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Facts About Beauty but not Seen by Everyone.
July 21, 2017

The Beauty of NatureMost of us have heard this part of a song by Cecil Frances Alexander it goes…

All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small, all things wise and wonderful, the Lord God made them all. Each little flower that opens, each little bird that sings, he made their glowing colours, he made their tiny wings.

That all things around us whether great or small, are bright and uniquely beautiful.

Sometimes you wonder if this beauty is noticed by everyone. On the contrary, should we simply say some of us don’t care? Or better still, could it be we tend to appreciate the unique attribute to these things differently?

Beauty exist in all kind of forms and shapes, in all kind of manners, also they differ from one subject to another. Unlike in mathematics where numbers beget numbers.

In this regards, you need to know where to look, how to find those elements that are so unique. It is also worth knowing that beauty is a combination of not just one but many characteristics, a good example is the personality trait.

A question was once directed to an audience. The kind of question that will make you readjust yourself on your seat when you hear them. Maybe the kind you had never contemplated on before you were asked. The kind that doesn’t involve the physical appearance and it goes – What is beautiful about yourself?

Ants on the face

In answering this puzzle, here are five elements to consider, which in turn help in evaluating yourself on how you are being perceived by everyone around you.

Like what do people actually think of you? Most importantly your friends – are you a good person or not, and how beautiful are you from the inside?

  • JUDGING THE BOOK BY THE COVER. Do you judge the book by its cover at a glance? Many people do this and often they get it wrong. Even more embarrassing when they have to apologise afterwards. In this case there’s more than meets the eye. What is on the surface might be the opposite of what defines a person. It’s like going into an art gallery only to overlook some artworks because you don’t consider them as piece worth viewing. But your admiration only came to life after you have been talked through the work by a professional, piece by piece, after which the beauty began to manifest before your eyes.

Teaching Honesty

  • HONESTY. The ability to be truthful. This is a beautiful thing to possess, as well as the best policy they say. Hard enough to trust oneself not to talk of someone else. Therefore, when you do find whom to trust, it means a sense of responsibility, reliability and confidence. So how trustworthy are you to everyone in your cycle? Everyone has this honest trait. On a normal ground it is in our nature to be honest at all times, that is the beautiful part of life. Anywhere in the world you go to, this element is present. A good example is when you are trying to get direction from a stranger, the basic fact is that you are likely to get an honest answer. Even-though, this is never the case for some people, but the good news is, there are more truthful and decent people out there.

Asking for Forgiveness

  • FORGIVENESS. Imagine a world without forgiveness the thought of existence would have been a mirage. When we don’t forgive, the opposite takes over (hatred) and this does not always have good report. Forgiveness is a beautiful element you don’t physically see in people, but you only get to find this out only when you take the pain to get to know them more. Those who have been able to discover the secret of forgiving others have taken up the habit of doing so. Why, because hatred has no place in prosperity.

Being Generous

  • GENEROSITY. This is another aspect of human beauty not everyone do recognise. It is the practice of giving aids, power, resource, offering time, assets and many more without expecting anything in return. It reflects the individual passion to help those in need, purely, it’s a matter of the heart. People go beyond their ways to make sacrifices in helping others in time of their needs.

Animal Showing Compassion

  • COMPASSION. Again, is a heart thing, the kind of feelings or emotions we have when we see others suffering. Perhaps, could trigger a burning desire to render a helping hand. Not everyone has this instinctive tendency of empathy in them when they see others in a disadvantaged situation.

The question is how often do we get motivated when we see the need to show compassion to someone.

Generally, beauty is in everything and everyone around us. For the fact that beauty comes in different forms and shapes, means everyone deserves a chance to prove his or herself, before they are being labelled.

Even the little things are so beautifully unique in their own way. We can only know this if we stop to have a closer look. They come in various versions, all completely different. Inside and outside, but more of the inside because that’s where the power house is.

A Helping Hand

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