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touchpad how did it get loaded on my phone
May 8, 2017

Some how I got this program on my phone call touch pad I had no idea had this got up loaded on my android phone.This program is very annoying plus it takes up a lot of space. I would never ask for a program like this . I am not sure even how to explain this program. I did a search to see how to get rid of this program call touch pad. This time I got lucky and found the right form and I got the information I need.This is how I got rid of touch pad on my phone I went setting look for apps or application then I found the program and it said to unstale it . I had no problem unstaleing it. On the form some other people said it has some thing to do with the phone keyboard and it disable the factory key board and the people could not get rid of touch pad. for me it had nothing to do with the key board . it just was like a big adevertsing bill board on my phone taking a lot of space away . This was driving me nuts.How did I get it ? I have no idea last night after charging my phone it just pop on my phone. so maybe something with the charging program some how up loaded the program on my phone . what I think I do now when the phone is being charge is to turn wi-fi off I all ready have data off may this will keep programs form up loading while I am a sleep… Any one else ever had a program up load while they were sleeping or doing something else I am not talking about if your kid took your phone and up loaded a program that kind of normal
for this day of age. OK that it for now.

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