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Computer Glitch, Losing Your Long Post!

I was trying to make a 1,000-worded post some minutes ago, but I lost it when my laptop notified that it need to be restarted!

Thinking that what I had written, almost 800 words post, will still be there when the process finished, I did not transfer it to my MWord on a separate file. It was about “decluttering” project at home. Now I got so tired thinking about words I had written a few minutes ago! Maybe next time when my mind was refreshed, I will write it again and be sure to submit first before choosing to run such “restart” program on this computer!

It was my mistake! How I should had saved it first before running the program! I did it thinking it won’t be lost, and I needed to run it because last night, my computer screen turned black saying it has low memory. Thinking that it needed more available space, I deleted some files, some photos etc. to ease the memory. Then I removed the battery for some minutes, and it worked!

I thought it might be so hot, so I put an electric fan focused on it to make it cool, added to the cooling pad that I had been using for so long.

Do you have such an experience? Do you immediately rewrite what you remembered you wrote on that blog? For me, I felt so tired to think over again. I do not have the habit of writing first on a separate folder or on a word document before copy-pasting it here on Literacybase. I directly write here, thinking that there will be no problems!

As they say, experience is the best teacher! So that experience would tell me to save first on Word document if ever I wanted to write longer posts; just to be sure it will not be erased. It is hard to think again what you had written because sometimes there are factors that affect the way you had put words in there. It can be so beautiful, and because you were so sorry for what had happened, you tend to forget what words/sentences you had written.

The Joy of Writing in Sites Like Literacybase; We Get Rewards

Photo Credit: Pixabay Free Images

This is a delayed topic I wanted to write a few days ago after I received my first payment from Literacybase. All along, I did not check my e-mail thinking that LB might send it by April 15. This was for my March 29 redemption, amounting to $10.11. It is just a little over the minimum payout, but it matters so much to me because I think I had found a good site.

So after almost two weeks of hiatus, I did not write also in other sites, I came back feeling the need to meet the minimum payout till the end of April. It is already April 19 here (Philippine time), and I am wishing I can reach it. Fingers crossed, and I wish I would not be attacked by laziness or lack of interest this time! But the days ahead could be busy ones for me too, because of planned vacations.

I longed to spend days near the sea, and it could be in my list this early May or before the end of April.

LB is Kind to Writers/Members

Though we know that writing in sites like these does not mean so much money, it is enjoyable too, considering that we we write as wish; no pressures like having deadlines. The only pressure is when you cannot easily reach the 300-minimum number of words when you do not find the inspiration to write and your mind goes blank!

This site is good and kind to its members because we get points in so many ways. Just comment on other people’s blogs, comment on group discussions, or post your own blog, you can easily reach the minimum payout.

Some sites ban writing about redemptions, and I posted in the “Newbies” Discussion asking if it is not a violation to do so; and am glad many responded saying we can write about it.

It is good to post about redemptions because members will be inspired to stay and write more, along with non-members who might decide to join this site because they are assured of payments for their time and effort.

We are hoping Literacybase.com will be here for a long, long time.

Why Tinycent is no more my preferred site?

I joined tinycent on August 11th 2016 when the site was just launched. Besides tinycent, I was writing on some other sites like literacybase, expertscolumn, hubpages, elitewriters etc.  but tinycent was my preferred site at that particular time. The reason was very simple. I earned more on tinycent in the first month than any of the other sites that I worked on. But the joy was short-lived.

If I talk about my experience at writing sites then here is a comparison in terms of earning:

  • Literacybase: I used to earn 11-12$ every month on literacybase when I was a regular writer here. My highest payment so far on the site has been 18$ and I have been paid four times by LB. I was one of the earliest members who joined the site. However it was a real struggle to reach the minimum redemption amount of $10 on the site. Minimum word count for posts is 300 words but you can earn more if you write 500 words or 1000 words post.
  • Blogjob: It was a good site and I earned $150 in three payments before the site suspended its reward system.
  • Expertscolumn: It requires posts of minimum 400 words. With 46 posts on the site, I did not manage to reach even a single payment though I have been on the site for almost a year. It pays per view and the minimum redemption amount is 5$.
  • Elitewriters: The site requires 200 words per post and pays per view . I quit the site in a month as I never got good views on the site though I used to share at different social media sites. My posts on other sites shared at the same platforms used to fetch me good views.  This is the reason I stopped writing there.
  • Blogbourne: I quit writing on the site when the super moderator joined there and messed up things. I removed all my posts there. I didn’t reach any payment and now the site is also on the verge of closing down.
  • Tinycent: I received almost 100$ in the four payments I received on tinycent. I was doing good on the site and was pretty excited about the earning opportunity. However tinycent proved to be a big fraud. We were denied our pending payments as the site went downhill. The admin never responded to any messages. Worst thing was that he opened another site called gotmatter and put up our entire content there. My posts on gotmatter even show my name saying the content is copyrighted but I have no access to the site. So this dishonest admin of tinycent is still earning money from ad networks using the content from the writers who wrote for tinycent. This is just blatant form of cheating.

There are hardly any good writing sites around now. Literacybase has been around for months and has been consistent in paying its writers. I am writing only for my blogs and literacybase these days. Better to earn less than lose the content!

image credit: me

facebook writing people, sharing other stuff

Trying to share my post on face book from Literacy base is a challenge.
why is a challenge? because when I hit the face book button the share part of go bigger then my lap top and I can not
hit the button to post my post so I rally have to keep a eye on it like playing a game at the carnal no joke. Now with twitter I have no problem sharing my post that way all so pinitrest I have no problems to . Has any else here on Literacy base having trouble trying to share on face book? with my other witing sites that I am on I have no problem once in a blue moon I do and it the same problem the face book button is under my bottom bar so I can not hit it so I can post my post so what do I do I just hit the twitter button because all my tweets go on face book to. So down the road I will try to fix this problem so I can post faster and not have my eyes hurt every time I am on the lap top . Like I all way say there a solution to every problem even if you do not like it.Do you think there a solution to every problem ? I sure do and I learn this from thee Clearwater fl
Jaycees. this was a very good club for young men and women from 18- 40 the ages are all ways change on it the age thing why ? because they need new members for there club. as before the Jaycees are all so known as the junior charmer of commerce or JCI junior chamber internatal.The Jaycees are a very good club to get involved in it can help with a lot of stuff that you might need help with or just to get out and help. Ok that it for now

Less is More; the Shortening of Word Count
April 4, 2017

Years ago, authors were paid by the word.  So, more words more money.   People expected a few pounds of a novel and a few days or weeks of reading.   In those days, More was More.

Books of one thousand plus pages was not unusual.   People would immerse in the novel, reading for hours.  Reading the same work, for hours.

When the telegraph was invented, people had to get to the point immediately.  This wasn’t a letter where one goes on and on for ten pages.  This is a telegram where everything that can be left out is left out.

Novels began to be a bit shorter, a bit more to the point.  Five hundred pages became a lot and 300 pages was more standard.

Over time, with the advent of Television and the ‘half hour’ show (which was twenty five minutes or less) the point had to be made quickly.   There was one idea and it was complete.

To understand, when you begin to ride a motorcycle, moving at twenty miles an hour your eyes need to adjust. Eventually you can see at thirty, then at forty.  The longer you ride the faster you can go and see clearly.  People who normally ride at about 80 can see where they are going.  They can read signs.  It takes time for you eyes to see so fast, but eventually, they do.

The same with reading and watching presentations.

One does not need to see someone at the sink washing two dishes, hearing the doorbell ring, finishing the dish, drying their hands, walking to the door and opening it.   Today, there are two seconds of the water and the dish, the door bell, two seconds of wiping hands, one second to opening the door.  What might have taken one minute of film time now takes five seconds.

Less has become more.

When it comes to writing, this new paradigm has taken hold.

Often people will write an article, start at the beginning, go through the middle, and come to the end and stop.  With word counts, often the item is too short.

So, the writer will go back and shove in verbs, adverbs, add sentences and other words to ‘stuff’ the item.   This doesn’t really improve the item, it might even cheapen it.

The proof of this change in writing is that those who began writing for sites which demanded over one thousand words, now, sometimes find, when writing a site that demands three hundred words their item is too short.


How to Choose Reliable Writing Sites?

Image credit: Pixabay.com Free Images

I enjoyed writing in sites like Literacybase.com because there is no pressure and you just can write whatever topic you wanted to develop into a post or into a blog.

But how about paid writing sites? Do you jump in and register with them?
There is a big difference between blog sites and paid-to-write sites. In blog sites, it feels like you are just enjoying writing, you have no deadlines, no pressures on the number of words you wanted to write though of course there is a required minimum number of words. But if you are inspired or are in the mood, a 300-words article is so easy for you. You kept on pounding on your keyboards unaware that you had already reached 500 or 1,000 words!

Question on Reliability

With regards to renumeration or payments, it is sure that you will be paid for your efforts in reliable blog sites, but for paid-to-write sites, you are unsure if your works or articles will be denied or accepted. It is so sad to think that you had already submitted your article to the requester, then he will reject it! And your article was already in his possession. He can still use it, he already have your ideas in your article, and then he will say it was rejected! That is tantamount to scamming the writer.

It is one of my fears in joining paid-to-write sites even though they pay higher than content sites/blog sites.

How to Be Assured of the Trustworthiness of a Writing Site?

Recently, I received two invitations to join writing sites through my Facebook account. I did not know who sent the invitation. They just posted it in my wall. So I searched for the sites, but I did not join yet, because I still have a question on the reliability or trustworthiness of those sites. One of them offered a low rate, while the other one uses bidding system.

I will probably send a message to one of my friends if she knows about those sites to help me decide if I will join.

Last year, I wrote for a writing site, but I questioned them when one requester rejected my article, but the article was already with him! This is my greatest fear; I have no assurance that my effort will pay off. But there are good ones who really pay, and some of them can be your regular clients.

I became inactive there when I felt tired of the deadline. I just wanted to write depending on my mood to write.

Do you have the same experiences with some writing sites?

April 1, 2017
LiteracyBase logo

Before LiteracyBase, I am a multi tasker. I can watch TV or Youtube and at the same time playing 1010 game (for I want to beat the high score of my husband which is 99k+ & mine is only 50k+) or do some paper recycling projects or any projects for that matter.

I just don’t want to waste my time concentrating on what I am watching. For me, it is just a waste of time. I have to tinker on something for I will feel I am just passing away time without constructive things done.

When I signed up at this site, I cannot seem to watch and then write an article at the same time. It is maybe because I have difficulty in concentrating on my grammar and how the article will come out.

Sometimes, the present tense of the word is needed and I apply the past tense of the word or the other way around. The autocorrect feature of Word Processor helped me a lot on this dilemma. Others might say, ‘Elementary, My Dear’, but really, it is not elementary for me.

Also, I still have to think or look for an image to upload for my article. Sometimes the image I uploaded has no relevance whatsoever to my topic. This is the reason why the Support of LiteracyBase called my attention and I thank them for that. I realized that they really are watching over us.

I now see the reason why this site wants the ‘discussion topic style’ of articles. A discussion will surely need a comment, whether positive or negative. If the article submitted is that of the ‘lecture type’, no one might take notice.

But I did notice some ‘lecture type style’ and I learned from them. Like the article of Kate Nars, it really helped me improved on my writing techniques. I applied her tip on “reading aloud” what you have written.

How about you, how have LiteracyBase changed you? For better or for worse or until death do you part?


Image by LiteracyBase and by Ruby

you tube videos and my photos

When I see a veteran I thank them for service how do I know if they were in the military ? A lot the guys were hats that say they are a veteran . Some of the people gave up a lot to service the US from all different kind of wars. most likely there no one around today who did world war one. but there still people who are live who did world two then the Vietnam war, and other wars
and to the people who are in now who are on active duty I all so thank them for their service because the people now in the military did not get drafted they join This is other reason why I thank them for their service and I all so join the son of the American legion so I can do some thing to help out when I have time. How does some one join the son of American Legion. this how your dad has to be a veteran and a member to the legion . If problem can join today if your mom in the service to but I am not sure about the ladies there is a lady’s auxullary. Here the different from the VFW people who join the VFW had to be in a foreign war with the American Legion you did not have to serve over seas to join. I wish I had a good on line income then I would not have to work at night and I could help the sons of my local post of the American legion more I enjoy doing that. This how I am thanking a veteran and honoring my lates uncles who service my country.
yes I had two late uncles who service the my country they did not die in any war. they past away old age . Ok that it for now.

Learned How to Watermark/Label Photos

A few days ago, I wrote about how a member who wrote spammy blogs here used my photo in his blogs, yes, several of it, I think it was four times, so my photo of a beautiful beach here in the Philippines “flooded” the home page of Literacybase showing the blogs of members.

It had the same title for all the blogs. So I was annoyed because he used my photo for those blogs, though offbeat, or not related to the content.

It was good the admin acted on it and removed the blogs. So I thought if I can watermark or lael my photos, other people could not use it because they are my “personal” photos. This is one of the reasons why I was adamant in using photos from the Literacybase Media Library because they are photos used by members in their blogs.

Thanks Pixabay.com

I used photos from the Literacybase Media Library once or twice when I can not find a good photo to upload from my own files. Then later, I remembered to use the free images from Pixabay.com. Just download it to your files, then make the necessary attribution though Pixabay said there is no need to give credit to them; it is stated at the site that the images can be used for all purposes even for commercial purpose. Though the admin said the would be glad if the user will at least mention the site for linking purposes; so other people can find the site and use their photos too.

Though I had not read the request of Pixabay, I always put a note in my blogs stating that the photo I used came from Pixabay; just a gesture of gratitude for allowing the free use of their images.

Maybe the admin at Literacybase can also put the names of the owners of the photos at the Literacybase Media Library for the needed attribution to the one who uploaded it.

Learning How to Water Mark/ Label Photos

So, in my desire to have my photos named or labeled, I clicked the tutorial on how to watermark photos. I found one which is easier to do, just click the “Paint” application, then opened my photo files. I labeled them one by one, especially those I considered “personal.”

I think it is alright to “borrow” other people’s photos if they are generic, or can be applied to many topics. But out of courtesy, be sure to give credit where credit is due: to the owner of the photo!

Note: Sorry, my photo was upside down, I could not tweak it here.

Are We Free to Use Photos from the LB Media Library?

Photo above shows my personal photo of a yellow gumamela flower

I thought of posting this blog upon reading a comment of @cely at the Literacybase Thinkers Group where she lamented that a member here used her personal photos for his/her blog post.

I felt the same way yesterday when I saw my personal photo and he/she used several of it in his/her blogs with the same titles. I was so annoyed, why he used it even it did not match his/her “blogs.” I opened one of that “controversial” blogs and found the content so spammy, it looks like it was copy/pasted from the net. It occupied almost all the front wall of Literacybase for blog titles. It was a photo of a beautiful beach here in the Philippines which I took with my cellphone camera about two years ago.

This is the reason why I was adamant in using photos from the Literacybase.com media library. It could be a member’s personal photo and he might not feel so good about it.When you have personal photos, you own it, and it is not good if someone will just use it, like it was being stolen from you.

In fairness, there is no markings on photos here at the Literacybase media library, so how can a member put some image credit for that photo he lifted from it?

This is the reason why I always use my “signature photo,” of a yellow gumamela, or Hibiscus flower which I also used for my avatar in other writing sites, though it is red in color. Then I saw a member who also used it. I thought it was alright because the writer posted a good blog, compared to that “spammer” who used my photo of a beach several times, posted at the same time!

So to avoid using other people’s photos, I turned to free photos at Pixabay.com. It is for public use, and it stated there that anyone can use it even without attribution. But for me, I always wanted to thank the photographer, and though it is free to use, I put image credit to Pixabay.com for that free photo.

I noticed some people here using photos with “shutterstock” watermark. And I read from one of the blogs in another site that there is a “shutterstock” watermark because it is not free to be used; they will charge the one who used their photo. So be careful in using photos with the “shutterstock” marking. I just do not know if they also have free photos.

I wish I could know how to put watermark on my photos, so other people can not just use it. I am still studying how to put it in my files for blogs.

Do you know how to put watermarks on photos?