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Make up for ever lip gloss review
April 20, 2017

I recently got makeup for ever Lip Gloss, from real store. The girlfriends affect really your makeup choices sometimes

I was hesitant due to previous not good experience. But putting in mind that there is no brand that has it all bad or all good, decded to try it.

Firs the cost 5 dollar price. Small tube that is not really big enough. I mean the tube size is really expensive and also if you notice its lip gloss not lipsticks so you need lipstick also. I prepared for the good or bad result any way

thankfully my friend had a good taste. it looked wonderful but needed lipstick, I want it to try it alone though I felt that it needs lipstick due to the fact that the color is light.


honestly with the pinkish lipsticks they both looked brilliant , my friend proved my theory. It needed a touch up after two hours with not eating of dinking  and if you eat then you need touch up after food.

It is flawless lip gloss

Gives your lips shiny and nice color with the lipstick

Overall, I had to rate it 6/10 because I really hate to retouch the makeup in few hours. Lip Gloss was better than my thoughts from the color side just wish that I didn’t loss the shine that fast from the first meal, it did not hit me. I do recommend it if you do not mind to retouch up your make up so often all day

looking for a lasting lips gloss that at least last hours. The color is extremely awesome but I would not buy it only for that light shiny color that do not last few minutes after eating and I like the color but no more

enjoy Make up for ever lip gloss review is my  experience not my friend, I will use it until it finish and then no more makeup for ever lip gloss

Nazih.com makeup online and in real and Toofaced.com
April 20, 2017

Nazih.com is a beauty site specializes in beauty and hair products  such as  flat irons, coloring agents of international brands hair products, cosmetics, saloon instrument, henna and more. Buy any products at the bulk price. and when buy lots of things from there, they give you more better prices too. Of course online cheaper.

The staff are nice be with you from the time enter the store to the time you finish shopping and pay. Online you don’t have to deal with staff and quick to shop as all the things in front of you and easy browsing the site

It is well reputed company over here and quite successful. They have real stores in each city about 3 stores

They call you after your order to assure you that they will send it as soon as possible, then reach you to tell you that your product delivered to you . if you buy from another place you will regret it!

Nazih prices in Gulf area is the best, we do not have it at home country so I will buy all that i need before travelling.

The other site I like to buy makeup from toofaced.com

There things are the best and I like it just like other famous brand, but there prices are so good and affordable and if you buy a lot they give coupon and also gifts of any makeup. My favorite among them is Nazih, since I have the store near by, so I go to the store and buy what I want, also online it takes few days and they deliver it to us in the hotel. Too faced I like it though it makes my pay a little more for the shipping and if I want it fast its really too not good.

Nazih.com makeup online and in real and Toofaced.com

I hope you tried them, they are soo good and lots of the celebrities use them as they are light on the face

Manicure at Home or at the Salon
April 20, 2017
Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 3.04.24 PM

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 3.04.24 PM

Calling all of the ladies… Do you like having your nails professionally done at a salon, or do you prefer to do your own nails in the comfort of your own home? 

I have personally had my nails done at the salon a few times and even though it was nice not having to do the nails myself, I just did not like the environment. By the environment, I mean the harmful chemicals and scent plus I was being asked too many personal questions as a method of “communication”. I am going to the salon to be pampered, not a place to be questioned by authorities. Depending on the manicure or pedicure you get, it would definitely end up being costly to maintain.

Prior to my previous employer, I enjoyed painting my nails myself. I would give myself french manicures/pedicures, floral accents, glittery accents and so forth. I had a large collection of nail polishes. Then, when I went to work with the field I had to do – my nails would chip so easily so I stopped painting my nails. Instead on special occasions or events, I would resort to using press on nails. There are tons of brands of press on nails to select from and all sorts of cute, simple or pretty designs! Press on nails were much easier to use and very effortless > less than 10 minutes to apply and they will last a couple of days! I actually stocked up on a bunch of these press on nails because I got them on sale for 50% off. Wearing the press on nails, they do look nice and from afar you would hardly notice.

I highly recommend press on nails if you need quick and inexpensive way of having your nails looking beautiful! Without having to spend too much money, wasting time going to / from the salon, waiting and dealing with all the smells! But if you love the salon, by all means go for it!

Do you check the quality of your internet purchases?
April 19, 2017
Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 6.31.25 PM

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 6.31.25 PMNot this particular purse but last week, I made an online purchase at a department store for a new Michael Kors handbag. It was during a sale and I got an amazing deal. Even though I received an amazing deal – it should be in brand new condition as it is a department store that sells new items only — not a consignment, thrift store, garage sale. However upon arrival, I inspected the handbag I purchased and noticed the gold hardware of the purse appeared to be used. It was scratched all over and benefit of the doubt – I thought it would be a display bag perhaps so fine, though I did contact customer service representative and they apologized for the inconvenience and offered to give me an additional 10% off if I were to keep the bag (and I could return it if I don’t like within a time frame). Sure, I took the additional discount, then upon checking the website again the next day since the bag was back in stock. I noticed there was a detachable strap and mine did not have that. So, clearly I was not going crazy – the bag was in fact used because the strap is missing. Immediately, I contacted the online representative again and they were able to place an order for another bag (charge me again obviously) and told me to return the bag I received in stores. The other day, I went to the store and explained them the situation and they gladly accepted the refund. While at the store, I came across another customer who had a problem with her online order also. Her purse she ordered was missing a pouch so clearly it was not just me who experiences such problems. It seems like the quality of these online orders are just about getting orders out and not clearly verifying. I would recommend to double check your online orders – make sure you get what you ordered!

Online Shopping: Out of Stock “After” Ordering!
April 19, 2017
Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 6.35.00 PM

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 6.35.00 PM


When it comes to online shopping and finding good deals – you win some, and you lose some! Personally, I would rather see the item or product say out of stock from the start and be a little disappointed that I missed out/won’t be able to order. However, if I have already ordered the item and wait a few days for the order to process then, to find out my order is being canceled because it is out of stock is quite upsetting and a different story now!

The scenario of ordering and having my order cancelled due to out of stock recently happened to me, not once but twice from the same store within this week! My first order was for a beautiful red lace cardigan – the price was amazing deal which is why I went ahead and purchased it. Red is not a typical color for me to purchase, in fact I do not own many red clothing articles, but I thought since Christmas is around the corner (not really but I like to be prepared) but the cardigan would be perfect to wear over a Christmas dress or for a Christmas event. But unfortunately the email said the cardigan was out of stock and cancelled. So, I submitted another order since I am always on the look out for Christmas gifts, I ordered a pair of leggings for my niece – just a simple pink pair of leggings and guess what? Out of stock again! However, this time in the e-mail they stated I could still have the leggings but it will arrive a week later due to being back ordered. If I wish to wait and they apologize for the inconvenience (no additional discount) but I can wait. Sure, why not! Better than to receive two cancellations.

The photo I attached is an old online purchase that I made from Juicy Couture. It’s a pink night cami pajama top.


Nivea Thick Lashes Mascara new version review
April 19, 2017

I liked the new ads for Nivea new Mascara

This for our family used long time ago, not the new one, but as brand. I am not wrong buying it today and very happy .


It comes in nice tube package not different from other nive mascaras. and it comes in shade that I like, purple, I like the mascara to be brown or black

At first when I opend the wand seemed dry, but after swipe it on my lashes it covered and needed to do two swipes to make it full and long. simple and deep

The brush is big and long, that makes it do the nice job easily for both upper lashes and lower lashes. bristles were little short, they’re really covered the small lashes, I guess due to the shor bristles


Mascara cover yout lashes in 2 coats and give you dramatic eyes. My lashes are average but this mascara make them long and have very good volume. NIviea mascara since it adds volume it makes your lashes thicker fuller lashes jut like artificial lashes, or false lashes

Nivea mascara is bit and it last three months if you use it daily, also the mascara lasts four hours. My lashes looked long and attractive for hours.

the mascara from beauty store cost about 5 and half dollar on sale, but with no sale it cost 10 dollars

though i hate log lasting brands, this one lasts little less than what i want it to last.

I do recommend it though for any time makekup. its good for going out with friends and for special time with family and friends too. it is in your hand to be light or heavy mascara, as for me 2 coats for any time, i do not like too heavy blinding lashes, that tell you that  they are false

Beauty surgery can help solve problems that hinder your life.
April 19, 2017

For dazzling smiles, we do not hesitate to turn to the dentist. However, if we are dissatisfied with our appearance, usually we curse the mirror, instead of trusting masters of this area to correct our shortcomings. Many celebrities do not hesitate to trust their appearance to plastic surgeons. And not just celebrities, nowadays many people doing this. I agree beauty surgery can help solve many problems. First of all – to help drive out the inner demons for those who have really serious problems.

I am against the preventive operations of beauty. Natural aging person is beautiful for me. To the question of when to do plastic surgery, I would say only when the defect of appearance hinders live.  Then, when you can not look at yourself in the mirror. There are many nuances in reconstructive plastic surgery, but if surgery can help a person get rid of psychological problems, why not to do it?

No any surgery is very healthy, unless it is necessary. Beauty aesthetic surgery in general is not essential to health, but maybe it is psychologically important for the person? Maybe the patient’s work is related to the appearance and he needs to adjust the appearance of the defect or the, say, disease or accident’s scars? It is very important for the patient to understand and assess all risks. For each operation, there may be circumstances in which it is impossible to control.

Plastic surgeons notes that plastic surgery is no longer a taboo in society – people are not ashamed anymore to recognize that corrected body defects and more openly talk about it. And still women are more frequent patients to plastic surgery than man, although I read that men became bolder in this area also, so, it is changing their attitude towards physical corrections. Nose correction, extraction of the fat from the waist or abdomen, bags under the eyes eliminating, hair transplant – this is one of the most common operations, which prefer men.


Picture by pixabay.com

Lotus skin toner three weeks review
April 19, 2017

I have been using lotus for the last four months. Heard its good brand and though its kinda pricey decided to try a hand lotion and face lotus toner. for hands lotion was good, later to review it for you maybe, but for todays review now is the skin tuner herbs. tried it on face after came back home and wanted to use it also as makeup remover. read more to see if lotus is the one toner for you or not and what this toner is good for


Lotus products seems natural, though I do not believe that any oganic or natural product is truly fully natural. I learned this form sellers who told me before this information.

After using removed this makeup with lotus herbal toner, I have to say the skin felt soft and the makeup did not go from the firsts cotton ball but with the fifth one for the whole face. It felt like it is soft and smell good too

This formula is natural as the company claims, it made my skin look light and bright. It was recommend it to use moisturizer after this toner, but its waste of time

Toner is good in removing makeup and help against  bacteria it also removes oil , in minutes I felt my skin is dry, it cost us 2.3 dollars and the size is only 4 oz bottle. It is for three weeks only.

so i can not say do not use this nice smelly toner, since it is good for some limits like it clean your skin and remove makeup in good not really harsh way.

Lotus skin toner three weeks review

but also if you have normal to dry skin you should not use it, it will make it so dry and make you have over stretched skin. which is not good if you have wrinkle

Dial anti septic gel and moisturizer
April 18, 2017

I do not showering with antiseptic Shower Gels I feel like im removing the normal bacteria from my body and leave it with no protection, that was my idea any way, yet I wanted to try it and see as people says its good to clean with antiseptic gel. I tried Dial shower gel and I tried by trying only face and my hands first, I was worried to hurt the skin and face, and too harsh was for the skin. It makes it as if I put peeling mask on. And little itching started in seconds.

So im not going to use this dial sure again.

It was my neighbor who give it to me as gift with other skin and beauty products. So since its free I though why not to try and see. Maybe I will be mistaken but not sure if im happy or not to be right about this shower gel. The 100 ml bottle from dial Anti bacterial Shower Gel  with the moisturizer, so I had to use the moisturizer to give it a try too. But this time on my hand, thinking that moiszurizer and anti septic spray is good when you are out and no water near by. The pack of both 100 ml price is 5 dollar.

I have hated anti septic and anti bacterial shower gels all the time and this one gift proved me right

As if I just proved my idea about how harsh ther are on the face and skin.

To be fair the moisturizing body spray was not bad and I kept using this, and the shower gel is off to the garbage.

As I knew later that they have lots of shower gel mixture, that I can not judge as I did not see or use. But this dial anti septic and anti bacterial gel I do not recommend it if you have sensitive skin and face

Hada labo soap in a tube review
April 18, 2017
I usually have dry face and now its summer so its going to be more dry if I did nothing. I remembered using one good oily product
Whitening Face and Body soap, that is made in japan and I did see those girls do have great skin with no marks
hada lobl soap tube wash is the secret to that glowing face of Japanese girls, one time I saw this lotion on line and read a lot about it, then tried to find it in here in where I live but not there, so I bought it online from Japanese site and I was so happy, now will do again and get the face wash
very strong to hydrate and whiten your face, fragrant with strong yet soft scent makes it the choice of every girl and woman. fragrance means it make you clean and scented awesome all day.
easy to make lots of foam it create the feeling that it takes all the dust and makeup out. later you fee relaxed after. It is easy to rinse too,  After drying you will be satisfied with skin and really result in whiter skin, from the one use.it moisturiz your face and make it whiter, is not that what we want. It is two in one face whiteing formula
just needs two times use of this soap and you get the nicest face.
hada labo face white soap wash is not expesive, or we can say little expensive but it lasts 3 months and it is price in dollar 30
there are many tubes from this brand hada labo like creams lotions and soap and day cream and for protecting you skin from the sun. its amazing product
this product is the most selling product in Japan, and I am sure that you are like me saw the pure and soft and glowing skin that Japanese ladies have.
The next I guess to buy is there milk hydrating lotion or moisturizing milk lotion, not sure about the name but it has these words, when I get Hada labo milk moisturizing lotion I will try it and review it for you in here hopefully soon