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more word games for a wrting topic

 word game how many word can you get from the

word safety? Ok let see I am not sure if this count

See Also:

here one word safe,here other word ate, sat and fat which i am kind of , now I all so see eat,

other word is set, I see et all so yes it a word and a movie . I can see the word at to and yet

should we say ya a word you know how kids say ya

yes i know some would not say it a word, but if I am going to do some stroies with the words I might need it as a topic.as you know the more post we have the more money we make i say that the name of the game. with me i like writing short stories some time more for like kids or maybe teens so far I got over six words. Ok now let me see if i can make a stroy out of the words

Ok there was this fat guy who all ways sat while he eats a lot of stuff then he yell I ate it et if you are real and theb yell out YA!. Yes it stinks but you get the idea of this word game part one turning a word in to more words then part two puting all the words in to one story. This the challeng and the fun of this word game for me the word games are relaxing .how about you do the kind of word games relax you or make you go nuts? for me it help my brain better then drinking a energy drink

so I am going to think of more kind of writing games that can be a challange if some here has some kind of writing game and if we could some how keep it goinng with comment as you know we get paid for the comments to and other thing is to keep the traffic coming that is comment at the post

so down the road I am going to some reaserch and see what I can come up with. Ok so far that it for this word game have a good day.

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