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1 week 7 sketches project part one
April 11, 2017

It has been a consistent issue of mine that I am excessively terrified, making it impossible to draw essentially in view of the dread of disappointment. Since more often than not a drawing doesn’t wind up the way I need it to and after that I get truly debilitated and don’t have any desire to get the pencil whenever I am pondering drawing. That is the reason I completely don’t do it frequently enough. Despite the fact that I truly cherish it’s, it’s not something that is a piece of my every day or even week by week schedule. Craftsmanship and I have an affection/detest relationship however this is something I am presently attempting to change. I have as of now discussed this in a before post, why you shouldn’t abandon drawing, so in the event that you are battling with a similar issue or are considering surrendering, don’t hesitate to head over yonder to get some consolation!

The battle I involvement with enhancing my craft abilities and doing this consistently is the reason I am beginning another venture called “1 week 7 draws”. Each time I understand that I am not drawing enough I will attempt and draw no less than one picture a day. What’s more, with the assistance of you all and this blog I will ideally remain on track!

In the event that you confront a similar issue, please go along with me and draw along! I’d love it on the off chance that you’d given me a chance to see your day by day drawings and let me know how you’re tagging along in the remarks!

Day 1

Today denote the begin of my week brimming with portrayals and Day 1. I chose to draw Cole Sprouse since I just began to watch his new show “Riverdale”. In the event that you need to draw alongside me, you can discover the reference picture here.

As you may see my method is not exceptionally proficient since my drawing style is actually “simply do whatever feels normal”. There are a great deal of defects however I loved the amazing way it turned out by and by on the grounds that I am doing whatever it takes not to be too hard on myself.

I began with drawing the nose and after that continued with whatever is left of his face. After I had the framework done the way I preferred it I began to fill operating at a profit parts and drew the shadows. At that point I went over those once again to develop the impact. When I enjoyed how everything turned out I took my eraser pencil and deleted the parts I needed to highlight. I’m bad at attracting hair yet and to be very fair, I kinda like this incomplete, chaotic look in a portray that is the reason I didn’t give careful consideration to it.

I needed to do some eradicating and amending until I was fulfilled, however I can state that I like how it turned out at last. As I stated, I would prefer not to reprimand myself excessively and concentrate on the positive! Presently’s to choosing what to draw tomorrow! Bear in mind to demonstrate to me your drawings or educate me concerning your battles and triumphs you had or have while drawing!

Welcome to day #2! I should concede I have as of now battled with the drawing week since I just began to work at my new occupation today and truly have different things in my mind at this moment. Perhaps yesterday wasn’t the ideal time to begin this venture, however I did it, so I will stay with it!

Concerning today, I chose to draw a photo of my flawless feline Louie, I wasn’t generally ready to concoct something I needed to attract to I picked him since that dependably works, here’s the final product.

I made a brisk draw at first and truly didn’t care for it by any means. The hues were far excessively pale and it looked languidly done. You can see the distinction between the head and the body and clearly I began truly eager and drew a ton of points of interest yet lost enthusiasm as I proceeded when I proceeded onward from his make a beeline for whatever is left of his body.

I had just been utilizing my HB pencil and regardless of how frequently I went over the draw, the dull parts didn’t get darker. That is the reason I took out my cherished 6B Pencil and it did ponders. It helped me to shade and obscured every one of the parts that I needed. I didn’t smear anything this time since I preferred how the pencil strokes sort of resemble the hair in his hide.

What did you draw today or what are you wanting to draw? Is it accurate to say that you are going along fine? Tell me in the remarks and keep in mind to demonstrate to me your every day drawings!

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Books that may hopefully guide in developing my writing skills..
April 7, 2017

During my ‘Lent Cleaning’, I found several books about creative writing. I want to share my experiences in life by writing about it.

I am more of a storyteller than a writer. I can easily express myself verbally rather than in writing. I can be spontaneous in speaking but cannot write about it.

I bought this book, “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Creative Writing” in 2001 but never ever read it. That time that I bought it, I am really planning of honing my skills in writing. The moment I received the Christmas money my eldest sister gave me, I bought this book. Sixteen years later, I am hopeful that, finally, I will be able to read this just to hone my ability in writing.

Now that I am a happy member of LiteracyBase site, I have to improve more on my writing skills. Also, during this ‘Lent cleaning’, I found books of my Journalism graduate daughter about creative writing.

I found a book titled ‘Hooked’ by Les Edgerton. This is about the importance of story beginnings. That this is the make or break for a writer in writing anything. The author said that “when an agent or editor encounters a poor or improper beginning, she doesn’t bother to read on”.

If you are a lover on writing about food, I found this book “Will Write for Food” by Dianne Jacob. This is a complete guide to writing cookbooks, blogs, reviews, memoir, and others.

This “The Little Red Writing Book” by Brandon Royal, contains 20 powerful principles of structure, style and readability.

Last but not the least, is the “Writer’s Mind: Crafting Fiction” by Richard Cohen. This book tells you about the creative writing process in an entertaining yet authoritative manner, from imagining storylines to writing a first draft to publication.

These books had all along been here in our house and I never even bother so much as to open it. Now, it is up to me if ever I will finally read even just one of them.

I want to be a good citizen
April 6, 2017

We are all the citizens of one country or the other. And We acquire citizenship of our country generally by virtue of our birth. And But to be a good citizen requires lot of training and understanding.

Good citizen must be large minded. He must,and if living in India, consider himself an the Indian first and anything else afterwards.and Many people keep their caste, and creed or religion above their nationalism. And But this is not sign of good citizen ship.

A good citizen always keeps welfare of his town or city or village foremost in his mind at time of elections. Nothing can lure him to the cast his vore in favour of an undeserving person. And This is not to say that he considers the welfare of his city over and above the overall welfare of his country. And He must sacrifice the regional interests when national emergencies demand it.

And a good citizen can be one whose civic sense is highly developed. And He must love his neighbours.and He should not pick up quarrels over petty affairs. And He should not cherish ambition at the cost of harming others. And He must be sympathetic, broadminded and generous.

He must not spit on Tire Street and the never allow his family members to throw garbage on street wantonly. And If somebody in his family is suffering from infectious disease he must immediately rush him to the hospital in order to prevent disease from spreading.
good citizen must take interest in welfare of his neighbours.and He must come to their rescuer in time of need. And He must give them good advice and to teach them how to become good citizens.

And He must organise weekly meetings of the people in his neighbourhood educate them. And He should try to collect funds for spending on the welfare schemes for his city.and In fact he should be volunteer of humanity sharing their joys and the sorrows.and He should never tire of doing good turn to his fellow citizens.

And in the time of natural calamities, good citizen must be the prepared to move right up to scene of disaster to lend a helping hand to the victims.and In this respect he must be an above communal considerations and the jealousies.and Even if somebody has harmed him he should go ahead and without any prejudice.

In this way good citizen should always be ready to forget and to forgive. In a word he should be perfect gentleman.

A good citizen, normally speaking, respects to law. If he is liable to be taxed he pays it.and He does not evade taxes bees us evil is crime as well as a sin. And He knows that his own good is linked with good of others. And He does not there fore indulge in dishonest practices.and He does not try to influence their government officials for his private ends.and He does not offer bribes.
An ignorant or a selfish man can never be good citizen if he is ignorant he does not know which rights to defend and to which duties to perform.

and yet another show that makes me go crazy
April 3, 2017

So as I have finished the latest wonderful, amazing season of How to get away with murder, which is not in fact, the latest season (Season 3) but the latest season that is available on Netflix (gooood whyyyy) I have to distract myself from the unbearable and nerve wrecking hiatus while I am waiting for Season 4 to arrive on my favourite streaming platform.

I had seen a lot (and I mean A LOT) of gifsets, textposts, pictures and beautiful edits on tumblr lately which is why I decided to give Riverdale a go, not to mention the fact that wonderful Cole Sprouse plays a role in it, a boy in my generation, who I basically grew up with while watching his Disney Show “The suite Life of Jack and Cody.” So it was basically a MUST for me to check his new show out.

I will definitely update as the season progresses because I am only on episode 3 but I love it already. The mystery is so thrilling with the twins and Archie, the “Eyewitness”. The scenery is wonderfully killing me with every beautiful shot, not one of them is short of equally beautiful people. I don’t know if I want to be them, be their best friend or…do other things if you know what I mean!

I am very torn about Veronica because I love her and she’s adorable but the thing she did with Betty (who is my child) and Archie was very very shitty of her. Not something I’d want a friend of mine do. So it’s hard for me to forgive her for that, harder than for Betty obviously. But I am optimistic she will make it up to her somehow, in the future. Let’s hope so!

Archie is a very interesting character for me, I love how much he is able to appreciate the women in his life ifyouknowwhatimean. Especially the Pussycats, I just love it when a man can seek out the help of a woman and can admit that she is better than he is and additionally admits that he is privileged. And the fact that he is in love with someone he should not be in love with makes me just want to know more about this story. I can not wait to see how this story progresses with the two of them! I kind of want them to be together even if it’s not really correct to do so…

I will make another post on this when I have finished the Season which I don’t want to think about just yet because I will have to find another substitute. AGAIN

Operation Whitewaters: The Wrath of the Unknown Enemy – XI

Disclaimer: This is a pure work of fiction and any resemblance to any events or characters is purely coincidental.
Continued from : Operation Whitewaters: The Wrath of the Unknown Enemy – X




Operation Whitewater Phase A : 05-Jan-2016:

08:55 Morning Local Time

Rajesh had been in such situations before. He knew he had to gain some time, as he was sure that he could count on Hari and the other two folks.
“I had heard of fabulous tales of the Savi-X men of Qin-Daxos, their brutality, speed of operation. But looks like they also have some muddleheaded men among them too. You could have just taken away the documents and I would never have got hold of them.”

“You never got hold of them, and never will.”
“I have got the documents, I was just trying to see if I can capture someone associated with the theft.”
“No way, you couldn’t have got hold of the docs.”

Rajesh took out a folded paper from one of his shorts’ long pocket, and held out.
“See I have got hold of these.”
The Savi-X man once again aimed the Dozner 12 at Rajesh and said “You better give these to me, if your life is of any value to you.”
“Considering the numbers against me, I think I should do it.”
Saying this, Rajesh took a few steps towards the man, and at the same time, got glimpse of Hari standing behind a tree at a distance. Hari gave some expression to Rajesh and they both knew what to do in such a situation.

Rajesh threw the papers towards the man and suddenly got down, drew out a mini-laser from the back pocket of his shorts, and aimed at the man and one more standing close to him.
Both men, blinded by the heat and impact of the laser fell down, trying to soothen the heat on their face with their hands.
Rajesh also jumped, flew with his right leg up and his right feet landed on the chest of another man holding the Dozner 12.
The man was shocked as he had not anticipated this move and Rajesh being an expert at such fighting gave him a deadly blow. The Dozner fell from the man’s hand.
Rajesh took no time to grab it and silenced the man by aiming and firing at his forehead.
He then swung around, and fired as many shots as possible.
Perhaps 3 more men fell down, likely dead.

Rajesh swung around once more to see the situation. By then the other man with the pistol who had fell down, stood up and aimed at Rajesh.
But before he could do anything, Rajesh heard two shots being fired, and the man fell to the ground.
Rajesh then took care of two more, and saw Hari joining in action.
One of the man started running and Hari gave him a chase, and almost caught him by his collar.
However, just then a shot from somewhere far came and hit the man on his neck and stomach and that was his end.
Another bullet came near Hari, but he dived and escaped.

Faceoff with the traitor

Rajesh came near Hari and said “What’s that noise?”
The noise grew louder and louder.
Soon it came close.
Rajesh and Hari saw Three big sedans, probably of Toyota, and one SUV of some company they had not heard about surrounding them.
Around 12-13 gunmen armed with assault rifles and automatics got out and surrounded them.
Hari also saw one bald man with dark spects looking out of the SUV. He was probably wearing a blue coat, but the dark windows hid the view. Something about him made Hari think that he had seen him before.

Then, one gang member came out of another car, and an Indian guy with some altered features- probably by some kind of plastic surgery to make him look like a Xanade country guy came out.
“Gentleman, myself Toni Xwang and he is one of your fellow countrymen and one of your “best” friends- Hardeep Kumar. Hardeep has been kind enough to provide us with some vital information, and he is duly enjoying our hospitality.”
Hardeep Kumar- the name aroused immediate anger and revulsion among Rajesh and Hari. How come a person betray his own country. And that this Hardeep must be caught and punished for stealing country’s secrets and trying to sell
Hari retorted “And we are more than keen to take this superb person back to our country and give him the best hospitality we can.”
“Alas your dreams of getting back those documents and getting back to your country will remain a wishful thinking. Its only that our esteemed Indian friend wanted to see you once before you died.”
“Its also amazing that you came so close to getting the documents, but ran out of luck. Now, the countdown begins:
10 9 8 7 6….”

Just then there was a loud explosion and one of the sedans blew up and flew some feet above in the sky.
Rajesh and Hari saw an approaching Helicopter and two men getting out of the Helicopter with guns, hung through ropes.
They were D and F.
They came down, and started firing a volley of shots from their assault rifles.
It was no time to wait but to act…….

+++++++++++++   To be continued  +++++++++++++


Image : From Pixabay, CC0 No attribution required


no post from me in the past two days

why I have not post any stories in the past two days? here why I was giving my brain and the lap top a rest . This way I have the energy to post more stories this month of April and since today is my 55 birthday (April 2) by not writing I got caught up on other projects I needed to get done . Now my challenge for this week I am going to Florida for a vacation and the challenge is still tying to post as my stories as possible before this April month is over.So when I am on the plane both ways I will have my net book with me I know I can not go one line with the net book on the plane but even if the net book is in air plane mood I can still write my post then when I have the time I can down load and paste my post to the writing site I want it on.My goal for the month of April is to write as many possible post and comment as I can so I can get a better pay out . Why ? because I have bills I want to get catch up on that why I want to do as many post as I can what do you think? should I go this route? Or find other way to make some extra money fast but for me until I get my food cart open this is the only way for me to do it. For me by not posting for two days my brain is a little more relax but it better then it was a few year ago.I am talking about posting stories and relaxing my brain.Has any one else ever took a few days off from witting on any of the sites you do write on Ok that if for now Have a good day now.

writing contest do you do them

Has any here on LB ever enter a writing short story writing contest? Magazine like writers digest has the kind of contest at different times of the year. What is writers digest is a magazine for newbie writers it does have a lot of good article if your main goal is make a livable income at writing
I use to order the magazine all the time but as right now my budget is low so I just some times will go on their web site they some stuff for free to read then the rally good article or videos yes they do charge for it and the article are written by prosenfal writers.since I can not put a link in this post just do a search on writers digest . The magazine can help you become a better writer now if you are all ready a pro then you most likely all ready know this magazine now back to writers contest there are other writing magazine for writers that have contest to . A while back the Star trek novels had a yearly contest that call star trek shows written by star trek fans for star trek fans . Some of the fans who enter the contest I read that some got jobs doing the writing for the TV show when it was on the year So you never were a contest can lead you to a livable income . So if you are at the book store now doing stuff on line and if you have time take a break and look at some of the writing magazines they can all so give you ideas for topics to post on all the writing sites you do to make money. Like me I trying to learn more on copy writing there nice money in doining that . I am not sure if I can shadow a other wirter that does that . So when I have the money I might take a class to learn copy writing
OK that it for now.

Although inspired, I Didn’t Write About…
April 2, 2017
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During research, I came across the fact that the United States of America has slipped to a wiggly eight when it came to being rated as an ‘educated’ nation.

I was inspired to write a long and intricate article as to how the ratings were made, the nations which came from one to seven, the others who were poised to pass the United States.

It was a lot to information, and I almost made the mistake of publishing it here.  I almost did, but recalling my slap downs for “plagiarism”  I didn’t.

I didn’t because there is no way to post; (and I’m totally inventing here to avoid quoting and being slapped down)

“In Atlantis, all children attend a ‘play school’ from the age of three until six in which they are exposed to various ideas.  They visit the zoo on ten occasions and learn about the various animals, from the dragons to unicorns, their habitats and behaviours.  They are taken to the museums and shown many historical exhibits. They go to the planetarium, learn about astronomy.  They are taken on weekend trips to the forests, beaches,  lakes and hills.  This exposure is kept ‘fun’  and is more to pique the interest as these trips are repeated during the next ten years, each time becoming more scholastic, until at the age of fourteen, their knowledge ranges from astronomy to geology, from biology to physics.”

Now there is no way, (imagining that this was an actual quote from Atlantis… which is an imaginary country) that I could change such information substantially to the effect that a plagiarism checker would not flag me.

So I did not post an item about how Singapore, for example, exceeds the United States, for there is no way I can do it without raising the flag.

If I tried to paraphrase, it would either be vague; “Children go to a pre school from three to five where they are taken on many trips to many places to be exposed to many things,”   or dumbed down;  “On weekends the children go to lots of different places to show them different aspects.”

So, it is better I leave it as is/where is.

Having been slapped down for my article about Brasil, and the vast sums they lost on the World Cup and Olympics, and then on my article about Polio, I have become very timid in expressing too many facts and writing items that can be quoted.

Hence, I will say simply that my statement that education in the United States has been dumbed down can be proven, and if one is interested, do on line searches.

The Second Canon of Journalism: Freedom Of The Press

   A free and unmuzzled press is a very potent force of good in any free and democratic society. For where free press exists there is no room for any despotism, absolutism or tyrannical rule.

The Freedom of the Press is among the known and well-recognized rights of the citizens in any democratic society. Without this freedom there will be no independent voice in any society.

In fact, freedom of the press is the very foundation of journalism. Without any freedom of the press there will be no journalism at all whatsoever.

This is the very reason why a free press is the first thing that any would-be dictator in any given country try to destroy or to undermine in order to achieve a total control in society.

What Is The Freedom Of The Press?

   Well freedom of the press is the right to publish newspapers, magazines, or any other printed materials without government restriction and subject only to the laws pertaining to libel, obscenity and other applicable laws. Electronic media in the computer age is likewise included.

Take note of the word “freedom” qualifying the word “press”. Yes it can be truly be said that a press may be equated or synonymous with freedom itself.

Is writing a blog part of journalism and the freedom of the press? Of course it is. If there is no freedom of the press I would not even be allow writing this article nor be allow to publish the same.

The importance of journalism as an indispensable part of press freedom is also recognized in any democratic and free society. In fact, journalism as a course is almost a part of any college or university degree program.

Freedom Of The Press As Recognized Rights

   The freedom of the press is not only an idea or concept but a constitutionally and legally recognized right as well.

In the United States the freedom of the press is recognized under the First Amendment which expressly provides as follows: “Congress shall make no laws respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or of the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for redress of grievances.”

In the same way, most of the free and democratic country in the world has a similar provision in its Constitution.

Furthermore, the freedom of the press is not only a nationally or domestically recognized right but an internationally recognized right under Article 19 of the Universal Declaration On Human Rights (UNDHR).

Article 19 of the Universal Declaration On Human Rights expressly provides, to quote: “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this rights include the right to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through media and regardless of frontiers.”

Therefore a journalist for that matter has a solemn duty to jealously guard the freedom of the press as an important right of everyone. We can also discuss anything under the sun as long as it is not prohibited by law.

We need to keep the flame of freedom of the press burning as a responsible journalist.





























And I will live the life I want, not what you want

And I will decide for my own, not your decision

And I will laugh any time of my day, oh I will

And I will love the one I love, I really do


You cannot dictate me; I work my thing

You cannot control my life, I’m not yours

You cannot own me, just be with me

You are just a part of me, a pair of me


My life is not for slavery, I deserve better

My life is not for you to take, only to care

My life is for its purpose, a good purpose

My life is my own life, I will decide.

I found this poem in my high school notebook. It is one of the poems I submitted for our MAPEh subject requirement. It is nice to read again my writings during my high school days. It is refreshing and an encouragement for me to do writing.

Writing poem is something that is easy to do. It is a way of expressing one’s self in a poetic way. It is something that has rhyming words and imagery. But sometimes, I do my own style of writing like the one below.


I can’t express my feelings whenever I’m with you

You turn me into a better me not like before

You let me feel the feeling I never felt before

Each time I set my eyes on you makes me feel precious.

Life is better and more meaningful because of you

Whatever life is, I’m so happy to have you

Life me so cruel and unkind but not with you

Loving someone like you is the best feeling ever it’s true.

These poems are worth it for me to read because it reminds me of my past and inspires me for my future. The poem MY OWN LIFE reflects how strong I am when it comes to facing the things that life may bring.