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Shutting the Window; Not Watching the Show
May 8, 2017
Tricks to Watching Television Series online_Some Shows You Shouldn't Watch_A Vital Hint When You Watch T.V. Online

Many people start to watch a show which is or was ‘highly rated’ and sort of force themselves.   Some start watching a show which is ostensibly about something but changes to be about something else.

When you first start watching on line you are overfull of this sense of power.  You control the transmission. You can select what you want when you want it, you can stop it when you want, you can watch as many episodes as you want, back to back or day to day.

You might begin with a show you know about and maybe have seen a handful of episodes.  You might watch something you have never seen before.

It takes a bit of experience to know how to do a marathon wisely, and most importantly, how to judge a show.

Many shows are highly rated because;

a. they come on once a week

b. they have commercial breaks

These two aspects are really quite significant.   They delay the reception, they offer tension breaks.  Seeing one show, once a week is like having slow exposure to snake venom.

Watching two or more shows back to back is fatal.   The flaws are exposed, and you wonder why you are watching.

A show like House, which was highly rated, if seen in a marathon, exposes how ridiculous it really is.   No hospital on Earth would ever hire someone as sick as Dr. House, and if hiring, quickly fire.

There are many shows which are, if seen without commercial breaks, without weekly pauses, quickly reveal how repulsive they are.

The characters are unreal, the plots are ridiculous, the dialogue is silly, and people don’t act like that.  So you stop following the show.

In some cases, you might watch the first season then the show changes.  Maybe the writers quit, maybe they juggled the actors, maybe your favourite left, whatever the cause, the second season is not what you expected, so you stop.

In other cases, a show might hold interest into the second, even third season, but then, as if wallows in foolish, you stop.

When you get good at online watching, you may not go beyond three or four episodes.  You might even stop the show after fifteen minutes.

For the first time; you rule.


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touchpad how did it get loaded on my phone
May 8, 2017

Some how I got this program on my phone call touch pad I had no idea had this got up loaded on my android phone.This program is very annoying plus it takes up a lot of space. I would never ask for a program like this . I am not sure even how to explain this program. I did a search to see how to get rid of this program call touch pad. This time I got lucky and found the right form and I got the information I need.This is how I got rid of touch pad on my phone I went setting look for apps or application then I found the program and it said to unstale it . I had no problem unstaleing it. On the form some other people said it has some thing to do with the phone keyboard and it disable the factory key board and the people could not get rid of touch pad. for me it had nothing to do with the key board . it just was like a big adevertsing bill board on my phone taking a lot of space away . This was driving me nuts.How did I get it ? I have no idea last night after charging my phone it just pop on my phone. so maybe something with the charging program some how up loaded the program on my phone . what I think I do now when the phone is being charge is to turn wi-fi off I all ready have data off may this will keep programs form up loading while I am a sleep… Any one else ever had a program up load while they were sleeping or doing something else I am not talking about if your kid took your phone and up loaded a program that kind of normal
for this day of age. OK that it for now.

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A few More Tips when Watching On Line
Tricks to Watching Television Series online_Some Shows You Shouldn't Watch_A Vital Hint When You Watch T.V. Online

When you decide to watch television on line you will be facing a tsunami of choices. If you are familiar with some programs, for example, the first season was aired in your country, and you liked the show, well, you have the next seasons to watch.

In other cases, you have heard about the shows, maybe saw they received awards or they were mentioned by someone, you might check them out.

To not waste time, the best move is, when seeing a plethoria of unknown program, do a bit of a search.

Wikipedia often is very good when dealing with television dramas so you can give it a glance to find out what the program is about.

For example, suppose you are totally not interested in Vampires/Werewolves or anything in that genre. It is best to know that what you might click on is one of those; although there is nothing in the name of the show to alert you.

Suppose you like ‘court room’ dramas, then doing a search of that genre will turn up a number you can watch.

What you don’t ever want to do is wind up in the same position you would be in if you were watching television and have to wait for next week to see the episode.

Of course this will happen if you do a marathon of viewing of one show.

What you want to do is find shows that have gone beyond the 8th season, and are continuing.

You start watching, but cut down your viewing when you get to the 7th season. You don’t want to enter that realm until the 9th season is half way through. This will allow you a leisurely viewing of that season, the completion of the 9th. If the show ends in the 9th season, you have nothing to wait for and can gorge. It if goes to the 10th, make sure you don’t start the 8th until that season is half way through.

This means you need a collection of programs that you can view.

You will find that over time you won’t turn on the television. You’ll watch online. This allows you to watch when it is convenient to you.

Sometimes you are tired and you fall into bed at 8 pm, but the show comes on at 9:30. So miss it, you’ll see it online tomorrow. You don’t have to leave a party to get home to see the conclusion of that two parter, you’ll watch it when you have time.

That is the most enabling feature of watching on line.

Most of your life the television controls you. You can only watch a program when it is broadcast. When you watch programs online you control the viewing. It is quite empowering.

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A Few Tips When Watching Online
April 24, 2017
Television Programs I've Watched on Line and Enjoyedtelevision online

As I’ve said before,  watching television serials online as opposed to on Television has clear benefits if one appreciates the medium.

One can watch whatever one wants whenever one wants as long as;

  1. It is On Line
  2. It is accessible

If the episode is not online,  perhaps it was not downloaded or hasn’t aired yet,  then you can’t view it.  If the usual site you use to access free television is inaccessible one must find other sites to use.


This is the biggest mistake you can make when watching online.   You are trying to get away from the Wednesday at 9 pm prison.

What I mean is that a show comes on at 9 pm every Wednesday.    If you want to watch it you must stay awake and be on spot.    A bit of a problem when you are busy or very tired or not near a television.

Watching On Line ends that Wednesday at 9 pm.    You can watch whenever it is convenient for you.   You can watch at 9 am or noon or midnight; when ever you want.

That’s the great plus of watching on line….


you make the error of racing up through the seasons so that you have to wait for the next episode to be uploaded.

Very often one will see a show they’ve never seen before which is in its second season.   They race to watch the first season, enter the second, and have just finished viewing the last episode.   They want to see what happens next?   Wait until Next Week.

That sounds like Television to me.

What you must do is find a series with a long life; i.e. NCIS, and a fairly new one, i.e. Rosewood.   Slow your viewing of Rosewood because it is only in its 2nd season.

The most you can do is watch Rosewood twice a week to stave off seeing the last uploaded episode and having to wait until Next Week.

With 12 Seasons of NCIS and 8 seasons of NCIS; Los Angeles, you can work yourself through the seasons.

What you want to avoid is having to wait for:

a) the next episode of the Americans

b) the next episode of Grey’s Anatomy

c) the next episode of……

So watch sparingly of those newer shows which are going into another season, watch completed series, and start long series, so that you don’t have to wait.


The sites which show these programs go up and down like roller coasters.  You run to watchepisode.com, until it goes down.   You got to watchepisodeseries.com,  then it’s offline.  You run to 123movies.to and the series is not there or you can’t access it.    You then go to solarmovies.to and there it is!

This is your new ‘second nature’.

No matter how great a site is, find others.  Keep the first because it might return; 123movies.to is on and off.  The Watch sites are sometimes good, sometimes not.   Solarmovies.to is usually trustworthy when available.

Don’t ever limit yourself.

Sure, bookmark all the sites, but never get sentimental.


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Free Online TV Sites; Always have a spare
March 23, 2017
Television Programs I've Watched on Line and Enjoyedtelevision online

One of the things you need to learn about watching television programs, or movies on line for free, is that they get hacked, cracked and sacked with regularity.

They are attacked by persons associated with the owners/broadcasters/stations whatever connected with the program.  It is as if you are eating out of their pocket.

I can understand in America or Britain, but not in the 3rd and 4th World where we will never see these programs; or won’t see them for a decade simply because our local stations as well as cable do not broadcast them.

So for me to watch a serial like Rosewood is impossible, unless I can watch it on line.

However, those who ‘own’ the rights don’t feel like that so spend their time running around trying to take down those sites which offer free on line television viewing.

What you will find is that a site will be up, then suddenly gone.  Few give you a head’s up.  You might be watching a show when the site goes.  Don’t fret.

Always do searches for new sites and bounce from one to another without feeling dislocated.

Some sites will start out watch.com, then have another site; watchseries.com, then another watchepisodes.com, on and on, often having the server in some odd place; Iceland, Croatia, Tuvalu, on and on moving like a hummingbird.

And what you have to do is move with them.

Never get fed up, never join a pay to view site… even if they give you some song and dance about ‘we won’t charge you… but give us your credit card anyway…’  move on.

Don’t pay for what you can get free.

Many people will capture television programs and post them from vidzi.tv to streaming.to to likeafool.com… there are hundreds of sites that people post to, and hundreds of sites which link them under one mantle.

Never give up, always search, always move.

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Television Programs You Must Watch
February 3, 2017
USA-Online-Television_The Ingredients of a Successful Television Show_Netflix Why People Choose It_Beginning to Watch Television Online

There are certain television programmes which have taken up an important status in our culture.  Programmes which move from the small screen to daily life, some reaching the big screen.

These television programmes are referenced, and mention of them, or their characters, are supposed to be immediately apparent as if ‘everyone’ has watched them and knows their contents.

If one has not viewed these programmes, one is ‘left out’ of a large chunk of comprehension.

It is, as I referred to before, similar to using the term ‘reboot‘ to a computer illiterate.   That person would hear the word and have no idea that what you were saying is to ‘shut down‘ and ‘restart‘, and assume you were thinking of getting another pair of boots.

There are certain books which are ‘required reading’, the term used in school or university on which your grade depends.  Simply put, if you are doing English and Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is assigned, if you don’t read it, don’t understand it, you fail.

As most places in the world where English is taught have Shakespeare as required reading, and as so much of what he wrote has become a permanent part of our lexicon, there is no need to list his works on what you ‘Must’ read, because you probably have already.

When it comes to motion pictures, there are a few which are ‘required’ because they have made an impact on other motion pictures and have become part of our society.

Television is just as potent.

There were shows, in the earlier days, which created patterns or templates, others which were unique and could not be duplicated.

There were programmes which today may not be particularly interesting or exciting, that is because they have been redone, and only if you knew the original would you be aware that they are ‘reboots’ to coin a phrase.

These programmes are part of the ‘Must’ for if you don’t view them, at least a portion of them, you will be unaware of many references, many ideas which others, who have viewed them, own.

You will not know the significance of the names or the characters or why they are being referred to.

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