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The presence of God in the life of men

Sometimes it marvels me when i seat down and look at the creations of nature that are attributed to a living God we don’t see. I look at the wind that blows around me and has the power to destroy other things of nature yet we can not see it makes me wonder if that is the God we are talking about. In the christian faith it is believe that God is all seeing even in the darkness so i ask myself what then is with me in the darkness where i am alone than the air.  Everywhere we are their is air, without air we are nothing and the bible made me to understand that in the beginning of the universe after the creation of man, God breath his breath into man to come to life. Does that mean God’s life in me is the oxygen i breath in to be able to leave as a human being? Even in water bodies, animals like fish and other aquatic animals have the capacity to breath under water. my blog was base on my observation of the air with the word of God in trying to understand the presence of God in our life and the greatness of him. Air has no shape or form and the bible said in genesis that God has no shape or form and it is also said that God is everywhere. In my analysis it is only Air that have no form or shape and it is only air that everywhere even in the soil. By this i could feel the presence of god wherever i go.

Whenever i seat under a tree around and feel the cool breeze around me and how the tree dance at the breeze it makes me ask question as to how god went about creating all that. Looking at the harmony between the creations of God, it is as if we all speaks one language and understands the natural rules that binds us together. When the birds of the air raise each morning, the first thing they do is to sing praise to God for taking them through the night.   Even they know without GOD they have no life and this direct my believe again that God is the air we breath and have around us.

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