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Who Will Guard Kevin Durant?
June 8, 2017

The Golden State Warriors proved to be too strong basketball team in this planet. These guys are unbeatable. True to what they say when Kevin Durant joined the Warriors. They are Super Team and no team can beat them.

photo credits to pixabay.com

photo credits to pixabay.com

Is there any way Lebron James and his Cleveland Cavaliers can defeat the GSW. As of now, it seems the probability is impossible. Look, the GSW is 15-0. The team is unbeatable since the conference. Note that, no one has beaten them. Even the King James was helpless in doing this, well—at least there is still one game for Cavaliers to do this.

Have any of the basketball analysts and masters have predicted this? Could it be 4-0?  That’s a nightmare. A defending champion will be like a helpless kid that can’t pull even just one win? A team that has the best player of this generation can do nothing to prove his supremacy in the basketball land.

Many thought that the 2 wins of GSW are just because it’s there… home. Here comes the third game and the Cavaliers lost, 118-113. It’s the castle of the king. And Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love and Tyron Lue are watching the team in the brink of blowout loss.

When Kevin Durant joined the Splash Brothers Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson plus Draymund Green, it was already the explosive team. Durant wanted the championship ring so he left Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder to chase the elusive ring he ever wanted. Seems like his decision is not a bad decision after all. Just one more win and he’s in the gang of the ring bearers of championship.

It cannot be denied he is the key for another championship in this triology. Durant is the player who contributed many for this greatness of Warriors. The question now, who will guard Durant so that Cavaliers will have the moment to chase the trophy.

There is still hope, anyway. Let’s not forget the 3-1 disadvantage of Cavaliers last year and yet they played the game to championship.###

It’s My Biking Day Today
May 27, 2017

I’m not a pro biker. So when I bike it’s a hobby, not even part of my everyday physical workout routine because it’s running that’s what I doing. Running is my passion, it’s has been for seven years. But once in a while I do biking to break the monotonous of running in the road.

Screenshot_20170527-101555But today is different because I bike through from home to my work station because I told myself that if our boss is absent and let me handle his programs today I will  ride my bike from San Esteban to Candon City. So yesterday I rode my motorcycle which I usually left in the station. And yesterday afternoon, my boss texted me to sit on his program because he will not be able today.

This morning I prepared my morning ritual earlier than I was because I need to come early—because I will not ride a passenger bus which takes only 30 minutes to travel. It would have in the bus because all you need to do is sit and wait till the unloading are is reach.

At 7:30AM I started to pedal my mountain bike. With my backpack at my back and wearing a long sleeve black Nike Sport dri-fit and the short pant I begin my journey going to south. Along the day I got thirsty so I bought plastic bottled water and drink a little.

The route is not easy; three elevated portion of the road and then sloping down.  Plus there are some on-going constructions along the way. I also felt my bag is a little bit heavy because my laptop was there.

In short I made it and the following data is my record.

  • 55 kilometers is my total distance
  • 01:00:03 is my time
  • 394 kcal my workout burned calories
  • 03’25”/km is my average pace 01’51”/km the max pace
  • 88 meters is highest elevation

It was a great Saturday biking day.###

The Rivalry Continues Between Warriors And Cavaliers
May 26, 2017


Its not only boxing now; it’s not UFC, we are talking about National Basketball Association.

photo  credits to pixabay

photo credits to pixabay

It’s the Cleveland Cavaliers versus Golden State Warriors for the third time. The first meeting was the GSW’s trophy and last year it was Cavs that brought home the glory.

Who will win the third face off? Let the guessing game begin.

The Warriors have their big players who can shoot at short or in long distance. The addition of Kevin Durant who is a great offensive player to the rooster of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson who are used to be called Splash brothers. Then include in the team are Draymond Green and Andre Iguodala.

The Cavaliers has the strongest player of NBA in this time, Lebron James. He who brought the first championship to Cleveland last year is so determined to repeat the history. The team has Kyrie Irving who is big impact to the team and Kevin Love who is so industrious now.

GSW swept the west conference finals, 12-0, who made another history in the NBA and the Cavaliers lost only once. Warriors eliminated the San Antonio Spurs and the Cavs just rested the Boston Celtics.

When it come possible injuries to the players of the team, Love and Irving is vulnerable to injuries as they have been like that in the previous finals and in Warriors its Durant who was sidelined in the conference semis.

Mike Brown who used to coach Cavaliers and James is the head coach of Warriors—he is still unbeatable this finals because his team never been lost yet. Tyronn Lue, for the second time will lead the Cavs to another championship.

Long before the Finals happen, it have been predicted that the Cavs and GSW will again face off in the finals. That sure-to-happen prediction never failed, it will happen this June.

The question now is who will win the Finals. Many are saying it will be in Game 7 again.###

Importance of coach in sports or education
May 16, 2017

Be it sports or education, both the arenas require grit, determination and discipline! From the first vowels that you learnt to the first time you scored a goal on the basketball court, there was always a hand backing you with all its might! A coach is someone who̢ll give you more than you can ask for. For you, it might be an individual venture, but what your coach seeks is perfection; not for himself but for his disciple.

In sports one cannot thrive without the guidance of a strong support, someone who chides you when you make mistakes and supports you when you feel low. Athletes need that kind of a figure to look up to who can make them realise the power of discipline and dedication. It takes a blend of gritty determination and roaring confidence to slap someone on their back and push them into the arena!

A coach instructs an athlete, brushes up his skills and makes him full of courage and confidence. They are responsible for training the sportsman; they can make a man out of a person! Playing a sport is something which can change your life and that spirit can be instilled in you only if the pair of hands guiding your back has a firm grip on the field itself!

The shades in the role of a coach vary from dark to light hues. A coach is a friend, mentor, facilitator, chauffeur, demonstrator, adviser, supporter, fact finder, assessor, motivator, counsellor, organizer, planner and an incessant fountain of knowledge.

Whether it comes to academics or sports, every novice needs motivation. Every time you fail a test, your coach will guide you along the points where you went wrong. Be it studies or sports, a good teacher or instructor always finds the best and most impressionable methods to teach his students. Whether you learn your lesson the hard way or the soft way, it is worth it if you̢ve learnt it well.

A coach creates the best possible atmosphere for learning and always finds examples, real-life instances, and words to inspire you! Motivation goes a long way in boosting an athlete̢s or a student̢s confidence and that̢s where your coach will never leave you alone! Motivation builds enthusiasm and drives away all the negative energy that stops one from giving their hundred percent.

A good coach-learner relationship pays off really well in the long term! Something which clearly reflected in Sindhu̢s overwhelming performance at the Olympics. While a million hands cheered for the silver medallist, the world knew the face behind her victory; her coach Gopichand!

A coach assists athletes to get ready for training programs, communicates efficiently with his disciples, lend a helping hand to learners to develop new skills, use grilling assessment tests to keep an eye on the training progress and predict the athlete̢s performance.

Every challenging task requires an extraordinary person to train! For achieving results, one needs to put adequate efforts and an able guidance by someone who is efficient as well as proficient: A good coach!

Fake Friends and Part-Time Foes
May 14, 2017

A good friend may be hard to find. Sometimes one may appear to be friend but is actually foe. Some friends become foes and vice versa. Even a good friend can fall into the trap of betrayal. Perhaps listening to others or going through some sort of struggles. It’s hard to tell at times if some are truly friends. Perhaps monitoring their actions may help but some can “kind” their true colors in order to gain but once they’ve realized that gaining isn’t easy then they may want to be foes.

If being friends isn’t beneficial then some may choose to become a foe. Some may be friend when in the mood and foe when not wanting to be bothered. No rewards then they may just choose foe all the way. Once a friend has taken on the role as foe then it may be a good idea to just allow the friendship to dissolve. Not all friendships are worth saving. Some are toxic friends. Never ever considering their friend’s feelings.

With the way so many engage these days it may not be a bad idea to just disconnect. No person should have to deal with wolf like friends. Some watch to see what it is they can gain from their friends and when they’ve received what they need then they’ll move on to find new victims. Pretending as if there’s some sort of concern but are actually up to no good. Always observe the motives. “Some are genuine” while others are just mere jerks.

Finding a good friend is rewarding and should be cherished. A good friend will try to be there for their friends. They’ll “be understanding” and compassionate. Good listeners and care if there’s some troubles going on in their friend’s lives. Some don’t seem capable of being friends at all. Not everyone is friendly and some may become isolated because of coming in contact with so many foes.

There is always a friend in Jesus. Jesus Christ never forsakes and always listens. Don’t have to worry about any feuds with Jesus Christ. The world is so corrupt and one may never know which way a wolf will come. There’s a lot of people who prefer to be foes. Some may be afraid of being friends because of bad experiences. Going through certain situations can make some not want to experience any closeness. There’s some who will be friends for many years and distance isn’t “a reason” for friendships to fade.

There are some who live many miles away and can seem as close as the ones who live a block away. String friendships can hold up when there’s a lot of “distance.” The type of friendship where there can be a misunderstanding and not long after there’s connect again. Strong bonds are a blessing. Having at least one good friend is worth more than gold. Having a strong connection is important and a good friend won’t turn foe.

“Know the Difference between the Friend and the Foe. Some can be Tricky.” By: Tanikka Paulk

Photo Credit: Pixabay Free to use & Share Even Commercially

Performance-Enhancing Supplements: Information for Parents
May 11, 2017

Young athletes can improve their sports performance by focusing on the basics: fluids, calories, training, conditioning, and rest. Shortcuts, such as the use of performance-enhancing substances and supplements, are of little benefit and can be dangerous.

Here is information from the American Academy of Pediatrics about performance-enhancing substances and supplements for athletes. 

Performance-Enhancing Supplements

Parents and athletes need to be aware that dietary supplements are not regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Studies looking at the purity of supplements find high rates of contamination with possibly harmful substances. Also, many products do not contain the ingredients listed on the label.

Protein and Creatine

Young athletes sometimes take protein supplements or nucleic acid supplements (creatine) to help their sports performance. However, studies have not shown these supplements help improve sports performance in younger athletes.

During puberty athletes grow and become stronger and their performance often improves very quickly. Creatine does not appear to offer any additional benefit in this age group. Most young athletes who eat a healthy, well-balanced diet do not need and would not benefit from protein supplements. However, vegetarians may be at risk of not eating enough protein and may benefit from meal planning with a registered dietitian. See Effects of Puberty on Sports Performance: What Parents Need to Know for more information.

Energy Drinks and Stimulants

Caffeine is found in a variety of foods and drinks. About 3 out of 4 children consume caffeine on any given day.

The FDA regulates the amount of caffeine in items sold as foods and drinks; however, it does not have control over items sold as supplements, such as energy drinks. It is very difficult to know how much caffeine is in many of these products. Consuming too much caffeine, such as that found in powders, pills, and multiple energy drinks, can be dangerous.

Although caffeine appears to improve some parts of sports performance in adults, the effects vary a lot. The effects of caffeine are not as well studied in children.

Young athletes who take medicine for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder need to be very careful when using energy drinks that contain stimulants. They also need to keep track of their fluid intake and how they respond to severe heat and humid conditions when exercising or competing.

Vitamins and Minerals

Athletes do not need vitamins and mineral supplements if they are eating healthy, well-balanced meals. Low iron levels are associated with decreases in athletic performance, but high doses of iron, or of any other vitamin or mineral, have not been shown to improve sports performance in otherwise healthy athletes.

Anabolic Steroids

Anabolic steroids are drugs that are illegal without a doctor’s prescription. Athletes sometimes use anabolic steroids to enhance muscle strength and size. Nonathletes may use anabolic steroids because they want to look more muscular. However, there are side effects. Anabolic steroids stop growth in children and teens who are still gaining height. They may also cause long-term problems with the heart, skin, and other organs that can be severe and may be irreversible.

Note: Anti-inflammatory steroids, such as prednisone, that are used for asthma and other conditions are safe and often needed for young athletes when prescribed by a doctor.

Five sports that sharpen your mind
May 9, 2017

Though one might associate playing sports and exercising largely to keeping himself in good shape and health, yet there are innumerable more benefits of the same. Sports have an immense impact on one’s mental as well as physical heath. Playing a sport greatly uplifts ones positivity and greatly boosts the confidence of a person. Every sport needs mental agility and quick reflexes. Whether you’re jostling within the paintball arena or splashing across a large pool, every sports activity requires you to be both mentally as well as physically involved.


When it comes to naming a sport which can make one both agile and sturdy, swimming will come first. Regarded as one of the best activities for keeping one’s entire body in good health; swimming has also been proven as an excellent sports activity for keeping our mind sharp. It involves the coordination of all body muscles and our brain to keep the body buoyant and balanced above the surface of water. Our brain continuously communicates with our brain to keep it informed about the surroundings. A swimmer needs to keep his actions quick; working the entire body in the process. Swimming results in a perfect mind and body combination for an individual.


Although Golf is perceived as a calming and relaxing sport,it actually requires a lot of mental and physical activity. It takes a lot of strength to drive a ball down a course. As it also involves a lot of walking, it is beneficial for one’s health and the fact that golf requires a lot of attention from the part of the player, it is equally mentally challenging as well.

It always requires perfect communication between the mind and body, making the player think analytically; weighing every move that he might make. Golf players need patience, control and composure in their game, something which can nicely brush up one’s personality and mental being for good.


Hockey calls for complete alertness of one’s mind and body. Every single hit can alter the course of the match. Because of its great popularity as an adrenaline boosting sport, it has evolved into a number of forms including Ice Hockey. The usage of legs and core muscles for maintaining balance on the surface of ice while mentally reading the course of one’s moves proves it to be a great exercise for the mind. Players have to move really fast across the field and instil as much wise spurs as possible.

The challenging manner of this game makes it ideal for perfecting oneself in analysing and strategising. Regularly playing hockey results in increased concentration levels and sharpening of the mind.


Another highly competitive sport which calls for both strength and agility is Paintball. It’s a widely popular game where players attack their opponents very cleverly and strategically. Paintball requires the players to overcome a number of obstacles laid down in their path in order to reach the enemy camp, which in the turn involves a lot of creative thinking to hide and seek within the arena. While getting a good workout in the process, players have to use several unconventional methods of thinking and planning for attacking opponents while navigating the course.

5.Martial Arts

A sport which has numerous benefits ranging from positively channelizing one’s aggressive energy in a healthy manner to concentrating and thinking fast to overpower the opponent, Martial Arts has emerged as one of the most popular training skills. It involves a lot of training and practice, only after which one can understand the right moves to overpower his opponents.

Excelling in sports can get you into a great college
May 9, 2017

‘Sports do not build character. They reveal it.’ – Heywood Broun.

When it comes to getting admission in good colleges across the country, sports can give you a great helping hand. Athletics is not an easy task, something which is valued even by the education system; in pretext to this fact good athletes are given special places in a number of college admissions. Academic excellence alone is not the only ticket to land in a good college, something which has been proven over and over again by the admission of excelling sportsperson in leading colleges of the country. Athletics offers disadvantaged students a chance at gaining better college education, something which cannot be ignored in a country where many hardworking students lack behind due to the dearth of chances.

Excelling in sports can give you a chance that you might have missed in the academic arena. It gives students a chance to prove their mettle, although in a slightly different manner, yet with the same spirit. Just like a rigorously academically inclined student, a student who excels at sports also indulges in daily practice sessions and grilling preparations.

Excelling in sports is revered not only in India but also in countries all across the globe. Citing one of the countless examples of globally revered colleges where sports is taken very seriously, 17 Princeton University students successfully represented their country as well as their college in the London Olympics, 2012. The recruitment of elite athletes from grade schools is not something which happens by chance, it requires years of practice, determination and strength on the part of the students. A number of selected colleges value this very fact and their sports quotas speak of the sentiment that excelling in sports isn’t something which could be ignored as a passé. But there is something serious which should be kept in mind. Education in itself is an arena quite different from athletics; therefore one cannot completely deny the importance of academic excellence. You might get a relaxation but that will be limited to an extent which is acceptable.

The special mention given to sports is due to the fact that certain universities understand the real worth of students who have excelled at sports; but at the same time they cannot completely ignore the importance that is traditionally given to grades and academic performance. One needs to overcome the bar of minimum required academic stature for getting admission into a good college using their sports skills.

The athletes admitted are themselves a part of the student body at large, something which cannot be ignored. It really depends upon your skills and your overall performance in the academic showground as well. Every admitting body knows the rigor of the courses it’s offering to its students and also evaluates the profile of the students in the light of the fact whether they’ll be able to balance their academics with the sports activity. The final decision is taken according to the previous performance of a student in the academic field and the level of their excellence on the sports field!

few brief ways of an experience player
May 9, 2017

If you are sincere about learning how to be a player and getting endless sex, love and affection from women, then don’t leave my website until you learn my secrets.
My name is Dan Bacon and I transformed myself from a dateless nice guy into a confident, alpha male who has lived the player lifestyle for more than 10 years now. How did I do it?
The main thing that I do is make women feel intense attraction for me during an interaction based on my conversation style, body language and vibe. I pretty much always have sex with women on the first night or first date and after that I don’t call them.
Yes, you read it right.
If you want to be a player, I recommend that you have sex with the woman and then don’t call her or text her. Let her chase you after the sex has happened, while you keep having sex with the other women in your life. Treat her well when you are with her, but don’t commit to her and only her.
If you want to be a player for real, you need to have more than one woman in your life. If you only have one girl, then you will most-likely fall in love with her, develop “strong feelings” for her or feel as though you need her because you can’t get other girls.
When you’re living the player lifestyle for real, you don’t need any woman, no matter how hot she is. She might be a 9/10 with a stunning body, but another girl sucked you off last night and she was just as hot.
The irony of being a player is that women actually want you more and love you more because of it. They will complain, but secretly they love it and are excited to have finally met a guy who has his choice with women.
A woman wants to feel LUCKY to be with her man, rather than feeling as though she has settled for a guy who couldn’t get any other woman so he has latched on to her. When most women meet a player, they get excited and hope to the girl who finally gets him to settle down.
If you do show her any signs of commitment or love, it feels so much more valuable to her compared to the love of a desperate guy.
My Story: How I Became a Player With Women
I used to lack confidence in myself and as a result, most women didn’t feel sexually attracted to me. One day, I got lucky and hooked up with a girl at a party and we then started a relationship.
A year and a half into the relationship, she cheated on me and then dumped me because I had become jealous, over-protective and insecure. The break up sent me into a downward spiral where I lost even more confidence in myself.I was single, alone and frustrated for many years after that and no matter what I did to improve myself (e.g. working out at the gym, buying expensive clothes, etc) women didn’t like me.
Since confidence is the #1 thing that a player needs to succeed with women, I was essentially out of the game. I felt intimidated by beautiful women, sucked at keeping conversations going and didn’t know how to flirt with women.
If I did manage to get laid, it was usually with an ugly girl or a drunk woman who would realize her mistake when she sobered up. After a while, I got sick and tired of settling for second best because I knew that I deserved better.
I realized that I was going to have to become more confident, charismatic and alpha around women if I ever wanted to live the player lifestyle I was dreaming of.
There weren’t any websites like The Modern Man back then, so I had to work it all out on my own. I began getting rid of my nervousness around women, eliminating my insecurities and becoming more confident guy.The more confident I became, the more that women liked me and wanted to have sex with me.
After a while, I got to the point where I was dating and having sex with multiple women at once.
Instead of rejecting me or seeing me as a try-hard player like they used to, women were now opening themselves up to the conversation and were completely comfortable with me touching them and escalating to a kiss within about 10-20 minutes.
When I discovered what I now teach here at The Modern Man, everything changed and women began flooding into my life. For around 10 years, I’ve had at least 2 new women coming over to my place each week for sex, until recently settling down with my girlfriend.
While living the player lifestyle, women were always trying to make me choose them as my serious, long term girlfriend, but I just wanted to be a player and enjoy what I had been missing out on for so long.
I eventually got to the point where ANY time I went out to a club, I would be able to pull a hot woman back for sex. I was no longer the confused, frustrated guy who had to approach 100s of women to hopefully get lucky with one of them; I was a legitimate player.
Are You Serious About Learning How to Be a Player With Women?
You don’t have to waste the next 10 years of your life trying to work this out on your own. This is something that you can learn TODAY.
Are you ready to begin the exciting, rapid transformation from who you are now into a complete player who has more women wanting to have sex with him than he has time for?

The most three best of all ways to become a player
May 9, 2017

Every man sooner or later fantasizes about how to be a player. About how to be a player that would make Casanova green with envy. Can it be done? Yes it can!
Lesson one: don’t believe the haters. Some women think players are soul sucking creatures from hell with a dick that are bent on walking all over women’s hearts after giving them herpes…
But I don’t. Women may think teaching men how to be a player is bad, but I don’t. I know better.
You see, players aren’t the spawn of the devil. They’re simply guys who aren’t ready for a relationship (yet) and just want to have fun at the moment without hurting women’s feelings.
The only problem is that players such as yourself have never been told how to be a player so you don’t know what to do to NOT hurt a woman’s feelings… and that’s where the negative associations with the word “player” come from. Time to fix that, wouldn’t you agree?
So, if you’re not ready for a relationship and want to fun with as many women as you can? Then this blog post is for you!
Now let’s check out the 3 best ways for how to be a player that has lots of fun with lots of women…
1) How To Be A Player By Managing Her Expectations
If you want to know how to be a player so you can fool around instead of getting serious with ANY woman, then you will have to manage women’s expectations up front. Let me repeat that:
If you don’t want to get serious with women right now and be a player instead, then you have to manage her expectations. Because if you don’t? She will manage them for you!
Okay. Say you met this gorgeous chick at the club the other day, took her home, and slept with her. You didn’t want to be a jerk who disappeared in the morning without telling her about it so you two call, then have some more sex, and so on.
Meanwhile you’re thinking: “FUCK! I don’t want to be in a relationship, but don’t want to hurt her either. How do I stop this without hurting her feelings?” That’s not how to be a player.
Because by then it’s already too late. Because has anyone you know ever literally asked a girl to be in a relationship? Nope. It just happens. That means that if you don’t tell a woman about your intentions upfront, then she will ASSUME a relationship just happened.
Result: if you suddenly stop answering the phone and think she will forget you on her own? Forget it! She will stalk you with calls and text messages, come visit you, and you will break her heart.
That’s when the “how could you do this to me?” comments come. Painful for you and for her obviously. Avoid drama like this whenever you can. This is NOT how to be a player.
A successful player gets in and he gets out (no pun intended). A woman knows that having sex with him won’t lead to a relationship in advance, which gives the player the ability to move from woman to woman. Some of the most successful players include Casanova and Lord Byron:I can almost hear you think: “How do you become a player who can pull that off!?” How do you manage her expectations and get away with it?
Simple: clearly communicate during the first time you ever meet a woman. Ask her if she’s single and a woman will always ask you if you are. Yes you’re single and not looking for something serious right now. You’re not into relationships.
“But won’t she immediately get the hell away from me when I admit I don’t want to get serious?” No she won’t, because:
– When a woman is attracted to you, she can’t help herself. She has to have you, even if it means she can only have you for a night. She will accept it, because she’s attracted to you.
– Women love the thrill of the chase as much as men do, maybe even more. Knowing you do NOT want to get serious while they do, makes you a challenge. Plus, it’s a huge ego boost for a woman to realize that she “tamed the bad boy” when you DO want a relationship with her later on.
A top secret for if you want to know how to be a player is this one: there are many more women out there who just want to have fun than you’d think. And no they’re not all sluts! But you will only meet these women who are only out for sex when you have the balls to tell them you don’t want to get serious.
Because society still doesn’t accept it when women have complete sexual freedom. Women are still seen as total sluts, whores, etc. when they sleep with multiple men in a short period of time. That’s why women will only admit to you that they want sexual freedom after YOU admitted it, so they know it’s okay.
2) How To Be A Player By Finding Your Routine
Now you know what to do BEFORE you learn how to be a player (managing a woman’s expectations), it’s about time we take a look at how to do the actual playing. Wouldn’t you agree?
Several years ago back when I didn’t know SHIT about meeting and dating women I did my best to befriend “naturals”: men and women who are by nature good at seducing the opposite sex.
The most important thing I learned from these “naturals” is that they found a routine in their environment that got them sex and they tweaked this routine into perfection over the years.
The easiest way to quickly become a player is to find your routine as well. How to be a player with a routine you ask? Here’s what a routine is:
– A number of things you keep doing or saying because you know they create attraction
– Doing these things in the order they work best in (the order that guarantees you sex)
– Seeing if you need to add things or can delete things from your routine to have sex faster
The reason why most men fail to date women is because they keep trying different stuff. This is why you need a routine to be a player and to be successful with women in the first place.
There are only a handful of people on the planet who manage to pull off an entire arsenal of routines (me and my friend Sherwin are the only people I know of). Everyone else fails when they keep trying different stuff. You need lots of experience to do this, so stick to one routine for now.
Now you know why having a routine to meet women is important if you want to meet lots of them, you can either create your own one or you can copy the first routine I ever created if you want to… because learning how to be a player sure is much easier with a little help, right?
Here’s a small sample of the first routine I created for meeting women:
– I ask a woman about her hobbies are and accuse her of being a junkie in an over-the-top way (example: if she loves movies, she’s a movie junkie)
– Whenever I accuse a woman she will either laugh, deny it or defend herself by teasing me
– Now I accuse her of being in denial and say in a sarcastic way that she shouldn’t worry because that’s normal and after denial comes acceptance according to Dr. Phil– She laughs some more, denies some more, and defends some more. She’s confused because she doesn’t know what to say but doesn’t want to admit I won either. Then I change the topic: I ask her a serious question about her hobby.
– I wait until she’s done talking about her hobby (after asking follow-up questions) and then I tell her about my hobby. I make sure I mock myself about not being good at it so she knows I’m a playful teaser, and not an arrogant jackass who likes to be rude to women.
– Because of this (and the playful teasing and questions asked with genuine interest) she feels attracted to me, so I offer to be her teacher and teach her what I do best… but I demand she teaches me her ridiculous addiction (hobby) in return
– Women love role plays so she accepts, after which I tell her that we should exchange numbers but only if she promises not to stalk me. I say this because women are usually the ones being stalked by men who don’t understand she doesn’t like them and me saying it will let them know I’m definitely NOT a stalker. It also shows I really understand what women go through.
– So I get the number, we go on a date, and so on. Now THIS is how to be a player!
And if you want to know how to create your own routines (conversations) that are sure to get you a woman’s phone number, a date, and so on?
Then I highly recommend you check out the tips inside my Inner Game Newsletter. These tips will show you how to be a player by teaching you about creating attraction, routines, and more.
Let’s continue…
3) How To Be A Player By Handling A Reputation
Believe it or not, but the hardest part about being a player is not getting the women you meet into your bed. The biggest obstacle comes after you’ve decided you want to know how to be a player and started playing around.
What is the biggest obstacle that you will face if you want to be a player? A reputation.
A player reputation will haunt you until the end of your days just like the effects of watching a horror movie when you were still too young to watch it. Hell, I still look down whenever I’m swimming in open water because of Jaws with that HUGE killer shark eating all those people up.
In short: if you want to know how to be a player, you’ll need to know how to handle your reputation. You’ll get a rep even when women know in advance that you don’t want a relationship.Women gossip a lot so before you know it a woman you haven’t ever met before knows who you are before you know who she is. You need to know how to deal with it…
Because you will get questions like: “Are you a player?”
And what do must guys do? They go into denial. No, no, no you’re not a player because blab la bla. The only thing a woman can conclude is that you took her question way too serious, so there must be something wrong there.
The best answer to the often feared player question still is and always will be: “Hahaha!”
Why? Because it shows a woman that you think she’s crazy and that her question was ridiculous.
The only way to pass the player test is to make a fool out of her or else you took it too seriously. Do you see now why knowing what to do about a reputation is a MUST when you want to know how to be a player?
And this is where this blog post achieves maximum awesomeness…
Because you’re about to learn how to be a player with a reputation but who still “gets the girl”:
1) Like I said before, it’s a huge ego boost for a woman to know that she tamed the bad boy and got him into a relationship while other women couldn’t pull it off. Almost every woman fantasizes about taming the bad boy. Meanwhile, men fantasize about how to be a player. Is that a match made in heaven or what!?
2) If everybody seems to be buying an iPad, then it must be good right? While you subconsciously conclude this very easily, you don’t realize that women conclude this about men! If dozens of women want to sleep with that guy, then there must be something about him that’s so attractive. That’s when a woman approaches the guy just to find out “if the rumors are true.”
3) If you only sleep with good looking, attractive women and with a whole lot of them, then guess what? Sooner or later, the women you haven’t slept with will start to wonder why. If you only sleep with hot women, then you must think they’re ugly? Then they’re must be something wrong with them? It almost forces them to prove to you that they’re hot. Isn’t learning how to be a player awesome?
I had several women tell me about number 2 when I had about the biggest player reputation in town back in the day. Don’t you just love women’s logic? I know I do!
And there you have it: the complete, brutal, and but naked truth about how to be a player. It’s okay to be a player as long as you don’t hurt women’s feelings, no matter what all those pissed off women say. Let them claim players are soul sucking creatures, that big brother is watching you, that ET has already landed, and all that other crazy stuff.Because as long as you know how to be a player and sleep with as many women as possible it’s all good, right? And hey…
I’ve said several times that as long as you know how to create attraction that you can work your player magic, but maybe you not some help with creating attraction.
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You know what a good movie is to learn how to be a player by the way? American Pimp…
Just kidding dude! Have fun with these tips on how to be a player though!
To More Dating Success,
Carlos Xuma
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