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spell checker not all way right

Some time spell checker does not work right. What do I mean by spell checker not working right? This is what it does for example when I use the word wi-fi spell checker trying to the word in to wife no joke lol . I do not think any one want a wi-fi for a wife other words like lap top which is kind of one word spell checker will make it two words.
it will all so turn the work internet in to some thing else to this is not joke and I thought auto correct was bad on the phone oy. I just said the work oy spell checker will try to change that word to something else to. Now does any else here have any problems with their word spell checker item program. Me I use the free office program call word graph and it has a butter fly for it logo.
If some ask how come I do not have the main office program? the answer is easy it cost to high . why pay for some thing if it good and has a good a ratting and is free that the bottom line it is free. That why I like about word graph even the spell checker does do a great job but better then having no spell checker. I just wish it try to correct things that do not need tob e corrected. I could say the same thing about my phone auto correct. I am very good at spelling words wrong I d o not need that kind of help from auto correct when I do a word right the auto correct on the phone try to change it to something else.Plus spell checker on the lap top is some times the same way but with that I see the word before I press publish.

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