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the reason for no more post from me

Hi why I Have not made any more post ? I am waiting to

get paid if they do pay me then I do post again if they do not then no more activty on here from me, so after a few weeks in July I see what going on, No sense in wasting my time if this site no going to pay any one. I am on my lot and I am looking for other paid writing site that does pay , I know this take time to find other wrting site. but since the last writing site I was on I did save most of my post to a flash drive, with a litte tunine I will use the post again in a writng site that does pay , why am I waiting for july ? becasue I only cash out like the end of may or the first week of june so I have to see if they will or will not pay, By reading the article on here and my lot it look like this site not paying any more
if they do not pay. no post from me on this site but if you do like my post you can go to my lot that site does pay not enough but something .my lot is not site for doing stories it more of a comment site that how people over there get paid
and the plus is you do not have to ask for it it automaic if you haave money in there when the time comes you get paid with out asking for the money I like that.
so for the time now this is kind of my last post for this site .so if you want to know what am doing with my food cart go tomy face book page. OK that it for now

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