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Do advertised products really work as claimed?
March 22, 2017
Adverstised products

If there’s one thing I want in life, it would be to have a bigger butt. All my life I have always wanted to have a big butt. I am tall and slim with a straight shape. I do not have a butt, and my hips are not wide. I have searched the internet for ways to grow my butt, but all have proved abortive. I have done squats, bridges, lunges, you just name it, but yet, I still remain 40inches in my butt area.

Do these creams or pills really work? I am good at testing things all in the name of a bigger butt. My first trial was a pill called bigger butt pills, I bought 2 bottles, used both, but nothing. I then moved over to a kind of vitamin in liquid bought from a friend, with no name, used for a month, still no improvement. My last attempt was a cream called Bella Cream (Must Up), although originally formulated for the breast,  but can also be used for the butt. So in my quest for a bigger butt, I bought it at an expensive price, but I opted for one cream first, even though I was told that I would need three. Well, I wanted to see the effects of one first before jumping to the next one. I have been using this cream consistently for a month, and I just recently measured my butt, it still measures around the same 40inches.

Do I give up or what? Or do I just but the complete package of two extra tubes to see the lasting effects? I so doubt if I will be wasting my money on junk or trash. One other product that was advertised and I bought would be the Nasal Nose Clip, I used it for months (3)months, to reduce or shape my very wide bulbous nose, but it failed woefully. The day I stopped because the clip was worn out, I saw my nose rapidly grow back to its previous shape.

The shapers are not being left out on this topic. We have so many shapers, and I have tried quite a number of them, ranging from body magic, spanx,  etc. My present one will be the FAJA girdle which I will till death recommend for most women. It works so well, you will love it. This FAJA girdle holds your tummy, lifts your butt, gives you a good posture, in fact it corrects your posture. To be candid, I used to have serious back pain before, but it all disappeared after using the FAJA girdle.

Most products advertised are so fake its unbelievable. There are people like me out there who just want to try these things out all in the bid to perfecting our body. I have wasted and invested a lot of money to get the right body and perfect face from advertised products that claim to work, but nothing seems to have worked for me. Could it be that I am not applying these products well? I doubt it. I recently saw an article somewhere claiming no anti-aging cream can restore your youthfulness unless you go under the knife. Botox will work and so will cosmetic surgery.

Same goes for the so called slim teas and coffees. I have seen people who have used these things to lose weight, but went back times two to their previous size as soon as they stopped. They couldn’t maintain the weight buy buying expensive tea and coffee all the time. How much can you possibly spend on that, it only means for it to be sustainable, you will have to continue for life. Like I have said, times without number, it’s all in the lifestyle. You can only go under the knife if you are morbidly obese.

My experience with regrowth for hair is not as bad. Although I bought regaine hair loss treatment for women, it did nothing for me. I applied sparingly for months, but no magic whatsoever. Then one day, I came across a lady on Instagram claiming her oil was the real deal. I searched had, looked at reviews and decided to give it a try and there it was, the only one true hair oil that worked magic. Eden Essential Oil was bought and I used it like there was no tomorrow. It grew back my edges and also my middle hair that was so thin became fuller. Bare in mind that it was also expensive. At least it worked, nothing good comes cheap. This was one expensive advertised product bought that really worked.

My option now will be to go for cosmetic surgery. If I need a nose job, go under the knife, if I need a bigger butt, go under the knife, if I need a flat tummy , go under the knife.  Truth be told, I am scared of going under the knife so I might well love my body the way God made it. My butt has butt pads to assist me, my tummy has a girdle to make it flat and my nose has contouring to make it smaller. I just love me.

Life in a small village.
March 22, 2017

The Village is a habitation of people which is the much smaller in a area than a city or a town. And This area is not an area which is not as the advanced as the city. However, this life is like all other things has its own merits and the demerits and, the advantages and the disadvantages.

In a village, avenues of the employment are few as, and the knowhow of various avenues is not at par with that available in cities. In village mainstay of livelihood is basically farming. Besides farming, there may be some the construction works, some small scale industries and, that is all of that what is available in villages.

It is this lack of variety of employment potential that the makes for the and continuous exodus of village people in cities and the towns. This is turn makes cities over congested and dirty. This in the because the towns and the cities are not planned for huge population that moves into towns and cities

While city life appears to be the fast and on a continuous move, on contrary, life in village is very calm and quiet and the also slow moving. Here there appears to be lot of the peace and the silence as if everyone is without care in the world.

And This is again in absolute contrast of the fast tension full city life.And Besides being tension free, people here, are satisfied lot, not the fighting for any competition of any kind.and They are all very very satisfied with their lot whatever it may be and,and the I think that is just the reason for their friendly behaviours with the each other in the village.

And While people in cities and the towns are busy struggling to the compete with each other, and the people in the villages are busy remaining just happy with the themselves without a care for what the others do. And Here,and people are also more helpful to the each other because they do not have any competitions & thus no grudges against each other.

As Regarding education, some villages do have schools but, if any of children are interested, and want to the study more they have no option and except to move to cities nearby. This is just because there are no institutes in villages for advanced studies of any kind. Thus in the contrast to cities, though villages have peaceful life, progress of any kind remains far off dream.

However study of people of villages and to those of cities goes to distinctly show that, people of the villages are definitely better human beings than their counterparts in the cities and the towns.

The entire village appears to be a single well knit unit one family. On the other hand, in city, even next door neighbours do not know the each other. In times of need thus, while the village people are one entity very closely knit together,and the people of the cities are a class apart without a care for any other. In city, health is another hazard due to the complete pollution which is the gift of mechanisation of the everything in a city.

On other hand there being no mechanisation in village, air they breathe is pure. However, at same time, since there are no and arrangements for any treatments of any kind in the villages,and there is no possibility of any treatment for any sick in a village. Because in villages,few people die unattended as there are no medical facilities available in village.

Thus, though there is less and no pollution in villages, if any one falls sick, and then there is no treatment also.And This is why epidemics of all kinds attack villages more than any cities and towns.

Village life like city life, has its own drawbacks & demerits ,but life has to be encountered whether in town or a city, & we must realise that both village & city life have their own problems.

And The soul of India lives in its villages, 60 percent of population still lives in a villages of India. Indian villages have very beautiful & attractive lifestyle. And The Villages are free from hustle and bustle of a city life, and villages are peaceful, calm, quite & full of greenery where one can breathe fresh air.And The beauties of villages are described by way villagers happily live in small huts or a home, made by clay or mud.

The big open area with trees at front and vegetable garden at the backyard, surrounded by bamboos. The villagers are socially knit together, every evening they assemble in village Chopal with their hukkas & chatting & talking goes on till late night.Indian village house are Eco friendly in nature, made by bamboos mud’s.

And The houses in Indian villages are mostly built of bamboo with the thatched roofs. Wall and the floor of the village houses are by painted by a mixture of dirt, grass, & cow shit. Before & after rain, these house need maintenance every time. Most of people who live in villages are farmers, other works as the potters, carpenters, & blacksmith. Bull’s are use for farming & other activity in field. Women work planting rice paddy, while men work pulling bullock carts, tilling new soil etc.

And The educational status of the people in the villages of India is not so good, some of villages even don’t have school.

And There are no water supply,& no indoor toilets & no electricity.And River water, well or hand pump are the only and main source of water. Life in villages of India differ from one region to the another, these Indian villages contain list of famous tribal groups in India.

And The life style of villagers are very clean,sweet and simple.And They do not dream for big house,vehicle,money etc, and whatever they got that is the enough to live their life happily.

And the dwellers in village miss the conveniences & opportunities of life in town. And The educational advantages are often few & difficult to secure, and opportunities for work are far less than in city.
Life in village may become dull, & engender a lack of brightness & polish which puts the village people at disadvantage beside the town dweller.

An Ignorance, prejudice, & the narrowness, too, are more characteristic of the village than of town life.

I used to paint my nails often.
March 22, 2017
Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 11.42.54 PM

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 11.42.54 PM

I used to have an interest with painting my nails. I had a large collection with just about every color you could think of among different brands from Wet n’ Wild, Sinful Colors, Revlon, Sally Hansen’s to Michael Kors, Essie, OPI and so forth. My favorite would be the glittery polishes, but it would be a pain to remove. Every few days, I would change my nail polish to a different colors and attempt to do fun designs that I learned from YouTube tutorials. I was not that great however, I enjoyed painting my nails. My signature nail look were french tips or colored french tips with a bow design, or a floral accent. I would also visit my local drugstore and beauty store often to see newly restocked nail polishes to add to my collection weekly and that did not help my wallet.

Then, when I started working, I stopped painting my nails. I was tried “as is” from working and sometimes even had to work overtime. Rarely you would see my nails painted, typically just for special occasions like a party, holiday or wedding would I paint my nails. I was even lazy to paint my nails at times where I would just use press on sticky nails that work great and lasts a few days actually (if you do not wash dishes which I do not). Now that I am not into nail polishes that much, I have thrown out majority of my collection. I just have a few favorites like in the photo above the last one to the right is one of my favorite polishes. Plus, nail polish have an expiration date of about a year if you do not use them because they can get lumpy and gooey. However, if you use the polish often then there should be no problem or you can purchase a thinner to still keep the polish around.

I rarely paint my nails and it is a lot better for my nails too. They are very healthy and not thinning or discolored.

Kama ayurveda cream and jasmine makeup cleanser
March 22, 2017

Kama ayurveda cream and jasmine makeup cleanser

these two products one girl i met told me about so i took  my friend and said lets try it

there are lots of organic and claimed natrual makeup and skin care organization here, some of them good and some fake thing some are good price and some exagorate only for the name
I will use the routine cream before sleep from kama ayurveda brand to see at morening if it working or not, I got the cream by Mogra and some other things that i do not know but hope it help the normal skin to shine

then again i came to tell you about the result of, kama mango and ultra calming Jasmine lotion to cleanse the makeup, and if you like to learn more before you buy this brand which is really pricey, read more here

I focus in here on the kama ayurveda lotion and cream, these are routine thing that women uses daily you may say
and later i will review Kumkumadi Miraculous beauty fluid review, this product bought for friend so the review will be done after shes try it many times to tell you the real result that she is going tell.

When i went to sleep used the cream kama ayurveda on skin and wake up to moisturized face but not glowing nor shineing, tried it the next day. I also felt the same, i thought to give it a week, and maybe in that time i see the result i want, but some nothing changed. and as for makeup cleanser, Jasmine Cleanser it do remove the makekup but didnt feel any different from nivea cleanser or maybelline cleanser, so why i pay that much for kama ayurveda skin product and makeup cleanser while it has no different effec than this product?

Organic makeup false or real
March 21, 2017

do you trust makep and skin products that says that they organic or says sometimes we made products from natural or organic food?


i guess all the companies and human also want to make money so these companies why to bother and waste few money on items that will make them lose money while there are cheaper items when they use it they will gai mmore money, that is questin, yea i kmow that some companies do use real good organic ingreidents but i gues th the formula is not fully organice, means what? read this article to understand the tricks that some companies do when they do the ads to make you like them and buy from them alot and everything in stores

when you read the ingredients or the logo of somme companies they write to you that this product has, see the word has, it has naturals items or sometimes they say; it is made from organic items or ingredients, such as green aloe vera, grean tea, neem, olive, almond, ayurveda, honey, sugar, jasmine, mango,roses, fruits added to this formula. where is the trick; they say has in it, or added to it or made from, but they never said its fully organice products or its 100% natural makeup or no added artificial this or that thing, that is the trick that they used to fool us and make us buy things that we think its good and organic and will be good more on our skin but the truth is not.

Do not buy things unless it says its hundred percent organic, or no added artificial colors, artificial ingredients.

also if its really good brand it will be known to the people, but do not used unknown brand just because its cheaper, there are good brands with good price at the same time, never go for too cheap brands as it will make you wonder whats inside products


also do not make the high price fool you, some sees that if they give the products high prices then we will buy thinking its better since it is pricey, they are fooling you as clients


NARS makeup bronzer review and lipsticks
March 20, 2017

moisturizing lip stick from maybelline, then i will review one more product from Nars, it is new thing that i tried bronzer for the face and skin to make it glow and shine with great poweder, try it and you will not regret any of these, let us read more to get and learn how and when to use and for whome this product is suitable

this review is about lip stick and palm, this new way to make the lips shine is for sure 100% creamy

it is comfort due to the fact that it has some vitamins like the vitamin E, and oils moisturize these ingredients together do the magic and that is make your lips soft for a day. it has a thick another factor to make your lips adorable.
when layered the lip stick from maybelline on, you are going to little feel some heavy taht makes the plumping effect

a nice glossy stick that is affordable, i will not say its cheap but great for going aout and wear it at work at the same time, staying for a day its average
Pros of this lipstick Baby Lips Berry plam Lip Gloss:
are cute pack. Glossy , mak lips appear fuller.
its used by it self and as top lipstick.

Contour, NARS, bronze and find great tips for a beautiful face tone glows and make your friend adore it. This Rose bar Glow, got really variety of matte and shimmer containers. The colors are from all essential knockout flatters for any skin tones that warm and cool to any face shape, tones yours add a soft glow with some bronzer glow

i will update you about kama producgts that im trying for the first time, see you in another reviews for makeup and skin and hari product posts, taht was todays post for Maybelline lipsticks which is good for average day or so

Tips on Successful Online Selling for Poshmark and Mercari
March 19, 2017
Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 6.15.02 PM

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 6.15.02 PM

I enjoy shopping and there are tons of clothes in my closet that I no longer like, fit or even brand new with tags attached purchased (usually the items with tags still attached are purchased spontaneously) so I try to keep clothes in my closet that are updated and items I will wear. For the ones, I would not – I put the items aside in a clean laundry basket. I also sometimes sell my handbags that I no longer enjoy and sandals, sneakers.

From the basket, when I have free time or in the mood to post into my selling closet: I would snap pictures and post them on apps like Poshmark and Mercari – these are US based apps for US members only. Hopefully in the future, they will expand to other parts of the world.

My tips on selling successfully online:

  • Do not get discourage if no one purchases your items. I do not sell everyday just here and there. But if an item has not sold in a week or two, I would just retake the photo in a different environment or background and that usually works.
  • Prior to listing your items you should quickly browse the app and internet for an idea of how much does the item you are selling costs.
  • List your items higher than you would like so there is room for negotiation. That way the buyer is happy as well as you, the seller. Keep in mind the apps take a percentage of commission. For instances, Mercari takes 10% and Poshmark takes 20%.
  • On Poshmark – you are allowed to share your posts so it gets moved to the top of that category and share during parties. Follow other members and share their items to get known or “popular” essentially.
  • Once your item sells, pack the items with care so you could get a nice feedback review.
do you spend money more than you have in hand and in your bank
March 18, 2017

do you spend money more than you have in hand and in your bank

some borrow money to spend for clothes, furniture, bags, foods, holiday, for a date, for movies, and lots of things that i cant mention. Do you also do this people

i have to say i did things like that in the past, bought a dress and was pricey and confinsed my self that i needed and didn have half the price, so i borrowed, then i got pricey gift for people i like but i also borrowed

i think at theat time i was blinded with the nice gift or dress or even cars

but then i thought why should i buy really expensive things only cause i care fo thos people or to do what my emotions told me that i deserve the dress, its really not good to buy things you dont afford, if you like something pricey then im sure there is another dress that with good price and with good sshape, if i like someone i will gie gift that i am able to pay its money, and they will like it because its from me not because its pricey. in that way o got rid of loans, little lift to be honest, but its controlable now, i was able to be happy with what i can afford, soon i will be able to be free of loans. that is a goal anyway.

how about you have you ever did that and felt guilty when you were in bad situation when you have got to pay for some like food or ride or weekend or house even or toy for your kid he or she cried for it?

tell us do you take money from firends to pay things that are not really needed and they are only to show off?

Importance of Reading the Product Description Thoroughly
March 18, 2017
Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 9.18.26 PM

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 9.18.26 PM

These boots were not a problem because I actually bought these last year online and they fit like a glove! But, I made two online orders for store pick up a few days ago and I went to go pick them up today. Upon, picking them up I noticed the shirt I purchased for my fiancé was not a solid black, but had specks of other colors with the black and the sneakers I purchased were not a solid black, but was navy and black. I quickly asked the employee who pulled my order if these were the correct colors I ordered? She responded, yes and I told her I believe I ordered a solid black shirt and solid black sneakers. She verified and said what I ordered is correctly pulled. I quickly told her to hang on while I check my invoice receipt and I must have not read the product description thoroughly and apologized for my wrong behalf.

When I got home – I went to go double check my invoice and the online listing. My problem was I ordered really late (which is no excuse) and instead, of reading the product description, I only looked at the photos. The photo did not show the shirt to have any color specks but it looked like it was a solid black tee, however the title had “speckled”. The sneakers photo you could hardly notice the navy detailing in addition to the solid black which I selected “black”. They should change the description to say black/navy, so the buyer could know or capture better photos.

Overall: It is my fault, but it is not a problem because I could either return the items and get my points back (which I paid with points I accumulated so essentially the items are free) so as for the shirt, my fiancé could wear it around the house or to run errands in. The sneakers are light weight but I do not like how they look, so I will manage to list them to sale.

When you go online shopping, do you look at the photos and read the description? 

Scoring a Great Deal, but have to Return it.
March 18, 2017
Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 8.38.34 PM

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 8.38.34 PM

My fiancé and I did a little bit of early Spring Cleaning in his closet – primarily in the back of his closet where all his jackets are. I managed to pull out some of his jackets that he hardly wears or I do not like them on him and listed them for sale. So far, I have sold two of his jackets – one being a faux leather black Guess jacket and an INC International Concept grey leather jacket.

I told him with the funds that we sell the jacket for – we could use that money toward a new leather jacket and just pay the difference. He agreed. At first, he was a little hesitate that anyone would buy his jackets but they sold in a flash! His jackets were in great new like condition since we do not wear jackets very often living in California. We received great feedback from the sellers too.

Many would think we are strange to shop for a leather jacket in Spring season where Summer follows after, but why buy a leather jacket now? Most likely you will find an incredible deal from last seasons if still available in stores. The best time to shop for winter wear or last seasons clothing is now! Plus, you will be rocking clothes that no one will have upcoming winter.

Now, we found this leather jacket last week at the mall. It was originally $800, on sale down to $200. My fiancé is typically a size M or L and this was a Medium. We were stoked and purchased it but after further consideration – it is a little looser than we like at the arms, so we have to return it. If only the leather jacket had snitching at the bottom and arms like his current leather jacket then that would work.

The next buyer who fits this leather jacket, I bet will be extremely thrilled. Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 8.38.34 PM