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Strive To Make The Best Of You
April 14, 2017

What makes a few people so fiery and appreciated that they turn into a magnet in pulling in others to them. You know, the sort of individual you appreciate being in their conversation. It has little to do with great looks, being plentifully rich, owning a costly auto, or wearing the most recent mold proclamation. Obviously, these can’t hurt on the off chance that you are sufficiently fortunate to have them.

It has an inseparable tie to how you think, responds, communicates, and deal with your time successfully. Being an accomplishment in life, love, business, and all individual exercises take work and a cognizant “mindfulness” of the qualities and characteristics that can make you a certain, assume responsibility individual that draws in both men and ladies.

Consider every single one of the attributes recorded underneath. Once a day “make a move” on maybe a couple of these qualities or characteristics. Little strides once a day can prompt gigantic changes after some time. Taken all in all, they can overpower. Advance is not made overnight, but rather by taking little pieces and handling them each one in turn. Make little strides today and your force will get one week from now, one month from now, one year from now… intensifying like enthusiasm for a bank.

15 Steps To Becoming A New Person…

1. Keep up An Even Keel!

Have you at any point met a hot head, furious, sharp individual that you want to be with. Your demeanor and how you handle yourself in all circumstances can decide your “cool” element. Look after enduring, durable, and stable. Think before you act. Try not to get this mistook for identity. A few people are laid back, some are enthusiastic and energized. All are splendidly fine to be your identity, however when the ship hits the fan or when you are being pulled in five unique headings, how you respond is what’s imperative.

2. Sense Of Humor Is Important!

Act naturally deploring and incapacitating. You must to jab fun at yourself every now and then, as opposed to being staunchly genuine. Like whatever else in life, funniness must be utilized as a part of a control and at the correct time to be compelling.

3. Always smile!

Attempt this examination. As you pass 3 individuals at work, have a dismal or cutthroat look all over (This might be typical for you). Next, pass 3 individuals with a major, certifiable grin all over and offer a short welcome. What sort of response do you get? How could it make you feel? How could it make them feel? Individuals love to feel esteemed and essential. You can fill somebody’s heart with joy just by giving a basic grin.

4. Treat Others As You To Be Treated!

What circumvents comes around. Everybody should be approached with deference and poise. This applies to them and in the face of their good faith. Try not to become involved with gooey chatter.

5. Keep in mind Peoples Names And Small Details About Them!

All the more imperatively utilize them two in the discussion. Individuals love to hear their names and posing a question about their life demonstrates you have an enthusiasm for them on an individual level.

6. Be Honest Always.

In the event that you lie, even a little harmless untruth, in the long run, you will get got in it. Everybody acknowledges coordinate genuineness, regardless of the possibility that it is not well known or what they need to listen.

7. Give Other People A chance to talk!

The discussion should be two sided to occur. Give the other individual a chance to do the greater part of the talking. Stay mindful and inspired by what the individual needs to state.

8. Tune in!

Truly tune in to what the other individual is letting you know. When he or she is talking, give coordinate eye contact and don’t consider how you will react. Prepare what they are stating and after that plan your answer. An excessive number of individuals don’t listen when individuals talk yet rather consider what they will state next and miss the greater part of what that individual said.

9. Get Your Work done!

Try not to go into anything ill-equipped. Arrange and sort out what you have to do. Agendas work awesome, this is the reason pilots utilize them… .to not overlook anything. Squandering somebody’s chance because of lack of common sense leaves an awful impression. Indeed, even a little arrangement, if hurried, goes far.

10. Be Disciplined!

The physical, mental, passionate, and profound train is at the center of your being. Deal with enhancing it each and every day.

11. Stand Up Straight!

Great stance charges consideration. Bears back, stomach in, barge in on in, and coordinate eye contact give you a charging nearness.

12. Be Compassionate And Caring!

The world is a hard place, yet minding and merciful individuals dependably have any kind of effect in a generally childish world.

13. Discover A Mentor!

Copy somebody you appreciate. Great good examples help us fabricate our own particular remarkable model of our identity.

14. Connect With Positive People!

In the event that you need to be playful, constructive, and certain, don’t stay nearby with trivial, dreadful, griping, whiney individuals. They will cut you down on the off chance that you let them or you will end up plainly one of them. You know the sort, grumbles at work yet does nothing to change their troubled circumstance. Life is too short to possibly be skeptical. Pick individuals who snicker, have objectives and targets, and are keen on living minus all potential limitations.

15. Give!

Give your time or give your cash to advantageous purposes. What you give and the amount you give will return to you in spades in a wide range of ways. Grumpy persons are troubled individuals.

You have strive daily as well as make the best that you can. Will you fall down along the way? Of course, however, it is the means by which you get up and proceed with that matters. It is the little exertion that you take day by day that can prompt the dynamic, “hmm I want to resemble him/her” individual you should be.

Your state of mind decides your success in life.

Bik e Racks and the accessories of your car
April 14, 2017
bicycle rack

The family that bicycles together, remains together.

Regardless of whether you’re going on an excursion independent from anyone else or with your family, there’s no motivation behind why you shouldn’t carry your bikes alongside you, and each motivation behind why you ought to.

Why should I bring my bicycle when I could likely lease one wherever I go, you’ll be asking yourself.

Since bikes that are offered for lease are frequently not of the best quality. They’re for the most part “blenders” – only something on two wheels for individuals to get around. What’s more, in case you’re utilized to your own bicycle you won’t appreciate tooling around on something of lesser quality.

There’s no space for a bicycle in my auto with all my gear, you’ll say next.

This is not an issue either. Put resources into a rooftop bicycle rack. No compelling reason to stress that there’s no space for your bicycles – simply put them on top of your auto in the rack. It might look odd to drive around with bicycles remaining on top of your auto, however it’s streamlined, and the bicycles are more secure than they would be on the off chance that they were in a rack at the back of your auto, where a thoughtless driver could chance upon them.

Another motivation to carry your bicycles with you on any trek is you’ll spare the cost of leasing bicycles at your goal. Not exclusively will these rental bicycles not be great, but rather they’ll cost everybody a day by day charge, which you could better use to spend on sustenance or keepsakes.

Rooftop Bike Racks Are Suitable for Near Trips and in addition Far

Regardless of the possibility that you don’t anticipate taking outings to inaccessible spots, a rooftop bicycle rack is as yet the approach. No all the more taking off the wheels to get the bicycle to fit in your trunk. Not any more stressing whether oil or earth will recolor the auto’s inside. Simply put the bicycle on the rooftop and away you go.

There are a few brands of rooftop bicycle racks. Every one requires the establishment of a multi-reason rooftop rack “construct framework” which stays with respect to top of your auto notwithstanding when you take the bicycles off. Be that as it may, since the rack base framework is multi-reason, you’ll likewise have the capacity to convey bicycles as well as skis, snowboards, kayaks, and even freight boxes.

Each bicycle rack framework has issues that you should know about. For the rooftop rack, the essential thing to recall that you really have something tall strapped to the highest point of your auto. You’ll have no issue experiencing burrows, yet in the event that you have entry to a carport, ensure the carport entryway is completely open before you attempt to drive in!

Every day is the first in your life.
April 13, 2017

Every day is the first in life. Live this day as if today you were born from the new. You have your task and this day has its own task. If you will open your eyes to this moment – here and now – you will see that there is enough of everything. This day is the perfect and complete by itself. Every moment is the first in your life. Every moment is also the last in your life. Learning means the search for the road; it means to look for yourself. Could it be the road independent of you? Moving up the road means nothing other than to clarify a question to which worth to look for an answer.

We so often are unsatisfied with everything. We are not satisfied even with ourselves and that is why we constantly try to be different. This is the point where the illusion begins. But no one could be in your place. And whatever you think at this moment, what do you want and what you are doing – you are. Irreplaceable. The way you are. This means that there is now no other “true self”, except that this unsatisfied one – you.

There is neither happiness nor a misfortune in life. Everything always depends only on your attitude. There are people who even surrounded by the highest happiness, still squirm in their suffering. Life is the dream that you create by your own beliefs. If you say that you love life, then you really love life and live along with these words. If you say that you are fed up by life, you really are fed up and surrounded by misfortune.

Many things in this life are just products created by your mind: your beliefs that you dress up. We should come back to ourselves, finally to wake up and to see the world as it is – completely naked, without our fantasies. We need to learn to distinguish reality from fantasy. We only become confident when thrown away all heard theories.

It is important that you understand the people surrounding you. And if you want to explain something to someone, you need a very good intuition: only when you understand the other person’s attitude, you will be able to explain something to him so that he will understand you. If you scold someone, there must always be enough free space in your heart that the next moment you could laugh again.

If the sun is shining, let it shine. If it is snowing, let it snow. You should monitor the entire area, not just your personal clipping of it. Just take the nature itself as it is. Your body, such as it is, emits light of truth. The only thing that obstructs the light is your mind that creates intrigues. If you just forget all your secret intentions and plans and with open eyes look around without caught anything, you will sure notice that everything is just fine the way it is.

Be yourself in each place, any time, and stand firmly on the ground. Do not waste pointlessly any moment of your life. Create your life every day from the new point. Do not make this day as a copy of yesterday’s thoughts.


Picture by Pixabay.com

Insulted Me For Thing I Wasn’t Concerned With.
April 13, 2017
aggressive-Why People Keep Insulting?

What would you do when you do if you were in my position today? Me and my wife are tenants at our current place from the past 5 months now. Least did I know that my landlord had not paid his society maintenance from the past one year.

I regularly transfer our rent to our landlords bank account through net banking regularly on the 13 of every month. This month the landlord said to pay it to the society office and say that its the amount for maintenance by the landlord.

My rent is Rs. 4500 and the pending maintenance amount was Rs. 6020 which I had no idea of, until I reached the office. Now the person who was handling all those accounts started to make arguments with me that you pay the whole amount I will not consider the partial payment and if I don’t he will discontinue the water supply for our house.

I said what are you talking Sir, I am a tenant and not a landlord that your bursting on me so loud and threatening me to discontinue the water supply. His reply was I don’t care who you are pay the whole amount now or I will call up my men and get the discontinuation done right now.

He was a manner-less human being the way he was talking and threatening me, for reasons I had no concerns with. I quickly called up my landlord and spoke to him about the whole situation, but even my landlord is a jerk. She said you don;t argue with him just pay him the whole amount and reduce the amount from your next rent.

The whole situation was really Insulting and heartbreaking, because nobody had treated me like that before and specially for reasons that I was not responsible for. I know that the person did it on purpose so that he could get his maintenance paid, but he used me as a shield to do so.

I could have retaliated back to him with his own ways but I had kept quite because that might had led my landlord into much trouble. Today was really frustrating and unexpected it will take a while for me to get out of the situation but still I fell I dint deserve  to be treated that way.

Image Credit:- Literacybase Image Data Base.

Some motivational quotes secretly demotivate.
April 8, 2017

It’s likely that you read have read articles or saw pictures about motivation, positivity, energy and other life’s things. I wonder if all motivating articles and images you have faced really motivate you? I dare to guess that it is not. Probably you notice how much there are spam in the Internet, which actually destroys motivation instead of having to build it.

Just today I saw a picture with words that should motivate me, but it states that I am a loser if can’t change the world. Does it encourage me to jump of the sofa and run to change the world? Or maybe the word “loser” hit deep into the heart, pierces it, and all the strength and energy just flows out as a liquid chocolate? First we need understand from where it all comes.

First of all, some people simply have a level of very high innate energy. They cannot sit still on the spot, they do not need   any extra motivation. When such people begin to create motivation images – don’t wait a good. Pictures just explode by energy of people who make them and for the human looking for the strength to rise from the couch, simply is too much energy provided in those pictures.

Also, people’s values are different. If a person likes to compete with others, then everything about becoming superior to others will motivate him. If a person likes the harmony of the relationship, then everything about becoming superior to other demotivates him.

And in the end, people can be on a different stair on the way to the task. Well, after all, all people cannot do everything with maximum strength. Therefore, for those who are deciding how to find the strength to take out the trash will not help inspiring statements about the change of life or personal growth. If looking for strength to change jobs or life direction, it not help you statements about every day persistently doing the same.

Not all motivational statements fit always and motivate everyone. There are those that are appropriate for you and just right now. But I think that there are those who are rarely useful, and sometimes even harmful. When it says that we should do impossible or change the world, that caused feeling is like our goals are not ambitious enough. Such slogans do not encourage to seek your goal that you have already set, but encourage to set another more ambitious goal. But more chance to reach the goal if it is not increased to the size of the globe, but divided into small easily enforceable goals.

When we are asked a question what we have done amazing, this makes us think whether it is amazing or not amazing what we have done? We start compare ourselves with others. But comparing with other people is one of the main reasons for dissatisfaction with life. When constant encourage us to get out of our comfort zone – it is a nightmare. Yes, the output of the comfort zone is necessary for the personal growth. However, personal growth happens when a person is on the limits of comfort zone. Important effect of personal growth is the expansion of his comfort zone.

It says that magic happens when you get out of comfort zone. Such statement will condemn you to the end of life to feel overstrain, pushed out of the comfort, safety zone just to experience the magic, which is not clear whether you need it. From such motivation you will get choked by over motivation and feel permanent dissatisfaction with the current situation. The best thing is to have to inspiring goals and know what you need to do to achieve them.


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International Lefthanders Day on 13th August
April 4, 2017

Are you aware that 13th August is celebrated all over the world as International Lefthanders Day? Many popular and affluent Hollywood actors like Angelina Jolie, Hugh Jackman, Robert Redford, Keanu Reeves, Nicole Kidman and  Julia Roberts are all left handed. Famous sports personalities like Vasim Akram, Pele, Martina Navratilova, John McEnroe and Maradona are also left handed. Renowned politicians like George Bush and Winston Churchill were also left handed.

In our own country India, we have famous celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan, Kapil Sharma, Sunny Leone, Mona Singh, Shweta Salve and sports persons like Zaheer Khan, Mary Kom, Yuvraj Singh and Sourav Ganguly who are lefthanders.We even have the official Indian Left Hander Club in India . The club is founded by Sandip Bishnoi and has nearly 10 lakh members throughout the country. The club even has many left handed Indian celebrities as its members .

Famous comedian Kapil Sharma recently mentioned on his show that he is a lefthander and he also  urged the people not to treat left handed people as inferior ones. This concern has often been shared by the other left handed people.

Four out of the seven most recent American Presidents have been left handed. Left- handed people are said to be more artistic. Left handers are better at multi-tasking, thinking and 3D perception. They can adjust to seeing underwater much faster than the right handed people. According to a  recent studies, left handed college graduates become 26% richer later in their career than their right handed counterparts.

I found it quite funny that we have to celebrate International Lefthanders Day but it is a fact that left handers are usually mocked at without any reason. May be this celebration is just to draw attention to the fact that being left handed is nothing to be mocked at.

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My Favorites during month of March
April 4, 2017

I didn’t try too many things during the month, but here are a few of my favorites during March.

March Favorites

→ I loved watching the movie ‘Happy Bhag Jayegi’ on television. It is a romantic comedy and stars Abhay Deol, Diana Penty, Ali Fazal, Jimmy Shergil, Momal Sheikh and Piyush Mishra in key roles. The movie is an absolute laughter riot.

→ I bought ‘Ayurveda Astrology’ by David Frawley and it has some interesting content to read. It talks of the co-relation between astrology & ayurveda and how our food choices can impact our life.

→ I tried  Garnier ultra blends mythic olive shampoo and conditioner for the first time and I loved the results. My hair have become soft and shining after using it regularly.
→ Johnson’s baby milk lotion is an excellent moisturizer which is mild to use and is rich in essential oils.

→  I read Mrs. Funnybones by Twinkle Khanna. I finished the book in just a day. It’s such an interesting read and Twinkle Khanna’s sense of humor is awesome.

→ If you haven’t read ‘Inferno’ by Dan Brown yet then you must do so before watching the movie. It’s an interesting book by the bestselling author Dan Brown in which he brings back Robert Langdon on another mindboggling quest taking him across Italy while deciphering the secret codes.

→  Another book that I read during March is ‘If I Stay’ by Gayle Foreman. The novel is about seventeen year old Mia who loses her entire family in a tragic accident. She herself undergoes a near death experience and it’s the love of her boyfriend Adam which eventually makes her stay. It is a beautiful, emotional novel which I thoroughly enjoyed reading. Now I am looking forward to read its sequel ‘Where she went’.

Did you discover anything fun and new lately? Let me know in the comments below!

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A reason why People Don’t Listen
April 2, 2017

Imagine this scene;  a lawyer is explaining to a client that his mortgage payments are much too high, and they can renegotiate with the bank to drop the payments and extend the time.

The Client, before he speaks, is blasted by a guy who never graduated All Age School.   The guy is telling him, “No, man you can make that easy!”

The Client listens to the guy, not the lawyer.

Now, it may sound amazing, but it is ‘set’.   It is set that the Client is to lose the property.  He is to lose it and know that he lost it.  Know that he was given a door in the wall but closed it.   This is because that Client is not to prosper.   He made his money illegally, so must lose it.  And must lose it, not by the police slapping him with money laundering charges, or proceeds of crime charges, so that he can look ‘outside’ of himself.

He must lose the property himself.

And he does.

He can not make the mortgage, the bank takes the property, auctions it off.   Whether he can sit and consider that he ‘should of’ listened to the lawyer or forgets he had the door isn’t important.  The fact the words were said, the choice was made is the point.

You can name it Karma.

Sometimes you have to wonder why no one listened to the person who has the knowledge.  Whether it is a lawyer, or a member of the group, or a tenant in a building, why, when that person stepped up with the right advice, it was ignored.

The advice from the ‘expert’ is ignored and advice taken from people who haven’t a clue.

For example, at the dorm they took out the washing machine which was free to use and replaced it by one which required the purchase of a token.

With twenty five females, it is likely five or so would wash by hand instead of purchase a token.  But!  The token is sold by someone who is unavailable, and the helper, who isn’t honest, and not supervised, comes and goes as she pleases, and hides when she can, so that it is very difficult to purchase that token even if you had a pot of money to spend.

So twenty five women don’t bother to buy tokens on any regular basis. They may buy them once a month for the sheets or a large load, if they can find the helper or get the token.  Every week maybe five women use the token for the machine.  Twenty women wash by hand.

And the owner of the place wonders why the water bill is so high?

One of the tenants explained the difficulty in getting tokens and saying that the water used to wash by hand is usually six times more than in the machine.   A gal in the office, (where the conversation is taking place) disagrees.

So the token washing machine stays, the women wash by hand, the water bill goes through the roof.  Duh.

Why didn’t anyone listen to the tenant?  The owners of the dorm are supposed to lose a lot of money.  There is a reason for it, but that will be uncovered in time.  The Karma is that they will lose a great deal of money until such time as something happens.  That will be revealed in time.

However, the point is that the tenant spoke, no one listened, and the ‘flag’ was raised.  The owners can never say they were not told or unaware.

Some people are fated to fail.   They are supposed to fail, but not by some outside force.  They are to make the wrong choices.   They are to get the right advice and discard it.  In this way there can be no complaint; “You never told me!”   “I was never warned!”

So when people don’t listen to you, take it as a message that the people you are trying to help are doomed.


Do You Have Recurrent Dream? What Could it Mean?
April 2, 2017

Image credit: Pixabay.com Free Images, photo of a witch

Do you always dream of the same incident over and over? I do not know the meaning of dreams, but last night it happened again.

I always dream that I lost my handbag/shoulder bag. It was taken by some thief when I left it at a bench or in a room. The room setting was usually in the boarding house where I stayed when I was a student in college.

I felt so helpless; I was always so angry at the thief because it contained all my valuables; my money, my jewelry, cellphone, and other things.

Very Careful in Real Life

Being careful or keeping my belongings secured is one of my qualities in real life. I do not want people to just use my belongings; they should ask my permission before using or borrowing it. When we have a stay-in house helper, I made sure that she will not get my things, or any valuables at home. I always make an inventory of things whenever she leaves for a vacation to their province.

So I do not know why it was the reverse in dreams, I always lose my bag which I always left in a room or in a bench. It seemed I was so careless that I always lose my bag.

Dreaming of Battle with Bad Spirits

Another dream that always come in the past was that I was fighting with a bad spirit.It kept trying to catch me, so I fly so fast, it could not catch up. I do not know, I was flying in that dream! And in that “battle,” I always win over the bad spirit.

Upon waking up, I pray so I can no longer dream about bad spirits.

Then sometimes, I dream of departed relatives. Even the ones who were dead for so long ago. Sometimes it is my parents, sometimes my relatives. I thought they were asking for prayers. So I pray for their souls or light a candle for them when I go to church.

People who are studying about dreams could interpret its meaning. Some psychologists say that our brains are full of thoughts, so many of it, that it usually recur during sleep.

What do you think?

Where to find power to perform the work day after day?
April 1, 2017

Maybe you have heard the phrase that you will rest when die? The farther the trendier is to propagate the diligence to such level that the benefits of the rest need to prove as any new discovery. Already in the school I knew such activists, who were hospitalized from exhaustion. One familiar woman not too long ago discovered that sleep appears to be healthy. Is not it funny?

The point is that we are seeing extremely successful representatives of various specialties picking up the fruits of success in public through television or newspaper pages, and asked what the secret of success, no one cries out: hard work. It is true, the work is really necessary in order to achieve success. Really often there has to be much and intense work. But how it is happening that those people are able to appoint so many powers to work?

The first very often heard explanation is that these intelligent people are very fond of their work and always find the power for their work. Again, this is not a lie, when you like your activity, it is really easy to perform it and surely those forces appear more. But not all activities are loved and interesting. Often activity is too monotonous, not intense. It can be even boring, but it does not mean people doing it can’t succeed. And rare serious activities are completely homogeneous, and even more rarely happen that absolutely all parts of the activity would be welcomed.

One man who has an own business, explained to me that the body simply adapts to any activity. This sounds already closer to my understanding. However, I believe that the body itself conceals many forgotten powers. I am not even saying that these powers are undiscovered; I say that these powers are forgotten. Forgotten from the times when the continuous operation in the fight for survival with natural disasters has been replaced with fixed intervals of work hours and the right to rest.



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