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“You Know You’re In Love When YouCan’t Fall Asleep Because Reality Is Finally Better Than Your Dreams.” – Dr. Seuss
April 25, 2017

Definitely Correct and everyone absolutely approves this quote of Dr. Seuss. Being human, it is normal to fall in love to our opposite sex though this time members of the LGBT also claim despite they are humans but their heart too, beats for love not to their opposite sex but to the same sex. We cannot argue with them nor could we twist the fact that there are gays and lesbians in the world. What is important is they happiness they feel. Happiness and harmony in a relationship is so important and a must for that is what we long to have a better feeling, no war, no chaos, no argument, no fight, no raising of voices and no betraying, only love. To feel that you are also in love is a great gift one can have for not all feel the true love only admiration, attraction or lust. There are men after only of the physical attributes of the women not from the heart and those who based everything from their heart; they truly know how love beats and how the feeling goes when love strikes the heart. The feeling is immeasurable and you are willing to sacrifice and even die for it for the sake of love.

Courting a girl takes time and when time comes that she accepts your feeling, both of you would like to dance in happiness. Yes, true when there is positive result to courtship, we cannot avoid to jump to glorify the glorious feeling, to sing to express the happy mood and to dance to show how happy you are in that moment. The eyes glow in wonder and awe. There is always reason to wake up the next day and reason to sleep late, LOL. You do not like to disappoint your sweetheart if text you and no reply at all. That is why before you enter into a relationship. Make sure you are ready for that. It is also not easy to fall in love right away. You have to develop the feeling first. Each boy or girl undergoes steps to let the love grow in the heart. Love can wait so never be in a hurry for it is not easy to stumble down because of disappointments. You will be disappointed if late to realize that what you feel is not love only pity or admiration. Others do it in pretension loving someone for the sake of experience. What is the girl or boy is serious in their feeling? Your conscience will surely hit you with blames.

During courtship process, you cannot immediately say “I love you.” It is simply because we can always express these words to anyone, to parents, to brothers, sisters and friends. This time, we always hear people say “love you friend.” Hehehe, so watch your tongue it may slip without break. Usually teenagers practice courting a girl and if they are busted, they just laugh for they just practice how to court a lady. That thing does not bring you to perfect intention because you are just playing your emotion. What it will be done to your sister, you will surely say karma to you. Also, love is not a toy and game after being bored to it you just forget your feeling. That happens actually of there is no love. If you are in love, you feel afraid that the girl or boy may not having the same feeling as yours, you feel restless and insecure. It is necessary for the boy during courtship to befriend the girl first, make her trust you fully and know you better in attitude and the way you acre yourself too meaning do not give your 100% love to the girl so with the girl to the boy. I always hear my father telling me before when he was still alive to give only our 50/50 feeling to our love of life for when we are cheated, it will be very hard to ease the pain of loneliness and injury caused by dishonesty. Our father is so right for it really happens to me and to my sister love broken so with our heart broken in two.

It is normal for us humans to fall in love and when time comes that we feel it, we are the luckiest for not all feel the real love. Yes, the author of this quote is so right in saying that we know we are in love if we cannot fall asleep. I experienced it too in my life the first time my heart beats for love to my neighbor hehehe. I was 14 years old that time. We always played together and our favorite play was “hide and seek.” Then one day in my young age, I realized I fall in love to Liling. He was 1 year older than me. He too felt the same way I did. Then one day he told me he liked and he loved me, LOL. I was shocked though my heart told me I loved him too. I was so restless and spent sleepless nights after Liling confessed to me his feeling. I was always hoping sun not to set for it takes many hours to wait for the next day to come and be each other again. His parents learned about Lilings’ courtship to me and our young ages were the reason not to feel love. His parents sold their properties and left our place leaving me sick of not seeing him again after they transferred to other place.

That is a proof that it is really true that when we are in love, we cannot sleep right away. We keep on imagining the face of our beloved. Our mind keeps on searching his sweet smiles and the warm touch of our hand, so sweet and cool feeling. Our mind keeps on thinking about the one we love and how love beats for love seems a mysterious thing. The feeling is so hard to explain only the feeling knows and the mind abides. Despite how love works in a mysterious way, there are also people in a relationship or already married continue hurting through cheating their love? It is so hard to explain for there might be personal reasons hard for them to share.

” It is better to have love and lost than never to have love at all.” Sorry to forget the author of this famous quote,Lols.

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The Art of Letting Go and Moving Forward

The world is composed of only three zones – the past, the present, and the future. Focusing your mind exclusively on the past or the future  will render you ineffective while you are in the present. The more you dwell on the past, the more the past limits and controls your future.

However, you do have the power in the present moment to change your thoughts, feelings, and attitude about  what happened to you in the past, whether in your childhood, or what happened in your love life the day before yesterday. In effect, you can choose either to react or to respond to your past

Reacting to your past is the process of allowing your thoughts to trigger and stir up the same negative emotions about past events you didn’t like when you experienced them the first time. Responding to your past is the process of accepting where you are in the present as an okay place to be, and then dealing with your past as nothing more than a stream of already lived events that have no direct power over your present other than which you give it. When you choose to dredge up unpleasant memories or thoughts of what should have, could have, or ought to have been, you have punished no one except yourself. If you center the blame on other people, events, or bad luck, you would end up experiencing the negative emotions of anger, hate, self-pity, revenge, and resentment.

Remember, the past is no longer real. Your only reality is the present moment. Your past is only a set of thoughts that could just as easily have come from a movie as from your own experiences. That stream of thoughts cannot possibly control your life or your future – unless you allow it to occupy your mind and divert your attention from the task at hand. Anytime that happens, take back control of your own mind by refocusing on the present.

In taking control of your life you must begin with a clean slate. That means dumping the garbage of the past and its hold on you. Your past, no matter what it contained, can be either a quagmire of negative emotions to drag into your future or a solid platform of opportunities for future accomplishments.

Aldo shoe on sale hurry up
April 25, 2017
love chains

I have one pair of Aldo shoes, when bought it I was pampering my self, as I do not really buy brands all the time. Its comfortable and the quality is the most beautiful. When first tried them in the store I did not like them because I thought its going to be heavey wearing them and walking long distance. But I was wrong though they way about 5 oz. They were so light, like you are flying

As if you are wearing feathers and they were on sale, how many times you go shopping at places like aldo or adidas and find your shoes size and the design you like and on sale too, so I realy I had to take them after tried them in the store and walked for some time in there

I wear them with jeans and sometimes for shopping of going out with family and friend. Easy to put them on and easy to put them off. The color is white and green, they are stunning and not pricey too and comfortable.

The leather is durable as I felt it was so soft, since its aldo I had to find place to hide them from the sun light and I bought shoe organizer with cover so I put it there when I dd onot use them

Though seller said its water proof. never wear them in the toilet or sea, it has also at the side some holes, at first I tought the desing is like that, but later I learned its for ventilation so the shoes will not smell bad, nor my feet

holes are on the sides so they provide ventilation for the toes and heels the area that need most air.

live long product, you can wear it any where and any time and looks fancy too. Aldo logo is in the inside of the shoes, so maybe people can not tell its aldo, but sure its look fancy

they are not slippery so you can walk in slippery area with trust that they will hold you

How Important Is A Hug?

Hugging or embracing your mother, your father, your siblings, and your friends is a normal thing, right? We often do it especially when we are apart for a quiet sometimes.

Hug, embrace, cuddle, clasp, or whatever you may call it is a way of showing affection to a person you love. It is a physical intimacy. Specifically, why do people do hugging their family and friends?

  • People do hug others because of joy. When you achieve something, all you have to do is to hug who is around you because of happiness.
  • People do hug when they missed each other. Missing someone is one of the keys why you do hugging them. It is the way of showing how you missed them. When you are away to your parents and you went home after a long period of time, all you have to do upon seeing them is to hug them tight.
  • A hug is a way of comforting your family or friend. When someone in the family is down, our way of comforting them is to tap their shoulders, give advice, or hug them. I, myself, felt relieved or felt good after I am embraced by my family or friends.
  • A hug is a stress reliever. A hug from your loved ones seems to be a stress cure. It will make you felt relax after being hugged.
  • A hug can also be a means of forgiving. When someone is asking for forgiveness, we sometimes give them a hug to tell him or her that he or she is forgiven.
  • A hug is an expression of love. Of course, if we love someone, we always like to hug him or her because we want to express how much we love him or her.

Those are some of the reason why we hug others. It is very important in everyone’s life since it will give good meaning and effect to us.

How can you deal with the stress at home?

Being an at home parent might be the best occupation you’ll ever get, however it’s HARD. You’re accessible as needs be day in and day out, and when you take some time off, despite everything you have similar obligations. What’s more, on the off chance that you have a domestic venture or work at home employment, life can be considerably all the more difficult.

The initial step to adapting to burnout is avoiding it in any case. Try not to stuff your timetable with exercises for the children or yourself. Set aside a little time for yourself consistently. You don’t should be distant from everyone else, except you do need to unwind a bit. Regardless of whether this might be amid the children’s snoozes or when they’re in school, notwithstanding taking only a couple of minutes for you can truly offer assistance. At that point you can exploit an opportunity to complete things a reasonable head.

Ensure your desires and those of your family are practical. In case you’re maintaining a domestic undertaking or have a work at home occupation, you can’t be relied upon to keep as flawless a house as a mother who does not. Pick a day to do the clothing, the vacuuming and other housework that doesn’t should be done once a day and abandon it until then… unless the earnest need emerges, obviously.

When you get irate, don’t view yourself as a blemished or awful parent. We as a whole get furious some of the time. What is more essential is the means by which you respond to the outrage.

Ensure you get enough rest. The more drained you are, the more anxiety you will feel, and the harder it will be to adapt to it. On the off chance that essential, sleep in the meantime as the children do, so they’re not getting into inconvenience for absence of supervision.

Arrange fun exercises every so often to alleviate stretch. Contingent upon your necessities and the requirements of your family, this can be distant from everyone else or with the whole family. Go to the shoreline, a recreation center, zoo, shopping center, wherever it is you can unwind and simply have a great time.

Consider arranging or notwithstanding cooking suppers and snacks ahead of time. It’s anything but difficult to give your kids sound snacks on the off chance that you have cut vegetables as well as organic products prepared to go in the refrigerator. A couple of minutes’ work ahead of schedule in the week can spare you time. Dinners may likewise be set up ahead of time and solidified for those evenings when you’re basically excessively drained, making it impossible to cook. Arrange your suppers for scraps that will solidify well, and say farewell to costly solidified meals from the supermarket.

On the off chance that composition out your calendar helps you, then keep a composed timetable. In the event that it makes you feel overpowered, then don’t. Because your closest companion says it keeps her on timetable to have a date-book with all that she needs to do on it doesn’t mean a similar will work for you.

At last, don’t give different guardians a chance to make you feel you owe them supports since you’re at home and “have time.” You’re making a full time showing with regards to dealing with your family, not simply loafing. Your timetable might be similarly as full as theirs, if not more so.

Why and How Stupid People are Followed
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You can ask a teacher, or anyone who deals with a ‘group.’   The stupidest person in the room often controls the other students.

This usually terminates by High School, (in the best cases) because the other students appreciate that the loud mouth, the one who is always sure, is stupid.

Stupid is a term used often.   It does not equal ‘retarded’ or ‘non-academic’.

Stupidity is often defined as; a lack of intelligence, or understanding, reason or common sense.   A person is defined as stupid when, for example they cause damage but get no personal gain, and might damage themselves.

Yet, if you go into schools you will often see the stupidest person in the class controlling the class.

Many people, from anthropologists to psychologist to sociologist have tried to discover why and how.

The answer is quite simple;

Intelligent people doubt.  They leave room for the possibility they are wrong.  Intelligent people don’t instantly read something and believe it, they will research, whether asking someone else, looking it up, or thinking about it.

Stupid people are certain.   They are sure of everything they say.   They don’t doubt, they don’t question.  If they think this plant is safe to eat, they eat it.  They eat it and that encourages others to do the same.  That it is poisonous does not enter the mind of a stupid person, because they are always ‘certain’.

A funny thing happened.   There was a water lock off, and the water returned a few hours later.  I was at the supermarket and went into the bathroom to wash my hands.  I came out and said something and one of the shelf packers said; “The water’s off.”   I said; “No it’s not.”   “He said, yes it is.”

I went into the bathroom, caught water in my hands, came out and threw it at him.   He said, “That’s water that was in the pipe before the lock off.”

Now, yes, he is stupid.  Fortunately, his duties are to put items on the shelf as he is told to do.  He won’t be doing brain surgery or driving a bus, or in put in charge of anything.

The reality is that being stupid he was told there would be a water lock off.  He absolutely believed it.   Until he was officially informed that the water was back on, he was certain it was off.  The fact I washed my hands, clear evidence the water was flowing; (for there was no container in the bathroom) did not convince him.

The fact I physically tossed water on him did not convince him.

He is certain.  And being certain always captures the weaker minds who are uncertain.

Children need to be kept from stupid people.  They will fill their heads with lies and misinformation they may carry for a lifetime.  Children believe stupid people because they are sure.

Where an intelligent person might say; “I don’t think that is safe,”  the stupid person in a loud voice will say, “Yes, it is!   It is perfectly safe.”

If the child follows the stupid person and survives, s/he will learn to be very cautious around certainty without evidence.   If the child isn’t hurt, then s/he gains a respect for the stupid person that may last a very long time.

In raising children one has to be careful in not being too protective, too fearful.    “Don’t run, you’ll fall!”  shouts the father at the little boy.   “You better hope he falls or you’ve lost his attention.”  I say.

In many cases, the ‘worst’ doesn’t happen, the child is pulled into foolishness.

The teacher says don’t, the stupid says do, the stupid gets away with it, the children follow the stupid.

By the time the children reach High School, they would have seen the Stupid suffer some penalty, proving his stupidity and so are no longer pulled into his orbit.  However, in some cases, the public doesn’t see the penalty. They link with the certain person, the one with the assurance, and continue on and on with the belief that Stupid knows.

In any group, unless the person who speaks with authority has the authority, i.e. a doctor, a lawyer,  someone who is an expert, and known to be an expert, you are hearing the voice of a stupid person who has no basis for his position.

The 3 types of Love that we feel towards People

Is it just a mere feeling of sweetness? Is it just the feeling of having someone as your partner? Is it just the urge to your animalistic longing? This has been the question to a lot of people, “WHAT IS LOVE?”
Love is a feeling. It is felt by a person towards another person, animal , event or to a thing. So basically you can almost everything around you! Love is a variety of feeling, It is in different kind depending on how you’ll manifest it. Yes! Love has been in different kind, and here are some of them to clear out exactly what kind of “Love” you have been going through or experiencing:

The Parental Love
– This kind of love is being felt by the kids of two couples, As children. You have the right to be loved and to be taken cared of. Our Parents Provides our basic needs and gives their very best support in the things we do. Sometimes they tend to make some little “sermons” at us and in some reasons we think that they do not love us because they have shown anger at us. But You are very wrong with that thinking! Our Parents are still Humans after all. They get angry at us for a certain a reason, they do not scold us just because they want to. They give us little “sermons” to make us aware of things we failed to do or probably because of the wrong choice we chose to do. And to whatever reason it may be. Our parents Always wants what’s best for their children (us) They Give us what we need and want, They scold us, They take care of us , they give “sermons” and endless reminders to us because of One reason….They Love us, and they will always do. Hey!…aren’t you going to give mum and dad a hug?

Friendship Love

Having someone who’s willing to listen to your problems, rants about life , achievement, crush etc. is the best feeling. Let’s be honest this time. Sometimes You are more comfortable to show the “real you” when you are with your friends. You share smiles , crack jokes , tell stories about random things , play video games , gossip about someone are just some things you do with them. The mere fact that you make yourself comfortable with them and shares your problem with them. Shows that you trust them. And I Personally Believe that when you trust a person , that means you love him or her. Trust, It is one of the most fundamental value needed in giving love to a person . happiness is also one , the moment you laugh with your friends and the feeling of longing them when they’re not around basically shows that you are happy being with them . Friendship is the kind of love everyone needs, The kind of love that makes you feel comfortable with other, The basic kind of Love you establish before entering a certain kind of relationship.

Intimate Love
The first time you hear the word “Love” this kind of love first comes into your mind. Yup. The Intimate Love, The feeling of being “In love” but wait!

Beware of

Infatuation – this a powerful feeling of admiration or in other term “crush” you feel for someone but not for a long term. In most cases It only last for 6 months.

Going back… Intimate Love is given for a one person only, this is the feeling you give to a person whom you imagine as your “future”. This may be too cheesy to imagine, but your imagining it right! To Love someone you must be PATIENT enough to wait for her, you must give her enough time to think before she gives you her sweetest and your most awaited “yes” . You Must be Patient enough to make your relationship stronger and better as years passes by.
To Love Someone you must be KIND. You must be kind and gentle in holding her hands. You must be kind enough to tolerate him/her with her mood swings. You must be kind enough to accept each other’s flaws. You must be gentle in making things happen. You must be kind to accept the fact that a relationship is not perfect and it depends on the two of you on how you’ll be able to make it perfect. You must be gentle and kind in making the flow of your relationship smooth as how it was planned when you were just starting.
To Love Someone you must be Loyal…strong-willed and dedicated heart that belongs to only one person. You should know your limits when it comes to interaction with other people, you should be considerate with each others feelings. You should avoid the tendency of having a tension in your relationship through JELOUSY because that is one of the main reasons why a lot of couples go unto the stage of break up.

To Love Someone requires a lot of things, You should be prepared and ready enough to Know The true meaning of Intimate Love. Having been in love with a person really gives you a good yet unexplainable feeling yet to love is also to take risk… are you ready to get hurt if the person you love doesn’t feel the same way with you? Are you ready to feel and go into the stage of being a “Broken – Hearted – Person”?

Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love

Love may be easy to give for some people but also hard to give for some , You are Lucky enough to feel loved by people around you because other people doesn’t feel the same way. Love is Free and Priceless it is the best things you can give to someone. So give love! Share Love! And receive love. Because a world full of love is a better place to live in.

Reading Inspiraional Content is very Helpful

When you are under depression or somee sort of anxiety, you can find that people reading inspirational can be a good option. The reason being when others show you the way of coming out of depression through working on small things, it can be really helpful. I have read inspirational content of steve pavlina, rhonda byrne and many others. I have found that a lot of reading in that direction is always not necessary. But doing that definitely helps you understand what needs to be done and what else you can do for the better focus towards the life. I think there is a lot of things that can be learned with changing society and circumstances.

Self Help

I think a lot of inspirational content often have repeated theme. And you may find that there is another angle towards the things that can make you avoid reading it all the time. You can find some people are preachy into the content of inspirational content. Like they often recommend you to follow one method for doing things. And that may not work for you. So in that case you have to try another approach. You should consider reading other reading material instead of the preachy. You can also try audio books and the video content. I think video has worked for many people and that’s definitely good option.


Another thing about inspiration is that you have to avoid being purposeful into it. You have to push yourself harder to do things. You can’t expect to get things done. And you have to push yourself on many counts. You can see that you can get inspired but you have to do something after that. Because unless you do something there is not much you can gain out of it. Some of the times you have to calibrate your life to adjust with the inspiration. After that what remains most is the efforts where you have to take action. The lack of action part is where you are going to see changes in your life. That is how inspiration needs to be converted into action.


What good is self help if you don’t take action? You want to lose the weight then you have to take actions. You have to work harder on the efforts there. I think gary varynerchuk also inspires people for taking action. So you can guess the more effort we take the more comfortable we get with the life. And another part with this is that action requires some focus. So the focus building is always maintained in this process. You can see that inspiring yourselves takes time and you have to take efforts. And every action you take towards this is going to build your life. So keep working on your skills. Make sure you don’t fall pray to negativity. And you build small skills into something tangible. So that is going to help you get ahead with most of your efforts along the way.

Again this is just my journey towards the self help and a lot of things to be learned in the process. That’s what I have learned so far from this experience with self help content.

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Not Raising Your Children to be Adults
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What happens when parents raise their children to be children, not human beings

Dave was fired.  It amazed him. Nothing remotely like this had ever happened to him before.

Yes, he had been given warning that if he didn’t improve he would be fired,  but it was the first time in his life that the warning was followed by the action.

All his life he had been given ‘alerts’ as he would call them. But he always ignored them.

Born in the 1990s he experienced what I call the ‘feral’ practice of child rearing.

The 1990s is when parents ceased to raise their children, that is guide and teach them, and  adopted the feral style of parenting. That is they let the kids to do whatever they please.

There is no attempt to toilet train, to teach them limitations, to respect other people, and, of course, to discipline them.

Dave did what he wanted.  No specific bed time, no being forced to do anything, never ever was hit by his parents.  The world belonged to him… or so he was told.

He went to one of those pampering pre-schools then, into primary where  no one fails and so no child feels left behind.   A school with very low standards which catered to children like Dave.

This is why Dave grew up in the belief that there were no penalties.

He went to High School, didn’t have the grades to get into college so went to a two year institution and emerged with a diploma.   One of his father’s friends got him the job.

He was informed of the time he was to arrive, when he was to leave, how long a lunch break he could take, all the usual rules and regulations.

But Dave never obeyed rules and regulations.  Dave never had to.

So he worked, as he pleased, he was spoken to, he was given his written warning, and shrugged. Now he is fired.  Yes.   Dave was fired!


Dave is going to have a difficult time getting another job. He can never use this company as a reference.

This is a very strange awakening for Dave. He’s accustomed to the politically correct euphemisms.  He is accustomed to the world trying to please him.

At his play school, an autistic child was described as; “She doesn’t like to share.”   This was to maintain the revenue the parents paid to the school, and do the usual under the carpet sweep.

In Primary School a  a bully was described as; “has trouble interacting with others”.   Not that he needed a good beating and tight restraints.

Dave, who was lazy and disinterested but did have a few bursts of genius was described as; “Shows great promise.”

Dave is astounded his employer could write;

“Is consistently late, does not obey instructions, has been warned not to conduct personal business on the phones and computers, but seems incapable of recognising authority.”

Dave thinks he can sue the company for some sort of ‘libel’ because they didn’t say nice things about him.

The Tragedy for Dave, and those like him, is that having been kept in a protective womb they are eventually born into a world where saying No to an Ape is standard.

It is his parent’s fault.   They never disciplined him.    It is the schools he attended which rewarded laziness and ignored breaches.

Now, all grown up in the big world, Dave is like a two year old dirtying his diaper and bawling for someone to clean it.   Alas, no one will.

I cried for days when I found out who betrayed me

When a word broke out that I was cheating on my newlywed husband while being away on a season job, my father started to doubt somebody is making up those worms and hooking them up for a reason that can’t be anything but private.


In the first case when I ruined my graduation, he said nothing but my dear daughter please considers cleaning yourself on your own, you are a big girl. I said ok, no problem, Muge is going to do it. A piece of cake.


When the second case emerged, he was very ashamed and very angry and also relieved when finding out it was not me shoplifting.


He was agitated with my cousin’s attributes to me because he knew me as nothing less but always ready to help. I am not the tidiest or smart, or very handy person in the world, but I can learn. So my dad was little nervous.


But, now when he heard again these chit-chats and lies, he knew something’s not right.
My poor husband was too in distress and in a very bad condition to call me and talk reasonably. He called but he sounded very strange and incomprehensible.


So, my father called me and said, my daughter, this is not something normal. We should talk, I will come. I said please don’t I will solve it, my husband will be okay.


But it was not ok enough for my dad, he took some things they thought I would love to have, some favorite food and came to see me. So, we sat down and he asked me if somebody hate me in person. I had no idea what he was talking about. I thought my father in his late years started to suffer from the soap opera syndrome.


But, he was persistent. My husband came to visit me, he was visibly drunk and in no condition to monitor our conversation. So, my father- being the most stable person around that table – said to us to call all people we know to be our personal closest friends and see if somebody is cooking it against us.


He said this is not about you being popular, neither of us from the rich family, no microscope or spot light at us – it has to be something personal.


After the short time, my husband found out who was doing this, my best friend forever. The Arsonist.


I was good in keeping friends with boys, but I was never in their company to know what they are talking. My husband found out.


And he was not lying or exaggerating, my husband is not a jealous person and he knew from the time we were kids that I love my best friend as a brother.


It was such a huge disappointment for me. I cried for days without end.
You have to understand, this was my best friend forever, I believe in him, I put my trust in this person, I confide my problems to him.
All that time he was there for me, we were talking more than anybody, I never doubted he could be the one to do that.


Instead to help me and to support me, like it should be with friends, like I done to him, he decided to put my life on an arson.


He was doing that and he was enjoying it.


And now the same person moved in our building. I saw his eyes. He still hates me.