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Moma and Patty Sue Talking
January 21, 2019

Moma: “Patty Sue gone and eat ya dinner before ya dinner gets cold.”

Patty Sue: “Moma I’s a grown woman now and I aint no little child anymore Moma”

Moma: “Patty Sue why ya always saying such a thing? I know ya grown but ya stills my little girl.”

Patty Sue: “When I finish this here dinner Moma I’s going to my room because I’s in love Moma.”

Moma: “What!” Girl gone with ya silly talk. (laughing)

Patty Sue: “I’s for real Moma I aint ever felt this way before. I’m just one loving kind of girl Moma.”

Moma: Oh yeah! What’s his name?”

Patty Sue: “I have to tell what his name is later Moma.”

Patty Sue: “I’m so smitten. Oh my gosh Moma I really love him. He is so kind to me! Yes indeed.”

Charles: “What’s going on in here/”

Moma: “Patty Sue says she is in love Charles.”

Charles: “What?” In love what kind of love?” There’s different levels of love.”

Patty Sue: “Ya’ll gone talk about me while I’s still in the room?”

Moma: “Girl we’s aint talking behind ya back.” (chuckles)

Charles: “Hand me those mittens I’s gone do some yard work later on.”

Patty Sue: “I’m going up to my room and think about my man.”

Moma: “Ya man” What kind of thinking ya doing?” He must be a savy kind of dude huh Patty?”

Patty Sue: “He is more than a woman could dream of.” He certainly knows how to knock me off my feet.”

Charles: “What the other woman’s saying about da man?”

Patty Sue: “oh the hens be eyeing him down and trying to conversate with him but I’s be paying the hens no attention.” “See the women want his attention or perhaps the women need him because he seems as though he is such a giving kind of man and all.”

Moma: “I’m sure he is giving alright!” Giving what ya aint seeing.”

Patty Szue: “What ever do yur mean Moma?”

Moma: “The women wouldn’t hang around da ole man for no reason chld. He must’ve gave the women someing.”

Patty Sue: “I’s haven’t seen what’s he was givin. No Moma I aint seen what he was givin perhaps I’s notice the next go round.”

Charles: “Yeah perhaps Patty Sue will.” Ya gone notice a lot.”

Patty Sue leaves the room and begins to head up to her room. As soon as Patty Sue opens her door the phone began to ring. Patty Sue paced the room (excited) about the ringing of the phone. Patty answered and on the other end was a stern sounding voice. Patty Sue held the phone close and was silent before hanging up the phone Patty Sue glanced at . . . . . .


There’s more whatever will Patty Sue do about her new found love? Perhaps the audience will find out later. Patty Sue was excited before picking up the phone but what was the man saying on the other end of the phone? Have to wait to find out what he was saying. Perhaps Patty Sue will reveal exactly what was said. Whatever the man was saying seemed to shake Patty Sue.

“Moma and Patty Sue Talking is Written by: Tanikka Paulk

Featured Image Credited to Pixabay

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