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some ways to get a phone call
March 22, 2017

Phone calls today I learn one that I can
make phone calls by facebook messenger
how did I learn that? I had a friend call me
up through that program . Now I have to learn how to get the camera to work then I can see the person I am talking to.
This will take me time since some times I can be a slow learner . Then some times I learn things right away. Now since I am talking about phone calls I am going to talk about my android phone the LG tribute
I learn when it very sunny out side and bright I can not see any thing on my phone I try to go to display setting but the phone was on it max for brightest for me this no good I be going to Florida in a few weeks I need to be able to look at my phone to do any thing or to work it this is the second LG I have the first one was no good to the memory fills up fast . Plus with my LG phone the battery life is short no joke If I need to make a phone call I have to find like a pay phone some do exist in my area
but not that much . So now I am going to see what else boost mobile is offering I might go back to net 10 if they have a android at the right price. I use to have net ten but they did not have smart phones at the time I want one so I switch to boost mobile at the time if it was not for that I would still be with net ten if they had android phones . I did like net 10 why ? because they had unlimited to plus the wi-fi is on
when I went to the stores and I did have some data maybe it was not a store but
it mobile that have the data to play you tube videos no joke. Ok for this one this is it for now.

Revival of Nokia 3310 with mega upgrade 41MP PureView camera

Nokia 3310 was dubbed as the most successful phone of all time which sold more than 125 million units. thanks to a group of Nokia fanatics this handset are brought back from the ashes.

Staying near-true to the original design, the Nokia 3310 with PureView will add a 41MP PureView camera with Zeiss optics and Xenon flash, and will run a modified version of Windows Phone 8 to fit the unique ‘ClearDiamond’ three-inch touch screen.

To power the next-gen operating system and class-leading camera, Nokia engineers have achieved the unthinkable, scaling down a dual-core processor, 2GB RAM and 32GB of on-board storage into a case that mimics the original size (113 x 48 x 22mm) and weight (133g).

A side-mounted MicroSD card slot offers additional storage expansion. The first devices will rollout with 3G connectivity while LTE-equipped devices will follow later in the year.

With a nostalgic nod to yesteryear, the Nokia 3310 with PureView comes pre-loaded with four games – Snake II, Pairs II, Space Impact and Bantumi -, a currency converter and original monophonic ringtones.



Height: 113 mm
Width: 48 mm
Thickness: 22 mm
Weight: 133 g

Display and User Interface

Display size: 3-inch ‘ClearDiamond’
Display resolution: WXGA (1280 x 768)
Display features: Brightness control, Nokia Glance screen, Refresh rate 60 Hz, Sunlight readability enhancements, Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3, PureMotion HD+, Sculpted glass, Wide viewing angle
Display colors: TrueColor (24-bit/16M)
Touch screen technology: Super sensitive touch
Sensors: Ambient light sensor, Accelerometer, Proximity sensor, Barometer,
Gyroscope, Magnetometer

Keys and Input Methods

User Input: Touch + Softkey
Operating keys: Volume keys, Camera key, Power/Lock key, Microsoft Home, Navigation keys.


SIM card type: Micro SIM
Charging connectors: Micro-USB
AV connectors: 3.5 mm audio connector
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0
Wi-Fi: WLAN IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n
Network: 3G


Battery capacity: 1430 mAh
Battery voltage: 3.7 V
Removable battery: Yes
Wireless charging: No


Processor type: Dual-core 1.5 GHz


User data storage: In device
Mass memory3: 32 GB
Free cloud storage: 7 GB


Primary camera sensor size: 41 MP, PureView
Camera Focus Type: Auto focus
ZEISS optics: Yes
Sensor size: 1/1.5 inch
Main camera f-number/aperture: f/2.2
Camera focal length: 26 mm
Camera minimum focus range: 15 cm
Camera image formats: JPEG
Camera Flash Type: Xenon flash
Flash operating range: 4.0 m
Flash modes: Off, Automatic, On

Image capturing

Capture modes: Video, Still
Scene modes: Automatic, Sports, Night
White balance modes: Cloudy, Incandescent, Fluorescent, Daylight, Automatic
Light sensitivity: Automatic, ISO 100, ISO 200, ISO 400, ISO 800, ISO 1600, ISO 3200


Camera video resolution: 1080p (Full HD, 1920 x 1080)
Camera video frame rate: 30 fps
Camera video zoom: 6 x
Video playback frame rate: 30 fps

Introduction of Electronics and branches of electronics and devices
March 7, 2017

Electronics is the branch of physics and  technology which is relate with the design of circuits by using   microchips or  transistors  and with the behavior and movement of electrons in  different  materials such as, conductor, semiconductor, vacuum, or insulator.

Now everyone seen and know that Electronics is a growth of our industry”

Circuits or devices are made by using transistors, microchips, and other components.

Electronics has branches which are given below:

  1. Digital Electronics
  2. Optoelectronics
  3. Semiconductor devices
  4. Micro Electronics
  5. Circuit Design
  6. Analogue Electronics
  7. Integrated circuits
  8. Embedded system

There are many electronics devices which are used in our daily life that are:

Electronic devices include DVD players, laptops, desktop computers,  televisions , mobile phones, iPods,  cameras, fans, ovens, washing machines, game consoles, printers and radios.

Simply we can says that an electronics device is a device that accomplishes its purpose electronically.

One of the interesting thing about the electronics is the tiny fundamentals evolve over time. Today our systems are very fast and amazingly this speed is generated from very small processors which are the gifts of electronics. Day by day speed of our systems is increasing and many new gadgets and machines are introducing to world. Many devices which are in use now a days were discovered decades ago but now the speed of those devices is thousands of time faster. Many scientists like Jack St. Clair Kilby  (inventor of the integrated circuits and co-inventor of the electronic calculator) made valuable efforts in the field of electronics.  Today many of the devices of electronics are made up of semi-conductor material. Semi-conductor materials are those which have both the abilities of conductors and insulators. Silicon, Germanium and Gallium arsenide are the elements which have the properties of semi-conductors. They are denoted by Si, Ge, and GaAs. Silicon has 14 electrons in its shells, Germanium has 32 electrons, gallium has 31 electrons and Arsenic has 33 electrons in its orbiting shells. Silicon and germanium have 4 electrons in their valence shells. The outermost shells are called valence shells



How To Cut Your Electricity Bill
March 5, 2017
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These are simple ‘common sense’ tips that work.  They work so well that I can tell you the Jamaica Public Service Company came to my house to see if I was ‘stealing’ electricity or had interfered with the meter.   I proudly informed them of my tricks.

No Iron

I Iron nothing.  When I wash something I hang it up wet and smooth it.  While it is drying, I smooth it, I snap the seams, the collars the cuffs.  I will hang up a shirt by the collar, well slipped.  I will clip the cuffs.

That item will dry ‘stiff’ with everything perfect.


I unplug the refrigerator, the television, everything at night.  In the morning I defrost the fridge, plug it in, and often unplug it an hour later.  The television is never plugged in until I want to watch it.

Fridges and televisions, (as other products) suck electricity even when off.  Look at your microwave, see the digital timer?  That means although it is off, it is sucking electricity.  Unplug it.

Break yourself into the unplug habit.

Charger = Night Lite

At night, use your cell phone charger as a night light.  You should know your home well enough to find the bathroom without a map.  You don’t need to put on the light.  Use the charger as a night light.  In this way you have enough light to know where you are, but not enough to raise your bill, as turning on the light will do.

Floor Air Conditioner

Hot Air rises.  So why do you have an air conditioner in your window or at the top of a room?  Get one that is on the floor.  The cool air will push up the hot air, so just turning it on for a few minutes will be as effective as running one at top gear for an hour.

And try to use air con and fans as infrequently as possible.   Open windows, use screens to keep out bugs, and get used to warmth.  Try to keep off your fans and air-con until the temperature is above 85o F.


Natural Light

Use Natural light as much as possible.  You don’t have to put on your lamp if you are sitting near a window.  You don’t need to turn on lights with natural lighting.

You may think these tips will save you a few cents.  If you check with your Electric Company, you will find how much money one fridge for one month costs.  Now, unplugging that fridge every day will cut that bill in half.


smart phone would not let me Literacybase on phone
March 1, 2017

Today try to do LB with my phone . I had no luck I do not know if it was me or the phone. I do not think it was the site.This was my problem the one after I pick image some how the phone went to half image so I could not post my post and on my phone it take me like a half hour to type a post on the phone. Yes I am a slow typed this why It takes me this long to post on the phone my typing is only six word per minutes. No joke well it use to be 5 so I am kind of getting better typing on the lap top. Now back to my smart phone android I need to find a way to type with my phone and know that I have at least 300 words if I am doing LB site
I like to save time so If I can not do writing on my lap top .I like to do it on my phone the goal of my writing is having the phone pay it own bill yes if I can post articles with my phone then my phone making money and that will help with my budget plus it will save me time . Do any body else on here do LB by smart phone? if you do how do you count the words on the smart phone ? it can be ipod or android which I have is a android phone which I like some times I do not like the model I have. Some times I think the android has a cat sprite in it that how it act some times like a kitty cat . Most of my phones I had all ways did that to me so I have to be careful of what I write down . How about you?

good things with smart phones on how they can save a life and more
February 25, 2017

The good things about smart phones? What are the good things about smart phones . Well today as you know with the help of certins apps we now could see the people we are talking to. That means no more being naked while talking on the phone. LOL No I do not do that but I use to know people who did that with the old land line phones. Now with the apps on the smart phone if there a amber alert it broadcast on every one phones when I go shopping or at work if there a amber alert every here noise from their phone and stops what they are doing because they forget the amber alert on the phone . Which might actuly help because people are looking at their phone so that give a better chance of finding that missing person or child. Other thing with the smart phone in some stores it can help us shop faster because there a app on the phone were a person can scan a products while they are shopping then when they are done shopping they can pay with their debit or credit card and not have to go to the cashier to ring up their products . Yes the phone will have a electronic recite and if the person need the recipe for business they can email it or print when they get to their office or home. I kind of call this shopping kind of like shopping on line with the touch and feel. Yes I know this kind of way to cut store cost by laying off people and all so cut that store cost of repairing cash registers . Less equipment for the store to have make the stock owners happy it still will not save to customers money but it will save the customer time Now back to the smart phone apps like with the amber alert now this can save some one life. Number two
traffic reports this kind of apps help us find a better route to drive which all so will help us save time. Ok that it for this one.

Quit normal cigarettes through E-Cigarettes
February 16, 2017

It is very shameful that our new generation is getting addicted in the cigarette. The cigarette is deadly for our health as it contains nicotine. Nicotine causes numerous negative impacts on our health which may not cure anymore. Cancer, a life taken disease often occurs only for a random taking of cigarettes.


But, our science has been progressed and have spread its way in everywhere in our lives, our daily days. One of the inventions of science is Electronic cigarette or e-cigarette. It is an electronic device that contains flavored liquid. It is hand held. The user inhales the vapor of the flavored liquid. Some of the liquid contain a little amount of nicotine and some do not. The liquid is made of propylene glycol, glycerine, and flavorings, and in some cases, a little amount of nicotine is added. They are safer ten times than cigarettes as these contain the very tiny amount of nicotine.


According to a research and study e-cigarettes helped 7.3% of people to quit smoking by using the e-cigarette in 2014. The percentage is more than the people use the patch to quit smoking. Based on a large data a huge number of people have been able to quit smoking after using e-cigarettes for a long. There can be an improvement by using e-cigarettes with a proper method of quitting cigarettes. Some of the populations have very less knowledge about the e-cigarettes. So, it is our responsibility to make people aware of the negative effects of cigarettes and to stop quitting by using e-cigarettes. The shopkeepers also should be responsible enough. They must have the knowledge to convince the buyer to buy and use e-cigarettes providing correct information on e-cigarettes. Some people have thought that nicotine remaining in cigarettes is very harmful. But, pushing off people to come off e-cigarettes can make them be back in smoking. Don’t make any people discouraged about using e-cigarettes and if you don’t have correct information about e-cigarettes, please don’t provide wrong. Pregnant women are choosing e-cigarettes to stop smoking. The information is still unknown to us that how much, e-cigarettes affect the fetus but surely, it is safer than normal cigarettes. Pregnant women smoke randomly should take the recommendation of a doctor about to quit smoking. E-cigarettes should be used temporarily to quit smoking. Another thing is if you are entering a smoke-free area or zone you must need an e-cigarette instead of a normal cigarette.

E-cigarettes provide nicotine in a questionnaire that is much safer than smoking. Some people find e-cigarettes very effective for quitting, reducing their nicotine intake and/or managing temporary abstinence. There is a wide range of e-cigarettes and people might need to try various types, flavors and nicotine dosages before they find something they like. E-cigarette use is nothing like smoking and people might need to experiment and learn how to use them effectively. They could also need certainly to recognize when atomizers need replacing. People previously using e-cigarettes while smoking (e.g. to cut back the number of cigarettes they smoke) might need to consider changing devices and/or nicotine concentrations when making a quit attempt. While some health problems from e-cigarette use may yet emerge, they’re likely, at worst, to be always a small fraction of the risks of smoking. Start e-cigarettes to stop smoking normal cigarettes. But use it only a temporary basis.

Life of Television and the creators.
January 30, 2017
tv-Why reality shows are so popularImage Credit: https://pixabay.com/en/tv-television-4k-black-screen-1625220/

Its a blessing they made Television, if you ask me. That’s one of my favorite things to do is to watch Television.

My childhood was pretty great when I was coming up. I stayed active in the summer time. Me and my family would go skating, swimming, we would even play basketball and baseball. But when school was in I’d rather watch Television. my favorite channels to watch were cartoon network and nick. I enjoyed laying up watch TV and snacking. I’d rather Do that then going  outside.” Video games was even better than watching TV. If we didn’t havetelevision , we wouldn’t have video games. if you ask me the only bad defect out of have these technologies is that it. Can keep some children from being as active as they should.

The invention of television was a big work. This project was a big hit in 19 century. We are now living in 21 century. You can image how much technologies changed since then.  New TVs are out every year. Several individuals and corporations competed all over the world to try and bring the best device. Some individuals were mainly focused on the profits the device would bring  in, while others just wanted to change the world. Visual and audio communications changed a lot. In the early 19th century a Scottish inventor “Alexander Bain was the one to introduce the facsimile machine. This was between the years 1843 and 1846. There were known to be a laboratory version. Year 1851  the English physicist, ” fredrick bake well ” was the one to demonstrate the laboratory version. Year 1856 is when the first practical facsimilesystem was developed. Giovanni caselli, a Italian priest who developed this project. Year 1873 the photo conductive of the element sylenium was discovered. This element were discovered by an eelectronical engineer “will oughby smith. These men were young to be involved in producing the project, known as Television. nipkow disk was por posed and patent in year 1884, by a young German university student his student went by the name Paul Julius Gottlieb Nipkow. Case you didn’t know what the nipkow disk is its a spinning disk with spiral pattern of holes in it. His was so each hole would be able to scan a line of image. Variations of the Nipkows project became  one of the exceedingly common,even though he never built a working model of the system.  The projects name, Television came from perskyi, he had gathered it from a paper read at the international World Fait. The fair was located in paris. This took place August 25 1990. This is she. Perskyis paper had reviewed the electromechanical technologies. ” Lee de Forest and Arthur Korn, and several more designed this project.developments were amplification tube technology, which weren’t u til year 1907. By the time year 1920 came along that’s when the amplification made television practical. The Scottish inventor john Baird was the one to employ the Nipkow disk in his video systems. His prototypes were created in a little village. This village was called Santa Cruz, which were on a Island of trinidad. The reason he were in this village was because he were there recovering from an illness. He also began to work on the first colored television. “Charles Francis Jenkins was an american inventor who also pioneered the television. Year 1913 he wrote an article on “motion pictures by wireless” . he didn’t have images for proof till year 1923 December. Year 1907 the russian scientist, “Boris Rosing used the CBT in receiving an experimental video single vto form a picture . that’s when Television went from black and white to colored Television.

Today we now have 3D television, which makes watching family movies and action movies fun.  Smart televisions has built in cam, and apps. They even came out with the curve.

You can get lots of the top brand Televisions  at Best Buy, and target 

I Witnessed A Case Of A Cellphone Left Behind
January 25, 2017

This story is a throwback . It happened many months ago, but I cannot forget this incident.
While I was eating at a fast food chain alone after my shopping , I noticed a phone with a plugged powerbank , at the front table where a sole woman also, have just eaten and left.
I looked around to call her but she was gone and then saw a girl and a boy in their 20’s bringing a tray of what they ordered looked around, saw the now vacant table and went straight to the said table.
I immediately went to the crew at the service counter and reported about the cellphone left behind by a woman who have just left. But they were busy and just take a look at the table now being occupied by a girl and a boy.
Then after that , I approached the two new occupants of the table and and told him that a woman who has just eaten there , forgot t the cellphone with aplugged powerbank . The boy said that the phone is his and lifted it up and scrolled at it.
I was speechless and felt like telling him how can it be yours when before you two came it was there already.
But I kept silent, because they might harm me since there’s the two of them and could be part of a syndicate who is into stealing others’ cellphones as I have seen on TV.
The crew told me also when I went to the service counter, that they might be the woman’s companion, but I know they’re not at all!
I felt guilty not picking it up at once and surrendering it to the manager of the fast food chain, when the woman left and forgot her phone.
How can people be so daunting, to be dishonest like that!
But then, I did my best, reported it, however, what happened next was so fast
I cannot argue with the two persons who claimed that the phone were theirs, when I know that it’s owned by the woman who just left before they occupied the table.
I was also scared of what the two of them can do to harm me. Would you be too, if you were in my stead?

Note: The picture is from google .

You Can Keep Google TV Update
December 29, 2016

The way we do it will keep you tons ready to move into the touchdown zone and celebrate all the things you need to do to knock down those haters. This will never move you out of a house but your beloved mom might look at the play again so it can be right. We know that Google TV review can keep us really entertained most of the time. The way Goggle TV review helps you is through letting you know that there are tons of reasons in the first place why they can never look out of a window just to keep you ready for big times out there.

When we play games, we want to make sure that the search engine can see it so we can be supervised. The Goggle TV update will be the right thing that can never take you out of your element, and you will be thankful hopefully of how the makers are writing the real parts of your day that never gets you out of a plan for other ways Goggle TV can do it for and operate. There are plenty of people that will surely give you a real part in time  that will give you a ton , out of bounds , the parts ,  that give you the touch that you want for that update.


The way the company do it will hopefully impress all of those who love to work and just type all of the things that need it. The Goggle TV update will be ready to get updated all the time. When you are looking to the operations there are agents out there for you and they will surely appear and install that TV update through Goggle TV update. This time, we can also immediately Goggle as to who you will contact to do the favor in your part.

Images credit by Pixabay