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Apparently “sky is the limit” on literacy base
March 22, 2017

I once read a line that said “if sky is the limit then why are there foot prints on the moon?”, while this makes a lot of sense I cant help but suspect that it could be the case when I find that many users on this website would like to know it its possible to earn $100 by posting here. I would like to aim for it since I’m an unemployed graduate and apparently its possible with a lot of writing and frequent posting and commenting.

The main issue is content, there’s no use posting gibberish 10 times a day because not only will it result in an account being terminated but it will also annoy the honest working writers here. Keep in mind that I did not say hard working writers since I would consider the people here to be interested in blogging about their interests and not writing articles about specific niches. I will actually explain the difference, here we have “posts” which are found on blogs and while they contain comments just as articles do they are meant for people who are reading on forums and not necessarily looking for expert advice on something like a list of programming languages. Although content of that nature could easily be accepted here except that you wont receive extra for the quality of the work when things like extensive research come into play. Websites like this generally offer advice and tips on specific groups and topics.

So having ideas is essential but i found that its better to break up a good idea into several articles that aren’t repetitive and to keep a list of topics somewhere for moments when writers block becomes a factor. I have been writing this for about 15 minutes and have now hit the 300 word mark plus a few minutes to read through it. While its not one of the more researched topics its still a piece of honest work but I wonder how often the ideas will come if I start looking to posting several times a day.
Another option is to extend the lengths of the post instead of annoying readers with my name being constantly on the list of new topics. Reaching the 1000 word mark is also a good feeling as it allows for about $0.44 which actually encourages me to type faster and also allows for the 10 articles a day to be reduced to 5 which pay the same or even more.

So content is key and an open creative mind is definitely a plus. Writing about something usually leads to another idea about the same thing or maybe even questions. I myself have thought of literacybase related questions and topics related to this website since my first post this morning and I have found that users, especially new ones are eager to know the earning capacity of literacybase and honestly, it depends on what your mind can generate and how fast your fingers can put it online.

6 Ways to Increase your Literacybase Income

Literacybase is one of the few legit writing sites and has been around for  a while. Most of us who write at literacybase are aiming to earn some extra income through our efforts. Here’s a list of 6 things which you can implement to generate higher income for your hard work at literacybase:

  1. Share your posts across social media : Blogging and sharing on social media go hand in hand. You should promote your posts across as many social media networks as you can. Literacybase pays you for the views your posts generate through sharing on social media. Not only this, you can share others’ posts too and you will be paid for the views generated through your link. However nowadays I have noticed that earning through social media sharing is not adding up in my account. I have to contact support to understand the reason.
  2. Write posts that are high quality: Writing quality content for your posts is a must if you want to succeed as a blogger. Intriguing titles attract the readers. Always use high quality images with your post which makes it look aesthetic.
  3. Keep a consistent blogging schedule: Create a regular and consistent routine for blogging at literacybase. Try to write at least 2-3 posts every day. Earlier I used to write 6-7 posts of 300 words each everyday but that proved to be very exhausting. Nowadays I try to write at least one post of 500 words every day. In fact, you can earn a decent amount every month from literacybase if you write a posts of 500 words and two posts of three hundred words each on a daily basis. Believe me, writing pots is more profitable and easier than interacting on forums which takes up a lot of time.
  4. Proofread your posts: Nobody likes to read pots which is full of grammatical mistakes and punctuation errors. Reread your posts and correct grammatical errors & spelling mistakes if any. You can also use some tool like grammarly to check grammar mistakes. Use simple English and make sure that your posts are easy to follow.
  5. Interact with fellow writers: It is very essential that you read others’ blog posts and leave insightful comments. When you read others’ posts, you get many ideas and you also get familiar with different writing styles. It’s also a very good learning and evolving method. Success in blogging comes only by developing a good network with fellow writers.
  6. Identify interesting topics: Some topics like travel, food, technology etc get more views than personal posts. In the past, literacybase never used to pay much for personal posts while tutorials and how-to posts used to earn more. Identify what kind of topics fetch more views than the rest and try to write on such topics.

Following these simple tips will make you successful as a blogger and a writer. And remember one thing, don’t treat literacybase just as a means to earn money but treat it as a place to grow as a writer.

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Could I cover my $30 monthly expense of using literacybase?
March 22, 2017

A while ago I posted an article about how PTC websites and faucets waste the average surfers time and money when their expenses are calculated in terms of bandwidth and time consumption, I also mentioned how literacy base was the better option and now I have calculated the expenses. To any users on the website I hope you are enjoying your time here as I can say from personal experience that literacy base is the most fun I have ever had in terms of making money. Not to say there aren’t other entertaining ways like online casinos or bitcoin games but these are likely to end up with the user losing money which is why I like literacy base seeing as how my balance only goes up.

This website and others like it are a great way to improve on writing skills as I myself am using it to improve on my keyboard typing skills meaning speed and accuracy since I learned while transcribing text that my typing speed is frustrating when I’m trying to type what someone is saying especially when time is a factor. I soon after started looking for a good software that could help me practice in levels with results I could monitor over time. I had found the software but after getting a good feel for it I found out it was a trial, as are many good things on the internet. So here I am correcting a way I have been typing for at least a decade which would also allow me to post faster here as well.

I would like to ask literacy base users if they reach at least $30 pay because that’s how much it costs me to use the website when things like bandwidth come into play as research is also a factor. I saw an ad from a local service provider where I can get uncapped data for about $60 a month but figured that it would be pointless if I couldn’t get there, not that the websites administration wouldn’t pay but that writing articles that make $60 here could easily make a few hundreds somewhere else where you get paid per word instead of being paid starting at 300 words. While this method is very convenient for people who aren’t full time writers I don’t think its a good way to make a living. Unless of-course $10 a month does a lot for you.

Some Confusion regarding LB and Things which Attracts us towards LB
March 21, 2017

I am a newbie here and I am feeling very happy to participate here on Literacy base. It’s a very good platform where we can share our ideas our thoughts and our opinions as well. But I am a bit confused.

I have some confusion, please help:

  1. How much can we earn maximum on daily basis, is there any limit to it.
  2. How much can we earn maximum on monthly basis.
  3. I think we earn 15 cents for our every Blog, can blogs with more words yield more earnings or it stays on 15 cents only.
  4. How can we redeem our earnings, is there any date or minimum amount. Will they credit us by themselves or we need to redeem amount on a specific date and at what amount.
  5. When can we expect our payments to reach us after redemption?

Thanks in advance.

Also please tell me how we can receive the payment, hope PayPal is accepted here as I don’t have any other account with any of such websites.

What’s Special in Literacy Base?

  1. Every website has many good and bad things but I think this website is great and does not have any bad thing.
  2. It provides a platform to us where we can improve our writings and English as well as we are non native English writers.
  3. It gives us an opportunity to express our self as a writer and in that we can share our views and experience with all here and in that way we all can learn a lot from every ones experience.
  4. It has helped in learning the cross culture things and also to make friends as well.
  5. By writing we can make world a better place as it helps in the reader of the blog to learn many things from our experience as we try to put crux of our life here on literacy base.

I am Feeling excited, on top of the world and proud of being part of such a great community and looking forward to meet many new personalities here from world over.


March 20, 2017

When I signed up on this site, I have no knowledge on what to do. Although my member cousin had filled me in on some notable details, I still had a little difficulty on how to go about the site. I am really thankful to my cousin, Dina.

For newbies out there like me, here are some of the things I discovered.

You can earn your coins by doing several activities on this site. This is based solely on My History records, I don’t know if we are paid with the same rate. Here are some of the coins I earned.

Coins for logging in                                        $ 0.0100;

Coins for new comment                               $ 0.0010;

Coins for Approved Comment                     $ 0.0100; $ 0.0050; $ 0.0020 (I think it depends on the comment you made);

Coins for new forum reply                            $ 0.0100; $ 0.0050 (depends on the content of your reply);

Coins for updating profile                             $ 0.0010 (Asking & accepting for friend request thru public message; update your personal info or putting up your profile picture);

Coins for new post             $ 0.15 for a 300-word approved post;

$ 0.22 for a 500-word approved post (based on the posting of other members);

$ 0.33 for a 1000-word approved post (based on the posting of other members);

Coins for referring a visitor                          $ 0.0010 for approved post I shared in facebook. Maybe if you can post it on several social media, so much the better;

Coins for referring a new member             $ 0.0001 (they said that you will get as much as 10% for works of your referred member. It is similar to multi level marketing; and

Coins for creating a group                            $ 0.0020




Since I am not sure if I have the ability to write an article, I write my draft in Microsoft Word Processor, that way I can edit it there and at the same time, word counter is available, so you will know how many words you have already written.


  1. Click on the WRITE HERE tab, POST NOW & DASHBOARD will appear.

POST NOW is where you will write your article and the DASHBOARD is the area where you can find your approved article.

  1. Click POST NOW. Copy your saved article. Paste it on the Message Box. Make sure that your article is NOT LESS THAN 300 WORDS. Fill out all the other needed information

TITLE (if your title is too short or too long, the admin will let you know upon submission)

CATEGORY (choose from the category that will appear);

TAGS (I tagged the groups I am a member of);

IMAGE (if image is lifted from source other than yours, please make a notation at the end of your article

  1. If you think everything is okay, click SUBMIT, located just below the Notes. Wait for the approval of your article.


My experience the first time I submitted my article, I was ‘rejected’ three times.


First, the article was too short;

Second, the title is too short; and

Third, I have no image.


I hope this will help.


Goodluck to all of us!.


March 20, 2017
FB image

This is my post on my Facebook wall. Just to let my Facebook friends know that I am one of the bloggers at this site.

I also encourage other friends to sign up, just like what LiteracyBase member, Dina (my cousin), made me do. And I am thankful for her for doing that.

I just hope that I could write a minimum of 3, 300-word, articles daily. At the moment, I can only write one article a day.

With LiteracyBase, my lifelong dream of writing an article has turned into a reality. I just wish that I will not be lazy to keep on submitting articles.

There are many good writers here. It just consumes too much of my time just to go over all the submitted posts and comment on them, if possible.

Here is my post:

I recently signed up with LiteracyBase blogging site.

I cannot claim that I am a good writer, because I am not. This is the reason why I like LiteracyBase for they do not judge bloggers because they have an excellent command of the English language.

LiteracyBase site had posted 7 of my 7 submitted blogs, not because it was good but because I have complied with what their site required.  

My articles do not have the potential of being a “viral” post, but it was an effort for a non-writer like me. It took me half a day just to create a 300-word article.

When I was young, I hate English composition and I do not like essay type of exams. I’d take Math subjects anytime.

To my 1,789 Facebook friends and your friends friends, PLEASE JUST CLICK on the links, you do not have to read it if you do not like. You can help me earn US$0.001 or Php 0.05 per click. It is not much, but it’s the start.








Thank you so much!

Literacy Base – Writing Tips
Featured Article with Bubblews 3 (2)

If you’re new to Literacy Base you may be thinking. “I don’t know where to start or what to write about but you know you want to be a part of it so you hit the ground running… Maybe you’ve been a part of the site for a while but are having difficulties, feel frustrated and it seems like it’s just not working out for you.

The big question is,”Will you still be here in 3 months time, 6 months, a year?”

Some people who joined LB were last active 10 months ago. We can’t be sure why they left but it is a good possibility it had something to do with low interaction, couldn’t find something to write about, loss of interest and so on.

If you really want to make this work for you, I’ve put together a few helpful easy tips that will turn you into a pro in no time.


Literacy Base – Writing Tips

1. Interaction is a MUST

(It’s so important to interact act with others and not just focus on the money making aspect of it all. There is no quick way to make money. It takes time, determination, and dedication.)

2. Pace Yourself

(Set a time frame that works for you and your followers will come. If you try doing it every day there are a few things that can happen, which is probably the same reason as those who were last active 10 months ago. By pacing yourself, you’ll find that your writing will improve and others will get the benefit of taking away something from your work)

3. Schedule Posts


Tuesday and Thursday Write a New Post.

Friday is Blog Day.

(By putting yourself on a set schedule you’ll find that in the long run, you can accomplish more.)

4. Brand Yourself

Become an LB Tech Writer, Home and Garden How-To Contributor.  Writing about what you know is the quickest way to gain credibility and followers.


(Branding oneself is a great way to gain more followers and it can really open doors for you in the writing world.)

5. Start a Group

(You might think starting a group just isn’t right for you. But everyone has experience in something and the ability to help others. You just need a little encouragement. In fact, people write volunteer services down all the time on their resume’s and employers really like to see people making an effort, a contribution.)

I hope you found this post helpful. Let me know how it works out for you. Have other tips that you find helpful? I’d love to hear about them.

Photo is an example of branding oneself.

Exploring LiteracyBase For The First Time, Excited!
March 18, 2017

Hi everybody,

This is my first post in LiteracyBase. I registered myself  almost a month ago but was finding it little difficult for me to find things. There were submit buttons and I also found 14 likes already before I posted. Therefore, it was confusing.

I din’t know where to find friends and message them or did not know where to write, how this is gonna work and stuff. I found it difficult to upload picture because it had many fields and did not take any information if I try entering, but I did upload one. Now I am exploring one by one.

I was also experimenting about the amount that gets added after giving a comment. This really looks amazing and I really want to try more things here. There are few recommended posts I get every time I open my account. I din’t know whether they were advertisements of other writers or were they really article.

Few months back i had joined MyLot website. It is also a website like LB. There I had some friends who spoke about this website and later I thought of making an attempt of joining here. It was not as difficult as I thought it would be to open an account but it is not as easy as I thought it will be to use it.

One day I did try clicking on it and reading those recommended articles.Those posts are really great. The are really in great standard. Hope I learn that here. I think it is not just about writing anything or about a random thing, but it should be acknowledged by at least few people. That is my intension. So that I at least improve.

At last, if you thing I can be added to any groups please do let me know how to join. I am also going through the forum and group fields in the website.



Thank you.

What interesting topic do you think is acceptable?
March 17, 2017


Before I sign up on this site, I kept asking the question “what is there to write about?”.  I felt that almost all topics have already been written on the internet. I am scared that my topic will be accused of as a plagiarized one.

But on the other hand, since nobody knows me than myself, I can write about my life, my family, my friend, my aspiration and anything about things that concerns me. These are the topics that I cannot be accused of plagiarism for it is entirely my own.

The only problem now is, how do I start?

Every time I do the dishes, gardening, and some household chores, I kept on thinking of topics I will be submitting. Every time I think of topic to discuss, I right away compose it and save it on the Microsoft Word. That way, all I have to do is “copy paste” it for submission. I plan to write at least one 300-word article a day.

The username I use on this site is “ilovelife913”, coz I really do love life. I enjoy life to the fullest. Maybe because the people & the place that surround me are the things I love the most. My husband, my children and living in a place I called “paradise” is what is important.

So, I think I will write a little about this beautiful place as my submission piece for today. This place is a 6-hour drive from the Metropolis. It is such a small place with a population of around 20,000 people. People are so friendly. It has a handful of beach resorts which is filled up to the rim during the holiday season. This place is surrounded by mountains on the east side and by beaches on the west side. Viewing sunset on the horizon is sight to behold. Maybe in the future, I will write some more about this place I called PARADISE.

How about you? How long does it take you to compose a 300-word article? Is it easy or difficult for you?


Image courtesy of Ben Banares

Writing Sites- Can we trust them?

My first experience with online writing was on a site called Bubblews. Most of us are familiar with the site. It was really good learning and earning experience. For about a year, I earned almost $150-200 from the site every month. And then the site stopped paying. I lost almost $600 pending payments.

After bubblews, I stopped writing online. I tried a few sites like personapaper etc but nothing came close to bubblews. I again began actively writing online about a year back. I had quit my daily job and online writing was a good & constructive way to spend time though earnings were negligible.

Blogjob was a good site where I was paid thrice. When it stopped paying, it was a big jolt to many. Though the ones with adsense account are still writing there and earning through adsense.

I wrote quite a lot on literacybase and got paid here four times. I wrote on hubpages but the earnings are so slow that I have no hopes of ever redeeming there. Now I am removing my posts from hubpages and shifting them to my own site. I also wrote on blogbourne but deleted my account when I saw that they pay ridiculously low amount. My writing stint on expertscolumn also proved to be a failure as the earnings are super slow there.

I redeemed once at Niume but since it required only five lines, I didn’t mind the slow earning there. In between came tinycent. The site was really good in terms of pay rates. The admin seemed to be genuine but proved to be a big fraud. Not only I lost my payments but also all the articles which he so cleverly shifted to a new site which the old members have no access to. The experience with tinycent made me wonder if writing sites are to be trusted.

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