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Why do they called it racism when a typical American or else don’t like foreigners?
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well, I would say “this is racism because I’m a foreigner”, but unfortunately I won’t because I get to see the reason why most foreigners need to be avoided specially African straight from Africa, now don’t get me wrong not all are the same but remember you don’t know who’s is who therefore you got to stay away period.

but wait a minute, I haven’t said why most foreigners should be avoid yet, ok I will tell you soon.

Voodoo, we all heard of it some of us have idea what Voodoo is but some of us don’t, just a brief description what Voodoo is about. Voodoo is about spirit forces a practitioner or believer use Voodoo to do things that is impossible to get done, sounds weird right?

this is a story about two foreigners learn from it.

two foreigners one name Noldyve Monsi 29 years old from Haiti, the other Zalie Bytweg 37 from Monrovia, Liberia, so if one from haiti the other from Africa the do have some things in common but unfortunately not quiet enough them were met in Millville Nj, they have a son  together, Zalie believes in Voodo power she is capable of getting anything done with it, but Noldyve believes in works to get what he needs and wrongs and rights,

214 of jun they bought a home together since then Noldyve starts to notice that there is some spiritual activities going on in their relationship he had noticed it very late, but better late then never, what Noldyve noticed was even when he doesn’t want to do something he just watching himself doing it without knowing why, hmmmm!

But he was very patient watching her just to get the right picture and for his sons seak, the greatest things Noldyve knows about someone who’s doing Voodoo is “Agressive” as long as they got power they will be agressive and disrespectful, Zalie was that type,

its all about her self or her family Noldyve working making more money than her, but in the house she treats him  as someone who just living with her for sometimes, got to a point Noldyve said he has to leave her, then she said” you stock with me forever to pay my bills”, that was they hardest tortured ever, she is disrespecting him but he can’t leave.

Jun 2016 Noldyve takes a decision to leave but he knows there is a chance for him to loose his life but still did it because live with her is death anyway.

there go the suicide part! Noldyve left first thing she said the house its hers  with everything, we all understand furnitures and stuff are for women but not even a home studio, she seized everything, not like she really want them but just to bring him back, unfortunately that didn’t work, so one day she said to Noldyves sister ” I don’t care what he do he got to come back to pay bills” but since Noldyve resists now she takes it to another level, Kill him.

I advise you that you keep your friends or family away from foreigners.

To be continued….


Single Moms – Never Give Up!

Life as a single mom is probably one of the hardest life challenges I’ve ever gone through in my entire life. My son’s father left us when my son was 6 months old. I had to go through every sleep regression, every late night cry, every early morning, and every fear a parent goes through when it’s their first child… by myself. It was hard, but it wasn’t impossible and I got through it with my head held high. This experience made me the strongest me and nobody can take that away from me! I proved to myself and to my son that even when times get rough, mommy is always going to be there to protect him, make him feel loved, and will never walk away from him – no matter how hard life gets sometimes.

My son is now two and I’ve grown to be strong, independent, and most importantly, forgiving. I hate his dad for what he did to us, but I have learned to move forwards and not dwell on the past. I said to myself, “If you don’t move forward, not only will your hate show, but Bubba will also feel everything you’re feeling.” So, that day I forgave his father and moved forward.

A few months later, I reconnected with an old friend. We’ve know each other since 6th grade, our lockers were side-by-side in high school, and we were best friends. Anyways, about a year later he asked me to marry him. He gave the ring to my son and my son actually ended up bringing it to me and Josh was on one knee when I looked back at him. Now a year later, he stepped in to take the responsibilities of Dad and we are getting married in two months.

Anyways, the whole point of today’s blog is even though life gets hard and a door shuts on you… there’s always going to be another door that opens for you. So, don’t give up, keep your head up, and never backaway from a life challenge – you can do it!!!


Are You A Undercover Hero?
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What makes a hero just that, a hero? Most would say someone who has saved others from being hurt or killed. Everything from the smallest thing you do to the biggest things you do, to someone your a hero. Even if you never know it. The lady you gave your change to may have been at her baring point in life and you showing her that little kindness showed her there was still a reason to go on another day. The guy you past on the street may have been within minutes of stepping in front of a car, killing him and  ruining who ever hits him forever. But because you gave him one small smile he knew there was still good in this world and did not step out. Or helping a person in need of food so that for another day they are safe from starvation. The person giving  away their old clothes so someone else will not freeze to death. All of these examples are acts of an undercover hero.

A great man I know once told me when I was a little girl that I could save a life with just a smile. This man was my grandfather. This is something that has always stuck with me. You see my Papa was my hero. He was a big giant man standing almost 7 foot tall and at one time weighing in at a hefty 800 pounds. And had a heart of gold. This man was only one of the many kind heart people I know.

Papa was an undercover hero. He gave money to charities, he fed many people who was hungry, he bought clothes for ones who needed it, he even picked up homeless people and would bring them home and help them back on their feet. See the act of kindness saves other lives in many different ways.

My Papa played Santa every year all around our area. This was part of his charity  work. He would make and purchase toys all year for all the kids he seen that would not be getting any toys if not from him. When I was 12 a man came to him and explained that his wife was 90 years old and on her death bed and had only one wish. That was to have Santa visit her so she could sit on his lap one last time. She loved Christmas and her husband marring her when she was still a teen made sure that she continued in believing in Santa. Even after she had kids her kids got in on the action and every year they helped keep her belief going. Papa got the specifics on his address and names and most important what she liked to collect. Her name was Elizabeth and she loved porcelain dolls. My granny gladly gave up one of her favorite ladies for Elizabeth and off Papa went late in the night to see her. She was so surprised and delighted to see him  she started to cry. She became youthful again managing to get up and sit in my Papa’s lap, chatting about how much she loved him and grateful he had came. Her family was so happy that night as he spent about an hour there with them. The next day her husband called my grandfather and thanked him for all he had done. She did pass away that night, but she did so with a smile on her face. It helped the whole family knowing that she got every single thing she had wanted in life,  plus she had died in and at peace.  That night his kind heart helped a whole family out of thousands heal from a death of a loved one. To them he was their hero.


The Mind of an Addict
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When people think about people who have an addiction to drugs and alcohol, people think of them as weak or that they don’t care. As things continue to progress for them they lose sight of themselves. In the beginning they take that first sip or hit because they are not happy in the reality that they live in. Seeing that things are not where they want it to be and they don’t know how to change it. When that first high or buzz kicks in they start to feel released from the hell that they feel trapped in. Then as they progress in to the addiction they notice that the reality that they were in changes in to something completely different. The original issues start to have seemed small. The problems are no longer disappearing and things that wouldn’t normally bother them, are bigger than life. The only thing left that is faithful in that drug or bottle. The way things progress for them is slow or fast but they don’t see it, only the people on the outside watching them notice the difference. The phrase “Just quit” or “It’s all a choice” are what the loved ones of addicts tend to say, but they don’t realize that for the addict, just stopping isn’t as easy as it sounds. One thing that addicts do not know is how to deal with issues or how to resolve problems that arise without being high or drunk. Emotions for them are difficult to handle. The only emotions that they feel comfortable in is sadness or anger. When they start to come around the thought of getting help its very important for them to have as much support as they can get. Even though their friends and family have been there all along they have felt alone. Through this process they start to learn things about themselves and how to be themselves without that vice. The smallest issue can throw them back in to their problem without hesitation, so for them to know that they have someone to turn to when things go wrong that won’t judge them or minimize the situation, and that their feelings are okay to feel. The process for them to be okay clean is a long and bumpy process so patients is necessary. As long as they learn the coping skills to be okay they will eventually be able to move forward in their lives.

Do you know someone who is going threw this issue? What is your experience?

My First Kiss From My First Love

My First Kiss From My First Love

By: erlymags ( @cely / @lovern )

I got a boyfriend at age 14 ; the guy was 25. He was many years older than me. That time he already had a stable job as a Veterinarian. I met him in our city during his vacation in his uncle’s house. At first I hate to see his face. He was not ugly, but that was the usual action of a young teenager having an older suitor, LOL. He personally introduced himself to me, hehehe and I was so shocked to know someone wanting to know my name and shake my hand. I was so terrified, yet I was so polite to accept his ordeal. That was the beginning of courtship. He sent me card every day, and called me through long distance call twice a week. My parents never knew about Mike’s courtship, they will surely oppose the idea of having a relationship with an older guy. I felt so sorry for my parents for I accepted Mike’s love after three years of courtship. We became lovers and that time I was already 18, still too young and Mike 29, hehehe.

I do not know if I was experimenting, but I fall for him after he showed the ways how a girl falls for a guy; he did triumph to have me his girlfriend. We were so happy and we sang together in phone singing our theme song “My Love Will See You Through.” We sometimes met once a year or once in every two years for 13 years. During his visit, we sat far apart, simply because my father was a military official and always guarding me. He never had a chance to hold my hand and kiss me. I also did not long for his kiss for I was so afraid. My parents were so strict and Mike never gave up.

My parents realized that I was big enough to protect myself, so in the next visit of Mike, we were allowed to sit in our waiting shed very near our stairs. The lights were so dim but we could still see each other’s eyes clearly. My heart started to beat faster when Mike moved closer to me. I was so afraid for I never had other guy in my life. He was my first love and intended to die for it. Then Mike hold my hand and as fast as a thunder, he succeeded to kiss me in my lips. I saw his eyes upon my eyes, and then my father called me. I was so afraid that father might have seen Mike kissing me abruptly but shortly.

Then that evening, I was not able to sleep right away. I still felt the kiss of Mike. That was my first and last kiss with Mike for about 13 years in a relationship with him. We were about to marry that same year when he met an accident. His car was side swept by a ten wheeler and he died on the spot. I almost lost my breath when learned my love left me without coming back. I also wanted to die that moment with him, so painful and hard to accept the reality. With the help of my family and Mike’s family, I was able to move on after three years in sorrow. Until this time, I cannot forget my first love and my first kiss. Our love ended in tragedy. From that time on, my heart was hard as a rock afraid to fall in love again. I been in pain for many years and I still feel my heart aching in dismay of love.

Image Credit to Skyrock

The Minute I Regret the most
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It was a worrisome day like most. Watching Animes and watching Animaniacs. I have been dealing with a deep depression of the mind for years. When something from my fantasy life became too real. Last year fantasy was a little golden. Their was this cute girl I knew. I been a little judgemental to people I knew. A little dramatic. But it’s been a rough few years. I only ask out the girl a few times. But when I wanted to go out, whether for a religious ceremony, or a for a club I want to attend. Should attend. It was evening. And she was smiling and joyful. So happy for me to be out there. Maybe a little tiresome and exhausted. Was she there for me. Probably. And I worry about this too. The terrible separation and limerence set in and cause trouble. I did felt our soul entwine. The best night for luck. The best feeling for feeling. But my mom called and I needed to leave. This is why soldiers join the military. When boys become men. The fate of the male sex. For me and the mood. For my ego kept on living. But my soul cracking. No I don’t deserve her. I don’t deserve life. But yes. She is or was my life. She is or was my reason to live and will be my reason to live. For I am trap between serving my country under an unknow justice after another questionable justice. Finding employment. Becoming relax and alone, taking a break. Or being happy and embracing her help, need, and destiny. Her dreams and wishes. Maybe I was questioning monogamy. Should it be saved for marriage or does it not count. Will I be cheating on a another girl if I take this one. But later I realize they were one and the same. In my causal conversion I made an error. But she still loved and hated me time and time again. Did she have a boyfriend. The most likely answer was that she knew my mom was waiting. Maybe somebody could have taken us home. “do you want to go home with me?” I said in my mind. But I abandon her into the flames. I wasn’t loyal to her. I like any girl I find to allude to her. I never touched her before that night. Just very. And that was longer than a minute. As a hipster fool I abandoned the woman I wanted to have my first sexual, interminate, and human relationship with. But that minute I ran into my mom’s car. She would return, and I did caught her in the act, if it was an act. I was so mean and terrible to her, and she was so gentle and forgiving. I don’t know her. But I know her mind. I may hate her, love her, or be completely neutral with this chick. Maybe the great limerence won’t last, lsuch as the case the Roman empire. Not all things on our earthly realm last for ever. But maybe our fate is sealed for together. Or part alast to the sea of new waves and holy spirits.   


All About Me: The Age Of Entitlement
me me me epidemic

Parents these days are doing more harm than good. We are raising our children to have what I like to call the “Entitlement Syndrome.” Being entitled in this sense means: “the belief that one is inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment.” And parents don’t see that they are fueling this “Me, Me, Me Epidemic.”

Imagine this: A wonderful, newly mother is walking through the store with her 4 year old daughter or son, and the child has been asking the mother for toys and other assortments of items. The mother, of course, lets the child have what he wants. But, as soon as the mother realizes that the amount at the register is more than she can spend, she starts to head to the check out lines. The child then asks mom for another toy. The mother says, “No, pumpkin. That’s enough for today.”

The child then has a screaming fit, yelling and kicking the mother, saying how much she hates her. The mother being embarrassed for herself, gives in to her daughter/son. Right there, is a major flaw in today. Parents give in too easily. Children expect to be bought things anymore without doing any work for it.

A child needs to be taught to appreciate what it given to them, and what they have. There is a difference between a want, and a need. It’s the age of entitlement. Instead of a parent raising their child, the child is raising the parent. It’s quite sad to see what today has become, but we can put our foot down, and teach our kids the way they need to be brought up.  Self respect, respect for others, kindness, a gentle hand, discipline, and many more other qualities should be taught to our children.

We are the biggest influences on our children besides their peers. If we all raise our children with qualities not resembling entitlement,  our kids will be surrounded by children who were all taught the same way. No child is above the other, and no child is entitled to everything they want.

What Pets Do We Have In The House?

My kids love pets. I have 5 children and the three youngest are so inclined in taking care of the pets in the house. You can say we have a mini zoo because their numbers are growing. Except the eldest male who is 17 now and eldest female who is 15 years, all the three are fond of caring the pets.

photo is mine

photo is mine

My children; Bojong is 13 years old, Jaeden is 10 years old and Lian, the youngest 7 years old now. The influence could be from my wife who really wanted to have pets in the house.

So what are the pets we have and what are their names.

  1. The dog is not a surprise because only few homes don’t have dogs as pet. Before the other pets came, dogs are already in the rules. The dogs rule the hearts of the family. Our dogs now include the aging Galema who is a pure white hair and not so romantic to us. The other one is Happy—a gray-haired dog that really look. When she was small, she is so serious looking dog.
  2. My wife requested for rabbits and so Balooney and Teego came. Balooney—pure white female rabbit and Teego—an orange male rabbit who is so romantic to Balooney.
  3. The mother is named Phili because she is choosy on her foods. Her baby boy is almost two months old named Nigel. Nigel now the favorite pet in the house. She is pampered not only with milk but also with hugs and kisses.
  4. She is Chichirya or Chichi for short (as I call her).—a baby cat that my son Jaeden brought to home. I don’t where she get the kitten but she is not only well-loved by the kids but also the favorite playmate of our dog Happy.
  5. We have three pigeons now with names Graciel, Nico and Bluebar. The three kids have their own pigeon. And soon it will multiply because I saw an egg in their house.

What so important with my kids is that they are responsible enough to take care of their pets. They feed them, give them water and provided them with love and affection.###

What I will always love about you is…
  1. tHolding me tightly
  2. saying I love you
  3. wanting to be there
  4. kissing my soft lips
  5. showing you care
  6. thinking of you all the time
  7. hoping you are okay
  8. opening the door
  9. helping with house and kids
  10. what more could I say?
  11. The smile
  12. the love
  13. personality
  14. moods
  15. everything about you
  16. breath
  17. smell
  18. kindness
  19. lovely
  20. emotions
  21. angiriness
  22. thebway you walk
  23. the way you talk
  24.   The way that you will make fun of this article because when I tell you the story behind it I only wrote it in voted just to try to make more money and it wouldn’t let me submit it because it’s not long enough so I figured I could just ramble on about a lot of things and makes no sense at this moment  so anyone that reads this if it makes no sense I’m sorry I wonder how many of you try to write an article and let you enough because it’s not long enough so you just decide to put whatever you want to on here just to try to make the money

you couldn’t change yourself. You work hard, you love hard, you care. No matter how many times I screw up I am sorry. You are my everything. As we continue to grow in numbers we see the flaws and try to make them perfect. But that’s not going to happen. We need those mistakes to help us grow together and love one another in ones eyes. We see who we are and what we have become. Nothing can tear us apart. 💕🤗👶😊😭😏😅😕🤣😄👋😴💺😳👏👌😂😁❤️😝😒😄😁😆😒😃😀😃😝👊this is all the emotions we face. As I see the future and our children’s eyes I want them to have a better life but do you have just of the greatest I relationship as I have nothing changed on us I love you with all my ❤️. The way you drive me around everywhere in the way that you really do care I could have used anywhere I would love you everywhere.  I’ll never hold a secret from you. Anybody else has a love that is so sweet so kind and so generous  And that you would do anything for you? I didn’t think that I could ever run out of things to say about you but apparently I have believe this is long enough and then I will let you read it because you are everything to me  and I hope that you like it .

United Nations Commission on the Status of Women

The Commission on the Status of Women (CSW or UNCSW) is a functional commission of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), one of the main UN organs within the United Nations. CSW has been described as the UN organ promoting gender equality and the empowerment of women.[1] Every year, representatives of Member States gather at United Nations Headquarters in New York to evaluate progress on gender equality, identify challenges, set global standards and formulate concrete policies to promote gender equality and advancement of women worldwide. In April 2017, ECOSOC elected 13 new members to CSW for a four-year term 2018–2022.[2] One of the new members is Saudi Arabia, which has been criticised for its treatment of women.

UN agencies actively followed their mandates to bring women into development approaches and programs and conferences. Women participate at the prepcoms, design strategy, hold caucus meetings, network about the various agenda items being negotiated in various committees, and work as informed lobbyists at conferences themselves. The CSW is one of the commissions of the UN that do not limit participation to states only. For example, NGOs are also allowed to participate in sessions of the CSW, attending caucuses and panels and organizing their own parallel events through the NGO Committee on the Status of Women, NY (NGO CSW/NY).[3] This is particularly important for contested territories such as Taiwan, which is not a member of the UN. In the past few years, NGOs from Taiwan (such as the National Alliance of Taiwan Women’s Associations) have been able to participate in the CSW sessions.

CSW consists of one representative from each of the 45 Member States elected by ECOSOC on the basis of equitable geographical distribution: 13 members from Africa; 11 from Asia; 9 from Latin America and Caribbean; 8 from Western Europe and other States and 4 from Eastern Europe. Members are elected for four-year terms. Among its activities, the CSW has drafted several conventions and declarations, including the Declaration on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women in 1967 and women-focused agencies such as UNIFEM and INSTRAW. The Commission’s priority theme for its 57th session, March 2013 was the elimination and prevention of all forms of violence against women and girls. Ahead of that an Expert Group Meeting (EGM): prevention of violence against women and girls was held in Bangkok, Thailand, from 17 to 20 September 2012.
The Bureau of CSW plays an important role in the preparation for, and in ensuring that the annual sessions of CSW are successful. Bureau members serve for two years.
The UNCSW was established in 1946 as a mechanism to promote, report on and monitor issues relating to the political, economic, civil, social and educational rights of women. It was a unique official structure for drawing attention to women’s concerns and leadership within the UN. UNCSW first met at Lake Success, New York, in February 1947. All 15 government representatives were women, which distinguished UNCSW from other UN movements, and UNCSW has continued to maintain a majority of women delegates. During its first session, the Commission declared as one of its guiding principles:

to raise the status of women, irrespective of nationality, race, language or religion, to equality with men in all fields of human enterprise, and to eliminate all discrimination against women in the provisions of statutory law, in legal maxims or rules, or in interpretation of customary law.

One of UNCSW’s first tasks was to contribute to the drafting of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Commission members inserted gender-sensitive language — arguing against references to “men” as a synonym for humanity and phrases like “men are brothers.” They received resistance from members of the Commission on Human Rights, but succeeded in introducing new, inclusive language.

Fifteen original members of CSW Edit
Jessie Mary Grey Street, Australia
Evdokia Uralova, Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic
Way Sung New, People’s Republic of China
Graciela Morales F. de Echeverria, Costa Rica
Bodil Begtrup, Denmark
Marie-Hélène Lefaucheux, France
Sara Basterrechea Ramirez, Guatemala
Shareefah Hamid Ali, India
Amalia C de Castillo Ledon, Mexico
Alice Kandalft Cosma, Syria
Mihri Pektas, Turkey
Elizavieta Alekseevna Popova, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Mary Sutherland, United Kingdom
Dorothy Kenyon, US
Isabel de Urdaneta, Venezuela
Reproductive rights and the Commission Edit
Early Work and CEDAW Edit
The Commission began working after its founding in 1946 to directly introduce women’s rights to the international arena.[6] This was achieved through a variety of means, most commonly through attempts to collect data that showed discrimination occurring against women.[6] In conjunction with the emerging global women’s movement, the UN and the CSW named 1976 through 1985 the United Nations Decade for Women. During this time, reproductive rights were included in the central action of the Commission, the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) which entered into force in 1981.[6] This convention stipulated that with regards to reproductive rights, reproduction “should not be a basis for discrimination”.[7] It also acknowledges the social implications of motherhood, and states that childcare and maternity protection are integral rights and should be extended to all realms of the lives of women.[7] CEDAW is the only international human rights treaty that overtly references family planning. It states that it is a human right for women “to decide freely and responsibly on the number and spacing of their children and to hove access to the information, education and means to enable them to exercise these rights”, and any state party to the treaty is required to provide education on family planning and reproductive rights, including various forms of contraception.[7][8] Forced abortion or sterilization constitute violations to the treaty.[8] The United States has failed to ratify CEDAW.[9] In addition to CEDAW, the CSW has undertaken several other efforts to address reproductive rights.Throughout this time, the Commission hosted four global conferences on women to address issues including reproductive rights.[10] The locations were Mexico City in 1975, Copenhagen in 1980, and Nairobi in 1985.[10]

Fourth World Conference on Women and Beijing Platform for Action Edit
In 1995, the Commission held the Fourth World Conference for Action, better known as the 1995 Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action.[11] This followed three other conferences addressing the needs and rights of women around the world.[12] The Beijing Platform has been hailed by the Center for Reproductive Rights as “the most comprehensive articulation of international commitments related to women’s human rights.” [13] It places a special emphasis on reproductive rights through its legislation regarding family planning, which states that it is the right of all women “to be informed and to have access to safe, effective, affordable and acceptable methods of family planning of their choice, as well as other methods of their choice for regulation of fertility which are not against the law.”[14] Specifically, the Platform urges state governments to reevaluate punitive measures placed on abortion, provide family planning and a range of contraceptives as alternatives to abortion as well as quality abortion after care.[14] The Platform also presents a safe, healthy pregnancy as a human right which is to be attained through quality resources and healthcare available to all women regardless of economic status.[14] Some scholars have argued that the Platform served to complicate issues of adolescent sexual care and complications resulting from HIV and AIDS.[12]

Reproductive Rights in the Twenty First Century Edit
Since the new millennium, the CSW has also taken action to integrate reproductive rights into the international arena through the creation of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), specifically goal 5, which is achieving universal access to reproductive health. In 2005, the UN added a provision to MDG 5 which aimed to “achieve, by 2015, universal access to reproductive health,” determined by the prevalence of contraceptives, adolescent birth rates, the use of prenatal care, and the failure to access family planning methods.[15] The agreements published from the 57th session in 2013 of the CSW also mentions the importance of reproductive rights as human rights and access to safe reproductive care as a means to resolve violence against women. The Declaration also understands this care as a means of prevention of future violence, acknowledges systematic factors and how they influence care and reproductive rights.[16] More recently, the CSW reaffirmed their prioritization of their sexual education, reproductive rights, and reproductive justice for all women including the use of modern family planning options (including a range of contraceptive options) through publishing their 2014 Declaration of Agreements.