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Should Literacy base media library be remove?

Should the media library be remove from
Literacy Base? I say yes the Literacy base library should be remove here why Some newbi might think it OK to use the photos that are in the Literacy base library . As I read I see some of the other writers on Literacy base has people use their photos with their permission. This is my one reason why I use the same photo over and over again I rally do not want any one else using my photo that I have on my post. I think Literacy base should find were goggle has those free photos that any can use like a old writing site had. those photo were open to the public with no problems . Or let us post with out using a photo . Yes I know photo get more people to look at are post which can bring in more traffic to Literacy base. the more traffic that comes in the more money from ads come in I think? so what do you think should the literacy base library be remove this way newbi who are new to writing will not use the photos by mistake. If I know my photos will not be use by any one else I start to post different photos with the post I do on Literacy base so far I have not had any one take any of my photos so far . I think because I use the same one over and over it not worth the time to steal it . I know other members here on literacy base been having problems with people taking photos and stories to. steeling a post is other story or is it other post. yes I do not like people steeling other people work. what do you think? Ok that it for now have a good day or a good night.

    1. This is exactly my point. I’m not against anyone using the photo of others as long as it is permitted (and I don’t know if this is permitted in literacybase)but also credit the photo to the owner of the photo.

      I don’t consider this as stealing but merely as using of other’s photo. And maybe the owner of the photo also make it clear that it’s only him/her can use the photo by putting watermark in the photo.

      Just like when you submit in a contest where the secretariat is allowed to published the winning entries without any obligation but the copyright is still owned by the author.

    2. I agree, the Admin should remove the Media Library because anyone can use it without the owner’s consent. Just like what a member here had done to me; she used my photos several times, even the one with my name watermarked on it. She/he apologized and promised not to do it again. So the solution is to remove that feature here.

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