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The genesis of the suffering of Man in this world

When i woke up everyday and look at myself and i look at the suffering i go through each day and what others around me are faced with each day i ask myself, what is the purpose for my creation or my coming into this world to do. Do i blame myself, do i blame my mother or do i blame God who created me? i could not find an answer to who is to blame for the calamities i am faced with each day. One truth is since the time of Adam men have suffered as a result of ourselves, i mean our own selfishness. Because i believe in the christian faith i always try to get my inspiration from the book written as being inspired by God.

The bible made me understand that God gave man dominion over all his created things which includes, the fruits, vegetables and animals both on the surface of the earth and in the sea. The only creation he God did not give man dominion over is man himself. Why then are men putting their brothers in bondage in the quest of have sole possession of the things of God.

I always imagine how this world will have being like without money where everyone is entitle to what grows within the community equally. The genesis of our suffering is the selfishness of man. It was that selfishness the lead to the creation of rulership system where some people are more equal than others. everyone want to possess the bigger share of what they came to meet first. No man was born with any fruit seed in hand but they claim ownership of fruits and vegetable they came to meet. No man was born with a land in hand but humanity has taking upon himself the right to some lands they came to meet because their forefathers were the leaders in the name of chiefs and kings of an area especially in africa.

No body want to look at it but the suffering of man in the world is as a result of our own selfishness. it is time we take a look at some of this selfish attitude and share the little we have with our brothers and sisters on humanitarian ground. Thank you

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