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The Great Escape to the Calming
November 8, 2018

There can be solitude when it appears as though the storms make their way in. There will be sunshine after the rain. There is hope no matter how situations appear to be there is always hope. To discover near or far to be encouraged the words could either cause inspiration to occur or words could cause doubt to enter. Escape to “peaceful” thoughts to think on levels in which some desire to think upon. There is light and the “day” turns to evening. There are moments in which the thoughts will go to places where some have dared to dream. “Peacefulness can occur when there is prayer, hope, and actions to obtain the peace.” (Tanikka Paulk)

Joyfulness occurs one should decide to allow joyfulness or perhaps happiness into their lives. God has supplied every person with the words which can soothe the mind. The calmness which some have difficulties obtaining. There are the peacemakers willing to administer peace and there are the war folks so therefore if there is the wanting to obtain peace then there will need to be the actions to “obtain the peace.” In order for there to be the actions in which cause disorder there will need to be the participants.

Peacefulness, calmness, solitude should be obtained and although there are some trying to disrupt peacefulness there is also “The Word of God.” Amen! The Bible has the answers. There are many scriptures to read and there is so many ways to obtain the joyfulness in order to live productive lives. Escaping negative thoughts and allowing the positive thoughts to enter. Obtaining rest in order to produce better moods. Disruptions could occur but there are “so many ways to calm” incur the calming within environments.

The peace is what some are willing to fight for. To be able to live in safer neighborhoods and communities. To build in ways others are unwilling to build. “There are the sweetest melodies there should be the ears to listen and the appreciation of the music is which God allows Hos children to hear.” (Tanikka Paulk). The invasion can be eliminated and there can be elevating of greatness. To obtain, to incur, to receive. There is no ability to remove the worry. Thinking on higher levels preparing for what God has declared as the “abundance.”

To live abundantly. War has occurred but peace has entered there will be the solutions to problem solve. Hopefulness has helped generate confidence. To proceed confidently progressively to other ventures. There are some restless because they’ve refused to allow peacefulness into their minds and into their environments. There are many “views” of God’s Creations. The blue sky in which the birds glide about. The trees which offer shade. Plants are placed so that they’re viewed by the passing by. Oh what glorious viewership’s People have.

There are songs sung and recordings of memories. The gatherings of family members and close friends. the laughter coming from the joyful ones. The travels in which so many prepare for. Movements continue to occur. Escape to the beautiful scenery across the globe. There is so much to visualize. The memories stored within the memory banks. “The competitors can witness the calming occur and they could be shocked by the actions because they’ve expected to see backlash but oh there is the “Great” and there is the sunshine after the rain.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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