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The Pros and Cons of Work from Home
May 10, 2017

Work from home is an interesting concept. Those who have it crave for an office space where they can actually go and work professionally while those who don’t have it always crave for it to work from the comfort of their home. When evaluated practically, Work from Home has its set of both, pros and cons. We are listing them here for you to make an informed choice.

Let’s begin with the cons first –

1.You don’t get the office equipments

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A number of jobs require you to collaborate with your co-workers or take advice from your seniors or use the office equipments. This is especially true in case of IT industry. In such scenarios, work from home isn’t an ideal option.

2.You won’t be a part of the office culture

A company is as much about its office culture as it is about its product and revenues. It is the office culture which helps motivate the employees when they are going through a tough period. Terms such as teamwork and team culture can only be imbibed once all the members attend the office regularly.

3.The overall productivity is proportional to physical proximity

Regular conversations result in a deeper association among people. Team bonding and an assured feeling that your team mate has your back is extremely important for a company’s success. This can’t be ensured in a work from home arrangement where every employee is on his own most of the times.

Time for some Pros now –

1.Commuting time is saved

With cities getting more populated and commuting time constantly increasing, going to and fro for work eats up a considerable amount of time that you could have easily spent with your family or doing something productive. Working from home makes sure that this time is utilized in a much better manner.

2.You can take care of elders or young ones

Work from home is especially a boon for people whose presence at home can have a great benefit for their family members. They can keep an eye on the young and elder members of their family and can ensure that they are with them in case of any uncalled for situation.

3.Lunch time can be better utilized in completing a pending chore at home

People who are used to working from home learn to utilize their time effectively. Lunch time, which is usually free time when you are in the office, can be effectively utilized when you are working from home.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are many other pros and cons attached to working from home which should be analyzed completely before you decide on your office role. You must evaluate all your options well in order to make the best possible decision.

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