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THIS is a blog why didn’t i know this

Ok so my husband who has to have his friend instal games onto his computer and has actually though that smashing a computer would help the problem, informed me that this is a blog, and I in typical me fashion had to ask “But I thought blogging was harder?” and my husband bless him decided he was going to try a blog. He could only think of ug-nug and uthel scenes but some of those are actually funny  so i may at a later date be posting them in the future as my husband said i should be the one writing things.

Ug-nug and Uthel are my husbands caveman perspective on married life and just general problems that a cave man would have solved easily with a club and smashing items such as computers, chairs, brooms, balls, baby toys that don’t want to fit together, etc. In another aspect he has some pretty interesting views on the world, and life in general.  Oh and i mustn’t forget the grunting, cave-men grunt a lot its not because they don’t know how to talk its simply they don’t need to talk cause grunting is somehow a “language”. I don’t know so don’t ask.

so just a generalization of things I’m sort of blogging by simply writing about things that happen or are said. nifty but hey that’s why they say everyone has an opinion but as wise people know words are the most important weapon in the human arsenal for the simple fact that words/sounds in general evoke emotion and emotion is more likely to sway a audience than any facts or figures. so for now and i suppose until we lose our freedom of speech which is fast approaching i will give the views of a family who is trying really hard to stay positive in a very hard life but that’s life for everyone we all worry about food or bills. and we all take in the little moments that mean so much.

my poem ships can only part

in the 4th grade a teacher called a publishing firm for me  cause she thought i had talent

my father refused to allow me to be published saying its for dreamers and losers ,

of which i do not believe though as a child i listened to him cause lets face it our parents dont always do whats best for us.

its been a long time since i wrote, and you may recognize my style as i have posted writings before on other sites.

let me know what you think.

oh and once again my artical is too short so sorry for added spaces. i wish they could fix that.


the bottom will be gibberish sorry only way i could get it to publish

-Ships can only part-

should the darkness return to me will i sleep eternally,

lost and found the human mind, i am far from left behind.

listen well to the tale i tell,

for no lies can pass my lips, the mind is like a sailing ship.

caught in troubled waters it will sink,

for your heart may be steady but your body is on the brink.

return to soft silence and darkness its told,

but a sailing ship can not be unsold.

you may depart,

sailing past that line, you may only go forward never behind.

Catherine Gentry/DRD


and once again i would like to say that the life is hard especially if your an adult who wants what they want when they want it, dont go doing something you’ll regret,

dont let people turn you into something you hate, and if i blog something its what im doing i dont expect you to do it unless its like a recipe for cookies, of which i love to make.

or travelers rations of which my husband will eat(the only thing not covered in grease,)

laugh a little and love a lot dont let someone punish you for a mistake or a need you have remember you are your own person and they are not you and dont know how your mind thinks.






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my belief about toilets and how you should sit

so i doubt anyone is going to read this but why not type it anyway i thought.

ok so my pelvis basically from hip to hip and tail bone to vag bone.( the bones around it anyway.) is being held together by pins, and yes it sucks very much to walk sit run( or at least trying) and basically anything that involves moving your hips.  and thanks to this accident i found that the only comfortable way to sit on the toilet was side ways. now you may not have the same type of toilet as me but for the most part they are all made shaped the same way ovoid from back to front so that the part you sit on is actually quite narrow. I weight exactly 109 pounds have weighted that much most of my life and would love to weight more, so im pretty small and say this it hurts beyond imagination when i have to sit on the potty  cause the butt is not ovoid from tailbone to bottom of my butt, in fact i dont think anyone is unless they weigh less than me and has no butt.

so i say i think we have been using the toilet wrong for years i think you are supposed to sit on it sideways the way your bottom fits it from side to side and you dont have a piece of porcelain sitting uncomfortably against your  hip bones. and i have to say it certainly makes it easier to flush just push the handle down when you stand up since its beside your hand and not your back. but hey this is just my take of things,  i mean next time you go potty take a look at you toilet shape is it ovoid from front to back or does it somehow magically fit your hips and bum cause its bum shaped idk lol well i hope all of you are doing well and remember green tea is good for your urinary tract and so is ginger, and cranberries,Uva ursi, even corn silk is good for tract infections so take care of your body its they only one you have.

wow life is beyond wrong

so some of you may have read my life sucks rant last night but here is the real kicker to what i woke up to at 6 this morning i went to check my email and saw a charge to my amazon account that i didnt make as im in debt and arent buying stuff online and  found out that my bank account info was stolen and that people were using my info to open accounts for them selves and use my amazon account to purchase items so life really is just wrong im working my ass off to change all my info right now but i copied the info the person used for the amazon order and am going to the authorities with it but if you guys wanna mess with a ident thief till the ill leave the info at the bottom people become thieves cause they feel they have no other recourse in life they could do like our ancestors and just deal a day at a time or even just think of the outcome, but in the moment they dont think of things like consquences they only think of themsleves and their own needs before anything else so heres a nice way to  do this just turn the info over or you can do like my one friend and she called them to the point that they changed their number and dropped her account lol  but dont get pissed yea im waaay beyond    P-O’D but i dont know their story and they could be going through as worse as myself. i dont have a phone as i cant pay the phone bill so i cant call them otherwse i would just to say hey my daughter my end up in a orphange or my husband and myself in a cardboard box cause you thought stealing someones money and life was better than your own well its not you want my ident and life then pay off the medical bills i owe for my daughters 4 surgeries half dozen blood transfusions and more than a dozen xrays or pay off my hospital debt cause i cant work now and my pelvis is being held together by pins.

Life is beyond wrong, we all deal with shit and i have to talk my husband out of  killing himself cause he feels like a failure when it comes to taking care of me and our daughter cause of people who want the easy way of life and non of the hard work.  my life has not been easy and i cant imagine anyone else’s has either but really think of the damage you will do if you follow the path that leads you to harm others when you cause harm expect harm back on yourself. for evil really does beget evil and those that do evil will receive only prison, and all the benefits of prison and screwing everyone you loved you or tried to help yup in some way cause you wanted the easy things and just used them for your own gain.

well on the bright side of things i made an awesome ice cream like that mason jar ice cream but i used cinnamon and a crap ton of vanilla to spice it up and goes great apple slices

oh and 440 PATCH AVE
SAN JOSE, CA, 95128-2144
United States

is the person who stole my ident and put their info on all of accounts

life is just wrong sometimes

Now im not complaining just explaining a few things about myself,  I am a female of native american descent on my mothers side with a father who hated everything that wasnt him,  i married my husband and only boyfriend at 23 years age when we found out i was pregnant and that our daughter had gastroscheisis the doctor orginally wanted me to have an abortion but we perserved and now we have a car accident that has my pelvis held together by pins and a husband who was born with spina bifida, i can assure all of you life is f**ked we have been on the verge of looseing not just our home but our child cause of her special needs and the fact that some people dont understand the term that premature and unable to intake orally means that a baby is going to be smaller than other children her age. and its not cause the parents arent feeding her enough i assure you anytime my daughter even licks something my husband and i jump for joy ( well best we can anyway lol)

i have heard so many times this past year what a miracle it is we are alive, some people say god but im pagan and i just think my soul is still strongly connected to the earth for it to leave just yet and yes ive put protective charms on my husband and daughter but what pagan wouldn’t.  so im just say for anyone who is going through life at a point that just seems impassable  without breaking you, or you killing yourself my daughter at 9 months of life survived 4 surgeries with a dozen blood transfusions and a blood clot cause of a pic line that was feeding her cause she could not eat, add to that finding out her then 25 year old father found out that doctors predicted that he would be in a wheel chair by the time hes 30.

life is just wrong sometimes but think of all the what ifs of the future my daughter is turning 2 in october and can at times be coreced into eating a chicken nugget or french fry from mcd or given an ice pop that will be gone in about 30 minutes lol she eats very slow when she decides to my husband still has back problems but hes still walking. me i survived a car accident and came to terms with certain past pains, and am hoping to try and start my own at home herbal business. this next couple years for us is going to be hard and possibly fun too.

live for the what if not just the what now.

Driving Pennies Through Life With A Smile
July 16, 2017

We have all seen that one car that sticks out like a soar thumb. The 1978 Riviera full of rust. That one car that you couldn’t possibly open the doors. Window access only. Which was fine with me. I enjoyed the free A/C coming from the open windows and the huge hole in the floor boards.  A rust bucket of sorts. You know the one that smoked more then Uncle Carl on a drinking binge. Yeah that’s the one.

People would ride by laughing or pointing. “Laugh on!” I would think. Which everyone has a right to do whatever they want in a lawful manner. They can keep their new, shiny cars with giant car payments and I will stick to my rust bucket that got me from point A to point B, for little to no money. Granite my “Old Girl” broke down more than Aunt Wanda off her Meds but she was mine and paid for.

Life shouldn’t be about the new car you drive or how much money is in your bank account. Life is about the little things. The small details are what make life worth living. The happy memories that make you smile and the hurtful memories that make you stronger. We were put here to love our higher power, evolve our conscious minds, and share the all knowing love that surrounds us. One small act of kindness has a ripple affect that can potentially be felt across the world. My grandmother used to say “Doing one good deed a day, helps you earn your stars in heaven.” This one simple phrase has helped me through life. Especially those 1978 Riviera days.

 The next time you see the “1978 Riviera” , don’t laugh or point. Just know that person is climbing the mountain the best way they know how. Maybe they don’t climb as fast as you but at least give them the credit of attempting to climb. One day they may build the “muscle” and pass you by on that climb.

One day these people achieve great things that you can not fathom. The only thing these people remember  about you, is the day you pointed and laughed. The bully. If you enjoy being “That Guy” that bullies others because you have very little confidence yourself, then to each his own. But as for me, I will continue to  be “That Girl” who once drove the 1978 Riviera, that now helps anyone in need.

So when you are feeling down or less than because someone made you feel that way, call up Aunt Wanda and Uncle Carl and invite them on your joyride. Crank up the music and smile. Just bask in the moment and be thankful that you are alive.

By: Angela Smith

Be careful who you get involved with
July 12, 2017
glitter one

I have to say that there are things that we have to realize when it comes to our home, life, even our kids. We can’t let people around them that we just met or don’t know that well. I have seen many cases where people just let any and everyone around their kids and then bad things happen. I am so saddened to see a lot of this on the news especially when it comes to kids.

I would like to say that when you meet someone please make sure that you get t know them or at least just keep that person on your private status. What I mean by that is to make sure that you just keep them as your friend and not bring them near your home or family if needed. I am so tired of seeing kids getting hurt because someone else can’t be alone or have caution. I am writing this because I have seen this recently with a friend of mine and it is sad.

I wish that they would have thought before they let a stranger that they only knew for about a week or so come into their home. This is how you or someone you love gets seriously injured. Yes, there are people that will do something wrong and you know them or thought you knew them but strangers that you just meet come on now that is a red flag to make sure that you know whom you are dealing with.

I am happy to say that everything is fine but make sure that you know what you are doing and how you are going to do it. Kids are innocent and you are precious to your children so make sure that no one tries and take that away from you.

Forget all of the Extra Business
July 12, 2017
glitter one

When it comes to your life you have to make sure that you are your own person. You have to ensure that you go out there and forget all of that extra stuff going on. Every day we hear about celebrities and many of these people that are famous for different reasons and then we promote them like we are their manager. When are people going to promote themselves?

You have to forget the extra business and go on with your life. Yes, it is okay to think about other celebrities and what they do but on the other hand, you can’t sit around and promote them like they are going to pay you money or something. I get tired of hearing about a family that has done no humanitarian work yet regular people like us tend to do work in the community and yet still no one is actually talking about that.

When are people going to talk about racism and how it is affecting our society? Talk about how we need to stop hating on others and bullying them to make a point? Yet a family is talked about that some people don’t even know or they made their name by being on a video that people no longer even watch.

Come on let us forget the extra business and start making things happen for ourselves because we all know that society isn’t going to do it. I am here everyday online trying to raise some type of awareness and soon it will be taken to the street. I try to stay under the radar for certain reasons, but in the end, things have to be done around here. If you are someone that wants your voice heard write about it, put it in a book, or just make a video even go out and make something happen.

Yes, I understand not everyone is going to fill this but I am not in the position to care. most of my writing will be spreading the word and I will have some fun things too. I am not going to sit by and watch some family take over the whole news station when there are real things going on.

Alert! Rare Earnings Opportunity for Newbies
July 9, 2017

Hi Everyone,


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This is a Big News for Level 0 folks. It is relevant for rank newbies and also those experienced ones who are yet to attain level badges in Crowdflower tasks. Let me remind you that this is a limited opportunity and it comes very rarely. So Hurry Up and Good Luck!!!



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Greetings All! Newcomer Alert! And Hoping to Succeed!
July 4, 2017

I did the whole blogging thing a few years ago. Unfortunately, the site I was on shut down. So I spent time looking for an alternative. What a mission. I found a whole list of sites, but most of them required certain basics, none of which I could establish. I’m no good with business predictions. I’m no expert in various topics. I ran out of options.

Today is my first time on this site. I signed up a short while ago, and am hoping to not only earn on the site, but to also put my thoughts out there, and to see what everyone else is blogging about. All I ask is that you bear with me, as I am a little nervous about blogging now, since I have been out of action for a while. I hope to find my stride soon.

I also hope to keep you all entertained. I don’t have any specific topic that I blog about. I put down what’s on my mind at the time, and I find ways to jazz it up. I can go on about anything, from books to music, movies to home made crafts. Ice skating and family fun. The list just goes on.

That’s me in a nutshell for now. I shall be back shortly after I explore and see what goes on on the site. I would love to have some idea as to what makes other bloggers tick. If anybody feels like dropping me a line to assist me, it would be much appreciated. I will try to accommodate everyone, and I will do my utmost best to keep my blogs fresh and fun. If I fail on that at some point, I will find a way to step it up.

And I promise to try and not repeat a topic. Unless it’s extremely necessary. There should be no reason for that, but in this day and age. one never knows. Never say never.