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Can childhood vaccinations cause Autism

This topic is always a touchy subject, because some people have extremely strong feelings toward vaccinations. I made the choice to vaccinate my child, he was going to be in daycare and I work in the medical field so it just made sense to be cautious. With my next child however, I may rethink about having him or her vaccinated with MMR. Your see educating ourselves with this controversy can change your stance. Things that I have found are that the National Vaccine Insurance Compensation Program awarded Hannah Polling 1.5 million dollars, quote “for vaccines role in her autism”. First of all why is there a company named “National Vaccine Compensation Program” if the vaccine company denies vaccines being related to autism? A man named William Thompson works for the Center of Disease Control, he reassessed a study completed by other researchers (names are not provided) on autism and vaccines. This study the unknown researchers completed supported the clinical view of autism not being related to vaccines. He found that their conclusions were in fact wrong. He found that in fact their conclusions were wrong, he found relation to African american boys who received the MMR vaccine before 36 months of age having higher rates of reported autism. Another thing that caught my attention was that the Institute of Medicine in 1999 suggested that thimerosal should be removed form all vaccines due to autism reports. Ironic enough thimerosal is still being given to children as young as six months old.

It is necessary to point out the judgement Mothers and Fathers receive if they choose to not vaccinate their children. I mean what is our number one job as a parent? To protect and love our children, right? So why do medical professionals become so rude and judgmental when people choose to be the outcast and not vaccinate. This includes myself, so many times I would judge parents on their choice. The truth is, parents who choose to not vaccine understand that their child is not allowed in day cares and not even allowed in school if they are not given specific vaccinations.

I personally choose to vaccinate my son for the safety of himself and other children he encounters with, but I will think again before saying yes to MMR and vaccinations with thimerosol.

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Remember the Movie & Song Lean on me??

How many can we depend on? It seems as though the very ones we may expect to depend on aren’t very dependable at all. Of course we shouldn’t be dependent upon individuals but when times are tough there should be at least one person we’re able to turn to. For some it may “appear” as if they’re all alone. Every person needs a good friend, a comforter, a person who’s willing to listen. Not all will take the time to be a good friend. There are some who will have conditions on their friendship.

To be able to lean on a person is a blessing. For so many they’ve been betrayed and no longer trust any individuals to be a friend or more. We should all trust at least one person and although it may be difficult to do due to past “experiences.” There has to be a point of trust. Not all are willing to put their trust in any person but after awhile we’ll find that there will be at least one willing to build a friendship. Some have lost so many friends along the way. Losing a good friend is difficult. Some friends are relatives as well.

What a reminder of a special cousin who was shot and killed. Of course he was considered more than a friend, cousin, he was like a brother. No sibling so the bond we “developed” was unbreakable. Just thinking about the smile he projected and how giving he was. So sad that his life was cut so short. It’s difficult to think that his presence here will never be again. The good memories are what keeps my days brighter. “To ask God why Such a Young Life was Taken so Soon Isn’t What God Would Want to Hear but I’ve Questioned Before.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

Trying to hold back tears is one of the most difficult things to do. The lost seems to be as if it was yesterday. So that’s why we should cherish good friends and the ones who are near and dear. There are some of course who will betray and then we’ll want to just run away from their presence. My cousin was one I (Tanikka Paulk) could never turn away. “At least his memory will live on.” So many have left the same way my dear cousin left. So many relatives shot and killed but for what?

Cherishing every spoken word to the one’s we love is so important. Some nights are filled with thoughts it’s as if the tragedy happened recently. I’m still seeing his lifeless body laying in the casket as I (Tanikka Paulk) sat next to the casket unwilling to move. Not understanding how any can take a life and especially one so young. Some may say that time heals the wounds but there will be times when the emotions run deep. Perhaps some memory pops into our “memory” banks and then the tears roll down.

Some may never find a true earthly friend but at least there’s always God and His son Jesus Christ. When the troubles roll in there is hope, a time of in depth “prayer,” moments of silence. So many have spoken words in which can never be taken back and yes we’ll regret what was and may in the future be said but the important is taking the time to ask for forgiveness. Some have lost friendships because of misunderstandings and instilled ways. The good ones should be cherished.

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Stop Pretending this is the new norm

Single Mothers. Its been turned into the newest, hottest, most acceptable “fad”. Here’s the truth, I became a mother ON my 18th birthday. I didn’t have a clue what I was doing, I was scared, alone, and pretending to be fine. I wasn’t. I’m not. Being a single mother isn’t “cool”, it’s not something to be proud of, it’s not what we as little girls dream of becoming….but it happens. People leave, people choose to walk away from their spouse, from their children, from responsibilities. We are alone 98% of the time with people either trying to make us feel better or worse. I’m scared every day that I’m making the wrong choices, not just for me but for these little humans I created. I don’t ever want to let them down, but I know I have, and I probably will again. And you know what? That’s okay! As long as when we fall we get back up, I may not have dreamed of being a single mom, however, I am damn Proud of those 3 little souls who make me better than I was the day before. I wish I had a partner there to help me tuck them in, to hold them when they cry, or are hurt, or are sick. I don’t, and sometimes I break. Not just for them, but for me. Some days I don’t know how to be strong, but I never, ever stop trying. Maybe I watched too much Disney growing up, but this isn’t the life I would want, this isn’t the life I want for them either. It’s the one we have though, and I’m going to make damn sure to make the most of it, and pray that when they are old enough to have families of their own, that they find people who will stay. Because being a parent is hard enough as it is, without going it alone. Either way, I will always love them. I will always be proud of them. And I will always be THERE for them.

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The worst move ever in my life!

About 2 years my family was moving from one city to another. It was about a 30 min drive from our old house to our new house. We had been working all day for the past 2 days and thing were getting exhausting. It was my mom my 3 younger sisters and my younger brother but nobody was really moving anything but my mom and i so we grew really frustrated. It was just me and her both woman and we had a lot of heavy stuff but no man to help lift it. Later that night on the second day we finally had the last load in the uhaul and were ready to get it into the new house so we could drop the uhaul off. We were riding along and it was about midnight. I had my arm out the window because i was smoking a cigarette when All of a sudden i felt something land on my arm…. Now it dark so i cant see but i have a good idea of what it is… Its kinda big but really slimy. It has four legs because i can feel them gripping my arm and all i can think about is this thing on my arm and i dont want it to lick me… Now we are driving so i cant really get out and scream run and fall to the ground like i want to. Its dark so i couldnt see what i was doing if i wanted to do all that and im just sick to my stomach thinking about it. My mom who is driving is laughing her tail off while i wail my arm out the window trying to get this thing off of me… Finally it jumps off my arm thank God and my heart is still racing like crazy… I didnt think that after working so hard and being so close to being done that i would have to deal with this thing on me. Lol needless to say im more cautious when sticking limbs out the window…
What is your most disgusting memory? Who all was involved and how did you over come it?

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Why talking texting and driving dont mix!

About 2 years ago it was a nice sunny day. It was a day to look forward to because my niece was in ballet and was doing swan lake that day which was a big thing. I had to pick my dad up and run him around to take care of some business but itd gotten so late that before i was able to drop him off at home it was time to pick my niece up from her rehearsal and take her to her actual performance. I was 33 weeks pregnant and exhausted out of my mind. I was driving along with my dad and a car that was in front of me stopped… I stopped and also the lady behind me. Well after looking in my rear view and seeing that the lady behind me stopped i put my focus back onto the car in front of me which just turned on the left turn signal…. All of a sudden i feel what seems to be 2 big punches to the back of my head. Im confused because its just me and my dad and also because everyone has been stopped. I then realize the car that was behind me isnt just behind me anymore… Its completly reared to my end. I start to panic i get out to try and put 2 and 2 together and realized that there was a 4th car. I also realize that the car that reared me had a woman driver in it who was also pregnant and big as a house. The people in the front of me are in an old buick but they are mad because they just brought the car and it has damage….mind you theres 2 pregnant people ready to pop and all they can think about is this old rusty car. Finally the lady gets out of her car as the community officers that witnessed the accident are checking to make sure everyone is ok. The woman gets out of her car still talking on the phone and she says …..ok i can see this is all my fault… Im so mad at this point because im literally 2 blocks away from my nieces school i now need to go to the e.r because i was wearing my seatbelt and when the crash happened the seatbelt had pulled really hard on my stomach and this lady has no care in the world but to finish her conversation and she started the 4 car pile up on her phone in the first place. We sit and wait on the ambulance which finally comes and takes me to the e.r… After 4 hours i was released from the hospital and was suffering from more than just a seatbelt stomach ache. I have missed my nieces performance and now im in pain and the only plus is my car is ok. After the accident i started suffering from severe back pain which seems to get worse by the day even today. I also started having panic attacks and had to be medicated… I also later found out that the woman behind me was also 33 weeks pregnant but chose not to get checked out. Hopefully her baby was ok because her car and the car that caused the accident were completley totaled.
My point is that when you are driving and texting or driving and talking on your phone you risk peoples lives. Im grateful im alive and i didnt have any kids with me but i would give almost anything to make this pain go away. So how many of you were in an accident? What happened? Who was at fault and do you suffer from any injuries?

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Thanksgiving dinner! A blessing or a disaster?

Back when i was in my early 20s, all my siblings and i lived with my mother including my son who was about a year old. It was thanksgiving day and i was ready to have a great day seeing that thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I get up with my son and start to get ready. I have really curly hair and it takes forever to straighten so i decide to flat iron my hair roll it in a light bun and get into the shower. Im in the shower minding my own business and my sister who is a yr and 3 months younger then me comes in and dumps a whole bunch of water over the shower. Omg i was so mad. It was gonna take me forever to restraighten it. My whole head was soaked. I finish washing up and get out the shower still wanting to choke the mess out of her. I decide to just wear my hair curly but still angry i needed to take a walk. I get dressed fix my hair and walk to the park which was literally half a block down from my moms house. I sit and listen to my music on my phone because it calms me down and relaxes me. My mom calls to tell me that everyones waiting on me to come back so we could eat and so i start to walk back home. I get there sit to the table we all pray and start to eat. My little sister is about 9 and is sitting across from me. Her and my little brother are in love with hot sauce but it wasnt on the table so she had to get up and get it. Not my mom has these rolly chairs and the seat moves around and leans back. My sister gets the hot sauce and comes to get back in her chair. When she went to sit down she must have leaned to much to the right and came down out her chair…. Omg it was like slow motion and as she was coming down she was like …uggggh not my fault. I was dying it was so funny. It definatly took my mind off of being mad about my hair. I was still thankful for family.
What is one of your funniest experiences on a holiday? What are you thankful for? Comment below.

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No frogs please!!!!! Ive had enough!!!

So about 2 years ago i was living with my mom. She had wanted to buy a pool and a jacuzzie for the family. We set up the pool first because it was bigger then the jacuzzie. We got the pool set up and started to fill the water and then started to set up her hot tub. We got everything set up and for weeks we all had a blast. The kids played in the pool during the day and the adults relaxed in it with wine coolers when the kids went to bed. It was our reward for making our back yard our new found paradise. We had been working in it for weeks building a trench and a garden area.
After about a month of having it, the pool turned green. Not only did it turn green but there were frogs in there!!!!!! Tadpoles by the thousands!!! We had to clean it but how? Well my mom has a hose for her fishtank and it connect to the faucets and either drains or fill a fish tank. We hook that up to the faucet outside and let the water drain…. Now the pool has a drain but nobody wants to get in and pool the plug because its green and it has frogs and frog babies.lol. finally the pool drains completly but the frogs still think its home and its hot outside and is making the tadpoles dry up on the pool floor and walls… Omg i was so disgusted im terrified of these creatures due to a previous experience i had when we were driving and one randomly jummped on my arm. All i could do was look at there slime and remember that night… So we start spraying the frogs with the water hose and they eventually jump out the pool. We decide the best thing to do is fill the pool so only enough water is in there for us to get in and suck up the baby frogs with the fish tank hose. They were under and around my feet and i was so sick to my stomach….mind you im pregnant about 6 months. So we are about done we got all the baby frogs out and we are cleaning and scrubbing the pool walls and floor because it was a green tint from all the algae and water. Im on one end of the pool my mom on another and we are just cleaning and minding our business when all of a sudden i see what i thought was a leave like falling from the tree branch that is hanging above us. I then here what sounds like a sticky slap and it lands just perfectly in the center of the pool. Well my mom is on the side where the ladder to get out is and im trying to figure out how the heck to get out because either way i have to go around this frog. Omg i thought my troubles were over and now im face to face with this nasty thing…lol not only that but my mom almost out and im pregnant and stuck in the most scariest position ever… Omg i cant stop laughing now. Any ways my moms out abd shes cracking up because im completley bout to lose it if somebody doesnt come save me quick. Needless to say after realozing he wasnt going any where i decided to run/slide past him and pray it works out. I got to the other side and climbed up the ladder so fast…omg im so glad the pool wasnt full of water when he landed in there…i probably would have had a heart attack.
What creatures terrify you and whats your most scariest memory of them? Comment below.. Bye yall

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When playing groundies……watch out for this!

So about 2 years ago we decided to go to the park and play groundies. Now im 30 years old and have 3 younger sister and a younger brother. I have never even heard the game groundies let alone played it… They explain the rules are simple. All you have to do is 1 person counts while everyone else hides. If the person counting finishes and says groundies, whoever is on the ground is it automatically. At this point im like this might actually be fun. So at the time i was about 6 months pregnant and was in fear i wouldnt be able to run so fast. My little sister gets to counting and the rest of us run and hide. She turns around after finishing her count and we are all trying to figure out how to get to the base without touching the ground for she can call groundies at any time. Lol. So she goes toward the direction we are in and then starts looking in all the equipment. When she gets about 10 ft away from us ….we haul tail laughing and trying to get to another piece of equipment before she yells groundies. We play as it starts to get dark. Now we have been playing for awhile and the sun is almost all the way down. We decide its time to head home because its late but not before playing one last round of groundies….its addicting… Anyway my brother ended up being it this last round and when he got done with his count we again haul tail trying to make it to base, only its dark now so you cant really see the bars that are here and there around the park. He starts to chase my sister and all i could hear was a bluhhh sound. She literally just ran into this low bar with her neck. At this point i feel bad but what i heard and saw was so funny i couldnt focus anymore. Not 2 sec after she ran into the bar and gave up my 5 year old niece is now the victim and she runs into another low bar with her forehead. Needless to say we all quit the game because obviously its not safe to play at night and it was late.
How many of you have went to the park and played games like this? What games do you like to play when theres a bunch of you together? Whats your funniest memory?

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When enough is enough….what do you do?

The other night im sitting in my bed and i have my two year old with me. Im trying to cuddle him to sleep but he hears the older kids playing so hes all riled up. Because im trying to get everyone calmed down and asleep so i can relax and go to bed, i put a baby gate up in front of my door so my two year old will stop trying to run out the room to get to the other kids. Already im frustrated because the other kids are so loud theyve got my toddler wide awake so instead of it only taking 5 to 10 mins to get him asleep ive been running after him and trying to cuddle for the last 30 mins. So i put the baby gate up grabbed him one last time and got back into my bed…. Not 2 sec after sitting down my four year old is in the doorway talking about she wants in.im like omg this kid is never going back to sleep… I get up get ready to lift her over and midway shes like mom mom mom hold on i think my brothers calling me. So im like listen im not getting back up to pull you over the gate again im trying to put your brother to sleep. So shes like ok mom so i let her go and she ran into her brothers room. I lay back on the bed with my 2 year old try to get him to sleep again. The moment i lay down and start cuddling with my son my 4 year old comes back to the doorway talking about she wants in she wants in… So now im like oh my freaking gosh…lol i get up to bring her over and she like wait i need my drink im like please hurry up im trying to get your brother to sleep. So i sit down and wait for her and when she comes back we start again… I get her mid way over and she like no no no mommy.i pull her all the way over. She falls to the floor and starts crying. Im like dude what is wrong with you…shes like i was trying to get out… Dude you werent even in…lol
Have any of your kids did anything nerve wrecking? If so what did they do and how did u handle the situation? Post in the comments. By yall

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Kids will be kids but you gotta love em!!!!

So last night im sitting in the living room watching power and my one of my 8 yr old came down stairs and told me that my one yr old put beads in the toilet….now i have 5 kids plus my neice all day everyday so im pretty worn out and really just started to relax and ease my mind. So im like ok after this everyones getting back in the bed…. I go upstairs toward the bathroom and see my 2 year old neice on her way in so i tell her to go out and i continue my way into the bathroom….. My 2 yr old is on one side of the toilet. My 4 yr old standing in front of the toilet and my 1 yr old on the other side of the toilet. They are all surrounding the toilet and looking inside of it all bent over in concentration. I walk over to the toilet scared of what im about to see… We keep our hair beads in ziploc bags so im thinking im gonna find those in there and its gonna be a big mess. To my surprise there was one single bead in the toilet and had notice it was sitting on a pile of #2….one they found earlier when they thought itd b a great idea to have a bead fight… So i told my daughter that she already went and asked her why she didnt just flush the toilet….she looks at me with the saddest face ever and says in the most whinniest voice i ever heard…. But mom i still have to go to the bathroom….im like ok well then go….again with the voice she says….but i have to poop and i cant poop on that bead …… Omg i was cracking up…. I have no idea where my kids come up with this stuff but it is truly hilarious….. Although i was tired and just wanted to have my me time and it was interrupted atleast i gotta good laugh before bed.

Do any of you have kids or experiences with kids like this… If so how many kids do you have and how old…. Whats the funniest thing you child has done in the comment section.

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