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My love for you is the best of me; a random letter/poem

I wish you could see the love I feel and not what you may how much you may fell I do,
My love for you is much stronger then you even can describe; My love you for never a thought.
If I was ask by you why not?
I am going to say the things that make me know I love you.
1. We I love at you I got to remember to breath; even after 6 years
2. The thoughts I get when I see a girls smile and it is not at me( ohhhhhhhhhh YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW WHAT I AM THINK ABOUT THAT!) 😉
3. The pain I feel when you fall out of you wheelchair is real to me.
4. My thoughts always seem to return to you even if my thoughts are random.
5. My effort in putting my all in us is All my effort
I thought all my life came to how you even can tell you love a person? Not some one you knew forever but someone you met in the world and have a connection.
I have done so many crazy things and all of them were just because I love with everything in me.
Love is putting everything and never expecting nothing. Love is pain and tears,but together. Love is the fear of not having them their when you wake up.
Love is that in any moment if need be I would protect you at all cost.
Love to me is that before we met I never cried at the said sappy parts of most movies, after….. well I cry like a baby and I do not even mind because you are right there.
Love is me feeling only safe if you are there with me ; even though we know I am no wimp
Love is feeling alone unless you are with me.

Have You Said ‘l Love You’ To Your Mother Today?
lisa baluarte

Hey, it’s mother’s day today. Have you said I Love You to your mother? Yeah, just that simple words to speak to your mother. Simple and easy, say I Love You, that’s it.

photo is mine

photo is mine

I know some of you (of us) find its so kiddy or corny to speak these words to our mothers. Not all of us because there are some of us who can easily speak the words with the tightest hugs and the sweetest kiss. But there are daughters and sons who find it hard to let their mother hear these magical words.

Okay, you can’t. But you can still show your greatest love without the words especially today that we celebrate the mother’s day. It’s special day for them and let them feel how you love her, care for her and treasure her. You can do it many ways.

  1. Give her a rose flower. You don’t need to give it face to face. You may just put the flower in the kitchen matching with few notes.
  2. Cook her favorite food. Of course you know her favorite dish. Your recipe might not be the most delicious but surely it will be once you serve her table.
  3. Invite her for a date. Anywhere, like in cinemas, fastfood chain, in the beach or in the park and then buy her ice cream.
  4. Buy her favorite dress. Don’t ask what her size is, just buy it, she’ll like it. The most important thing to her is that you give her a gift.
  5. Give her a manicure/pedicure or bring her to beauty salon. Make her the most beautiful woman of this day by rebonding her hair, massage, foot spa, eye shadow or lip shiner.
  6. Do her job for a day. You know the laundry, cooking of meals, cleaning the house and watering the plants—do her job and she’ll like it.

There are many ways we can do to make her feel very important to you. Ways you can make like kissing, hugging and singing with her.

I once read a quote about mother that said, “God cannot take care all of us—so He created mother.”###

On That Special Day Of My Mother

Happy mother’s day, belated happy birthday, and thank you, mom, these are just a few of the best words that I could say to my mother on this special day of her life. With my unending gratefulness of having her as my mom, I take my time to write something about her.

First, I want to tell you of how great this woman is, my mother. She can do everything for our family. I can still remember that during my childhood days, she is always there to guide me in everything that I do. She gave me advices as I am growing up. Every weekend in our house, she and my dad always gathered us with my siblings to share the Words of God. They always encourage us to feed our spiritual life with God’s words. My mother is a woman who can work in the field or in the garden. Back when I was still in my elementary grade, my mom is working as a Day Care teacher and on weekends or if there is no class, she is working with my dad in the garden while taking care of us, her children. That is how hardworking she is. In my studies, I can say that she is my inspiration. When I was still studying, she is always checking me if “how was my studies?” By just asking that question, it boosted me up to do more in school. That is how great she is.

Problem! Yes, the problem to the family is always there. I am not ashamed that my mother and father are separated. Yes, they are. They parted their ways about a few years ago. That time, my heart was in real pain. It is not just because I want the way of life we used to be as a family but I want my little sisters and brother feel more the happiness I felt during the times I was growing old with the both of our parents. Although, it took me some years before the pain in my heart healed. I also understand the situation that my parents went through and I still appreciate them. They still manage to be friends for the sake of us, their children. After their separation, I was more amazed how strong my mother was. She became more successful as a businesswoman, opens her own health center, and even had a branch. She provides every financial that my little siblings needed including me. And not only the material things but most of all the unending love and the emotional as well as the spiritual supports she gave that matters.

Did we have a smooth relationship as mother-daughter? I can say yes but no. There were times where we misunderstood each other. There were times where I disobeyed her. There were times where I hurt her feelings because of my bad decisions in life. But despite those, she is still there standing beside me. She is still guiding me throughout the way, that no matter how bad my decisions are, she is telling me how to make those bad decisions into a great one.

Now, she turned to her 47th birthday last April 18. I wish her the best. I wish her long life to live so we could spend more time with her doing good memories and having all the best moment that we could. I cannot say directly to her how much I love her but I know that she can feel it through my actions. And so, this mother’s day, I want to say “Mom, you are the best mother in the world.”

You are great! When I was to be born again, I still want you to be my mother.

People may say bad things on your back, but still, I will choose you and stand before you as you stand before me in times that I am weak.

People may laugh at you because of the sad things happened to you but I will still hold you as you hold me to stand during that time I am on my knees because of so much pain.

Mom, these maybe very late but it took me some time to make sure that all the best words that suit you are written here. Again Happy birthday and Happy mother’s day.


When You Don’t Know Your Mind has been ‘Poisoned’
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A particular lady was very important.  She was highly respected and her attendance was virtually demanded at many prestigious functions.

The shock of this story was when someone who was quite impressed with this lady happened to meet her children.

The children were grown and none of them was anything.   They were totally ignorable failures.

When the someone realised who they were and began to gush about their mother, they showed nauseous faces.   To them, their mother was nothing.  Nobody.

They didn’t like their mother, they weren’t interested in her, and yet none of them could really say anything about her that would explain it.

The puzzle continued until the Lady explained how, when they were growing up, the father’s sister poisoned their minds against their mother.   The Aunt despised the Mother and told the children many untruths and twisted facts, so that at a very young age they were turned against their mother.

Nothing the Lady could do through out their lives moved her children from their dislike and she gave up when they were in their late teens and went on with her life and left them to flop through theirs.

This is not an unusual story, for sharing it one evening, I heard a very similar tale.

A woman had married, had two sons, then divorced.   To avoid having a custody battle the sons were sent to his mother who had some property and could afford to give them the best while they worked out their lives.

After all, a divorce is rather traumatic for young children, and stability is important, and the parents thought they were doing the right thing.

Subsequently both the ex husband and the ex wife married others and had children with their 2nd spouse.

Although both of them, that is the mother and father, tried, at different times to take the children, the grand mother put up a barrier and so, they went on with their lives.

Now the 2nd relationships were more successful, and the child the mother had with husband two got everything, went every where, had a fine life.

When she was about nine she met her brothers for the first time, and then, when she was sixteen she went to visit them.

The boys worked hard to poison that little girl against her mother and succeeded. The daughter was never the same, and for the next twenty years was virtually anti Mama.

She had no reason to resent her mother, she’d grown with her, she’d had a fine life, but, her half brothers put every atom of their being into pretending they liked her only to distort her perceptions so that her relationship with her mother was spoiled.

The sons, resenting the fact that the half sister ‘had’ their mother did all they could to ruin the relationship, and took joy in it.   The half sister never realised she was a pawn.

If she woke up one morning and was able to unravel all the tricks and lies that her half brothers had told her, she could have a wonderful relationship with her mother.

But, when your mind is poisoned there is rarely a cure.

Making repeated mistakes in relationship.

Have you heard saying that women and men are from different planets. It may sound banal, but there is some truth, especially when it comes to differences of men and women thoughts and behaviors in their relationships. However, both women and men make mistakes. Every human makes mistakes. The trouble is that most of the mistakes we cannot rectify. Because a large proportion of mistakes are being made in relationships.

It is often said that if a person made mistake once, it is necessary to allow him to improve, but if he made a second mistake – this is not a mistake, but a choice. Do you support this idea? Mistakes are part of our lives. Everyone was wrong at least once. It’s not important how often we make mistakes, but if we are able to learn from those mistakes.

Sometimes living as a couple, people perceive differently, what is the mistake in relationship. Mistake maybe is a little too strong word, perhaps more would fit word behavior that is unacceptable to another person. If we want to maintain long-term relationships, we strive not to repeat what our partner does not like.

I think, in such situations could help open conversations. We can tell a person what we consider as unpleasant and unacceptable in mutual relations and jointly decide how it can be corrected. It is important for people to hear each other.

If unacceptable behavior is, however, repeated in the future, you should consider whether the partner shall take into account your needs, whether it is important for him that in the relations both of you would feel good. If partners do not pay attention to each other’s needs, hardly their relationship will become successful. Also, you should think about whether you will be able to live with someone whose behavior is unacceptable and the low probability that it will be different. Sometimes in the relations, partner’s mistakes remains as grievances, which hinder open and sincere relationship in the future.


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When Planning for Reunion, Plan Earlier to Avoid Problems

My photo of a seashore

My husband’s siblings planned a family reunion for the next weekend and they chose it to be held in a resort so everyone can have swimming moments at the pool.

They chose to hire a hot spring resort in Laguna, province in Southern Luzon, Philippines. And it will be an overnight affair until the next day, a Sunday, for those who wanted to stay there longer and avoid the sizzling temperatures in Metro Manila.

Some of them would be coming from Mindoro, Southern Luzon, some in Metro Manila. We will be around 40 to 50 people in all, including the children.

Now here’s the problem: It is summer season, and it is the peak season for swimming pools, or resorts. Many of those we called or inquired online are almost fully-booked. Even the one which is our favorite resort in Laguna, the so-called “Batis ng Makiling” (River of Makiling) was fully-booked. We should had reserved earlier the private pool area there which is very suitable for family gatherings. It is a secluded area within the resort, which has five big family rooms that can accommodate some 30 people. It has a big gazeebo with long table and chairs where the guests can eat, or enjoy singing in the videoke.

But it was late, we should had made the reservations during the first week of May or even earlier so we can have that date booked for us.

So we settled for another resort nearby, also a hot spring resort, but I think it is less beautiful than the first choice we had. It is alright because the manager gave us some discounts if we reserve for one night and one day; so it will be on May 20 evening up to the whole day of May 21.

Everyone seems so excited about the reunion. We had group chats, or group video calls to make the reunion a reality. We listed who will join, and how much each had pledged to pay for the resort and for the food. Some of us will also bring extra food, like it would be potluck. Later on, we will cook our food there, or will just order some food from nearby restaurants there.

I hope it would be an enjoyable bonding time for all of us! nd next time, we will plan everything in advance, in earlier time to avoid so many problems.

Imagine Your Life Without A Mom- What Do You Think?

Imagine Your Life Without A Mom- What Do You Think?
By erlymags ( @cely / @lovern )

A mom’s love is everlasting , no matter how hard-headed a child is mom can always keep her temper and hide her hurt hoping one day her child when becomes mature gradually changes his attitude. Sometimes her wish of this comes true and others never had happened for the worse had dominated their child’s being. If you are a mature one this time, try to imagine living life without a mom. It will be so difficult for your relatives cannot give the love a mom gives. There are many incidents that happen every now and then a child left to an aunt or distant relative suffers abuses. Child abuse is rampant in our society this time. It is sickening to see children left to the care of a relative because their mom died during their childhood or left them for some logical or illogical reasons. There are also children left under the care and protection of the social services, boys town, adoption centers and in orphanage hoping these children could have a family they call their own. These children also long cuddles, warm hugs and cares of a mom. They are so pitiful and there are so many of them around the world looking and longing for love.

Without a mom, your stomach will always be empty. If you are so young the moment your mom left you, varied experiences would never be in your young life like cooking. How could you cook if you are just a child? Everything is relied on mom, the washing of plates, the washing of your clothes, the cleaning of the house, the cooking of your foods breakfast- dinner, bathing you, changing your wet clothes, putting on your pajama at bed time, sending you to school until your are old and capable enough to go to school alone. Your mom has multiple chores she never had complained about. She is always patient and so happy to see you in good health and always happy and always making her happy with your giggles and sweet smiles. For a mom, you are more than gold. She would also take care of your dad for dad is the family bread winner. There should be give and take. Because you are with your mom 24/7 so when you grew up, you will also like to help your mom as a consolation of all her struggles. Mom will be happy to see you learned some chores. Learning is indeed the best and first school of a child. When you were a child, you never had seen your mom feeling bored and tired of what she is doing for the family.

Ask yourself now if you have tried to imagine life without your mom. I am so sure your answer would be hard without a mom. We always seek comfort in mom’s loving arms while eyes focus on her eyes. What a nice feeling when both your eyes meet. You can feel mom’s deep love no one can ever give it to you and to everyone. There might be times you give your mom heartaches and headaches because you do not like to be corrected. You want to be independent in all your decisions without consulting first to your mom or dad. Feel lucky if your mom is still wait you despite you are old and having own family. You can always have a good advice from your mom. I hope that you also had shown great response of love to your mom. There are special days we can offer and share to mom our love during her birthday, during Christmas and most especially during “Mother’s Day. “ I hope you had expressed your love to mom during this day through giving her lovely roses or anything you believe her favorite and by constantly saying these words “I love you mom.” The best feeling would be cemented in the heart of mom and see how see how she smiles to you direct to your eyes, so sweet that could melt a heart hard as a rock. There is nothing in this world lovely as having a mom that we always rely on. I am not lucky, my mom died when I was 6 years old. I never had felt her love and never had felt she touched my hair, so sick thinking about mom leaving me and my other siblings so young. We are still lucky for having a father that also acts like mom. Because we were so young that time when mom passed away, so dad do the cooking, cleaning the house, bathing us children. Other chores like washing of dishes and rags were done by my elder sisters. When dad was at work in the field as a military official, we were left under the care of our elder sister. We also owe much our survival from our elder sister who, at that time was 10 years old.

Our sister became mature at age 10 when mom left us. When I was 8, I also learned to clean the house and washed my own clothes and underwear. I also became mature at age 8. This age, eight years old, does a lot of fun for kids playing dolls with younger sisters and neighbors, but in our case reverse because we do not have a mom to do the chores for us at home. We have to work at a young age in order to survive. We are so thankful for our experience brought me and my siblings’ strong lives. We both became emotionally, morally, physically, socially and spiritually strong and stable. We also thank our dad who is now with mom in heaven with our Lord. I hope other children feel the efforts and struggles of their mom for them to be happy and stomach full. This time many no longer respect their mom. They just easily shout at them like a dog. If you only see the past when you were in her womb and the time you came out to this world and how mom took care of you by spending sleepless nights just to always answer your need, maybe you can never dare to hurt your mom’s feeling. Can you not see her tears falling down her check? Those are tears of a hurt feeling, not a lament why you were born that way. It is not too late by the way to show you care mom.

Image credit to Pixabay

Have you encountered the conflict of mind and heart

Do you have encountered the conflict of mind and heart? If so, perhaps, say that it’s a real headache, right? Which one should listen? What to do? How will not get lost in web of feelings? It is often said that the mind and heart do not agree, so how such feelings could be explained? In general, such a phenomenon exist?

Everyone feels differently the mind and heart’s involvement in mutual relations. Some people tend to think more rationally and analyze, others are more emotional and more often take decisions based on heart voice. However, in both cases, it cannot be said that it is relying on only the mind or heart only. Human emotions and mind interact closely, it is not surprising that in making decisions we are dealing with various objections.

At the friendship beginning, the man is overwhelmed by a very strong emotional experiences, which are sometimes difficult to identify. When a person falls in love, feelings overpower the mind. It even can be explained biologically. The body at the time of falling in love, excludes a larger amount of hormones that stimulate our body and we feel like uplifted. It is a useful evolutionary sense. However, after some time feelings get calmer. Here turns on the mind. Man consciously begin to analyze the love object. He starts compare it with his own self-created image of his ideal partner. And if at the moment there a lot of inconsistencies, is taken to question whether it is worthwhile to maintain the relationship.

When you meet your true person, the question of what to listen not occur because both the mind and the heart says “yes.” This would be the best option – the heart and the mind looks in one direction. If, however, you have a lot of internal contradictions, it is important to learn to listen to your heart, but keep in mind to work with the mind also. Then there a balance between what we feel and what we think.


Picture by Pixabay.com

Is there any secret of succesful relationship?

We can think and to be excited by anything. Every human mind chooses the criteria which are convenient to him and uses it. Romantic movies and fantastic stories convince us that we need a mythical second half, who will complement us and we desperately need to find him and keep next to us till last breath.

Unfortunately, the reality is another, and those who already had a long-term relationship, are well aware that in the long run the so-called “second halves” no longer turns into nice half and after 10-15 years of marriage you do not know what to do with it: it is sad to divorce but to live happily together seems not possible also. Of course, I say it a bit ironically, but it’s reality.

If we realize that first of all we need to know ourselves, consciously look at life, then we will see that in general we can live alone. Then we can already live with someone, if we see how he’s a great man, despite the fact that our opinions may differ or his hobbies we do not like. So what? We all are free in own choices and the spouse cannot tell what we can do or not do.

We all know the phrase that change starts from ourselves. But do we do so? We want change, but often desire to change the other person. Unfortunately, life depends on our desires very little, and it places events’ puzzle in its way, how it is nicer to life and not ask our opinion.

In my view, the secret of a successful relationship – two conscious people. What is the conscious person? He is who sees the world as it is, and not what he wants to see; the one who knows that the world has its own order, and everything what is happening, just has to take place; one who know how to enjoy this day, no matter what is going on in his life; one that is not only grateful for what he has, but also for the opportunity to live, because he knows that life is a miracle that he does not understand. Such a person is able to see the beauty in everything what surrounds, to find positives in all circumstances, has a sense of humor.

When the two similar people meet, it is already does not matter whether they are looking at each other, or they look in one direction, they just flowing with life, every morning they are pleased that today they will spend together, hopefully – also tomorrow, and maybe even a few years. They live in the moment and feel it fully. Here is happiness – to be here and now, to feel themselves, accept themselves, to see the other, to accept the other, to feel closeness with it, while realizing that no one belong to you.

It seems so simple and certainly when we evaluate others, but most difficult is to see and understand ourselves. But exactly from ourselves we must start changes in our life, not from one who we love.


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Do you know how to react when a companion spend the entire time on phone?????

Whether you’re spending one-on-one time with somebody or you’re with a group, seeing someone detach from a social situation to be on their phone can be frustrating. Dealing with someone who is always on their phone can be difficult, and figuring out how to address their behavior is tricky. Consider talking to your friend or gently pointing out their phone usage. You may wish to be direct or more indirect in your communication. Whatever you choose, remember that you will likely need to address the behavior if you want to continue a relationship with this person.

Method One of Three:
Trying Less Direct Measures

Use humor. If your friend’s phone use is bothering you and you want to say something, use some humor. Think about what your friend may think is funny and not offensive, as you don’t want to hurt their feelings. Bringing some humor can help you gently let your companion know that you’d rather have their attention.[1]
Send a text message saying “Hey, I’m right here!” or “Want to hang out?”

Turn your phone off. Noticeably take out your phone and turn it off so that your friend can see. If at all possible, do this upon first meeting. This sends the message that you’re not going to be tied to your phone during your time together.[2]
You can also say something while you do this, such as, “Let me turn off my phone real quick, otherwise it will distract me.”

Apologize for your own interruptions. If your phone goes off or makes a sound, apologize. Don’t look at your phone or respond to the alert. Say, “I’m sorry that disrupted us, I know that’s rude.” This communicates to the other person that you see phone interruptions as disruptive. Hopefully, they will get the hint that you prefer no phone distractions when together.[3]
You can also say, “It looks like I forgot to turn off my phone, I’m sorry. I’ll do that now so it doesn’t disturb us again.”
Method Two of Three:
Voicing Your Frustration

Be direct. Maybe your friend has a reason why they are checking their phone so often. Put your mind to rest by asking them what’s up. This way, you can let them know that their behavior bothers you while also asking if there’s something they are concerned about.[4]
Say, “Is there something going on? I’m noticing you’re on your phone a lot. If you need to be somewhere else, you should probably go there. Otherwise, I’d like to spend time with you.”
You can also say, “I’m concerned, is something wrong? You’re spending a lot of time on your phone and I’m wondering if there’s some kind of emergency. If you need to attend to something urgently, then please do. If not, please put your phone down and join me.”

Say how you feel. If your friend’s actions are upsetting you, let them know how you feel. Say, “I planned my time to be here and seeing you is important to me. I feel like I’d have more of your attention if I had called or texted. Can we spend the rest of our time together without phones, or should we reschedule?” If they respond, accept their apologies but not their excuses.[5]
If they say, “I’m waiting on a call from somebody” say, “I wish I would have known and I would have rescheduled our time.”
Constantly looking at their phone may signal that they are bored or uncomfortable. You might say, “You seem kind of bored. Should we do something else?”

Ask them to keep the volume down. If you’re working together or studying together, your friend may distract you with their phone usage. If you’re not actively hanging out, ask them to keep it down. Whether they’re playing a game, listening to music, or blabbing loudly, ask your friend to lower the volume. Let them know you like their company, but not the noise.[6]
Say, “Do you have headphones? That’s really loud.”
You can also say, “I like that we study together, but I find the noises from your game distracting. Can you turn off the sound?”
If your friend is talking loudly, say, “Can you keep it down or go outside, please?”
Offer to leave. If your friend seems wrapped up in a phone conversation and is not paying attention to you, say that you’ll leave so they can wrap up their talk. Get up and leave before they can respond. If you come back and they are still going talking, say that you can reschedule for a different time, then leave.[7]
Say, “I can tell this phone call is important, so I’ll step out so you can finish up.” If you come back and they’re still on the phone, say, “Obviously you’re in the middle of something, so let’s reschedule for another time.”
Method Three of Three:
Planning Ahead for Social Situations

Ask everyone to turn off their phones. If you’re hosting a get-together, make an announcement that you’d like everyone to turn off their phones while at your house. Some people collect phones into a basket while others pile their phones on the table and whoever checks their phone first has to clean up. If you’re hosting several people, it’s within your rights to have house rules.[8]
There may be times where exceptions are okay. For example, if someone is on-call or has children at home, you may need some flexibility.

Invite other friends. If you constantly feel disregarded by a friend when you hang out, start bringing more friends together when you spend time with the person always on their phone. You may like spending time with the person, yet hate feeling left alone or ignored when they take calls or texts. If you’re hesitant to say anything, just bring one or two other people along with you. This keeps your resentment and boredom down while taking the pressure off of your friend to be fully present.[9]
When you spend time with this person, say, “I’m going to bring another friend along, too.”

Call the relationship off. If you’re offended by your friend’s phone habits and they can’t (or won’t) kick them, you may want to reevaluate your friendship. If you continuously feel like you’re playing second-string to their calls and texts, you may want to consider the strength of your relationship. If the person cannot seem to separate phone communications and in-person relationships, you may feel frustrated for as long as the relationship continues. If you’ve had enough, end it.[10]