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do you save your post stories to the computer?

do you save your post that you write on your computer ? for me yes for all the post stories that I write I save them on a memory flash drive stick why do I do this? here why the writing sites after a few pay outs a lot of them go belly up and if the site dose that were I do not get paid . I take those post that I save and put them on other writing site that is paying . I do make some little change to the post so it does not look like I am steeling some else story since they are mine and the other site did not pay for them
from sites that went belly up like my kites and bubblews we all know there a risk with are time. But on the other hand it only cost us time not money to do the writing look at other people on face book playing games for fake money at least some of use got some money not a lot but still can go for a credit card bill payment . Or if you do not have any credit card payments it can go for saving to. that my next step when My credit card bills are paid up . other thing I do with the little money I make from writing say my credit card bills are paid I act like I do not have credit card and make a saving for future car repair and home repair just like how medical isuarnce work .A while back I was able to do that and I had the money to fix my car thank to a friend who is a back yard car repair person. So by having my stories or post what ever you want to call it save to a flash drive stick soon or later those stories will make some money.

were the ads on Literacybase, if no ads how does this site make money?

How does literacy base make money
I do not see any ads on this site. As you know a lot of writing sites make money with ads that people click on.If the sites do not use ads were does the money come from?
we know they do not have a membership fee which will not get people on here to join I will not pay to write. but time on the other hand is kind of a payment to plus a lesson one thing since I started writing my typing is getting faster ,A friend of mine notice I am not looking at the key board to write my post . How this happen? by being on the low paying writing sites that how this happen so on one hand I might be paid very little pennies but look how many people are on Farmville face book playing with fake money. Now the time I use to put on facebook farmville I now do the writing thing and make some money yes I know it not a lot but soon I get better at spelling and maybe then I can go for the real writing jobs for magazine that do short stories that were the real money for writing is I think this way I have more money coming in my number one goal is to get my spelling better then I rally be good I still like to learn copy writing yes I know it boring but it is good income that I was reading about does any here on LB do copy writing?If you do let me know. I think since copy writing is very comptive no one going to say if they do it or not . I know copy writing is other style of writing but if it can make me money then I do it. 

I wish we can do shorter tiltles in are post here on LB

I wish LB post did not need a long title for a post why do I wish this? some times I might just do like a short story but with the title here on LB we have to have a long one so we can post it. Some times adding to the title does make some one lose interest in the story or post .what ever you want to call it. I say which is true that all post we do on LB are stories . It can be from a kid story to some thing about some one life or even some one diary yes there people who would do this on some wiritng sites, why? Here one reason they may not know what to write for a post and they do want to make money. yes we do not make a lot of money on the writing sites but for they can take care of a $60.00 us phone bill every month or car insurance but I do not do a diary at this time and hopfuly not that one thing I rally do not want to write about in my life . Yes I know weather and hot dog cart can come close to a diary.So not mater what story we do here on literacy base I wish we can do a shorter title in are stories or post . what do you think? Do you like to have short titles in your post or very long ones most stories today do not have long tilted so I Have no idea why la
b what long tilted in are post of today
for example say we do a cat post
on LB if we write the title like say it what my cat did today. As you know this is to short . So we would have to ad what my cat did today in the house etc,So now you have the idea what I am talking about.

Should Literacy base media library be remove?

Should the media library be remove from
Literacy Base? I say yes the Literacy base library should be remove here why Some newbi might think it OK to use the photos that are in the Literacy base library . As I read I see some of the other writers on Literacy base has people use their photos with their permission. This is my one reason why I use the same photo over and over again I rally do not want any one else using my photo that I have on my post. I think Literacy base should find were goggle has those free photos that any can use like a old writing site had. those photo were open to the public with no problems . Or let us post with out using a photo . Yes I know photo get more people to look at are post which can bring in more traffic to Literacy base. the more traffic that comes in the more money from ads come in I think? so what do you think should the literacy base library be remove this way newbi who are new to writing will not use the photos by mistake. If I know my photos will not be use by any one else I start to post different photos with the post I do on Literacy base so far I have not had any one take any of my photos so far . I think because I use the same one over and over it not worth the time to steal it . I know other members here on literacy base been having problems with people taking photos and stories to. steeling a post is other story or is it other post. yes I do not like people steeling other people work. what do you think? Ok that it for now have a good day or a good night.

Benefits of writing a journal- not in a smartphone but a diary
May 12, 2017

We all love writing journal or diary as at the end at the day we will write all the good, bad, funny, sad things that happened throughout the day. Why do you write it? How do you feel after finishing your journal for that day? Have you ever thought, “Why do I write it daily?” Besides feeling well there are so many benefits of maintaining a journal.

# When you are writing a diary your IQ improves. Research says that writing has a direct relation to expanding our intelligence. Also, it improves our vocabulary.
# Writing a journal help yu to be mindful about your actions and get a clear idea of the past grievance and future anticipation. This will get the wandering mind to go in a particular path reminding you of the right things to do.
# Maintaining a diary has a major impact in balancing your emotional intelligence. This will mold your feelings and make you stable and make you feel more empathetic and compassionate towards life.
# Helps you achieve your goals easily as you write them in your journal which will pave a clear path for you to run behind your dream.
# Writing journal will enhance your memory and strengthen your brain. While writing a journal you will think of new ways to write which will be a strengthening activity for our brain.
# Writing a journal daily will improve your communication skills. When you keep writing this in time will transform into a natural conversation. This has a huge benefit for you while you speak. You will start to feel the change in time.
# This has an indirect impact in developing your self-discipline. You will follow the rule of writing your journal and recording your entries no matter what work you have. This, in turn, cultivate into a habit and reshapes your self-discipline in the long run.
# Writing a journal will heal your pain as you transfer your agony and anguish to your diary and cry your heart out. This will help ease out the pain and make you feel better.
Thus writing a journal has so many benefits and if you don’t please start writing it immediately for you will surely feel the change.
Thanks for reading. Good luck.
spell checker not all way right

Some time spell checker does not work right. What do I mean by spell checker not working right? This is what it does for example when I use the word wi-fi spell checker trying to the word in to wife no joke lol . I do not think any one want a wi-fi for a wife other words like lap top which is kind of one word spell checker will make it two words.
it will all so turn the work internet in to some thing else to this is not joke and I thought auto correct was bad on the phone oy. I just said the work oy spell checker will try to change that word to something else to. Now does any else here have any problems with their word spell checker item program. Me I use the free office program call word graph and it has a butter fly for it logo.
If some ask how come I do not have the main office program? the answer is easy it cost to high . why pay for some thing if it good and has a good a ratting and is free that the bottom line it is free. That why I like about word graph even the spell checker does do a great job but better then having no spell checker. I just wish it try to correct things that do not need tob e corrected. I could say the same thing about my phone auto correct. I am very good at spelling words wrong I d o not need that kind of help from auto correct when I do a word right the auto correct on the phone try to change it to something else.Plus spell checker on the lap top is some times the same way but with that I see the word before I press publish.

I hate being tired when before I did not get it

when the writing site bubblew was on
I had no problem doing ten post a day and I was one of the lucky ones I did get paid I was getting close to $50.00 a month on the old bubblews . Now here my problem even when I just do one post some how I am getting tired to fast. I like to know what or why I am getting tired for doing some thing I enjoy doing.I like to be able to do ten post again here why if the post is good we get like .15cent a post that =$1.50 a day x seven days= $10.50 a week so this site come close to were I use to be this income can help me pay credit card off and may be cover the phone bill after credit cards are pay for. In US if you make money you got to report it to the IRS . So this is what I do I treat this like a job so say I make $30.00 out of all my paid to click sites I take 30% out of the money and put it
away for taxes.so for now if I make $30.00 $9.00 us will be put away for to pay taxes on at the end of the year. This way when tax time is here I will not have to struggle to find money to pay what I owe I will have it all ready and what ever is left over money can go for fun money .Now back to what make me tired even when I am on the phone can it be the way the screen is on the lap top and smart phone? I rally like to fix this so I can do my lap top work which I enjoy doing . I hate being tired all the time. I feel energy with out a energy drink . yes I do drink them and I know they might be part of the problem. I know there a solution for every problem out there even if we do not like it there a solution to my tired problem

Stressed? Put it into words
May 3, 2017
meditation-338446_1280 meditationMeditation Relieves Stress

For as long as I can remember, I have almost always had a feeling to put everything I was going through into words. I love to write. In fact I am working on a story now. Not everyone is made to be an author. Not everyone is great at writing, I get that. I feel that, even if you aren’t that good, you can take your feelings and place them down onto paper. You can even burn that paper if you must. It tends to be an excellent stress reliever.
Writing has certain positive psychological effects on you, even when you don’t realize it.
1. You tend to feel more at ease with life. Even when bad things happen.
Studies show that men who lost their job or were going through divorces, men who wrote down how they felt instead of locking all of the pain away, felt as if they can conquer the world. Ok, that is a bit exaggerated. But they did have a better outlook on life. If they could go through the pain, fighting not to lock it away, then what can’t they do?
2. Writing, unknowingly improves your speech habits.
If you write more, your vocabulary expands as does your way of speaking.You will soon find yourself sounding as though you have graduated from Oxford.

These psychological effects will not only help you, but your loved ones as well. Think about it, they care for you, so when you hurt, they hurt.Think of how they would feel knowing that you found an outlet keeping yourself safe. Your children will hear you speak with such a finesse then they will want to as well. Their grades will rise and you will see a better life for your family. Happy husband or wife, happy family and life.

A.I. vs Human; the base of the Problem
Playing a Writing Site; Sometimes it Works

When you write an article on line,  A.I., artificial intelligence, (an algorithm developed by a techie) will ‘judge’  it.

Now, I can see a smile growing on your face, because what an A.I. thinks is ‘good’ and what a human considers ‘good’ are totally different.

In previous articles I mentioned ‘Crap Writers’.   For those who do not appreciate this is a term of ‘art’, let me elucidate.

A Crap Writer is a person who knows how to ‘play’ the A.I.   Recognising the use of ‘Keywords’ of ‘SEO’ (Search Engine Optimisation) terms which incite the Artificial Intelligence, they write not for a human, but for an algorithm.

Where an author would write;

“John F. Kennedy ran for President of the United States in 1960.  He was quite handsome and did well on the debates, because they were televised. One did not simply hear his voice, one could view his expression, the gleam in his eye, and his ease of smiling.”   for a human audience  a Crap writer would write;

“John F. Kennedy ran for President of the United States.  John F. Kennedy ran for President in 1960.   John F. Kennedy was handsome.   John F. Kennedy did well on the debates.   The debates that John F. Kennedy participated in were televised.   One did not simply hear the voice of John F. Kennedy.   On television one could see John F. Kennedy.  One could see the expression on the face of John F. Kennedy.   One could see the expression of the face of John F. Kennedy.   One could see the gleam in the eye of John F. Kennedy.   One could see how easy it was to smile for John F. Kennedy.”

The A.I., searching for John F. Kennedy would go to the Crap Writer’s article because of the over use of the Search Term; “John F. Kennedy.”

Now, clearly, the item written by the Crap Writer is not as enjoyable as that one written by an author for a human audience.

Many on line writers have adopted the repetitious use of a Search Term, because they want the hits.  Some bordering this kind of Crap Writing.   Others remain as they are, and suffer lack of hits.

This is why many articles written for an on line audience are tedious.   They are too long, too repetitious, and boring.  Many people will click on an item, and skim, not read, because it just goes on forever and should be condensed by half.

Good writers, the top authors, can say so much in one sentence.   But, if being judged by A.I. would fall to the bottom of the ‘search’.

Some years ago, a famous writer,  ‘tested’ this theory.   He wrote a brilliant piece of about 500 words and published it on one of those on line writing sites under another name.  He got very few hits, and when he tried to ‘network’ his item was attacked as a ‘self-spammer’.

After two weeks he deleted his item, published it Hard Copy and was lauded all over the place, and of course, made a good amount of real money.

The need to reassess, that is to judge an item based on a human audience, not a computer’s algorithm is necessary.


Flagged Items on Hubpages; open to Plagiarism
April 30, 2017

This article grows out of a discussion I was having elsewhere about what happens when you write for Hubpages and your article is ‘non-featured’.

In many cases you will write, post, the item would be published, and getting some hits.  Then, suddenly, it is non-featured.

The first time it happens to you the feeling is that you did ‘something wrong’.   Spelling?  Grammar?  Some infringement of something?

The first time it happens to you, the instant response is to go back to the item and ‘fix it’.   You’ll go over it line by line, changing a bit, adding a bit, and after all this editing, publish it again and….it is non-featured.

Eventually you realise this being ‘flagged’ this ‘non-featured’ designation is often done by other writers on the site.  You stop paying attention to it, and realise if it is ‘not featured’ then it can’t be seen.  If it can’t be seen it isn’t published.  If it isn’t published then a plagiarism checker won’t find it, any more than they would find it on your computer unpublished.

Hence you can publish it elsewhere.

However, sometimes it isn’t you.

I had written a short story on Hubpages,  It was up, getting reads and hits, then it was ‘non-featured’.

I couldn’t understand what I did wrong.  I went over it and over it, and then thought that maybe the name of the protagonist was someone’s name; someone who was upset.   I did a search of the name.  Up came my story. But NOT on Hubpages; on another site, under someone else’s name.

Imagine this happens to you.

You posted an item on Hubpages, but it was flagged, non-featured, not ‘good enough’.


On another site, under another person’s name, it is doing just fine!

This is one of the’tricks’ of Hubpages.   They allow other writers to ‘hop the hubs’ and ‘judge’ your work.  If they can get your work non-featured, they can copy it, and either paste it, as is on another site, or do a bit of juggling and post it.

You are getting zero revenue.   Your item is unread, unseen, but someone else is collecting the coin.

I am not the only one this happened to.   A number of others have had the same experience.   Some have taken the item and posted it elsewhere quickly before the people who flagged it post it.

It is not only on Hubpages, there were other sites which had this kind of ‘voting’ so that people could push you down, and stand on your back.  But today, it is pretty much the capital of stolen writing.