is almost a real story of today’s cricket, which sounds less cricket but more of a manuscript of a crime thriller with every page unfolding a new suspense. The main lead of novel a superstar of cricket of yester years who came out of retirement to become part of the game finds himself in such a mass that he decides to overlook happenings around to be part of the system to keep safe himself and his family members.

The overall theme of the book matches more with a suspense thriller and as the writer has himself agrees that he chose the time for releasing the book during IPL to make it an instant success. He also thinks that readers can see the relations between fiction and realities as they know facts despite their love of game do not allow them to distract. The author has used a famous mafia line frequently, which says that ‘Once you entered into the gang you can stay here as long as you want to but cannot quit it alive’

Here are few words about author of this wonderful book. The author of the book Rajiv Rajendra is a computer engineer and PG in Marketing and Finance who served a global bank for years who is co-founder and lead advisor of Aktrea capital who trusts in reasons and fairness in business with genuine advices, real knowledge and true leadership.

Rajiv Rajendra has an art production house that helps different artists in production, art and cultural work on no profit basis. This book has 131 pages and it is available online with Amazon.com.

The League : Seven Teams. One Tournament. No rules. (Paperback)

It was available on another online site when I searched it- infibeam for INR 87/ which is almost US$1.2o only. I hope you will find this book informative as well thrilling.

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March 22, 2017

Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry Merchants Association (Federation), the High Court has suspended for two months.


Justice said on Wednesday. Ashraful Islam and Justice Ashish Ranjan Das bench passed the order on a petition.


FBCCI election on May 14 was supposed to be. An application in the High Court seeking to postpone the election. The court gave a two-month suspension of the election petition.


Federation appealed to the High Court seeking stay on the Dhaka Chamber of Commerce president Aminul Haque. His lawyer argued in court on behalf of Badruddoza.


Badruddoza the first light after the lawyer, law, each district will be sent to the designated administrator’s name. 015 is the department in Mymensingh. 016 Mymensingh Chamber of Commerce had applied for their inclusion. But some did last year. Federation of schedule before the election writ is directed to include. Asked the court to this effect. Is called upon to decide on the application as well.


He said, had already Commerce, has become the schedule. There is scope to consider the inclusion. March 14 was the last to speak. Select the business in terms of the application is suspended. Suspension of the court hearing.Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry Merchants Association (Federation), the High Court has suspended for two months.


Justice said on Wednesday. Ashraful Islam and Justice Ashish Ranjan Das bench passed the order on a petition.


FBCCI election on May 14 was supposed to be. An application in the High Court seeking to postpone the election. The court gave a two-month suspension of the election petition.


Federation appealed to the High Court seeking stay on the Dhaka Chamber of Commerce president Aminul Haque. His lawyer argued in court on behalf of Badruddoza.


Badruddoza the first light after the lawyer, law, each district will be sent to the designated administrator’s name. 015 is the department in Mymensingh. 016 Mymensingh Chamber of Commerce had applied for their inclusion. But some did last year. Federation of schedule before the election writ is directed to include. Asked the court to this effect. Is called upon to decide on the application as well.


He said, had already Commerce, has become the schedule. There is scope to consider the inclusion. March 14 was the last to speak. Select the business in terms of the application is suspended. Suspension of the court hearing.

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March 22, 2017
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Online news: Papua New Guinea Island is a small island manasa concentration camp prisoners in the last four years, about 70 are Bangladeshis. Bangladesh, Iran, India, Pakistan, Somalia and Myanmar are rohingarao this concentration camp. BBC news.


Papua New Guinea is an island state in the Pacific Ocean. It is located in the Oceania region. During World War I German New Guinea to Australia from Germany to the right. It gained independence from Australia in 1975. According to the central and southern Pacific Ocean Oceania dbipasamuhake together. The region has been divided into three parts – melanesiya, Micronesia and Polynesia. Some say Australia and Oceania are included.




One of these prison camps in Bangladesh Russell Mahmud. BMW manasa the island until the terrible stories about what happened with him. Being the subject of so much surprised but still do not want to go back home. One of his ardor, he was given refuge in the Australia.


He said, ‘I do not want to go back home. I was forcibly deported, I may have no choice but to commit suicide. I’ll atmahatyai. ”


013 Russell Mahmud Bangladesh from January to Malaysia on tourist visas. After a one-week stay in touch with him there is a ring of human traffickers. Australia 7 thousand US dollars to pay the cost of the cycle.


First, a coastal area in Indonesia, they left by boat. They were in the boat for about 18 hours. Many Rohingya were fellow passengers, Somali and Iranian citizens. Their boat arrived off the coast of Indonesia. Meder town for a week to keep them in a home. He was taken to Jakarta.


Their flight from Jakarta to Surabaya city was taken. Go from there again by boat off the coast of Australia. About a hundred people were in the boat. Medium-sized boat, sleep seats. They were sagarei nayarata nine days.




Australian navy ship appeared one day at a time, Russell and his companions thought they must be rescued and taken to Australia. But it was bad luck.


Navy to sail the island was taken three days after Christmas. A few days later, they told me that if normal, they will not be given shelter.


Let alone all of them are taken from Christmas Island to Papua New Guinea small island manasa Island. Over the past four years, cutting their life in captivity.


Manasa island to Australia Australia has created this camp who are trying to keep asylum seekers. And from here is to try to send them back to their respective countries. International human rights groups have criticized the program from Australia.


Nearly one thousand people have been detained here. Over the last four years of their lives in the camps are tied to the same routine. Morning breakfast. After all, a little exercise is the gymnasium. From there, finished his shower and to go back to class. They are taught in English. Lunch and come back. In the afternoon, a cricket or soccer. After returning to sleep after dinner.


Those points are awarded for good behavior. At that point they can buy the required accessories. There are recreational facilities within the camp. TV, you can watch a movie they can.


However, the refugees are not good. They were told to return home. Otherwise, we will send you back by force. But no one here did not want to go back home. They want asylum in Australia.

The Current Brazil Meat Scandal
March 21, 2017
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Brazil is no stranger to scandal.  But this one is going global.

There is a meat scandal in Brazil.

Rotten meat may  not only have been eaten by Brazilians, but exported.

There is evidence that the employees of some meat processing firms actually bribed inspectors to ignore the fact they were selling meat not only beyond its expiry date, but very much adulterated.

Brazil is one of the largest meat exporters in the world. A lot of its economy depends on meat.  There are over 150 countries which buy Brazilian meat.

Brazil’s federal police conducted a major search in six Brazilian states.  Over 1,100 officers carried out 200 different raids.    They found forty cases of breach, from the use of chemicals to change the smell of expired meat, and the insertion of flour and cardboard to fatten sausages.

One of the companies is JBS SA,  the world’s largest meat processor.  Although the company retaliated with media advertisements stressing its high-quality standards and denying the use of adulterated produce, no one believes them.

BRF SA, another company confirmed the arrest of one executive, but denied wrongdoing.  “BRF never sold rotten meat,” stated the company.

The European Union is halting imports of Brazilian meat.

It is stated that the companies involved used various chemicals.

This is not unique to Brazil, of course, many other countries have had the infamous ‘pink slime’ attack and the fact that many additives to process meat are anything but meat.

Brazil’s president met with ambassadors from countries that import Brazilian meat trying to minimize the damage.

President Michel Temer tried to assure the diplomats that Brazil’s “government wants to reiterate its confidence in the quality of our national product.”

He said that only 33 of the 11,000 inspectors at the Agriculture Ministry are being investigated for taking bribes.

However, as some of the bad meat was exported to Europe, the E.U. is not amused which is why all imports are being stopped.


Threat of Impeachment Against Vice President Leni Robredo: A Case of Political Harassment?
March 20, 2017

   It seems that the political game of impeachment is now an open season in the Philippines.

Just last week (March 16, 2017) an impeachment complaint against Pres. Rodrigo Duterte was filed before the Office of the Secretary-General in the the House of Representatives by Congressman Gary Alejano.

Now it is the turn of Vice-President Leni Robredo to be impeached. She is a known political opponent of Pres. Duterte. There were statements made by Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez of the House of Representatives on March 18, 2017 or merely two days after the impeachment complaint against Pres. Duterte was filed, to that effect that he is studying the possibility of filing an impeachment complaint against Vice Pres. Leni Robredo.

Speaker Pantaleon Alvares is the political ally of Pres. Duterte. They have the majority control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate in the Philippine Congress.

Grounds of Impeachment against VP Robredo

   The alleged possible ground arises from the fact that Vice-President Leni Robredo has sent a video before the United Nations Commission On Narcotics Drugs which criticizes Pres. Duterte’s war on drugs.

It is the opinion of Speaker Alvarez that such act of Vice-Pres. Robredo may constitute “betrayal of the public trust”, which is among the ground for impeachment provided for under Section 2, Article XI, on Accountability Of Public Officers, in the 1987 Philippine Constitution.

Said section says among other things, that the Vice-President “may be removed from office, on impeachment for, and conviction of, culpable violation of the Constitution, treason, bribery, graft and corruption, other high crimes, or betrayal of the public trust.”

Impeachment Move As Simple Political Harassment

   While it is highly probable that an impeachment complaint may be filed in the House of Representative and eventually an impeachment trial may ensue since Pres. Duterte’s political allies in the House of Representatives and the Senate has the “super majority control”, many Filipinos believes that this is a simple case of political harassment against the known political opponent of the Duterte Administration.

Will Vice-President Leni Robredo end up in jail just like Sen Leila de Lima, another known political opponent of Pres. Duterte if and when she’ll be impeach or remove from the Office of the Vice-President?

If she’ll be impeached from office, the effect is her removal from the office as Vice-President. However, it may not end there. There’s always the possibility that a criminal case might be filed against her just like what happened to Sen. Leila de Lima.

I don’t believed that the act of sending a video before the United Nation Commission On Drugs as constituting “betrayal of the public trust”.

In the first place, the Philippine Government is a member of the United Nation and as such under the United Nations Charter and other treaties and conventions.

Secondly, the act of sending video which is critical of Pres. Duterte’s war on drugs constitute a legitimate exercise of one’s Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Speech if not Freedom of the Press of Vice-Pres. Robredo, which is constitutionally recognized and constitutionally protected right under the 1987 Philippine Constitution.

Thirdly, it was sent by the Vice-President under her official capacity and was done in the exercise of her official duties per her oath under the 1987 Philippine Constitution (Sec. 5, Art. VII, Executive Department) which explicitly commands her to “faithfully and conscientiously fulfill my duties as Vice-President of the Philippines, preserve and defend its Constitution, execute its laws, do justice to every man, and consecrate myself  to the service of the Nation.”

It seems to me that the political climate in the Philippines among the mighty and the powerful or the political elite are reaching its boiling point leading to political vengeance and political persecution to the disadvantaged of the people.

There are more urgent and pressing matters facing the country that the politicians ought to mind and attend to instead of engaging in such political circus.


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March 20, 2017

Sports Desk: P. Sara Oval in Colombo Bangladesh team has played in their history hundredth Test. Bangladesh captain Mushfiqur Rahim said hundredth Test. Mushir gaurabai is to lead the national team to the hundredth Test. Mushfiqur earlier this achievement has been the owner of the other 9 Test-playing countries. 9 of 9 captain Mushfiqur seated next to his name this year.
Hundredth Tests for England Archie McLaren had earned the honor to lead. He was the world’s first captain, who led the Centenary Test side. Centenary Test against Australia at Headingley in 1909 captained England McLaren. England 126 runs and lost the match.
Hundredth of the country the world’s second Test as captain, led the Australian Sid Gregori. 191 in Australia’s Centenary Test against South Africa at Old Trafford captain Gregori. The Australians won the match by an innings and 88 runs.
Dudley led the Centenary Test against South Africa Nurses. In 1950, the Centenary Test match against Australia in Port Elizabeth in the name of Africa. South Africa scored 59 runs in the match.
Hundredth Test West Indies captain Sir Gary Sobers. In 1965, the Centenary Test against Australia in Jamaica West Indies won by 179 runs.
The fifth country in the world Centenary Test as captain, led the team manusara Ali Khan Pataudi, India. That memorable first Test against England in Birmingham in 1967, at a rate of 13 runs.
New Zealand’s Bevan kandana hundredth Test captain. 197 New Zealand in the Centenary Test against the West Indies in Barbados kandana captain. The match was drawn.
Pakistan captain Mushtaq Mohammad Centenary Test in 1979. Pakistan won by 71 runs in the match against Australia in Melbourne.
Sri Lanka played their hundredth 000. The match was Sri Lanka captain Sanath Jayasuriya. Sri Lanka lost the match by 5 wickets against Pakistan.
Hundredth Tests as captain to lead the country in the world, was now the leader of Zimbabwe’s Graeme Cremer. Move him to lead the country in the Centenary Test captain Mushfiqur was. Hundredth Tests against Sri Lanka in Harare, Zimbabwe in October 016. Harley 225 runs in the match, Cremer hundredth century of the match as captain.
The special arrangement of the two hundredth Test from the board. After the toss, Bangladesh at 10 am to the time the captain changed their flag. One corner of the field to celebrate the Centenary Test at the special session was held.
First, the two countries are playing the national anthem. Aisisiri with the flag and the flags of the two countries are. Sri Lanka and Bangladesh Ambassador Hassan hoisted the flag of the country at the time.
A little later on the occasion of the Centenary Test, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka Cricket players from the medal was awarded. BCB president and president of the Sri Lankan cricketers thilanga sumathipala distributed among the medal.
Medelatite golden memorial reads, “irahamatdhahmsadhahraraha naha nayaba ibahahmtu nabamh gadhahpaya casadhubapha BCCRF iu.” Medelagulote green ribbon has been used.
The Sri Lankan Cricket Board president Nazmul Hassan has called Papon special gift. A statue of an elephant with a beautiful silver-plated frame in the form of glass boxes were handed over to the President of the BCB.
Meanwhile, the players who won at the end made for a special gift blazer. Blejare reads, “100 hya nabamh, BCCRF itrapasabah iradhatpha. Logo with the BCB.
Finally, the last was held balloons in celebration of the Centenary Test.

***Huipanda is the most important part of the human body. Just works perfectly healthy organ to survive. Eating a healthy diet is important for every human being. For those who have a heart attack more healthy diet is necessary to reduce the complexity of their disease.
Vegetables, grains, fruits, nanihina dairy products, beans, lean meat, poultry and fish are good to eat foods, etc. Huipandake to keep healthy is to avoid certain foods. But easy to say but very difficult to observe. If you know and then you will be able to watch.
The new research, old ideas has been complicated. A few years ago it was learned that study, dayatari cholesterol, sodium and fat is harmful for health.
Ohio State University food science professor Jeff bhaleka said, “According to one recent report, dayatari saturated fat intake and cardiovascular disease has nothing to do with.” Bhaleka said, although it is true that the presence of saturated fat in the blood increase the risk of heart disease associated with.
Dayatari of fat and cholesterol in a recent study, which will increase the amount of food that their presence is bad for your body.
However, what you eat is important. Cleveland Clinic Heart and Vascular Institute, registered Dietitian Kate Patton said, “Food provides the nutrients our bodies or poisons in our bodies. Huipandera learn about the harmful junk food. Soda / soft drinks: the first is the name of soft drink. It contains large amounts of sugar, which creates pressure on the arterial walls. If you drink soda increases blood sugar levels and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. If you have an addiction to soda, please think twice before you drink soda.
Baked foods: baked foods that contain lots of fat and sugar is very bad for this kind of food huipandera. Obstruction of the arteries and fat and sugar increases blood sugar levels. These cardio-vascular disease.
Refined foods: refined food is very bad for huipandera. Such foods increases cardiovascular disease. So all kinds of refined products such as salad dressing, ketchup, white bread, low-fat yogurt, pasta, sausage, sausage, etc. Avoid Barbeque.
Margarine: a new study has claimed that it is not harmful for huipandera butter. On the other hand transaphyata margarine, which is a very unhealthy huipandera obstruction in the arteries.
Coffee Cream: Cream the margarine like coffee powder is full of trans phyate. Making microwave popcorn and all foods that contain hydrogenated oil hutsbasthyera harmful for them.

– Health Speech Desk

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March 20, 2017

He said. Md. Humayun Kabir: an unexpected trap for road accidents in the country. To prevent it, there is no alternative to public awareness. 017 on January 8 last year that road safety would-nisaca ‘is a major purpose of public awareness of the initiative. Capital Metropolitan Theater, “is the way of peace, not death,” the slogan of the film actor Ilias Kanchan, chaired by President of the 7th National Assembly Speaker Dr rally was present as the chief guest. Shirin Sharmin Chowdhury. There are many people from across the country attended various srenipesara. The main speaker atithisaha there is a complete and effective legislation to prevent road accidents, with the emphasis on the calls.
The World Health Organization parisankhyanamate 015 deaths in road accidents around the world in Asia, as Bangladesh is the seventh and 13th grades in the US, which is very worrying indeed. “Nisaca” which is a private non-profit organization since 1998, a nationwide public awareness of road accidents in the country to make people aware about the X October each year, the National Road Safety Day ‘is observed. To mark the day, every year from its festoons, banners, leaflets, rallies, and consultative memorandum of demands has been submitted and accepted various protest programs. This year (016) is not to blame, find the cause of the accident will have to abide by all the rules on similar projects before pratipadyake time has been observed.
According to the statistics of road accidents in the world, nearly one billion forty million people a year around the world are victims of road accidents in different ways. From there, almost eleven million people died, and many more have been injured seriously pangutbabarana. The accident, according to police estimates, from 5 to 7 thousand people a year are killed in road accidents. The World Health Organization says the death toll at more than twenty years. But BUET ‘Accident Research Centre, “according to the 11 thousand people a year are killed in road accidents, illness, accidental falls, there are more than 40 thousand people in different ways, and a large portion of them for a lifetime pangutbabarana performance lost to himself, family, society and Above all, it means the country is to become.
According to a study at the hospital paralyzed, where 56% of the patients in the treatment of accident victims come. 30% of the total health budget of the accident and the total cost is% of GDP. Accidental financial loss as 5 thousand to 7 thousand crore. And the fallen victims of these accidents can be seen from a large part of women and children. Until recently, I went to the train in Brahmanbaria unconsciously selaphi the tragic deaths of the three boys. In essence, accidents are accidents, it does not make me feel like no one else. True that in the developed countries of the world, though few in number, they are not immune to the accident. Again, however, also true that the specific cause of the accident is responsible for something special. He identified the causes of the accident and accordingly take the necessary precautions and protective measures can be largely reduced.
He also admitted that the road accidents and sacetanamulaka a voluntary organization working extremely well-known road safety would-nisaca “prominent actor Ilias Kanchan, chairman of the movement. He recently Bangladesh capital Dhaka on Oct 1 016 dignitaries in front of the Academy of Arts organized a demonstration in favor of road safety campaign, said: “Now a lot of road accidents has decreased compared to the previous one, but it is growing at an alarming Eid holiday. And in recent years, plenty of Ramadan and the Eid sacrifice, and the sacrifice of the feast of the alarming increase in road accidents occurred nearly two hundred people have died in the space of just a few days. Bangladesh road accident a lot of time talking about the fact that many have been working for a long time at the forefront of the cultural personalities Ilias Kanchan. On October 1993, Ilias Kanchan, visiting his family in a mountainous area where the fatal road accident killed his wife Kanchan Jahanara Begum. Naturally, he could not accept the fact. Since then, he became a vocal campaign to prevent road accidents. In December of the same year, he formed part of the ‘road safety’ organization. Since 1998, in fact widespread support for his wife’s death, commemorated the day of the National Road Safety Day ‘is observed. Meanwhile, the national day celebrations have been petitioning for the government.
This time in the day to celebrate the organization’s chairman Ilyas Kanchan, 3 rd October 0. 016 on a press conference organized by the National Press Club to reduce road accidents, urged everyone to work together. As part of the greatest importance to the control of the Prime Minister’s Office requested the formation of an accident prevention cell. There LGED, communications, roads and bridges, interior, agriculture, health, law, and the Ministry has suggested opening of an integrated cell-from nisaca. If it is through proper supervision of their arrogance will reduce road accidents.
An accident is not limited to just one man. The person affected by the accident with the loss of his family. The whole life of an accident

***M. Umar Farooq: BNP claims have moved from a neutral caretaker government. Now, before the coming election, “government support” system. Eleventh part of the process that takes a BNP parliamentary elections. BNP policy makers say, whatever the election results, the party had already decided to take part in national elections. The decision to take part in the continuation of the policy of continuing to protect sabakula already walking the path of the group. When the next national election, to take part in the final, when the new election process and the election commission’s demand for the creation of a free and fair atmosphere on the team is quite tactfully moving party sources said.
The senior leaders of the Representation of the People Act, according to two consecutive parliamentary elections as a political party if they are not part of their discussion is the fact that the party’s registration was canceled. So, with the newly formed Commission will not oppose the party.
The group maintains that the activities of the Union is an important, said an influential senior leaders, the Election Commission has been formed. Within a few days from now the party’s election “in the” framework of the law will be highlighted. Senior party leader confirmed that, at the end of this month, the BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia in front of the people “in government” system will be outlined. In this case, a new election commission, “according to the specific proposals for the establishment of a press conference” about the proposals outlined in touch sarakara the BNP chairperson. Talking with more than one party to inquire about the policy, they said, only the Election Commission (EC) can not be neutral when. As well as the election of a “great government needs. During parliamentary elections that the government Commission (EC) will provide all kinds of assistance. One of the party’s vice-chairman said on condition of anonymity, most recently by the President ‘search committee’ party after the announcement of the committee, but as a gentle criticism of the tactics. So ‘search committee’ ongoing activities by the President of the new Election Commission to form the party has taken tactical position.
The team took part in the parliamentary election Asked about the group’s vice-chairman, said Shamsuzzaman Dudu, BNP is a political party in the elections. While the national election tomorrow, which party do not mind to take part in the elections. However, it must be held, the elections can not be mocked.
The current crisis can not be resolved without the peaceful comment Shamsuzzaman Dudu, BNP factions do not want violence, peaceful parliamentary elections. The crisis of democracy in the country through elections that will be cut.
He said, since the party is a democratic party. However, regardless of when the next national elections, the party will be ready to take part in the elections. However, the electoral environment should be created in the country before the elections. And it is an effective new election commission.
BNP vice-chairman of a political crisis in the country is de facto, the government must take measures to solve the crisis. The solution to the crisis could be the first step in a transparent election process. People crowd the stage was decorated with the new EC. So the question remains of the EC. December 18 to discuss the formation of a new Election Commission President. BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia Abdul Hamid met Bangabhaban. During the election the country’s political crisis, “in the words of the need to make permanent President of sarakara he said. The President severely sanlapakale BNP chairperson of the formation of the new EC highlighted his team’s thoughts clearly. A written summary of the proposal, as well as highlighting the President at that time, she said, the election of the country’s current political crisis “in sarakara under the direction of an independent electoral commission acceptable to all you need for a national election. The next day, through a comprehensive national dialogue to formulate a permanent arrangement.
Earlier, BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia on November 18, for the formation of a new Election Commission presented its proposal. On that day, he outlined the context of sarakara assistant said, time will be highlighted in the government structure. – See more at: http://www.dailybartoman.com/details.php?id=37260#sthash.kEb8yPDP.dpuf

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March 20, 2017

Mosque in a village in rebel-held northern Syria on Thursday, said air strikes. 4 people were killed in the attack. Many were injured. Most of the victims are civilians. Friday, quoting an observer group said the BBC report.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group commentary, in the province of Aleppo, the air attack in the village of al-Zine. Aircraft to take part in the attack have not been identified.

Russia and Syria have aircraft movement area. US air attacks in the region have a record.

US air strike on militants in separate incidents in Idlib province, al-Qaeda militants have been killed in more than one.

Idlib strike any civilians have been killed or injured, the United States, it said.

Local sources on the basis of information received from the province of Aleppo, the Observatory said the air strikes, air strikes were in the mosque during the evening. Many worshipers were in the mosque for prayers.

Observatory chief Rami Abdel Rahman said the strike targeted a mosque during prayers, 4 people were killed. More than a hundred people were injured. Many people are trapped under the rubble.

A day before the attack on the mosque in the Syrian capital, Damascus, Aleppo’s main court building was a suicide bombing. At least 31 people were killed.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus at the time of completion of six years of war were bombed.


Fierce clashes raged in Damascus

Eastern outskirts of the Syrian capital of Damascus on Sunday between security forces clashed with rebels in the country.

BBC report on Monday, the rebels after a fierce attack erupted.

Bombshell rebels and the army responded with rocket attacks. They carried out air strikes on rebel targets.

According to reports, the rebels attacked suddenly jobara area. Cannon and rockets fell in the center of Damascus.

Ayakatibhistara the car bombs and suicide attacks in the early hours of yesterday triggered the attack.

According to Syrian state media, the attack is to use a secret tunnel.

Syrian army commentary, the attacker was able to push the rebels.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group said, sanghatakale insurgents targeting government forces carried out more than 30 air strikes.

Heavy clashes between security forces and rebels in the context of the area and surrounding roads were empty. Shops were closed. Many people fled a safe distance.

Damascus is the capital of the rebel-occupied areas. Jobara district is located near the city center.

***President Donald Trump immigration, trade and other policies criticized Cuban President Raul Castro. For the first time, he made a comment about Trump. Venezuela’s leftist leaders spoke at a conference on state TV late Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro, Raul’s older brother.
Former President Barack Obama takes up a lot during the process of Cuba’s relations with the United States. But Obama’s policy is to move indication Trump. Trump had threatened to block the process of relations during the election campaign.
In his speech, Raul Castro Triumph banijyanitike ‘egotistical’ and neighboring Mexico about the principle of “irrational” was named. He said the US government will start a new business initiatives extreme self-centered. The competitive trade will suffer. This policy will be in violation of international agreements relating to the environment. Said Raul, Mexico border wall nirmanasankranta trump policy only country that does not matter, this initiative against the whole of Latin America.
The White House announced last month that they are re-examine the policy of the Obama-era Cuba.
The socialist revolution led by Fidel Castro in Cuba in 1959, he fell in the US-backed government. The hostility between the two countries. Obama and Raul agreed to end a long-standing rivalry.
Extreme Poverty Situation, Looking Food in the Trash
March 20, 2017

I was reading this news on the net. I feel bad after reading it. I am aware of the situation of a different country. There are lots of issues of lacking foods and shelter. There are lots of devastation brought my calamities. It is happening everywhere. One specific poverty issue is in Venezuela. I learned that 82% of the population in that country has severe poverty issue and most of the people are looking for food in the garbage cans/trash. This news is per AIS Foundation, the foundation which helps the poor and the children.


The economy is really collapsing. There are people in Venezuela who have jobs but they are looking for food in the trash because the salary is not enough for their necessities. The next case will be losing jobs because some of the company shut down. They can no longer sustain giving jobs if they know they can’t afford to pay their employees.


After reading this news, it feels like bad energy creeps on my neck going to my head. I feel like my nerve became tight and migraine attacks happen. I started to feel bad for the children in that country. How are them? Are the government do not have funds to save this person? This is really a serious case and one day it will happen to my country.


We have numerous people who are looking in the trash in my country. Some of them are homeless and some are squatting everywhere. There are those people who just went in the Metro to try if they could have a good life. They seem to think to have a job in the Metro is easy but the truth is, it is not. Even those who have graduated in college are struggling to find a decent job connected to the degree they finished. It is always hard without proper research and if you are not prepared to this kind of challenge.


Let me get back to looking for food in the trash, I think this is being practical but not healthy. However, if your stomach is growling and in need of food, do you think you have a choice if you don’t have enough to buy one? I do not wish that to happen to me and I will never anticipate that. It serves as an eye opener to me that I still have a chance to save money from whatever earnings I have. I am blessed to eat 3 times a day. We are not rich, the accumulative earnings of my family are never enough, but it will never happen to us. Not when I am still alive.


Yes, this situation is happening everywhere and every day, but everyone has a choice. If you don’t want this to happen to your life, you need to do everything to avoid this. Make this situation as your inspiration to earn more and save money. If you have problems with your earnings now, might as well find an opportunity to earn additionally. Time is gold, do not waste it. From this day, I will always remember this news to push myself to work hard and smart. I will save money. I will earn some more. Not to promise, but I do it.


Image credit: Pixabay https://pixabay.com/en/poverty-girl-hungry-sadness-young-1875324/

Clean Up and Recovery, Stella

Stella hit us pretty hard. This was a historic blizzard that started locally around 2:55 a.m. on Tuesday morning. I know this because it’s part of my job. It was well into the night that I tracked the storm. Multiple reports came in from Pennsylvania around 2 a.m. that they were getting snow. Most were reporting light flurries, a few flakes.

As time past and Stella had yet to introduce herself to us, I focus radar in on the area to get a broad time frame when we might get hit. That’s when I saw it. Stella was tip toeing around us quietly with many unaware we were in the eye of the storm.

At 2:55 a.m. Stella hit and as I predicted, she hit with a steady flow of snow falling. We were covered in a matter of minutes. It was around 9 a.m. I took this photo that I’m sharing with you today. Conditions were a mess, schools closed, a travel ban was enforced, emergency teams were coming together because locally “no one could keep up”.

By 9 a.m. Tuesday morning we were roughly between 19 and 23 inches of snow. Stella was here to stay. It was a steady stream of snow with low visibility and I was out in the thick of it getting photos and video footage posting LIVE updates out on Twitter.

It wasn’t until mid-Thursday that the County-wide ban was officially removed. Some area schools opened which brought into question the safety of students. That’s when I got in touch with the Mayor Office,


“The National Guard is at present shoveling out fire hydrants which is our first priority.  Sidewalks are the responsibility of the individual homeowner, if you have a problem with an individual please let the Code Department know the specific address.  The School District makes their own decision on whether to open or close schools on their own.  Mayor Bertoni had requested not to have school today.”

I have to admit, I agreed with the Mayor. Sidewalks were untouched, unpassable and/or blocked off from students. This also led to a closer look at messages left for parents from local schools. In the message to parents, the school’s announced a 2-hour delay, asked parents NOT to drive students to school because of road condition and buses needing to get through. They also stressed that student walkers be “very very careful” coming into school because of all the snow and large piles.

Later on Thursday, the sun came out and it helped the area a great deal as well as the National Guard who had been called into the county and arrived late Wednesday night to help clean up. With a few areas still needing work, Friday was a major improvement over conditions on Thursday.

While the current forecast calls for another 2 – 4 inches of snow over the weekend. It doesn’t seem to be an issue. Roadways are wet, not snow covered and it doesn’t seem to be sticking. It’s 1:24 p.m. with current temperature at 32 F and our high for today was expected to be 33 F.

I’ll keep you posted as the clean up continues.