Available Balance
Two Years, Three Hundred and Nineteen Days
May 31, 2017
LiteracyBase (2)

Literacybase has existed for Two Years Three Hundred and Nineteen days.  That means that the Three year anniversary will be reached in Forty Six Days; that is, to my calendar July Sixteen.

I am virtually certain that on the Fifteenth Day of July this site will disappear.

Mark July Sixteen in your diary.

And prepare.

Those of you who have been members for a year or two know the change this site went through.

Moderation moving to very very slow moderation to prevent users from reaching the threshold.

False charges of plagiarism to have good articles kicked off the site, and again, slow down reaching the threshold.

The ponder for me has always been the very slow method of payment.  For example, in May we expected to receive our March redemption and put in for our April  sometime before May ten.

Of course, as we all know, Literacybase has NOT paid for May.  Further, the Admin has disappeared.

Amazing, isn’t it?

A site in which the Admin was obstreperous suddenly has no Admin, no Moderation at all.

There are those who are posting obviously plagiarised junk, posting in really poor English, if in English at all,  and nothing at all is happening.

The ‘automatic’ calculations, which are done by A.I. continue so that I can glance at my ‘Available Balance’ and see numbers, but lets be honest; I could have Ten Dollars or Ten Thousand, I am NOT going to be paid.

You are not going to be Paid.

Unlike sites as   Wikinut or Blogjob or even Niume, which informs its users that they will NOT be paid by X date, so that the User can decide whether or not to continue to post, the Admin of Literacybase tip toes off into the night, leaving us stranded.

As most of you don’t believe what I’m posting, mark the date of July Sixteen on your calendar.

On that day, you should log in to see some sort of 4O4 error message.

were the ads on Literacybase, if no ads how does this site make money?

How does literacy base make money
I do not see any ads on this site. As you know a lot of writing sites make money with ads that people click on.If the sites do not use ads were does the money come from?
we know they do not have a membership fee which will not get people on here to join I will not pay to write. but time on the other hand is kind of a payment to plus a lesson one thing since I started writing my typing is getting faster ,A friend of mine notice I am not looking at the key board to write my post . How this happen? by being on the low paying writing sites that how this happen so on one hand I might be paid very little pennies but look how many people are on Farmville face book playing with fake money. Now the time I use to put on facebook farmville I now do the writing thing and make some money yes I know it not a lot but soon I get better at spelling and maybe then I can go for the real writing jobs for magazine that do short stories that were the real money for writing is I think this way I have more money coming in my number one goal is to get my spelling better then I rally be good I still like to learn copy writing yes I know it boring but it is good income that I was reading about does any here on LB do copy writing?If you do let me know. I think since copy writing is very comptive no one going to say if they do it or not . I know copy writing is other style of writing but if it can make me money then I do it. 

Courage to Write on a Site You Never Know

This is what I feel now; what would be in store for us, what “surprises” would this site, Literacybase.com have for us, legitimate members here.

Right now, I am on a “hit or miss” status, but as I logged in today after some days of absence, I noticed that my earnings increased fastly unlike before. Is this a good sign that this site will be lively again? I do not know. But I noticed the site is faster now, unlike in the past when it took so long to load a page, or to navigate from one section to another.

Will I be frustrated again? But as it is, I will gamble on the “positive” signs I had observed this morning. I had seen some familiar names who submitted blogs; but they were only two or three familiar names, compared in the past where we can see a lot of online friends submitting good, long posts like @Cely!

I saw a friend commenting on several good posts too! And I noticed that so many posts of one person (or two persons) have zero comments! Why? Maybe our friends know who is to be trusted. They will read posts of people whom they are familiar; whom they had seen on other writing sites for so long! This is one of the best things of having a single pen name or avatar for all your writing sites. Friends can easily recognize you and then you will have instant loyal followers. They will read your posts because they are originally-written, not plagiarized ones that can get the flak of Google, thus ruining the site, and everything will go down! Every effort will go to waste, every time spent on here will be nil!

So as of now, I have this “wait and see” attitude, and hopes that everything will turn our good for this site. Every legitimate members would be so happy by then; if only if they will receive the rewards for their time and effort here.

Am keeping my fingers crossed that we will see the light again in this site! If not, then this is chargeable to my experience. Lessons learned!

I wish we can do shorter tiltles in are post here on LB

I wish LB post did not need a long title for a post why do I wish this? some times I might just do like a short story but with the title here on LB we have to have a long one so we can post it. Some times adding to the title does make some one lose interest in the story or post .what ever you want to call it. I say which is true that all post we do on LB are stories . It can be from a kid story to some thing about some one life or even some one diary yes there people who would do this on some wiritng sites, why? Here one reason they may not know what to write for a post and they do want to make money. yes we do not make a lot of money on the writing sites but for they can take care of a $60.00 us phone bill every month or car insurance but I do not do a diary at this time and hopfuly not that one thing I rally do not want to write about in my life . Yes I know weather and hot dog cart can come close to a diary.So not mater what story we do here on literacy base I wish we can do a shorter title in are stories or post . what do you think? Do you like to have short titles in your post or very long ones most stories today do not have long tilted so I Have no idea why la
b what long tilted in are post of today
for example say we do a cat post
on LB if we write the title like say it what my cat did today. As you know this is to short . So we would have to ad what my cat did today in the house etc,So now you have the idea what I am talking about.

Should We Continue to Write?
May 16, 2017

I do not think it is a ‘secret’ that Something is Very Wrong here at Literacybase.

No one was paid for the month of May.

Although payments are expected on the Tenth, and although often one doesn’t receive it until the Twelfth, today is the Sixteenth.

As uncomfortable as that may be, the true terror is the utter absence of the Administrators, the Mods; in fact, absolutely no one has been able to get any contact with anyone in any position of ‘power’ at Literacy Base.

I began my attempts a week ago when a totally original article, and article that was checked with the plagiarism checker turned up NOTHING but the article I was checking.

That is, I had published the item here, I was told it was ‘plagiarised’ I copied and pasted the item into the plag. checker, and all it turned up was the article.

I used ‘contact’ I sent emails, I wrote in Forums.

I have received absolutely no contact at all from the Mods, the Admin, anyone save other users, like myself, who have made similar attempts.

I have logged on each day, often two or three or more times, searching for anyone to speak with.

Everyone I know, all my friends here, have done the same thing.  And no one has gotten any response.

With the non payment of our revenue, with the silence, I have begun to feel that this site, as others before it, has died.

I have been on Wikinut, when the announcement that the site would no longer pay was made.  The same with Blogjob.  Hence, one is aware that the site as it was known no longer exists, and what has replaced it is a non paying entity.

I have logged onto Triond to find that it no longer exists.

This is the first I find myself on an ‘operational’ site which seems lost in some limbo where one can write and post as previous and where the automatic word counters operate, where the advisory that a featured image is required pop up as they did in April.

However, there is a very strong sense that Literacybase no longer actually exists at that at some near point one will log on to get an error message; some sort of advisory similar to:


After being up and running for almost 3 years now we regrettably need to inform you that we will be shutting Bubblews.com down. The climate for display advertising has drastically changed and made it impossible for us to sustain the business model and operations.

We want to thank everyone that was a part of this journey. We wish you all the very best.



Should Literacy base media library be remove?

Should the media library be remove from
Literacy Base? I say yes the Literacy base library should be remove here why Some newbi might think it OK to use the photos that are in the Literacy base library . As I read I see some of the other writers on Literacy base has people use their photos with their permission. This is my one reason why I use the same photo over and over again I rally do not want any one else using my photo that I have on my post. I think Literacy base should find were goggle has those free photos that any can use like a old writing site had. those photo were open to the public with no problems . Or let us post with out using a photo . Yes I know photo get more people to look at are post which can bring in more traffic to Literacy base. the more traffic that comes in the more money from ads come in I think? so what do you think should the literacy base library be remove this way newbi who are new to writing will not use the photos by mistake. If I know my photos will not be use by any one else I start to post different photos with the post I do on Literacy base so far I have not had any one take any of my photos so far . I think because I use the same one over and over it not worth the time to steal it . I know other members here on literacy base been having problems with people taking photos and stories to. steeling a post is other story or is it other post. yes I do not like people steeling other people work. what do you think? Ok that it for now have a good day or a good night.

The Difference Between Advice and Competent Advice
May 14, 2017

I am sure you have a similar story.   Whether the ‘key player’ is a doctor, a lawyer, a technician, a dentist; the list is endless,  the wrong or misleading advice is not.

In Jamaica, as in other parts of the world, we have a real class system.  We could call it an apartheid without colour, a caste system without caste; but there are those who are Up There, and everyone else is Down There.

If you are Up There, as you breeze into an office, you are quickly directed to the best and the brightest.   If you are Down There, you wait until some shoe scraping can see you.

If you think you are ‘Up There’  and aren’t you’ll be channeled to a shoe scraper who is as interested in you and your problem as you are in a cigarette butt.

If you know you are considered Down There, then you don’t go to the ‘Tupernaros’ {our term for an ‘Up There’ Office}.   You go to someone whom you’ve heard about who was helpful with a friend or relative, or has a good reputation.

If you walk into an office with names outside and the person you are seeing doesn’t have a name outside, you’ve gotten the booby prize.

In many offices they take on a bunch of Newbies and give them ‘low level’ work and the ones that bring in the most money stay, the ones that don’t are gone.

So you can get a feel for how you are seen and how your problem will be treated.

For example; this group of people had a problem with a guy they hired who was pretty incompetent and they wanted to fire him.   The thing was, the contract was drafted by some clown and there was no ‘escape clause’.

They went to Tupernaros law firm which shipped them to some Newbie who didn’t see the sense of breaking a sweat.   But he took their money and said he’d analyse their document and complaints and get back to them.

Now, in Jamaica, we have a back log of cases for like eight years.  That means if you are suing someone it will take months for you to get the case on a list and appear before anyone, months after that to go to the next step, and after two years later on a list for trial two years from that moment.

It is unlikely that your case being only four or five years old will be heard where there are those cases seven and eight years old.   So you get another date next year.

Everyone in the legal profession knows this.  It isn’t a secret.  The Government talks about it, people talk about it.

So, wouldn’t it make sense to fire the guy, and let him sue, and spend the next few years, blocking and thwarting, and getting adjournments so that by the time the case reaches Court, he’s probably found another job somewhere else and will lose money fighting this case?

Even if he had a case to fight?

Any competent lawyer can tell you that if you hired someone to teach French and they were really bad at it, they have not fulfilled their part of the contract.  You expect a French Teacher to speak French, to be able to teach French.

So it doesn’t matter that there is no ‘exit’ clause.

However, when one isn’t Tupanaros, and the Newbie doesn’t have interest or time to waste, he’ll say, ‘pay off the guy’, and move on to some other case.

This is the difference between advice and competent advice.

Take the vexed subject of plagiarism.   There are definitions, there are various checkers, on and on.   But there are a number of ‘exceptions’ which are well known to any one who understands plagiarism.

For example, if you were to quote a source, specifying whom you were quoting and giving the quote; that is NOT plagiarism.  That is the opposite of plagiarism.

However, there are many writing sites which have no understanding of the law, may use some cheap or free plagiarism checker which is as useful as a pencil without lead.

These checkers merely toss up sentences and words which are like other sentences and words, and although what the checker is checking and what it is comparing the item to are totally unrelated.

Yet, owners of writing sites, unwilling or unable, to gain working knowledge of what plagiarism is and isn’t, will err on the side of stupidity.  A perfectly good item, full of facts and information will be tossed out, because of those facts and information.

The point is, if you don’t know, get Competent Advice.  And if you are unsure if the advice is Competent, go somewhere else.

Brexit, Immigration and Laws – What they mean to you!!!
May 12, 2017

UK has always been the IT destination for aspiring students. With world class infrastructure, facilities and a lifestyle to die for, the UK has often been described as the student hub of the world.
The number of highly ranked Universities and jobs are additional bonuses.
Until a few years ago, going to study to the UK almost literally translated into the eventual settlement of that person in the UK.

How many of us have uncles and cousins who left to study and never came back?
Well, with the rise in immigration, the laws in the UK seemed to have toughened up and are not so welcoming after all.
The infamous exit of Britain form the EU has only added to the trouble.
So do these rules, laws and Britain’s exit from the EU affect you, an aspiring student?
Yess !!!! They do, and to a very large extent.

Gone are the good old days when going to study in the UK was almost as easy as packing your bags ( if, of course, you were rich and had the funds to do so, or were an exceptional student which was awarded a scholarship) and here we are, in an era of mistrust and change.

The latest changes in the UK immigration laws (especially since 2012) have made life not only difficult, but borderline miserable for international students.
As a measure to control fake visas and unwanted immigration, UK has given its Universities the instructions to first of all rely less on immigrant students and boost the local student strength.
Translation: Admission and seats are much less in number than before for international students, and since you are competing with a large number of students, well, good luck!

Probably one of the most significant and important changes we have seen in the last few years was doing away with the Post study Visa for students which before, gave students enough time to find a suitable job and change their visa into a job visa (Tier 2 Visa). With this change, students are most likely to sent packing back home almost as soon as their study course is over.
Also, the salary to get a Tier 2 Visa has also been revised and increased, which means that you may only be able to get a work permit if you have been offered a job with a high salary.
According to new laws, students cannot change their Visa status while in the UK itself. Which means that as a student (Tier 4 Visa) , you will have to return to your home country(or other, it just cannot be from the UK itself) and then re-apply for a Tier 2 Visa (provided you have found a job).

Another unfavorable factor is the high fees, which seems to have increased double fold in the last few years. At present, an international student pays almost FOUR TIMES the fees of a local student, which is subject to change without any prior notice. In other words, in can be increased any time, leaving you in a probable state of shock.
This also means that the funds you ought to show before getting your admissions now also have to be much higher than before, extending to more than 9 months or the end of your course, whichever may be shorter.
Add to all this the increasing unemployment in the UK, feeling of hostility towards immigrants and an general atmosphere of suspicion, the situation in the UK is not very welcoming.

However unsettling this may sound, we can assure that studying in the UK is also worth the effort. If you go there with the intention on studying only, you shall definitely not be disappointed.
The quality of education, life and the experience are totally worth it !
But be realistic and do no go there with the intention of settling down, and you must make your decision keeping all these factors in mind.

Good luck and happy surfing!

Master your CV and impress the world!
May 11, 2017

In today’s competitive world where each of us is on a race to outrun the other, a good CV or resume is of paramount importance.
These are the channels to your prospective employer or University through which you can leave a lasting impression. They can prove to be deal sealers or deal breakers.
For the successful creation of the perfect CV, you must first know what a CV is. Curriculum Vitae or a CV is basically an overview or the summary of your academic qualifications, achievements, professional and personal skills and your contributions (if any).
However, one common mistake most students and even job applicants tend to make is the overcrowding and adding of extra information in a CV.
Undoubtedly your CV is your fist chance to impress, but the entire purpose of writing a CV is to be precise.
So when you actually write a CV, you must try and make it as concise, eloquent and informative as you can.
Also, while writing a CV, remember to follow the correct format of a CV. As a student looking for admissions, you must remember that a CV made for academic purposes has a different format from one used to apply for jobs.

Another extremely important aspect of your CV is your language and grammar. Imagine your first impression on a person if you have made grammatical errors in your CV!
To avoid such blunders, keep your CV as sweet and simple as you can. Do not unnecessarily include long, incomprehensible words.
Think that the reader will appreciate a simple, easy to understand CV as well.
Agreed, summarizing 20 years or so in a single page, in a proper format, in the correct manner and in a way that it should leave an imprint on someone’s mind is a Herculean task.
Having said that, we are strong believers of “If someone can do it then so can I” policy and so we already believe you have it in you.
Just follow these simple steps and voila!

  1. Classifying your information under various HEADS
    To begin with, you can start making separate heads under which you can give your information such as Qualifications, Job Experience, Skills, Languages(if any), Achievements, Hobbies/Extra Curricular Activities etc.
    While writing about your Qualification or Academic Achievements, remember that these must be placed in proper chronological manner in relation to one another.
  2. Placement of your achievements
    Since you are trying to stand out from a crowd of students just by your CV, you must highlight your achievements in a subtle manner so that it doesn’t come across as bragging.
    Thus, the proper placement of these achievements is the key here.
    Place your most relevant, outstanding accomplishments above the basic, general ones.
  3. Length of your CV
    This is a very important aspect you must keep in mind. Imagine the number of CVs a Committee for Education must have to survey every year. A long, boring CV is almost likely to be instantly rejected. Keep your CV short, ideally one page long.
  4. Personal Details
    Your CV must include some relevant personal details such as name, telephone number, email id and sometimes even address. Include a photograph only if asked to. Generally, inclusion of photographs is discouraged in CVs since it can lead to a biased judgment. Make sue the details you include are correct and up to date.
    These should be ideally placed at the very top of your CV.
  5. Work Experience/Internships/Summer trainings
    This is what holds the maximum weight in your CV. Place this under separate sections to properly highlight them. Of course, a work experience is most valued but the other two are also relevant.
    While writing about your work experience, internship or summer training, try and relate them to the course you are applying to.
    Highlight the relevant skills, knowledge and experience you gained through these. Keep your sentences short and to the point.
    For e.g., suppose you are applying for an MBA in Marketing and you are writing about a summer job you had in a company.
    Write:” Worked for three months as a marketing employee which helped enhance my persuading and negotiating skills.”
    While adding relevant skills, make use of action words like planned, developed and organized. These words give an added effect of professionalism.
    E.g.: “Organized and planned a fundraising event for the NGO I worked with during the summer of 2015. “
    Try and make your job experience as elegant as you can.
    For e.g., a teacher’s CV which says “Motivated and enhanced scientific interests in 5th standard students” sounds much better than” Taught science to 5th standard students”, don’t you think??
  6. Interests and Hobbies
    This part should be brief, precise and must provide a brief insight into the kind of person you are.
    Try to include hobbies and interests that may relate to your field (if any).
    Else, include a variety of hobbies which are not restricted to a single element. For e.g., hobbies such as programming and playing computer games are restricted to a single hobby.
    Also, make sure all your hobbies are not related to your home or yourself, least you want to come across as an introvert.
    Try to include sports, or some other hobbies that represent passion, hard work and reliability.
    Avoid irrelevant and unimpressive hobbies such as “socializing, partying or hanging around with friends”. We don’t think they are relevant enough!
    While adding common hobbies such as reading, try writing “Reading: Harry Potter was my escape from the long, monotonous summer evenings” rather than simply “Reading is my favorite hobby.”
    Use bullet points to separate them.
  7. Skills
    Generally, the skills added are additional languages or computer related skills such as “in-depth knowledge of MS Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook” or “A certified programmer”.
  8. References
    While this may not be very important while applying for jobs, it is extremely important while applying for further studies.Try to include references of your favorite teacher or the professor you helped last month. It is advisable to include references from senior teachers or faculty from a department or field that is related to the course you are applying to.

Now that you’re familiar with the major and most important elements of a CV, we are sure you can begin with your own personalized CV. Keep in mind that your CV must be unique and catch the attention of the reader in the first 30-40 seconds. For this, you can read your CV several times to judge its authenticity and uniqueness. You can also look for some sample CV’s available on the Internet for further reference.Happy writing and good luck!

The Pros and Cons of Work from Home
May 10, 2017

Work from home is an interesting concept. Those who have it crave for an office space where they can actually go and work professionally while those who don’t have it always crave for it to work from the comfort of their home. When evaluated practically, Work from Home has its set of both, pros and cons. We are listing them here for you to make an informed choice.

Let’s begin with the cons first –

1.You don’t get the office equipments

A number of jobs require you to collaborate with your co-workers or take advice from your seniors or use the office equipments. This is especially true in case of IT industry. In such scenarios, work from home isn’t an ideal option.

2.You won’t be a part of the office culture

A company is as much about its office culture as it is about its product and revenues. It is the office culture which helps motivate the employees when they are going through a tough period. Terms such as teamwork and team culture can only be imbibed once all the members attend the office regularly.

3.The overall productivity is proportional to physical proximity

Regular conversations result in a deeper association among people. Team bonding and an assured feeling that your team mate has your back is extremely important for a company’s success. This can’t be ensured in a work from home arrangement where every employee is on his own most of the times.

Time for some Pros now –

1.Commuting time is saved

With cities getting more populated and commuting time constantly increasing, going to and fro for work eats up a considerable amount of time that you could have easily spent with your family or doing something productive. Working from home makes sure that this time is utilized in a much better manner.

2.You can take care of elders or young ones

Work from home is especially a boon for people whose presence at home can have a great benefit for their family members. They can keep an eye on the young and elder members of their family and can ensure that they are with them in case of any uncalled for situation.

3.Lunch time can be better utilized in completing a pending chore at home

People who are used to working from home learn to utilize their time effectively. Lunch time, which is usually free time when you are in the office, can be effectively utilized when you are working from home.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are many other pros and cons attached to working from home which should be analyzed completely before you decide on your office role. You must evaluate all your options well in order to make the best possible decision.