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Writing Interactive Fiction: The How and Why
April 30, 2018

I’m a writer. I’ve been doing it forever. Raised on books and a love for fiction, I couldn’t imagine a life without writing. Profiting from my work can be hard, but it’s worth it. From romance to mystery to sci-fi adventure, I enjoy writing it all. Then there are my personal projects that are more about the fun and challenge than about anything else. Interactive fiction is one such project I play with often.

Inter Active Fiction

What is it?

It’s fiction that lets you decide what happens. You, the reader, get to make choices and see where they lead the characters. With multiple endings, these books are great for rereads!

Maybe it stems from my RPG playing or from the choose your own adventure books I was able to find. I’m not sure, but I love the excitement of adding so much more to a story. Readers get to choose which path the characters follow and that brings them in for a much fuller read.

My first interactive novel to go to print was Lost Relic. Through the writing of that story I discovered some hard truths about writing. I challenged myself to write and even though I managed to do it, it was a struggle. Connecting the plot lines and creating the choices for the readers to make was a fight, but one that I enjoyed.

Enjoyed so much in fact that I’ve started work on another one. Unlike Lost Relic, I’m not giving myself a strict deadline. Instead this one is more for me. It’s a paranormal interactive romance instead of a historical one and looks like it’s going to end up being much longer. I averaged up the chapter lengths and the math added up to over 90k. While that’s a nice round number for most books, it’s proving to be a bit tricky with an interactive novel.

If you’re interested in interactive fiction or want to try a new and different kind of read check out Lost Relic. It’s available at Amazon in both print and ebook. You can also find it in print at Barns and Noble.

Lost Relic

Years of working inside a museum have taken a toll on Lillian’s passion for history. Now two strangers, each a master of his field, have shown up offering her a chance to rekindle her love. The lost temple of the Golden King is hidden just beyond the horizon of the Amazon and now Lillian has the chance to be a part of its discovery.

Will she follow the prestigious historian or the roguish treasure hunter?

You decide.

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