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the sweet side of life banana peaunt butter cookies

If you like bananas the you might like this recipe its very simple ok so if you have the ingredients they are

1 cup peanut butter,

1-2 mashed bananas ( or mooshed if you prefer)

1/2 cup of sugar and some chocolate( optional)

raisins (optional)

this is my pick me up i keep these cause i absolutely love them and i can sometimes trick my daughter in to tasting them.

you should at this point preheat your oven to id say around 325 and start mashing those bananas

ok you take all your ingredients and mix in a bowl till they can be formed in to small balls on your hands yes it is peanut butter so it will stick to your hands, if you have a liitle one you can let them help or simply give them a ball of peanut butter mixed with dry milk for an edible playdough i got that one from “mommy hacks” it works and my daughter can be scene licking it on occasion.

next once all ingredients are are formed into balls place on parchment paper on the cookie sheet you can either place raisins on top or sprinkle with chocolate either chips or melted,  i did melted chocolate and bake for and 10-12 minutes but check at around 5 minutes cause all stoves have different power levels.

and walla my three favorite things in a cookie peanut butter, bananas and chocolate. you can leave out the banana for peanut butter cookies but may need to add an egg with the sugar and peanut butter or leave out the peanut butter for banana cookies.

and remember when the world wont let up on you take a step back breath and eat sugary sweet snacks to help release the seratonin in your body to make you feel good again. or if your like me my husband built me what he calls moms panic room and i sit in there for about ten minutes till i stop having a nervous breakdown, while playing peekaboo with our daughter on the other side lol. good luck out there and remember while life if wrong it can still be sweet.

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    1. Peanut butter can be so good for you. It has good fats, protein, fiber. All which are essential and beneficial to humans. Shame it costs so much where I live.


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