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Hey Fools! You Ain’t Going To Be Paid!!!
July 23, 2017

There are a number of fools writing on this site. They are plagiarising, they are post garbage, and they are in rolls of rapture thinking that they’ll be getting their cheque!


This site virtually went down in APRIL. That is over TWO MONTHS AGO. This Site stopped paying in APRIL. The Administration, the Owners, all packed up and walked away, and all they do is collect any Ad revenue that may accrue.


This Site does not pay, does not do a bloody blessed thing. It has been in this stage since the End of April.

You can get 7 Million hits you will receive ZERO compensation. That is because this site has actually ‘gone down’ but has NOT been removed.

Unlike Bubblews went down, then was removed, as Triond went down and was removed, this site went down and due to complete lack of interest, has NOT been taken down.

Sure, we all expected that when we reached the 15th of July, the site, having been up for Three Years would naturally disappear, after all, who is paying the ‘rent’ for this site to continue to exist?

Could it be that the Fools who are posting their ugly little fingers off, plagiarising other people’s work, thinking at the end of the month they’ll get their ‘redemption’ are the ones who are producing ad revenue for the Owners?

That would be the most wonderful form of Justice.

Imagine, all the real writers who weren’t paid in May have retired their key boards. Some check in to communicate with friends. Some to copy previous work and rework it for other sites. No one is writing here, save and accept a bunch of plagiarisers who grab the work of other people, and post it here.

But no one who posts here will be paid.
Save the person who owns the Ad Sense account.

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    1. I actually just started this and I’m getting paid , but everyone has there own opinion


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