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time to post are money links so we can get some thing out of LB since they are not paying

Hi since litarcay base is not paying us any more. to me that means , we all so should not have to follow the rules what do I mean by that. most of us have some links that can make us money. the rules here say not to post the link or we will not get paid since this site is not paying I say let post the money making links this way we can get some thing for the work we did on this site.
for me I sell web site for resell when I get done with this post my link will be at the end of this post, the ws web site is world wide and it kind of like a dot com but it is a .ws this way people still have a way of get a web domain with there own name at a very low cost and this web site has a way to make money it kind of network marketing one of the lowest on the market
how did I get involved I read it in one of the main business magaize. most time if some thing a scam the magazine will not do s story on it the when I post this web site since it world wide it might pop up in other langue then English. I did post it on other writer comment there is two links one comes up not English the other link is English. this is the link www.freedom.ws/quacktrek2
I will put this link a few times so I can get to the 300 word point so I can post this. Yes I know this is nuts but since LB is not paying I going to find other way to profit from my writing and I suggest every one on here if you got some link that make you money post here make sure you still got to do 300 words to post. but let see what happens?

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    1. this is the link hope it works here http://www.freedom.ws/quacktrek2
      make sure you got quacktrek2 in it


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