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War Peace and Love is in the Bible
November 11, 2018

There is a battle in which one can and will be victorious. Love will conquer and love has conquered many battles. God knew and knows that we’ll have to endure trials and what shall God’s children do about trials? “Overcome.” Prayer is what will help and will develop “peacefulness” wars aren’t going to remain there is peace. Chaos occurs but a peacemaker will know how to eliminate or decrease the disruptions. Peacemakers are historical. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a peacemaker. Dr. King wasn’t loved by every person because Dr. King was assassinated. Mankind is destructive and there are many who would want to control but oh there is glory.

Prayer and my love will continue despite the weapons formed. No matter how many negative words are released. I’m going to demonstrate love. God loves every person but yet He will administer discipline. What should one do about the hateful words projected? Pray and keep on the Full Armor of God. A person is able to withstand the attacks by having faith, praying, and keeping on the Armor. “My faith won’t be removed I’m going to keep my faith close to my “heart.” Job’s faith allowed Job to receive more abundance than he had before.” (Tanikka Paulk)

Meditating and asking God to remain alongside me=Tanikka Paulk will allow the continuing of my journey. There is abundance but there has to be adversity in order to receive. There are many who’ve fought against you=Tanikka Paulk. The Bible states that your enemies will try to send out attacks and what to do about the enemies. What needs to occur is constant prayer. I’m able to transform my line of thinking in order to continue to move further. Faith can heal and transform situations. Read scriptures and find out exactly what God has said and the red words which come from Jesus Christ. There are hills and mountains to climb. There is peace within and no matter how I’m hated. Tanikka Paulk will love. ” by: Tanikka Paulk

Love resides in Miami, Florida. Love every person. God said to love one another. There is hope. Some have lost hopefulness because of their situations. They’ve lost their faith because they’ve suffered. Troubles are in the world meaning the Universe. Oh but there is a gleaner of hope. The everlasting wonders of my traveling from here to the designated home. I’ve achieved what some seem to desire and I’m continuing to believe that God will do what He said He will do. God is almighty. When Job was attacked did Job lose his faith? No. Job became stronger and wiser. So therefore I’m going to keep moving and believing mankind won’t cause me=Tanikka Paulk to turn my back on God and Jesus Christ.

There seems to be fear and God knew that we’ll be afraid. What to do about fear? Meditate on the Lord God and pray. My ability to function is because of God the Father of Jesus Christ. I’ve moved upwards and I’ve moved backwards. My proving has been proven. I’m able to clap with joyfulness because I’m aware of hwo good God has and continues to be. He has allowed what has occurred to occur but God can intervene at any time and He rewards. To know that there is a place in Heaven for Daughter is what keeps me=Tanikka Paulk motivated.

To read scripture is to discover. God promised and God doesn’t break promises. To excel when thereĀ  are destructive environments demonstrates that there is “strong leadership.” i’m refusing to fret because I’m hated but I’m going to continue to love. Thank God I’m able to clap my hands and I’m able “to proceed” in order to achieve helping mankind. To help others pleases God. Amen! they’ve tried numerous times to pull down my positions. One a position from mankind and another position by God. Peace can be obtained wars are won. There is more learning to do and that’s what I’m planning on doing. Great is here and has shown how determined she is.

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