Available Balance
Two Years, Three Hundred and Nineteen Days
May 31, 2017

Literacybase has existed for Two Years Three Hundred and Nineteen days.  That means that the Three year anniversary will be reached in Forty Six Days; that is, to my calendar July Sixteen.

I am virtually certain that on the Fifteenth Day of July this site will disappear.

Mark July Sixteen in your diary.

And prepare.

Those of you who have been members for a year or two know the change this site went through.

Moderation moving to very very slow moderation to prevent users from reaching the threshold.

False charges of plagiarism to have good articles kicked off the site, and again, slow down reaching the threshold.

The ponder for me has always been the very slow method of payment.  For example, in May we expected to receive our March redemption and put in for our April  sometime before May ten.

Of course, as we all know, Literacybase has NOT paid for May.  Further, the Admin has disappeared.

Amazing, isn’t it?

A site in which the Admin was obstreperous suddenly has no Admin, no Moderation at all.

There are those who are posting obviously plagiarised junk, posting in really poor English, if in English at all,  and nothing at all is happening.

The ‘automatic’ calculations, which are done by A.I. continue so that I can glance at my ‘Available Balance’ and see numbers, but lets be honest; I could have Ten Dollars or Ten Thousand, I am NOT going to be paid.

You are not going to be Paid.

Unlike sites as   Wikinut or Blogjob or even Niume, which informs its users that they will NOT be paid by X date, so that the User can decide whether or not to continue to post, the Admin of Literacybase tip toes off into the night, leaving us stranded.

As most of you don’t believe what I’m posting, mark the date of July Sixteen on your calendar.

On that day, you should log in to see some sort of 4O4 error message.

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    1. Well, am just here checking for some updates! And than you, I will mark that date, let us keep updated on what happens next (using our other sites!)

      • Definately. Clearly this site was created with a ‘life span’ and the owners, reaching some point of greed, decided to grab the money and run.

    2. cely said on June 7, 2017

      The site is poorly managed. Let us just wait and see.It should be better if they pay me first before the site’s closure. I am terribly sad of the site’s downfall. I will miss Literacy base.

    3. So far no response from Admin and it’s five days to go


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