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more word games for a wrting topic

 word game how many word can you get from the

word safety? Ok let see I am not sure if this count

here one word safe,here other word ate, sat and fat which i am kind of , now I all so see eat,

other word is set, I see et all so yes it a word and a movie . I can see the word at to and yet

should we say ya a word you know how kids say ya

yes i know some would not say it a word, but if I am going to do some stroies with the words I might need it as a topic.as you know the more post we have the more money we make i say that the name of the game. with me i like writing short stories some time more for like kids or maybe teens so far I got over six words. Ok now let me see if i can make a stroy out of the words

Ok there was this fat guy who all ways sat while he eats a lot of stuff then he yell I ate it et if you are real and theb yell out YA!. Yes it stinks but you get the idea of this word game part one turning a word in to more words then part two puting all the words in to one story. This the challeng and the fun of this word game for me the word games are relaxing .how about you do the kind of word games relax you or make you go nuts? for me it help my brain better then drinking a energy drink

so I am going to think of more kind of writing games that can be a challange if some here has some kind of writing game and if we could some how keep it goinng with comment as you know we get paid for the comments to and other thing is to keep the traffic coming that is comment at the post

so down the road I am going to some reaserch and see what I can come up with. Ok so far that it for this word game have a good day.

spell checker not all way right

Some time spell checker does not work right. What do I mean by spell checker not working right? This is what it does for example when I use the word wi-fi spell checker trying to the word in to wife no joke lol . I do not think any one want a wi-fi for a wife other words like lap top which is kind of one word spell checker will make it two words.
it will all so turn the work internet in to some thing else to this is not joke and I thought auto correct was bad on the phone oy. I just said the work oy spell checker will try to change that word to something else to. Now does any else here have any problems with their word spell checker item program. Me I use the free office program call word graph and it has a butter fly for it logo.
If some ask how come I do not have the main office program? the answer is easy it cost to high . why pay for some thing if it good and has a good a ratting and is free that the bottom line it is free. That why I like about word graph even the spell checker does do a great job but better then having no spell checker. I just wish it try to correct things that do not need tob e corrected. I could say the same thing about my phone auto correct. I am very good at spelling words wrong I d o not need that kind of help from auto correct when I do a word right the auto correct on the phone try to change it to something else.Plus spell checker on the lap top is some times the same way but with that I see the word before I press publish.

How to write strengths and weaknesses while making your profile
May 9, 2017

When it comes to writing a profile for yourself, one needs to be absolutely crisp with his language and facts. An effective profile can leave a great impact upon your audience, leading to a higher chance of your profile being highlighted amidst a pool of bios.

How one crafts his profile is entirely up to him. One can make or break an impression with the medium of an introductory bio. Usually, it is advisable to stick to a particular tone depending upon the bent of the job profile you’re intending to refer to.  If it requires you to be highly professional, be it; or if you feel the panel viewing your profile will be pleased to come across your personal information as well, then write likewise.

A very vital aspect of a profile is how to elaborate upon one’s strengths and weaknesses. Both of these areas need the person elucidating his personality to be both true and credible at the same time. There is a very fine line between expressing your points with the right amount of confidence and sounding haughty. Your strengths should correctly reflect your skills and should not brag solely about your achievements.

While writing about your strengths do not be too uncomfortable and fall prey to the fear that you’ll sound like ‘blowing your own trumpets’! Prevent from giving too generic answers that might fail to distinguish you from others. If you fall short of facts, do not spin and fabricate your points; rather, reflect upon your personality for a while and write from your heart. One great way of analysing your strengths is to ask people such as co-workers or friends for their genuine opinions. Make sure to tailor your points well so that they don’t look like coming out of the blue. If you mention about your credible communication skills, add a little tangibility to your point and put one or two instances where you felt so.

Writing strengths can be easy to a good extent, but when it comes to reflecting upon your weaknesses, one needs to be extra careful. What the person on the other end reading your profile actually wants is to check whether or not you’re self-aware, known to your own imperfections and shortcomings or not. But the response you give must channelize your answer in a way that your points seem to promise a scope of improvement in the future. One can also elaborate over how they’ve progressed on overcoming their weaknesses or how you’ve struggled with them in the past to have overcome it at present. People with too naive and straight-forward weaknesses like ‘not able to pull myself to work’ are perceived as insincere and elusive. One should package their weaknesses in pretty parcels of promises so that they do seem true yet not too hard to be fixed!

With a nicely presented profile which has all the personal as well as professional points put coherently, one’s chances of being picked out of many introductory profiles can increase manifold. Strengths and weaknesses both are an innate part of a human’s personality, it only depends upon us as to how we present them!

Make Money Writing Articles: 37 Blogs That Pay Up To $300 For Your Guest Posts
May 7, 2017
pray 2

its a simple on internet to earn. from home and office. by recptcha by typing words etc…

Freelance blogging is a great way to make money writing online because there is immense demand for awesome blog posts, always! But that doesn’t make it easy! The problem is… finding high-paying freelance writing jobs will take time and loads of efforts, especially if you’re a newbie.

In fact, if you visit any of those freelance marketplaces or job sites, you can see that it’s crowded with hundreds of thousands of writers/bloggers. And if you don’t have an author profile or pricing that is not  attractive enough then your would be clients can easily find a dozen of other writers.

have already listed over 51 freelance writing gigs (plus 25 freelance writing tips) few days back. And it was a comprehensive list of freelance marketplaces, content agencies (I haven’t included any of them here), and other websites that are hiring freelance bloggers and writers.

But like I have already mentioned, the problem is… most of the websites that are listed on that blog post are big media companies and their acceptance rate and payment rate is on the low side. Also, a good percentage of them accepts only native English writers.

So, if you are a freelance writer who want to make money writing but is tired of low-paying writing gigs, then here is a collection of websites that are paying up to $300 (or sometimes more) for your articles and blog posts. In other words, you get paid when you contribute content to the following websites and blogs.

Note: The idea of this entire blog post is to show you that there are a ton of websites out there willing to pay hundreds of dollars for a single blog post. Just don’t consider this blog post as your ultimate destination for writing gigs. And you know what it takes to get there? Be an expert in at least one topic! Now, go get paid to blog!

Another problem is, content agencies or clients on freelance sites do not pay much. Even if you meet their criteria you may not earn more than $10-$15 per 500 words (unless you are a native English speaker).

Am I Being Played By LB?
download (1)

The other day, pondering, I came to a strange set of thoughts.  I was thinking about Reincarnation.  I wondered to myself if many of the things that we do in this life is due to something that happened in a past life?

I began my ponder and wrote three separate articles, as the thoughts came to me.  The last; “Is This Another Response to Reincarnation,”  got a comment from ‘Anonymous’  who claimed I had plagiarised the item.

I immediately did a check, using ‘Plagium’  which is recommended by Literacy Base.   The only item Plagium turned up was the article itself.

I tried to contact the Mods to no effect.  I emailed, I made a ‘Contact’ here, and I wrote a Blog asking the Mods for help.

I admit I am getting really cheesed.

None of the Mods contacted me.

Now I appreciate that there is a serious issue with plagiarism.   I don’t deny there is such a thing.  But I need to scream at the top of my voice that there is; A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PLAGIARISM AND ATTRIBUTION!!!!

When one writes a factual article, there is a need to insert ‘authorities’  that is, proof that you aren’t making it up out of your head.

Many of the cheaper plagiarism checkers do not differentiate between a quote from a source and plagiarism.

For example, if one wanted to take Scripture, say, Genesis 1  and reveal how it is positive for Evolution; one would have to quote Scripture and then go over the verses, line by line to prove the point.

However, if one took Genesis 1 – 29 and quoted it, that article would be slapped down for Plagiarism.  Although Scripture is directly quoted, and attributed and there is no inference that the writer is taking credit for Genesis 1 – 29, the Plag checker would kick the item into the trash, despite the fact that the section of Scripture is used to explain the article being written.

When I wrote about the Brasilian deficit due to the staging of the World Cup and the Olympics, I HAD TO quote the actual sources.  I wasn’t sitting in Jamaica throwing stones at Brasil; I was quoted their actual reports.

My article was slapped down.

Therefore, I decided to avoid writing about topical or factual items unless I can so water them down, removing every trace of authority and facts.

But how can something that occurred to me, something that caught my thoughts, that I wrote be slapped for Plagairism when the only ‘copy’ that was turned up by Plagium was the actual article I wrote?

facebook and freind me on my face book account

For my friends on writing sites if you send a friend request to me on facebook please tell me you are from one of my writing sites then I friend on my facebook account. If there some one who I do not know or not a friend of of other friend I can not friend then until they tell me who they. why do I need to know ? because I have some friends who facebook accont had been hack. It is better to be safe then to have to reset the laptop to factory ready style. If I had to do that most likely I lose my window 10 that I like and the laptop would go back to windows 8.1 which I did not like. I got my window10 for free when they were doing that upgrade thing. I think my pass favorite windows were windows xp and windows 95 when I first got to knew the computer world
since I am old school it took me few years to get the hang out it. I only learn how to paste and copy two years ago no joke Ok now back to facebook if any one on this site want to friend me on facebook send me facebook message that it from this writing site. If I get the message I knew were it came from and I have no problem friending you on facebook. Ok Now a question have any else been getting friend request on their facebook account and do not know who it from? This is why I am doing this post now. Oh yes the same thing with twitter to. I want to know who is who and I am not talking about doctor who. which is a TV show that I like a lot since there is not Star Trek on at this time Ok have a good day.

It’s May, Another Month, Another Challenge

It is May 1, Monday morning here in the Philippines, and it is Worker’s Day. I salute all the workers of the world; they sweat and flex muscles to produce products, or provide services to make our life comfortable.

It is a new month, a new beginning, a new challenge. For us here at Literacybase.com, this could be another month to meet new goals. I have this goal of meeting the $10 minimum redemption, because I did not make it the past month of April. So by May, I should reach at least $15, so it can patch up the lacking amount for April. Fingers crossed!

How about you? Did you redeemed last month? I read some of my friends here had redeemed. Good for them, and congratulations also to others who had reached the minimum redemption amount of $10. If not, there is always another month, you too can make it this May or even surpass that $10 redemption.

Some of you maybe so busy with offline works. Many in our country are enjoying summer vacation. Many of them are getting away from the heat in their places, and go to the beach or other places where they can relax in a cooler environment. Others have to contend in their homes, using electric fans or air conditioners for those who can afford it.

Some schools here have not changed their academic calendars so they are on vacation now and resume classes on June 5. Others who adopted the international calendar have their vacation in June and July, and resume classes in August.

For students on vacation, many of them are enjoying the sea, the sun, and a lot of celebrations that are observed in May. They usually join fiesta celebrations or flower festivals because the month of May is associated with flowers. Many ornamental plants bloom during this month.

How about you, what are your goals this month of May?

What Works For Me on Literacy Base!
Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 12.58.01 PM

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 12.58.01 PM

I actually joined Literacy Base awhile ago from a myLot member who recommended me this site. However, I was debating whether to try a new site or not because at that time – I was content with the sites I have been working with and I am still content. A few months pass by and I see a lot of news about Literacy Base and trustworthy myLot members being paid, so I decided to start writing and blogging. I am pleased to say, I have cashed out my first payment and received it earlier this month. It was not much but $13 bucks is better than nothing! I just redeemed again for next month just the minimum of $10 bucks.

There are lots of improvements I would like to see with this website, as there can be a lot of potential but I have no idea where the admin or support is though. I know a couple who have not been paid and looks like some are being banned too? I do not know how that works but hopefully everything works out for everyone! I guess what made me unattractive to the site is the minimum characters per each blog, it is hard to see whether if someone comments or responds to comments/notifications and lack of support or announcements made. It does not seem like many people interact much just an independent duty.

For me, I just write what comes to mind – usually looking at my pictures I have loaded on my computer inspires me to write about something. Or, to write product reviews (those are my favorite)! If I write about topics I can relate to, it is much easier to write. Another thing is I write down all my titles in a spreadsheet saved on my laptop so I can keep track of what I have written about. Some people save their blog posts, but I do not.

how to create a 1000 words blog post within 20minutes
April 29, 2017

How to Write a 1000

Word Blog Post in 20



Content creation takes a lot of work (but I didn’t

have to tell you that!). You have to come up with

an idea about what you want to write (whether

that’s from keyword research or something you

came across that you wanted to share with your

audience), write the thing, then add visuals that

help you tell a compelling story.

And you have to do that as often as you can,

without sacrificing quality. The new rules state

that blog posts should be at least 1000 words,

which is a fairly long article. And writer’s block is

a real thing (that sneaky so and so).

But I think I’ve found something that works

amazingly well to help me write more posts than

ever before. It’s also how crazy starts, and that’s

dictation, which is a fancy word for setting up a

microphone (or earbuds) and letting the voices in

your head be heard.

Here’s how I use Dragon Dictate to write a 1000

word blog post in 20 minutes:

Step 0: Write Your Title

You should spend as much time crafting your title

as you do writing your post. Why? It’s the first

thing people read. The thing that tells them

whether they should click to read more or keep

scanning. A compelling title creates intrigue.

Make people curious, don’t hide the lead, add

numbers where appropriate, and don’t forget to

include negatives if they make sense.


So write your title before you turn on Dragon .

Step 1: Outline Your Article

Before using Dragon, I almost never outlined my

articles before writing, which led me down a

number of tangents that didn’t belong in my

posts. But you’ll find way more success if you

write your main points (headers) before you start

dictation. That will help you know where you’re

going before you get there, and it will help avoid

the inevitable ums and ahs that come from

dictating when you don’t know what to say.

Now, provided you’re not in a library or coffee

shop, you can turn on Dragon .

Step 2: Dictate the Body

Once you have your outline written, go ahead and

start dictating! Plug in your earphones, or if you

have a microphone, use that, and go to town!

Think about what you want each paragraph to

say before you hit “go” and pause as often as

you need to in order to get your point across

seamlessly. Hit stop when you’ve finished a

section, move the cursor to the next section, get

a drink of water, and repeat the process. Dictate

your conclusion.

Step 3: Edit Heavily

Check and see your word count. I bet it’s higher

than you expected. Good job! Now, go over your

content with a hawk eye. Look for homonyms.

Look for places where Dragon doesn’t know the

word. Look for awkwardness. The editing stage

is a lot longer with this method, but the writing

process is a lot shorter. Just another example of

how you can’t get something for nothing.

Will Dragon Work for You?

Learning how to use Dragon, and teaching

Dragon how to understand you, is exhausting.

The learning curve is steep, the training is boring,

and if you want to help Dragon understand you

better, you have to put in the extra effort of

teaching it corrections. That said, I use Dragon all

the time, and I find it to be an awesome way to

create content more quickly. I’m a fast typist,

sure, but my words-per-minute typing pale in

comparison to how quickly I can talk. I’d be

willing to bet you’re the same way. Unless you’re

my former coworker who types flawlessly (and

freakishly fast

Working With Word Limits / Requirements
April 27, 2017
When Writing Sites Collapse

About two hundred years ago, people were paid by the word.  Novels which were serialised in News Papers would have a great deal of ‘extra’ to push up the cash.

In 1922 Reader’s Digest came into being.   What it did would be to trim items, especially novels.  The skilled editors could remove all unnecessary events, words, etc.

There were, coming up to the creation of the Internet, two ‘schools’ of thought.   There was the long and intricate story with all sorts of information, and the sharp, to the point,  article where there were few adverbs and adjectives.

This was, of course, influenced by ‘telegrams’, quick short bursts of information.   Unlike written letters which took forever to get from here to there, a telegram was almost immediate.    This led to a kind of abbreviated manner of writing.

The Inverted Pyramid style; that is, main points first, information proceeding after became standard for most news papers;  “Man Shot Dead in Cross Roads” is the headline, and the article gives the name of the man, where he was shot,when he was shot,  and what happened.

The Internet has created a new kind of reader, people who want their information fast.   They want to finish the article and move on.   They don’t want to wallow.

In ancient days, one would curl up with a novel and read each sentence and visualise them, sometimes drifting off into reverie, imagining themselves in the environment of the Novel.

In modern days, people want to get the data in and quickly process it, before moving on to the next thought.

Those who are used to writing 2500 word items find themselves having to chop.   Those used to writing short bits have to add.

The long writer has to develop a vocabulary in which s/he can same the same thing in one word that takes a sentence.

“The speaker began this overly profuse train of compliments directed to the judges,” writes the verbose.
“The speaker engaged in persiflage,”  writes the sharp.

There are many words which condense thought so one simply needs to increase their vocabulary and remove as many adjectives and adverbs as possible.

The first removal is ‘very’.   It is a totally unnecessary term.   “She was unhappy.”   Writing “She was very unhappy” as if to rate unhappiness is not necessary.

The word ‘that’ is over used.   “She saw that it was time for her to close that latch, so she told him that she was going outside to close the latch.”   “It was time to close the latch so she told him why she was going out.”

Going over the long item to remove repetition is the next step.   One doesn’t need to say the same thing in six different ways.   This tends to happen when one is not sure they are being clear.

Cutting an item from two thousand and five hundred words to one thousand to fit into the requirements and not lose the essence of the article takes a bit of skill, but it can be done as successfully as Reader’s Digest has proven.

The other side of the coin is to stretch a shorter item to reach a word requirement.

This is easier than the former.

When one must cut an item to fit a word limit, they have to invest thought so as not to cut vital facts or remove too much explanation.

When one has to enlarge an item, all one needs to do is go sentence by sentence and add words.

For example; that the first two sentences of this article;

About two hundred years ago, people were paid by the word.  Novels which were serialised in News Papers would have a great deal of ‘extra’ to push up the cash.

If one had to lengthen it to match a requirement, it is simple to add words and concepts.

“There was a time, perhaps about two hundred years ago, when authors of various fiction and non-fiction works received payment based on the length of the item.   People were paid by the word.   If one reads an item written around that time, which was serialised in a  newspaper, one will see how much ‘stuffing’ went into it. Many ideas were shoved in, many descriptions which did not move the story forward, even the introduction of characters or concepts which were irrelevant, all done to gain more coin.”

The ability to be flexible, to be able to write a long or short piece makes the successful writer.