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Are The Cavs Up For 2?
March 22, 2017

This years NBA race for the playoffs has been one for the books. Players and Coaches alike, league wide have prepared all season for what now looks like to be another exciting playoff bout,especially for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Im looking to analyze and break down some key components of success to such a dominating season ranking no.1 seed early coming into the playoffs.

With the playoffs to begin April 25th, naturally the Cavs should make quick work of the Milwaukee bucks in the first round. With the Starting 5 of Kyrie Irving, Lebron James, Kevin Love, Iman Shumpert and Tristan Thompson the Cavs are just too big for the starting 5 of the Bucks. Starting Malcolm Brogdon, Thon Maker, Khris Middleton, Jabari Parker, and Giannis Antetokonumpo, it may seem all the skill tools would be there for the Bucks with Makers’ length, Parkers’ mobility and scoring, as well as, “The Greek freak” Giannis at the point-forward position. The only thing holding them back is the experience. This will mark the Bucs 6th playoff appearance since the year 2000. While the Cavs are equal in the amount of playoff appearances, they have a better source of veteranism. Already having a ring and more players with All-Star appearances, the Cavs make it seem nearly impossible to pull of a win against LeBron and Kyrie averaging 50 points alone, not to mention the quick shooting work of Kevin Love and Kyle Korver. To make matters even worse, Iman Shumpert, Jr. Smith, and Tristan Thompson making hustle plays on both ends of the court.

In my opinion the Bucks dont score enough to keep up with the Cavs.

With all ods tilting in their favor the Cavs will make a strong stand throughout the playoffs and for many more years to come, this will just yet be another exciting end to another fantastic season of NBA basketball.

skiing is like flying for me
March 22, 2017

What is down hill snow skiing like
? for me down hill snow skiing is like kind of like flying with out wings or a engine When I ski I kind of get a natural high it hard to explain but for me I do not do drugs I just call down hill snow skiing a natural hi I think other skier or snow boards people will under stand what I get . Well in skiing you do a little real flying kind of you have to take a lift chair to get up the mountain and the lift chairs are in the air higher then tree tops so I think you can call this a way of flying to here where flying and skiing do have in common and plane on the way of landing has to keep it nose up in skiing when you get off the lift chair you have to keep your ski tips up just like a plane does when the plane lands because when you get off the lift chair you are kind of landing on the top of the mountain this other way that skiing is like flying because you were just in the air , now when you go down the mountain is possible to go fast I try not to go to fast I enjoy the view going down the mountain . When I go over the little snow bumps in the snow let call backward pot holes this to me is all so like flying If the photo come out right you see some of the si resort I was at yesterday .What a nice day it was I think I got a sunburn yes at a ski slope if the sun it out and it like 60f. degree out it possible to get sunburn and wind burn lot of sun yesterday Ok that it with skiing is like flying.

Role of Central Banks in Controlling the Flow of Inflation
March 21, 2017

Inflation is a menace which is denting all in this world and that’s why the central Bank of Respective countries with the help of Government makes certain things possible in the economy to control the flow of Inflation. Inflation is the gradual rise in prices of products and services.

How Inflation affects us:

  1. Inflation lefts us with less money.
  2. It decreases the purchasing power of an Individual and Family.
  3. It impacts our savings and insists us to use our savings even in day to day expenses which will threaten our future as we save for our future.
  4. Makes life a lot difficult for poor or below the poverty line people to even manage food for their families.

How Central Bank of a respective country can help in reducing the flow of Inflation:

  1. Central bank of a respective country has power to control the money supply in the economy and can control the Inflation as well.
  2. Central Bank can increase the rate of Interest for loan and increase the Current Reserve Ratio (which is the amount the Banks need to keep with the central bank of a Country as Security). It will help in decreasing purchasing power of people and will help in controlling the levels of Inflation. If Central Bank increases the rate of interest for a particular class then it also helps in proper utilization for Government’s policies of a country. For example: If a country wants to decrease the number of vehicles and wants to stop unlike growth in Automobile Industry , it can dearer the Rate of Interest for this sector and it will surely going to decrease the supply of money to this sector and this is how a government can suitably use these resources. In India this work is performed by the Reserve bank of India and the central bank is also known as Apex Bank and Banker of Banks as it control the Banking Services of a respective country. Indian Government makes all monetary policies to control Inflation or even deflation with the help of Reserve Bank of India.


Mahindra singh Dhoni man with golden heart
March 19, 2017

I am watching dhoni untold story on tv.I was not fan of him.But now i like him.MS Dhoni comes from typical family. His father Pan Singh, worked for MECON & his mother Devki Devi is housewife. He has elder brother, Narendra Singh Dhoni, who is a politician, and sister, Jayanti Gupta, who is teacher.

He was goalkeeper of his football team & was able to play for district and state level. But on insistence of his football coach, he tried out to play cricket.

And He was able to perform wicket keeping especially well which allowed him entry into local cricket club called Commando cricket club where he played from 1995 1998. In 1997 98 season, his superb performances in the Vinoo Mankad Under 16 Championship attracted selector’s eye.

Then he was selected to Bihar U 19 squad very next season. His improved batting & keeping performances led him to selected to Bihar Ranji Trophy squad for 1999/00 season. Then He made his debut against Assam team by scoring an unbeaten score of 68.
He scored his first century next season but was only able to score at a average of around 40 per game by the 2003 season. In 2003, he was selected to India A team which went to tour Kenya to play tri series tournament with Pakistan A as third team. In series he scored 362 runs at average of 72.40 with back to back centuries against the Pakistan.

There was once time when Indian Cricket Team was simply filled with city kids. Due to excellent infrastructure and good scope for game in cities, many small town boys would not succeed defeating them in Ranji Trophy. But this man proved it all wrong. MSD had seen dream, and which many feared to see.

Dhoni was not the only known for his cricket but was also very popular for his lengthy and wavy hair style. In fact, it had become trend that every boy in country now wanted to adorn the Dhoni Hairstyle.

And then Dhoni started making rounds for his super cool attitude something we all most aspire to emulate. And We would find him with smile even in toughest of games. This calm attitude of his landed him as a Captain of the team. He had not only made his dream of playing alongside his idol Sachin reality but had become his captain.
In 2007, he led team whopping victory in ICC T 20 World Cup. He continues to inspire the younger generation with his brilliant captaincy, and out of box thinking.

Dhoni is successful captain that India ever had. He led India to 27 Test match victories in 60 Tests & 107 ODI wins in 194 ODIs as captain. He captained 70 T20 matches & he had 40 wins in his account.

Dhoni has reached quite few milestones in his illustrious career. Let’s take look at few of them:
He was made captain of Indian Cricket team for ICC T20 World Cup in 2007. He came back from South Africa with trophy.

Mahindra married Sakshi, his childhood sweetheart. & Sakhshi was his classmate whilst he was at DAV Jawahar Vidya Mandir, Shyamali, & she was then studying Hotel Management in Kolkata, and working at The Taj Bengal as a trainee. They have known each other all their lives & their families are close friends as well. Sakshi’s family is native to Dehradun, Uttarkhand. & it is known that their family moved back once his father retired from his service.

Cricket is different in Indian subcontinent
March 18, 2017

This is a strange world and people will do anything to stay in limelight especially from the show business. Everyone knows that a Pakistan India cricket match is height of the rivalry and whenever a match is on the sentiments reach to the top with different people adapting to different tricks for the sake of instant popularity.

In fact the cricket is different ball game for Indian subcontinent which includes all countries of this region including India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh in particular and Afghanistan and Nepal to some extent.

In fact, I remember it was Poonam Pandey, a little known Indian model and almost unheard filmy personality that stunned the whole entertainment world and social circles during last cricket world cup with a promise to perform without clothes (read necked performance) but she refrained doing so after she was targeted heavily for her statement.

This time the offer came from a Pakistani model and television actor Qandeel Baloch promised to do ‘whatever’ she would be asked for by the Pakistan cricket captain and players. Pakistan lost the match so she did not what she had promised but performed for Indians instead.

Unfortunately, I could not see the act but heard that she ‘dedicated’ a special dance performance especially for Indians for their superb victory over Pakistan cricket team. I was aware about her offer she posted on her Facebook page which had more than 770000 ‘Likes’.

She went a step further after the loss of Pakistan cricket team and posted another show in which she cursed and wept and you will be surprised to note it became instantly popular and went viral with well over 2.3 million views, 60 thousand comments.

She openly said that Pakistani captain should resign as he did not deserve to remain at the helm of Pakistani team after such a shocking defeat by the Indians. And she did not stop here but posted a dance number in traditional Baloch dress within a couple of hours after her drama she performed on Facebook page.  That was again a hit with more than 300000 views and innumerable like.

You can watch that drama here on YouTube


If anyone is interested to watch her performance you can find her Facebook page by searching ‘Qandeel Baloch’

In fact, cricket is nothing short of drama in this particular region and to some extent it has got to be that way since cricket is a game of glorious uncertainties with nothing impossible in this game. You might think that a particular team was about to win a game but suddenly something strange happens and everything takes a different turn.

I have been watching cricket for decades and never felt anything more exciting than a T20 cricket match.  If it’s a game in between Australia and England or Australia or New Zealand then things become more interesting. However, you just got to watch the charged atmosphere if the game is in between arc rivals India and Pakistan. Right now the series in between India and Australia is going on and it’s more than mind game rather than cricket that’s being played.

Image source https://pixabay.com/en/cricket-sports-view-close-stumps-166794/

Indian cricket team vs Australia
March 17, 2017

While choosing players for ongoing Test series against Australia, national selectors and team management apparently forgot the heroic contribution of Parthiv Patel who, while playing in fifth Test at Chennai against England in place of injured Saha, not only kept wickets for 157 overs but followed that up by volunteering to open batting instead of injured Murali Vijay and contributed 71 to an opening partnership of 152 with K L Rahul. In four innings Parthiv Patel batted against England (he was unbeaten in one innings), he aggregated 195 runs for an average of 65.We know This year, it has been the Parthiv Patel’s gutsy performances which took Gujarat to its first ever win of Ranji Trophy.
However, when 16 member squad for the Test series against Australia was chosen, Parthiv Patel was now where in picture and selectors and team management brought in Abhinav Mukund who last played a Test on 2011 tour of England and was dropped after not doing anything of note. In first Test against Australia at Pune, Mukund came in as a substitute fielder and dropped Steve Smith twice (the second chance being a sitter at forward short leg), thereby enabling the Aussie captain to score a century and win match. In second Test at Pune, Mukund came in for injured Murali Vijay and flopped as an opening batsman in both innings of a match which India won because of consistent batting performances of K L Rahul and the 118 run partnership between Pujara and Rahane in second innings, with Jadeja and Ashwin together taking 15 wickets in match.
Gutsy players who can raise their game when the Team India is confronted with a crisis should get preference to those who do not quite have that spark and are included in team to make up the numbers in hope that the established players will not get injured.
During ODI series against England, the middle order batsman Kedar Jadhav came up with consistent match winning performances at many times when Team India had lost early wickets.I think Jadhav is also a good fielder and someone who can take wickets with his off spin bowled with unconventional action, as he has prove time and again in ODIs. What India is sorely missing in the ongoing third Test at Ranchi is an effective part time off spinner who can provide relief to Ashwin who has bowled more than 700 overs in Tests played this season

However, while choosing players for current series against Australia, selectors and management have overlooked gutsy cricketers like Patel and Jadhav. I think Team India could have learnt from England which played both their wicket keeper batsmen Bairstow and Buttler in Test series. The fact is that Wade is keeping wickets for Australia ongoing series has not deterred their selectors the team management from also including while playing eleven Handscomb who not just bats at number five but also who is wicket keeper, something which enabled him to grab half chances while fielding at forward short leg in first Test at Pune. The difference in fielding between Handscomb and Mukund was there for all to see.

If Kohli shoulder injury, sustained while diving near boundary on first day of third Test at Ranchi, keeps Indian captain out of fourth and final Test at Dharamsala, gutsy cricketers like Patel and Jadhav should get preference over likes of Abhinav Mukund.

Can india bring more medals in next olympic
March 17, 2017

We have seen in Olympics that our sportsmen and women are rarely up to the mark, therefore, if we compared to their better prepared opponents who have had the advantages of state of art training facilities and dedicated coaches, along with balanced diet regimen. Some of the them are also selected at an early age by talent spotters who instill in them a desire to win at major events.

Where the Indians are concerned, cricket is only game where they routinely do well, as in hockey earlier.we know But cricket does not require as intense a schedule of training as do disciplines like athletics or swimming and does not have kind of global competition that others sports have as its playing is limited to a handful of largely Commonwealth countries.

In my opinion one possible reason why India lags behind is that it has always relied more on individual talent as in cases of Sindhu, Sakshi Malik and Dipa Karmakar than on the organisations devoted to nurturing potential winners.

This is true of cricket as well where team is heavily dependent on a single player for success whether it is Virat Kohli today or Sachin Tendulkar yesterday.

Diet is the another factor why India’s deficiencies show up. As Kapil Dev once said, Indians cannot be top grade pace bowlers because they eat too much fried food.

Besides, it is undeniable that the virtually all the winners from European, and American,and African even Asian countries like China are meat eaters, including beef. Vegetarianism, which is the often leads to protein deficiency, is not the exactly the road to sporting success.

The inadequacy of food habits is compounded by generally slight build of Indians as well as lack of stamina which is why they are now where near the top in say football.

I think An improvement in training facilities may bring in a few more medals.

In india Since sports do not rank as high in priorities of most families as studies, children regard playing games as spare time activity rather than as a prime objective like coming first in class. And it’s true.

Indian parents on making their children doctors and engineers is one of reasons why India does not produce world class sportspersons.

Among other reasons mentioned by media are poverty and girls not being allowed into sports. For instance, Sakshi Malik’s parents also were ridiculed in Rohtak for allowing their girl to become a wrestler, and supposedly a men’s sport.

Ironically, emphasis on studies does not fetch us too many Nobel prizes either. Evidently, intellectual faculties of the Indians remain as undeveloped as their sporting skills.

The explanations for deficiencies in both mind and body are same diet and infrastructure. It is generally not recognised that the studying hard requires as much as stamina and concentration as playing games.

We know that chess players like Bobby Fisher kept themselves physically fit through regular exercises.Mind cannot be at its peak if the body is weak.

If sporting infrastructure is rudimentary, as television pictures of Dipa Karmakar’s gymnasium in Agartala showed, groves of academe are no better.

I Used To Be Good In Playing Chess
March 14, 2017

I played Chess a lot especially when I was young and during my school days. I have joined many tournaments and won several of them.

The one who taught me on how to play Chess was my older brother when I was about 7 years old. He was the one who was participating in several chess tournaments that time. He even bought some books to improve his skills in Chess. He first taught me the names of chess pieces and how they move. We played a lot and he introduced me to some chess openings and techniques. My love of chess started and it became my hobby and favorite game.

I was joining Chess tournaments in school and outside school. I was usually the one who represented our class for school Intramurals. Actually, I just started to join chess tournament in school when I was in second year high school. From second to third year, I have been the Champion in Chess, but in fourth year, I only won second place. I have also joined several inter-school tournaments.

In college, I tried out for chess varsity and luckily, I passed the try out and became a varsity.  We have been joining different tournaments. We practiced a lot and shared techniques and strategies in Chess. We’ve been competing with some of the best schools in the Philippines. I was able to get some medals and trophies from it. And it also brought me to different places.

Those were my experiences in Chess. And it was now a part of history. I sometimes tried to play Chess online, and I can say that I’m not good anymore. I have already forgotten those openings and strategies that I used to have.

Several days ago, my former co-varsity invited me to join a tournament this coming weekend. He said it’s not an individual tournament. It’s by pair. I still actually don’t know how will it work. I never joined a tournament by pair before. He said he needs a partner. I said I’m not good anymore, but for him, since he was my former co-varsity and a friend as well, I accepted his invitation. Actually, we are not expecting to win, it’s more for fun, bonding, and some exposure.

But I also want to have a good performance in that upcoming tournament that’s why I also play some chess games online as practice, trying to revive my skills in chess. It’s good to play chess online because you are able to play against players from different countries.

Chess is really a good game. It helps to exercise your brain and makes you think faster because you have to make a strategy on how to defeat your opponent. You have to anticipate every move your opponent will be doing. You have to outsmart him. Most of the tournaments are using chess clocks, that’s why you have to think fast or else you will lose by time.

I used to be good in playing chess and I will try to revive it. And even if I will fail to revive it, I will still benefit from it because playing chess exercises our minds.

Do you also play Chess? I know there are some of you who also love playing Chess.

Anyway, thank you for reading my post and have a great day everyone!


*The image used was from the website Pixabay

Introduction of Hockey India league, Played in 2017
March 14, 2017

Federation of Indian Hockey Introduced Hockey India league in 2013 to boost the Hockey in the India and also to train new players which are emerging in India and to give them experience of playing hockey with the Hockey legends and Hockey greats from all around the world. Earlier Pakistan players were also playing in Hockey India league but after that they were not given opportunity to play in India due to tension between both countries. In 2017 it was played between 6 teams and the team detail is as follows:

Dabang Mumbai Team : Emmanuel Stockbroekx, Robbert Kemperman, Sander De Wijn, Sunil Yadav, Johan Bjorkman, Florian Fuchs, Krishan B Pathak, Gurjant Singh, Manpreet, Jeremy Hayward, Tyron Pereira, Harmanpreet Singh, Roshan Minz, David Harte, Affan Yousuf, C A Nikkin Thimmaiah, Gurmail Singh, Danish Mujtaba, S H Nilakanta Sharma, Kieran Grovers


Delhi Wave Riders Team :Niklas Wellen, Vikas Dahiya, Pardeep Singh, Manuel Brunet, Vincent Vanasch, Iain Lewers, Benjamin Stanzl, Santa Singh, Tristan White, Vickram Kanth, Mandeep Antil, Talwinder Singh, Surender Kumar, Parvinder Singh, Mandeep Singh, Harjeet Singh


Jay Pee Punjab Warriors Team: Mink Van Der Weerden, Robert Van Der Horst, Ajit Kumar Pandey, Hardik Singh, Baljit Singh Boparai, Jugraj Singh, Varun Kumar, Mark Gleghorne, Jasjit Singh Kular, Jacob Whetton, Tristan Clemons, Harbir Singh Sandhu, Sardar Singh, Satbir Singh, Mg Poonacha, Nithin Thimmaiah, S V Sunil, Matt Gohdes, Mark Knowles


Kaling Lancers Team: Nilam Sanjeep Xess, Billy Bakker, Tom Craig, Pardeep Mor, Abhinav Kumar Pandey, Matthew Dawson, Adam Dixon, Anand Lakra, Andrew Charter, Gurjinder Singh, Dipsan Tirkey, Lalit Kumar Upadhyay, Devindar Sunil Walmiki, Aran Zalewski, Malak Singh, Sk Uthappa, Dharamvir Singh, Amit Rohi Das, Glenn Turner, Moritz Fuerste


Ranchi Rays Team: Christopher Ruhr, Flynn Ogilvie, Sarvanjit Singh, Sumit Kumar, Akash Chikte, Tyler Lovell, Sumit, Simranjeet Singh, Barry Middleton, Trent Mitton, Mohammad Amir Khan, Ashley Jackson, Gurbaj Singh, Imran Khan, Khandangbam Kothajit Singh, Birendra Lakra, Manpreet Singh, Timothy Deavin, Vikramjit Singh, Fergus Kava


Uttar Pradesh Wizards Team: Florent Van Aubel, Arthur Van Doren, Seve Van Asse, Ajay Yadav, Shamsher Singh, P R Aiyappa, Suraj Karkera, Ajitesh Roy, Agustin Mazzilli, Vikas Vishnu Pillay, Ramandeep Singh, Gonzalo Peillat, Akashdeep Singh, Chinglensana Singh, Gurinder Singh, P.R. Sreejesh, Vr Raghunath, Sander Baart, Jolie Wouter, Eddie Ock


The Coal India hockey League was scheduled to be played from 21st Jan, 2017 to 26th Feb, 2017. The Hockey Matches under this Hockey India league were played in following cities:

  1. Chandigarh.
  2. Ranchi.
  3. Delhi.
  4. Bhubaneswar.
  5. Mumbai.
  6. Lucknow.

These Type of Tournaments helps in building the confidence of young players as they were given opportunity to play their game with the world greats of hockey and they can also learn many good things from them and also it will help them to be good players and ultimately will help a country to do good on hockey front and will make them proud and also will ultimately help the world hockey as it will be bring more energy, freshness and new emerging players to the world and also it will help players to take care and play well in Alien conditions as well. For Example if Netherlands or Australian Hockey Team visits India to play hockey match or series they were not able to get used to the temperature, weather and even the stadium atmosphere, with the help of these type of hockey leagues players get good idea of how to cope with different types of environment prevailing in the world at large and make hockey a more better game. Also I would like to explain Hockey is a game which is a game of very short duration of total 70 minutes in which both halves are of 35 Minutes each but Hockey India league has turned it into 4 quarters of 17.50 Minutes each.

England beat West Indies in 3rd ODI played in 2017 Series.
March 14, 2017

England was scheduled to play a 3 match one day International series in West Indies in 2017. The 3rd One day international match was played on Kensington Oval, Bridgetown, Barbados, West Indies (Caribbean). England was the favorite to win this series as they are the playing very good cricket at home and away as well. England already leads the series 2-0 with 1 more game to play.

West Indies won the toss and opts to bowl first; this is how West Indies team and 11 was looking like in this 3rd One day international match: Kraigg Brathwaite, Kieran Powell, Devendra Bishoo, Ashley Nurse, Shannon Gabriel, Jason Mohammed, Carlos Brathwaite, Jason Holder (c), Jonathan Carter, Evin Lewis, Shai Hope (wk)


And England team and 11 was looking like this in this 3rd One day international Match: Liam Plunkett, Eoin Morgan (c), Adil Rashid, Jos Buttler (wk), Steven Finn, Jason Roy, Ben Stokes, A Hales, Moeen Ali, Sam Billings, Joe Root


England batted well and was able to post total of 328 runs in 50 over’s at the loss of 10 wickets and with top scores of A Hales who made 110 runs in 107 balls with 9 4’s and 5 six at the strike rate of 68 runs in 100 balls and Joe Root who made 101 runs in 108 balls with 10 4’s and 0 six at the strike rate of 94 runs in 100 balls.

West Indies was needed to score 329 runs in 50 over’s to win this match.

West Indies batted well but was able to chase the target of 329 runs and was only able to make 142 runs in 39.2 over’s at the loss of 10 wickets and lost the game by 186 runs and with top contributions from Jonathan Carter who made 46 runs in 77 balls with 8 4’s and 0 sixes at the strike rate of 58 runs in 100 balls.

England won the match by 186 runs and series as well which ends at 3-0 in favor of England.

Pic owned by Google.