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Literacy Base – Writing Tips
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If you’re new to Literacy Base you may be thinking. “I don’t know where to start or what to write about but you know you want to be a part of it so you hit the ground running… Maybe you’ve been a part of the site for a while but are having difficulties, feel frustrated and it seems like it’s just not working out for you.

The big question is,”Will you still be here in 3 months time, 6 months, a year?”

Some people who joined LB were last active 10 months ago. We can’t be sure why they left but it is a good possibility it had something to do with low interaction, couldn’t find something to write about, loss of interest and so on.

If you really want to make this work for you, I’ve put together a few helpful easy tips that will turn you into a pro in no time.


Literacy Base – Writing Tips

1. Interaction is a MUST

(It’s so important to interact act with others and not just focus on the money making aspect of it all. There is no quick way to make money. It takes time, determination, and dedication.)

2. Pace Yourself

(Set a time frame that works for you and your followers will come. If you try doing it every day there are a few things that can happen, which is probably the same reason as those who were last active 10 months ago. By pacing yourself, you’ll find that your writing will improve and others will get the benefit of taking away something from your work)

3. Schedule Posts


Tuesday and Thursday Write a New Post.

Friday is Blog Day.

(By putting yourself on a set schedule you’ll find that in the long run, you can accomplish more.)

4. Brand Yourself

Become an LB Tech Writer, Home and Garden How-To Contributor.  Writing about what you know is the quickest way to gain credibility and followers.


(Branding oneself is a great way to gain more followers and it can really open doors for you in the writing world.)

5. Start a Group

(You might think starting a group just isn’t right for you. But everyone has experience in something and the ability to help others. You just need a little encouragement. In fact, people write volunteer services down all the time on their resume’s and employers really like to see people making an effort, a contribution.)

I hope you found this post helpful. Let me know how it works out for you. Have other tips that you find helpful? I’d love to hear about them.

Photo is an example of branding oneself.

Exploring LiteracyBase For The First Time, Excited!
March 18, 2017

Hi everybody,

This is my first post in LiteracyBase. I registered myself  almost a month ago but was finding it little difficult for me to find things. There were submit buttons and I also found 14 likes already before I posted. Therefore, it was confusing.

I din’t know where to find friends and message them or did not know where to write, how this is gonna work and stuff. I found it difficult to upload picture because it had many fields and did not take any information if I try entering, but I did upload one. Now I am exploring one by one.

I was also experimenting about the amount that gets added after giving a comment. This really looks amazing and I really want to try more things here. There are few recommended posts I get every time I open my account. I din’t know whether they were advertisements of other writers or were they really article.

Few months back i had joined MyLot website. It is also a website like LB. There I had some friends who spoke about this website and later I thought of making an attempt of joining here. It was not as difficult as I thought it would be to open an account but it is not as easy as I thought it will be to use it.

One day I did try clicking on it and reading those recommended articles.Those posts are really great. The are really in great standard. Hope I learn that here. I think it is not just about writing anything or about a random thing, but it should be acknowledged by at least few people. That is my intension. So that I at least improve.

At last, if you thing I can be added to any groups please do let me know how to join. I am also going through the forum and group fields in the website.



Thank you.

What interesting topic do you think is acceptable?
March 17, 2017


Before I sign up on this site, I kept asking the question “what is there to write about?”.  I felt that almost all topics have already been written on the internet. I am scared that my topic will be accused of as a plagiarized one.

But on the other hand, since nobody knows me than myself, I can write about my life, my family, my friend, my aspiration and anything about things that concerns me. These are the topics that I cannot be accused of plagiarism for it is entirely my own.

The only problem now is, how do I start?

Every time I do the dishes, gardening, and some household chores, I kept on thinking of topics I will be submitting. Every time I think of topic to discuss, I right away compose it and save it on the Microsoft Word. That way, all I have to do is “copy paste” it for submission. I plan to write at least one 300-word article a day.

The username I use on this site is “ilovelife913”, coz I really do love life. I enjoy life to the fullest. Maybe because the people & the place that surround me are the things I love the most. My husband, my children and living in a place I called “paradise” is what is important.

So, I think I will write a little about this beautiful place as my submission piece for today. This place is a 6-hour drive from the Metropolis. It is such a small place with a population of around 20,000 people. People are so friendly. It has a handful of beach resorts which is filled up to the rim during the holiday season. This place is surrounded by mountains on the east side and by beaches on the west side. Viewing sunset on the horizon is sight to behold. Maybe in the future, I will write some more about this place I called PARADISE.

How about you? How long does it take you to compose a 300-word article? Is it easy or difficult for you?


Image courtesy of Ben Banares

Writing Sites- Can we trust them?

My first experience with online writing was on a site called Bubblews. Most of us are familiar with the site. It was really good learning and earning experience. For about a year, I earned almost $150-200 from the site every month. And then the site stopped paying. I lost almost $600 pending payments.

After bubblews, I stopped writing online. I tried a few sites like personapaper etc but nothing came close to bubblews. I again began actively writing online about a year back. I had quit my daily job and online writing was a good & constructive way to spend time though earnings were negligible.

Blogjob was a good site where I was paid thrice. When it stopped paying, it was a big jolt to many. Though the ones with adsense account are still writing there and earning through adsense.

I wrote quite a lot on literacybase and got paid here four times. I wrote on hubpages but the earnings are so slow that I have no hopes of ever redeeming there. Now I am removing my posts from hubpages and shifting them to my own site. I also wrote on blogbourne but deleted my account when I saw that they pay ridiculously low amount. My writing stint on expertscolumn also proved to be a failure as the earnings are super slow there.

I redeemed once at Niume but since it required only five lines, I didn’t mind the slow earning there. In between came tinycent. The site was really good in terms of pay rates. The admin seemed to be genuine but proved to be a big fraud. Not only I lost my payments but also all the articles which he so cleverly shifted to a new site which the old members have no access to. The experience with tinycent made me wonder if writing sites are to be trusted.

image credit: https://pixabay.com/en/diary-pen-teacup-writing-calendar-2116244/

It isn’t Intelligence, it is Common Sense
March 17, 2017

Common Sense is the ability to see a situation, to weigh the alternatives, and come to the most rational decision.  It doesn’t matter if one has more degrees than a thermometer or can not read, common sense is not taught, and probably can’t be learned.

I will give you an easy example.

Kris, whom I’ve mentioned before, spends hours on Facebook.  He is always posting.  It isn’t that he’s networking articles posted on paying sites, or even sharing important bits.   He is writing short ‘articles’ on topics which could be long and interesting.

Each day, he posts thirty or more of his observations.

Suggesting he write for this site or Mylot, which would swallow his short posts and give him a few cents, he replies the he ‘doesn’t have time.’

Now you have to pull back from the computer screen when you read that, because if he stayed off of Facebook and posted on Mylot he’d be making money and getting attention.

If he were someone who had to take off his shoes to count over ten you would shrug, but he is quite intelligent.

What is the problem?   A complete lack of common sense.

If you read his posts,  you’ll see a bit of ‘gap’ between comprehending and extrapolation.   By this I mean,  you see a balloon.   It is fully blown.  You are aware that there is some ‘air’ inside of it which is why it is inflated.  You see that it is light, but not enough to float to the ceiling.  So it must be filled with the same kind of air that is around it.

You can understand that if it had ‘lighter’ air, like helium, it would float to the ceiling.  If it had ‘heavier’ air,  like carbon dioxide, it would sink to the floor.   You don’t need the words, you don’t need to know the names of the gases, you see the balloon and, if you have common sense, the reality of what is inside of the balloon seems obvious.  That is because you see, and you comprehend what you see.   And you can imagine what would happen if a lighter or heavier gas was inserted.

People like Kris will see the balloon and not be able to grasp these simple facts.

He does not recognise the time he wastes, for what he puts on Facebook is a total waste, if he posted here or on Mylot he would get a few cents.

The other day I was at Seekyt.com, cracking up.  Why?  Because Seekyt does NOT pay writers AND takes their copyright.  It says so right there in the Terms of Service.   So if you write a brilliant piece, post it there, then want to take it back, YOU CAN’T.   You have lost your copyright.

Now how can any one who is capable of writing an article of some sense, not have read the Terms of Service, not have considered posting on a pay site?

A lack of common sense.


My First Post Dint Make It, Am I Missing On Something?

My first post on lb quite dint make it to what I was expecting from it, I know something is there that I dint keep in mind before proceeding, specially the topic.

It actually was very tough to decide what to wright as never had any experience in the past of any writing site.

Yeah I accept the fact that I dint go through much of the post which have made better on lb and then learn what post would be beneficial.

Actually I do have a busy schedule daily of which I get very less time to interact with anyone, even with my family members also.

My wife is the one who introduced me to lb last month and she said whenever you get time start interacting and making friends here.

At first I was a little hesitant on what she had suggested, but it was quite interesting as I carry my laptop everywhere and would be of change from the regular routine.

I had a word with my wife on what could be wrong that not even a single person liked or commented on my post.

According to her perspective it was the topic the post was based on should have been something different than it being on life and death.

Yeah I am more of a spiritual kind of person and that was the first thing that came into my mind.

She said you could have started with and introduction to yourself instead.

I should have consulted her before posting, yes I am a little disappointed but not that much that I won’t continue anymore.

I love this site, just not because I can earn here but know for sure can make better knowledge and friends from this site.

I don’t know if I can ask but still any advice on how to choose the topics or how to make the best out of lb would be of great support for me.


Image Courtesy:- LiteracyBase

In two weeks i reached payout
LiteracyBase (1)

I started writing here on Literacy Base In the beginning of March. I found this site from a user on Mylot and she reffered me here. I found this site interesting because of the fact you get paid for almost everything you do and get a fair amount per blog posted.

I had set a limit for me a day to earn at least a dollar. Didn’t matter how, it could be by commenting, going on the forum or even writing a couple of blogs a day. If i decide to write blogs i make sure i have enough to create at least 10 blogs a day to reach my daily limit. Like this i can maximize my earnings.

I am trying my best to raise my limit to get some more change each month. Since they pay every 10th-15th of the month i am trying to get a big amount before i request payout.

Most of my posts are just things i think about daily so this helps me have a bit of content, especially if it is something i feel and have a very strong opinion about. This helps also. When i have a big opinion on something i tend to reach the 500 words easily and like this i recieve some extra cents compared to the blogs with 300 words.

I am aiming to get at least 30 dollars this month and hope i get this amount. At least i know if i try hard enough i will. Besides having quite a bit of ideas i do write fast also. So it easy for me to post 3/4 blogs an hour if i really wanted to.

I see some users showing proof of payment and this makes me more interested in writing on the site. It is something to look forward for.

Now i ask all of you, do you redeem everytime you reach 10 dollars or do you wait to have a good amount and them request redemption?

My experience with literacy base
March 15, 2017

After months spent on PTC websites, bitcoin faucets and other things that wasted my time I got to mylot which was a good find because it payed me for my posts but I was worried about the rate I was getting paid but I kept posting because well, what else could I do with my free time? I came across a reply from a user who had named this website as his top earner so naturally I went to google and typed in literacy base. And after using it for a few days I would like to tell new users how I find the website to be as a network administrator.

When I first saw the website I thought it looked a bit too simple to do what it claims to do, so after months of seeing scams I went to look for reviews and found that the users here were happy and paid which were the only two things I was looking for, after using the website I know that its design and services serve its purpose well.

So here’s the truth, on this website I have found more opportunities for me to make money than anywhere else, not to say that other websites don’t pay but for a slower typing open person that likes writing and needs decent money, this is the place to do it. The pay is definitely better than any PTC website iv’e found and it allows for the expression of thought (assuming you think with good grammar and cases) as I see people on forums still trying to make money by clicking ads without at least some referrals. In case you’re wondering, the pay is around $0.15 per 300 words. Please comment if i’m wrong. This website is definitely worth it and isn’t a way to waste your time, its really the only web page open these days unless i’m reading on something. I post here and continue to and urge new users to try it out.



Yeah! It’s the pay day of LiteracyBase today!
March 15, 2017
LB payment


It is 15th of March today, and it is the pay day for LiteracyBase too.

I think most of the members whom made a cash out request last month end should receive their payment as me if nothing went wrong in the payment process.

I claimed for USD10 cash out , i.e  the minimum cash out level via PayPal  on 28th of February. And, after half month waiting, Literacy Base team make their promise into a truth, make payment the next month after the claim submitted by month end.

What made me more than happy is my payment received in net amount, i.e USD10 without deducting any receiving fee. But, according to the feedback and payment proofs from some of the members here, some of them have been deducted some receiving fee, so they only received $9 and some balance, but not USD10.

I am not sure if this due to geographical factors or other issue, you may check with your payment channel, i.e PayPal.

This is my first cash out at LiteracyBase. In fact, LiteracyBase is a legit site, the payment record is proven and no member has complaint on this all the while.

I started to write the blogs last month, but not before. It’s because the admin team of LiteracyBase has implemented a very encouraging move, that is auto approved all the blogs the members submitted rather than waiting for approval, which normally should take about few hours to few days.

The member will see the payment credited into his/her bank automatically once blog is submitted. I personal believe, this is really encourages all of us to write more and share more our ideas about life in order to earn more.

And, other than this, I love to share the blogs written by myself and other users which has a very good and attractive topic into the social media platform too. This is not only able to attract more traffic to LiteracyBase, but we can earn a little penny, i.e $0.001 per view too.

Based on some feedback of other members, some of them able to make $0.30 per day for just bring in traffic via sharing the blogs at social media platform. And, a champion has even made $10 and more for just using this feature. So, why not click the share button at the bottom at the blog if you found some articles are good for sharing around, right?

In my case,  I prefer to share the blogs via a big group in the Facebook which has about 200,000 members. I am just targeting about 0.01% of the members will click and read the blog, then  this 0.01% will transform into 200 x $0.001  = $0.20 per blog. Do correct me if my calculation is wrong.

Can you see, $0.20 is flowing in to our bank via just a click and share.

Thus, I love to work on LiteracyBase and enjoy myself here, hope all of you enjoy too!


Image is my payment proof, I received USD10 net via PayPal account.



Less is More on the Internet
March 14, 2017
Writing-online_Why Writing Sites Aren't What They Used To Be

Many years ago, publishing sites wanted ‘tomes’.    They demanded Two Thousand Five Hundred words,  (2,500) plus images.

In those early days there were writers of high caliber who could take a topic and give you those words to the extent you could virtually submit that paper to a University,  for it was that high quality.

The fact of the Internet, as many of you have found, is that you don’t want to read so much in one item.  Yes, if you are doing research on a topic, sure, you want that very long, nothing left out encyclopedic document.  But if you are reading something, just off hand, you don’t want ‘blah blah’.

I use the term blah blah to describe an item which any proofreader would cut at least 1/3rd of the verbiage.

For many not so good writers, having to write 2,500 words on a topic they know about 300 words of, will stuff. Stuff and repeat, and add adjectives, adverbs, and meaningless sentences.

I know, when I write an item here, for example, and it is ‘too short’ I’ll go back and stuff words.   Okay, maybe it is ten words, maybe fifteen, but nothing more than that.

Instead of saying; “Some people are not security conscious”,  I will post, “There are many people, all over the world, in all sorts of positions, who seem not to take their personal security seriously.”

That isn’t too bad, but what happened in the longer sites is that there may be 300 words of information and 2,200 words of blah blah.

Publishing sites which demanded so many words in an article have disappeared.   Yes, it is because of ‘blah blah’ but also, the fact that people simply don’t want to be bogged down in a long and tedious item.  Further, many people want specific information.

Doing a search on the Internet is not like using a hard copy encyclopedia.

For example, one might want to know; “The history of Jamaica from 1494 to 1655.”

In hard copy one has to take the ‘J’ book, look up “Jamaica”  then read down, find the sub-topic ‘History’ and begin.   On the Internet, one enters “The History of Jamaica from 1494 – 1655” in a search box, and gets that history.

Sure, there will be other entries which are blanket, but there will be specific items which cover just that period.

With writing sites, unless one is a very good writer and has a lot to say that people want to read, the longer items are ignored.  They are ignored because unless the reader is engrossed in that item, they skim, skip and jump.

I recall seeing a ‘headline’ on a site and going to read the item which instead of plunging into the topic, dished some blah blah, and I was gone in less than 4 seconds.

People want their information and they want it NOW.   Not way down in paragraph 34.  This is why so many sites which demanded long items have closed.

As writers, it is not easy to keep a reader’s interest when doing a long treatise on a topic.   Many of us avoided the long sites because we only had 1,789 relevant words and weren’t going to stuff.   Those who joined and posted often did no more than stuff.

Yes, our attention spans are much shorter.   Watching a 1960s drama we start to day dream because it takes so long to get to the point.   That is because we are accustomed to getting our information as we want it, not wait to get it.