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A Few Tips When Watching Online
April 24, 2017
Television Programs I've Watched on Line and Enjoyedtelevision online

As I’ve said before,  watching television serials online as opposed to on Television has clear benefits if one appreciates the medium.

One can watch whatever one wants whenever one wants as long as;

  1. It is On Line
  2. It is accessible

If the episode is not online,  perhaps it was not downloaded or hasn’t aired yet,  then you can’t view it.  If the usual site you use to access free television is inaccessible one must find other sites to use.


This is the biggest mistake you can make when watching online.   You are trying to get away from the Wednesday at 9 pm prison.

What I mean is that a show comes on at 9 pm every Wednesday.    If you want to watch it you must stay awake and be on spot.    A bit of a problem when you are busy or very tired or not near a television.

Watching On Line ends that Wednesday at 9 pm.    You can watch whenever it is convenient for you.   You can watch at 9 am or noon or midnight; when ever you want.

That’s the great plus of watching on line….


you make the error of racing up through the seasons so that you have to wait for the next episode to be uploaded.

Very often one will see a show they’ve never seen before which is in its second season.   They race to watch the first season, enter the second, and have just finished viewing the last episode.   They want to see what happens next?   Wait until Next Week.

That sounds like Television to me.

What you must do is find a series with a long life; i.e. NCIS, and a fairly new one, i.e. Rosewood.   Slow your viewing of Rosewood because it is only in its 2nd season.

The most you can do is watch Rosewood twice a week to stave off seeing the last uploaded episode and having to wait until Next Week.

With 12 Seasons of NCIS and 8 seasons of NCIS; Los Angeles, you can work yourself through the seasons.

What you want to avoid is having to wait for:

a) the next episode of the Americans

b) the next episode of Grey’s Anatomy

c) the next episode of……

So watch sparingly of those newer shows which are going into another season, watch completed series, and start long series, so that you don’t have to wait.


The sites which show these programs go up and down like roller coasters.  You run to watchepisode.com, until it goes down.   You got to watchepisodeseries.com,  then it’s offline.  You run to 123movies.to and the series is not there or you can’t access it.    You then go to solarmovies.to and there it is!

This is your new ‘second nature’.

No matter how great a site is, find others.  Keep the first because it might return; 123movies.to is on and off.  The Watch sites are sometimes good, sometimes not.   Solarmovies.to is usually trustworthy when available.

Don’t ever limit yourself.

Sure, bookmark all the sites, but never get sentimental.


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