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Frightening events and inner anxiety
March 23, 2017

Recently, there are too many tense events in the world, which monitoring it is normal to feel anxiety about the future, our own and close ones security. Let us not forget that anxiety is a kind of self-protection form and its purpose – to protect the individual from the risk, to warn him about approaching risk, but not make troubles or undermine the essential individual interests. Not managed anxiety in the long term can dramatically reduce the total quality of life.

We all want to live, to enjoy and not to suffer the pain, not to be direct witnesses of frightening events. It is very human. It is natural to be afraid of what might hinder live beautifully long and pain-free, for example, war, disease, and other traumatic events. Mostly we not think about it every day, although there are cases when anxious thoughts in a quietly everyday life begin to rise to the surface. Everything here is good, if after evaluation of the situation we return back to the here and now. Matters get worse when a person fixate himself in an alarming situation of the potential threat.

Most often this occurs because of exaggerated fears for the future, the alleged threats of health or the country and the world, because of a weakened ability to tolerate uncertain situations, psychological exhaustion, and tendency to anxiety. Narrowed thinking, seeing only what reinforces the fear, depression, often even panic attacks and other unpleasant experiences – already is a consequence of above reasons.

Excessively severe anxiety or fear is often a consequence of our irrational thoughts with a strong negative charge. The charge is often so great that literally paralyze our thinking.

Thinking about what might happen we are likely to miss a part of what is happening now. And now, after all, it is going the pleasant things, right? If we observe them we will immediately see that along with them changes also our mood. There is necessary our own effort to restore what irrational thoughts and a strong anxiety usurped.


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Life is a tiny miracle
March 22, 2017

Life is a tiny miracle; I believe it is not only in God’s but also in our hands. How often do we forget: days, close people, years, surrounding, disappearing seconds and ourselves. We forget what is most important, we cling to the things that make us unhappy, unfortunately, most often it make us unhappy.

We forget that we can inhale much deeper than we do, to feel how that we become as one whole with the air , and how much we can do, how much we are able to create, how much we still have to feel and how much can be done with every our breath.

We fight mostly with ourselves; we are blaming others, fearing to admit that we are afraid. We fear being lonely, unloved, ugly, unpopular, not as others imagine us even if they do not have powers to change anything for themselves. We lock-in ourselves to our small greenhouse, which we call the wrong life, but we do not want to escape from this wrong life. Because of our fears go out of comfort zone. But first of all we should get out exactly of these fears which reside inside of us.

Instead of fearing to live fully, we should thank this life for opportunity to live. Dear life, if you only knew how happy you are making me, how I am thankful for what you have given to, me that I belong here, in this land, under this sky. The most beautiful life…

Breathe in as deep as you can. The life is a dish of strawberries. Breathe and taste it. Let us to be here and now. Feel it. Every mouthful. Because here we are belonging for long. In fact, we often do not realize, do not appreciate what we have, so I believe that life should be tasted to the end, feeling every mouthful, enjoying it to the end.


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Is it easy to choose a profession and career?
March 22, 2017

Recently, I have read an article about the choices and not having courage to choose, about courage and fear, self-knowledge and unwillingness to go deeper into whom we really are. The main conclusion: we more love to imagine ourselves in the future exactly how us imagine others, and make decisions to move not to our own imagined path, but to already formed imagination of us by others eyes. I remember time when I more and more often asked myself who I want to be when will grow up. I also remember words of Seneca who said that we are our own choices.

Now I understand why we follow others images and wishes, after all, it is much easier to be average doctor nor a special librarian in a public’s eyes, even if we feel inexorable passion for whisper of the books sheets.

Therefore, I endlessly respect those people who have grown up as what they really are, and who understood the deep thought of Seneca and materialize it. Walk in career path with a sense of pleasure and passion, self fulfillment and joy. And if you do not feel like this, maybe it means that it is time to change your journey’s direction.

As a child I wanted to be an owner of dream factory, therefore we have grown up with my friends on the clouds of hay, played happily with dolls that by our dreams were getting alive, or at least we imagined they were getting alive.

It was especially difficult for me to decide what I want. Even now, after many years, I still have some doubts about the choices I made years ago. It seems there is lot of things I am interesting in and there will not be enough time to experience everything I want, as life for me seems too short for this.  But still this evening I wish many nice dreams for everyone who has courage to dream. Dream as much as you want and do everything what is needed to fulfill your dreams. Our dreams provide us right choice to find a life path for us.


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I started Spring Cleaning & decluttering!
March 22, 2017
Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 5.28.24 PM

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 5.28.24 PM

Good bye Winter and Hello Spring!

Spring just started yesterday, March 20th and today being the second day of Spring – I decided to start Spring Cleaning. Have you started Spring cleaning yet?

I am no where close to finish but I decided to declutter the living room at my fiancés place first. I have a couple of fabric containers with junk in our IKEA shelves. What exactly is junk to me? Miscellaneous items I do not use and have no use of. I have a lot of random phone accessories that I no longer need since I have a new phone, a few knick knacks, some jewelry pieces and clothes I do not want. I ended up listing some items on Mercari and Poshmark today. I made two very small sales on Mercari, which is better than nothing! If you list items anywhere from $5 to $10 bucks, those usually sale quite quickly. I will continue posting and cleaning the junk filled containers tomorrow. I just do a little here and there a day.

Then, I continued to clean my desk space in the draws. I tossed out all old or irrelevant receipts that I no longer need. I organized a few clothing items that we need to return. Some being clothes because I ordered them online and they do not fit properly. Some stuff at the craft store because I purchased too many decorations that I ended up not using for our engagement party. We will do those returns and errands later this week.

Tomorrow, I plan on finishing the living room (which is essentially my area) then scrub the restroom, shower, tub, vanity and toilets sometime this week. Afterwards, I will have to declutter the closet and get rid of clothing items we do not reach for often and list those to buy more clothes that we would like better!

Change your life now for better future.
March 22, 2017

Imagine that we close eyes and find ourselves after ten years. Where you are? Who is with you? What do you do? Do you work? How much you earn? Who is waiting for the evening? What the man you became? We live in a world where every day we choose something, and we are very responsible for what we choose and what will happen after that, and even more specifically, what is happening because of our choices.

Nevertheless, it is adults often gives weight to graduation exams and studies at a higher school, often I hear that if young man will not choose studies he will damage his life. Like there is no any other choice and will exists critical life’s period when you can choose a path.

Sooner or later, many are risking their daily routine to describe briefly, such as life goes quietly, and it is a signal that something needs to change. The more choices we have, the more anxiety arises and the harder it is to choose. It seems that in adults world on a daily basis we have so many options to choose that like paralyzed we choose no longer see any of them.

Then it is convenient to say that we swim in a boat of career, family, or just a life’s boat, which boarded a long time ago, and there is no question, if I could leave it. There is even no question, if I could at least for a short stop in any port and repaint faded ship’s sides. But we could.

If you already now want to change your future, you have to realize that the man who will wake up somewhere after ten years, will be you. Greek philosopher Plutarch even in the first century considered whether with the changes in the body, when dead cells are replaced by new, is changing man’s spirit also. Can it be that one morning you wake up a different person? Most people believe that no, and sign on pension contracts, insure property and having preventive examinations of health. We do things that are not important, and sometimes hinder, but may be necessary in the future. Who are you in the future? For most people, easier to imagine yourself in five than forty years. The easier to imagine, the easier it is to empathize and identify. The farther you look to the future, the more you tend less take care of yourself in this distant future as if it were another person. People differently strongly experience their identity’s continuity. Better decisions about their future take on precisely those who strongly identify with themselves in the future.

Usually most strive for what is important today, affairs of tomorrow postponing precisely for tomorrow. The future often overtakes us suddenly. On the other hand, many people have pretty clear plans for one year ahead. When preparing such plans, the main sober look at what you have now, and what you want to achieve in the future. Then can follow the placement of the steps required to achieve your objectives, foreseeing what will helps and what will be difficult. However, it may be that one day you will realize how many years have passed floating in everyday life: working meaningless work, watching TV, managing home chores or dealing with boring people.

The big things are giving meaning to life, such as parenting or great mastery of your knowledge and skills. These are the things to reach which are not enough a day or week. To implement the great dreams, we must consistently strive to and refuse many things. But in order to refuse pleasant things today, we have to know clear how it will be important tomorrow, in a year or a decade.

It is important to assess your situation to find where to move and what expectations can raise for the future. At this stage, it is important to honestly identify not only strengths but also weaknesses and desires.

One of the most common self-assessment challenges – human tendency to overestimate yourself. Most believe that their intellectual abilities, character traits, health status, even driving skills are better than the average citizen. This is one of the illusions of thinking. The worse you are doing something, the more difficult it is to notice and an adequate assess yourself. Thus, it makes sense to invite for a help reliable person with whom you can talk openly about both your current situation and about the plans.

Such self-evaluation can be an opportunity to weigh how many dreams and wishes really is yours, and how much are imposed on others: parents, friends and loved ones. The life and work, children, marriage, even diet or appearance – areas where relatives do not avoid to give advices on how would be better for you. However, the most satisfied with life are those who are placing their picture of life led by internal incentives, rather than imposed by environmental preferences.

It is hardly happiness if marriage, children, a prestigious job, or other so-called good life attributes are more environmental expectations of you than your real dream. Namely internal, rather than others imposed motives the strongest lead toward the goal. People who are burning inside by desire to achieve their target, tend to seek more coherent and stronger, they are easier to sacrifice present pleasures for the final result.

No matter how much you contemplate about the future, thoughts often remain only thoughts, and when you start to act, it fails not one plan which looked so great. Optimism is great. Optimists more exercise, eat healthier, easier to endure stressful situations. However, exaggerated optimism is not always in line with the attempts to define realistic plans for the future.

Fantasy draw images that when will come the right moment in the future, you will be quite different: better than you are now, you will be more accompanied by success. However, when this time comes, you are still the same: often lazy, delaying, and fallible and thus fear to go wrong.

You are not only tending to overestimate your capacity for success, but also tend to underestimate the success price. To avoid such traps of overestimation of your powers and price’s devaluation of dreams come true can help a real experience with people who have already achieved what you would like. People successfully achieved their goals, can share not only a great happiness, but also to tell about the difficulties, the challenges ahead of your dreams.


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Risk raises fear, but also gives new colors for our happiness
March 21, 2017

One of the greatest paradoxes of life – happiness lies where we do not think or do not dare to look for. In fact, we usually at all costs avoid things providing happiness – they are risky, unpleasant and sometimes cause negative feelings. However, they are necessary if you want to win trophy.  To be happy – probably the most popular desire, which was conceived by blowing birthday candles or looking at the falling star in the sky. We all desire happiness and this desire is even stronger than the desire to live a meaningful life. Yes, people all around the word think that happiness is more important than a meaningful life, the being a rich man, or even access the paradise.

Given the proven advantages of happiness research, so it is not surprising exaltation. Happiness has a twofold effect – it not only gives positive emotions, but also helps to pick laurels elsewhere: happy people earn more, are healthier, supports closer ties are more creative, they are doing more and more. Unfortunately, happiness is not easily accessible, and it leads to the most personality-genetic factors. Unfortunately, happiness is not easily accessible, and it most depends on personality-genetic factors.

Yes, sometimes we really feel euphoric, but soon again return to the starting point, like inside we have the thermostat of the happiness, setting limits of this feeling. However, true happiness is more than positive emotions. This is a way of thinking, some kind of expectations, ideals and reconciliation what is impossible to change, and many other factors arithmetic. And we ourselves can affect it.

No matter how is set your happiness thermostat, by changing your daily habits you can change its indicators. These habits are not what you could expect searching for happiness. It is only the result, the finish’s line, to which we must overcome not always an easy path. But if you are happy, you will walk this way.

Happy people know the taste of risk, they are not afraid to experiment. And although the risk is not similar to happiness – after all, there lies the uncertainty and fear – till happiness is not so far. Many do not like to take risks and are afraid of innovation, believing that what they have is the best choice. Maybe it is true, but it still prevents wider opportunities, and possibly better decisions and stronger feelings.

Happy people intuitively know that happiness does not always bring things you love and what is usual for you. Sometimes it is necessary to go beyond the boundaries of your comfort zone, deducing something uncomfortable, initially frightening, so that later you would be rewarded with positive emotion.  Put simply, happy people are curious.

The most satisfaction with their life feels those people who felt curious and tried something new.

Moreover, they were constantly engaged in activities that caused a discomfort, but eventually it pays off with a vengeance. Curious people are ready for the unknown fear and realize that this is not the easiest, but straight way to become stronger and wiser.

Of course, it needs to be curious thoughtfully, not risking in all areas of life. However, we should more often dare to go beyond our comfort zone and look around at what is behind it. Try new things, where the risk is not high. While talking with people, try to stay open and not to judge others, even if their opinions or views are contrary to yours. Try to look at the situation with the other person’s eyes and find positive sides. Open the door to innovations, do not try to control everything and resist.  Twenty years later, I am sure we will more regret for the things that we have not tried, but not for things that we have tried even if did not like them.


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Real Life Ghost Story: A Lady at the Side of the Road
March 18, 2017

In summer season 1999, my sister and I decided to travel to a low land area to visit our parents. We were been left in our city to pursue our university and my parents resided in the area to focus more on family business. We just need to spend time with the family for the weekends. It was really hot place but we enjoy the new environment.

After two days, my sister and I are ready to go back to our hometown. There are no available buses and finally, ride on shared van vehicle. It is the best choice to travel back faster to the city. It was about 7:00 PM, we pass through the first toll gate. The road is so dark and only the lights of the vehicles can be seen while on travel. And then, the van’s driver keeps on honking his horn. When I look at the front side, I saw a woman walking on the side road and waving her hand to the vehicles passing through. It was a bit spooky because the place is totally dark and walking at this point of time.

When we were able to go far the distance, I looked back to the woman. With a shocking surprise, I had noticed that she is floating and continue waving her hand. In addition, she wears a white dress and her head looking at the ground. Despite the distance, you can still see her. After that incident, most of the passengers were talking about it. All of us had seen a “white lady.” It is the common description for a ghost wearing a white dress.

For the old belief, you need to create sound to let the spirit be away and be safe. At first, I don’t believe in ghost. We were also lucky because if you had seen her face. The belief, someone will die in the family. It is really an experience seeing a paranormal. The ever known scary ghost “white lady” appeared out of nowhere in the total darkness of the road.

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The Truth About Nursing in the Philippines

Sugar coating the nursing career in the Philippines is just as unfair as saying that when you graduate as a nurse you’ll surely go to America and live the American dream. Nonetheless, many high school students are still willing to get their hands on this course and degree because they do want to see for themselves if they really do have a chance to making it big.

Frankly speaking, Philippine Nursing has become less and less this generation, of quality, of education and most of all of the service. But surely, many are still entangled with the hope of being able to go to a different country, I myself am not exempted from dreaming of going to another country and probably someday I too can give my family a financial breathing ground. But unlike many students, it really is my dream to become a nurse. What I am saying is nursing schools should adopt the culture of screening their students to avoid producing nurses who don’t want to be nurses anyway. Is it really too much to ask to make schools and universities stop from turning Nursing education to Nursing business? I know some of you would agree that Philippine nursing is indeed a business. The bulk of students twice a year entering this course is not the only evidence but the fact that twice a year there are newly registered nurses who will eventually become unemployed. Of course, it is not the fault of schools why they produce thousands and thousands of nurses each year but they can still do something about it, right? C’mon, Universities all over the Philippines become rich because of the revenue they garner from student nurses. This is also true for nursing review centers and training centers; they all think alike. But behind it all, they can actually work together to stop the too much industrialization of Nursing.

The relationship of Nursing and business is quite obvious; the divided curriculum of nursing can point out to this tactic. IVF training, ECG, First Aid and CPR training are handled by another division (Gov’t and Non- Gov’t) so that drooling new nurses would run screaming to them for a chance to have the training. And if you don’t have any of these training, you might as well end up answering phone calls from people continents away from you. The thing is it is indeed unfair that the government and other nursing organizations have nothing to say for nurses all over the Philippines. It is also unfair that membership to nursing organizations is mandatory or else you can’t land on a decent nursing job. What do these organizations offer to us nurses anyway? Except for another financial burden that will cut a portion away from our salaries each year but we gain nothing from them anyway. I know, ranting won’t cut it but hey, don’t you people had enough? I think it’s high time for all of us to voice our claims. The new administration promised us that he will remove corruption in our land, right? and that we the people are his “boss” (I have nothing against the man J) My point is, why not help us, nurses, throw down the corrupted system of nursing organizations who does not promise us anything but still has the nerve to legally collect money from us without question.

Painstakingly, parents try to put their children to good universities as a student nurse only to float in the sea of health care mediocrity after graduation. Let’s face it, nursing schools don’t really offer us high standard quality education. They all offer us the basics and yet we pay more than our lives can handle. The bulk of our knowledge came from our experiences, training, and reviews which by the way costs less than our entire 4 years in college. And yet, our professors would tell us that we need this and that. And after everything else, here we are only a small portion of our colleagues have jobs. Hospitals will even tell you that you cannot start as a nurse unless you become a volunteer for 1 or 2 years. They forgot to mention that you won’t receive an allowance, and you have to pay for your training or deploy you to some rural area where you haven’t even heard of and they can’t guarantee to hire you after your training. (That’s why I salute volunteer nurses all over the Philippines for having the guts to swallow the life of a volunteer, you all deserve so much more, you know)

Some 20 years ago, nursing is a pride, a passion and a degree that you will really look up to. It’s in level with medicine, medical technology, dentistry and other Allied medical professions. Now, it’s nothing; you won’t even be considered overqualified if you enter a call center, which by the way is the common work for high school graduates in other countries. What I’m saying is, the standard of our career is gradually going down the drain and we even have too many contenders like India and the whole of Asia. What do we have to offer that others don’t? Our “caring nature” perhaps, but really, what can we offer?

Before a licensed Filipino nurse can go out of the country, he or she will have to either take an examination (which is pretty fair) or perhaps settle to being a student once again for 2 more years before they can be called nurses in that place. It is quite ironic because you graduated as a nurse here in the Philippines then you will have to train as a practical or assistant nurse in order to qualify (strange). They might as well slash in half your transcripts and credentials, right? I mean, if other countries want caregivers, practical nurses and nurse aides from other countries and we cater to them, why do we struggle to become nurses and in the end get the job with lower qualifications? Why can’t the Filipino community adopt the health care program for other countries where they train students to become practical nurses so they can go to other countries and eventually work their way up the health care ladder. Sounds more practical to me but then again, Filipinos are not as pragmatic as we all claim to be.

What’s more ironic is that the international health care system made nurses think that this is what it is or else you will just be you – You’re licensed but unemployed. It is quite sad to realize that the Nursing profession is indeed a business, nothing more nothing less. Sadly, nurses are still pooling and pooling never really knowing what and how and why they did so because of the dream of making it big someday. Discouraging as it may, this should not stop anyone (especially nurses) from reaching their dreams. We are after all Filipinos and Filipinos will smile at any trouble that gets in their way.

Still, I do believe that we will rise up and really live that dream. It is quite frustrating being unemployed after years and years of studying nursing, attending seminars, and paying for training and still not qualify for a meager paying nursing job. It’s funny because I remember our review center professor who always encourages us by saying “it’s raining license” as if having a license will make all the difference in the world. Sadly enough, this license I have; it has no great powers thus I got no great nursing responsibilities on my hand.

Take the Risks for the Betterment of Ourselves
March 18, 2017
take risk

Always take risks if you want to be ahead and being the best. It doesn’t matter if what’s your professions are. Either you are a lawyer, a doctor, or an infantry soldier.

Lawyers may take risks in their works. They may have argued in a usual manner just to win the case they are holding. But if they want to be known, be the number one lawyer, and earn millions of dollars by fighting for very sensitive cases, risky moves should be done.

Some doctors may take some risk when dealing with patients by experimenting through new procedures of surgical or some sorts of medications most especially when the patient is given up by other doctors.

For soldiers, they risk their lives to save another injured soldier in the midst of war just to complete the given mission by their commander or to make sure their areas are not overrun by their enemies. They went to field with no sleep. However, if a soldier wants to be promoted and become on the higher rank, they have to do the more risky task to achieve it.

Those risks are not what others in a casino doing. Those are risk moves that one person is willing to do. Same as through with life, as usual, if you always play safe, you cannot move ahead. In terms of your love life, you cannot find the right or special one for you if you are afraid to be rejected. In a workplace or with your job, you cannot get any promotion unless you do the very risky things for the sake of your job.

If you stop taking any risk in your life, it means you want a stagnant life, which nothing better to happen. It is a must to continue our life with risk.

Standing in a stagnant position can sometimes cause depression. These are usually the scene in an office where an employee is afraid of confronting his or her boss even if it means that his or her boss is demanding more than the required work. The only entire purpose of being afraid is to stop you from taking a risk for the betterment of your life.

I myself always wanted to have my own shop but I always afraid to take the risk. I always think that I might fail. However, realizing it tells me that I will be in my stagnant life if I will not make my move.

It is very important to learn and do something risky but worthwhile for our own happiness. We may fail but to stand and try again is best to be a better one. But see to it that we are not stepping on others.

Just put in mind that there are no vehicles, no gadgets, or no electricity if scientist and inventors did not take the risks and do lots of experiments until they make their desired outcome.


Does Really Philippines Belong To One Family?

Do you think our Philippines History needs to dig and be re-written, once Filipinos do their research and evidences of this claimed that the royal family Tagean Tallano family bought the Philippines archipelago or Maharlika Islands decades ago? Watch this video presented by Doc John on his show “Ang Laging Daan ni Doc John”

Never in the Philippines history subject that the whole Philippines archipelago is owned and bought by the Tagean Tallano as part of the missing piece history of the nation. Most Filipinos embedded  that Lapu-Lapu is one of our Filipino heroes who fought the land ownership of native Filipinos against the invasion of Spanish era but never did we know that he’s related to the clan who actually owned the whole Philippines – if this claim would have been true? Wikipedia records and Philippines History book written only that “Lapu-Lapu (1491–1542) was a ruler of Mactan, an island in the Visayas, Philippines, who is known as the first native of the archipelago to have resisted the Spanish colonization. He was also responsible for the death of Portuguese Explorer Ferdinand Magellan. He is now regarded, retroactively, as the first Filipino hero.He is also known under the names Çilapulapu, Si Lapulapu,Salip Pulaka, and Kali Pulako (alternatively spelled as Cali Pulaco), though the historicity of the names is disputed.”

If Filipinos would reconsider such claimed of Prince Julian Morden Tallano to resolve the Philippines squatter problems and other issues of the Spratly Islands, how would it be possible or wouldn’t be great if his rights  is to be used for the common good of Filipino citizens instead of singled out by some politicians power and other alliances that would have been covering and using fraud documents to claim such titles of their own advantage?

What do you think after you have watched the interview of Doc John and Prince Julian Morden Tallano?

What is Philippines before invaded by the greedy Spanish?
HOMOBONO A. ADAZA file stated that “MAHARLIKA. Long before the Spaniards came to Philippines shores, the Philippine archipelago consisting of 7,169 islands with an area of 1,049,212,962 nautical square miles, including Guam and Hawaii was known as Maharlika. It was populated by Malays and ruled by the Tagean Tallano clans from the ninth to the fifteenth century. When the Spaniards started ruling the Philippines archipelago, they renamed it Hacienda Filipina. Of the many kingdoms in Asia, Maharlika was one of them under King Luisong Tagean Tallano, the father of Raja Lapu-Lapu and Raja Soliman, the successors of King Marikudo of the Sri Vishayan Empire. Its principal products at that time were peanuts (mani) exported to Mexico and European countries and Herbal plants known as “Nilad” with some medicinal qualities which were exported to Mainland China. With the passage of time, the Chinese traders changed the name Maharlika to Maynilad or Maynila. As in olden days, the kings and their families own their kingdoms and distribute portions to their subjects, especially to the members of the royal clans. This is exactly what happened to the Philippine archipelago, it was owned by the Tagean Tallano clans.”

The Untold Story Kingdom of Maharlika Rumor Mill News
by http://www.rumormillnews.com/pdfs/The-Untold-Story-Kingdom-of-Maharlikhans.pdf

HISTORY PHILIPPINE COLONIZATION BY SPAIN: In 1478, Moslems from the Malayan Peninsula crossed the Malacca Strait and conquered Java, the capital of Madjapahit Empire. Subsequently, the Malay/ Srivijaya/ Madjapahit disintegrated.  In its place, a Moslem religious government was established inaugurating the reign of Sultanates.

A family of MAHARAJAHS AND RAJAHS, TAGEAN, was then ruling the Madjapahit Empire. They retreated and consolidated their position in a group of 7,169 islands, known as the MAHARLIKA (now Philippines) away from the oncoming Moslems. Being a descendant of royal Malayan blood, the Tagean family had its share of power, authority and riches from the collected taxes during its 900 Year rule in the empire, and even two millennia earlier when there was commerce with King Solomon of Israel.

The Maharajah and his sons, the rajahs, ruled the Maharlika using their own laws, the CODE OF KALANTIAW. The Maharlika was a very rich and flourishing country. By the early sixteenth century, the ruling maharajah, Luisong Tagean, had 720,000 metric tons of gold that he kept in present day Kota Kinabalu, Sabah or North Borneo. At that time, Sabah was part of the Maharlika.

The Family Tree of Maharajah Luisong Tagean:

MAHARAJAH LUISONG TAGEAN. He resided in the Lamayan District, now known as Malacañang. He was married to Margaret Acuña Macleod.

His sons were:

  • Rajah Lapulapu Tagean.  He ruled Mactan.
  • Rajah Soliman Tagean.  He ruled Manila and its suburbs, i.e. Rizal, Cavite, Batangas, Laguna and the Karilaya Province, now Quezon.
  • He married Princess Dayang-dayang Kiram.
  • Later, he married Mary Anne Dent.
  • Mary’s Father, Alfred Dent was a British Lord and London merchant. He was a co-owner f the Royal British North Borneo Company.


  • Rajah Lakandula Tagean. He ruled Tondo.
  • Rajah Soliman Tagean. He ruled Eastern Quezon, Mauban, Sampaloc and Lukban.He was married to the daughter of the sixth Sultan of Brunei, Abdul Kahar.
  • Rajah Baginda Tagean – He ruled Bohol.
  • Rajah Kabingsuran Tagean – He ruled Southern Mindanao
  • Rajah Kolambo Tagean – He ruled Cebu.
  • Rajah Sikatuna Tagean – He ruled a part of Bohol.
  • Prince Lacan Acuna Macleod Tagean – Son of Rajah Soliman, he was adopted by his Grandmother, Margaret Macleod Tagean. Born during the Spanish colonial Rule on December 17, 1686, he changed his surname to TALLANO so he could easily pursue his revolutionary activities against the colonizers.  In 1726, at the age of 40, he married Princess Elizabeth Overbeck Macleod of Austria. In 1761, he sought the help of the British against the Spaniards. Later He married Lamayan Bowan. He lived for a 178 years. He begot a son…
  • Prince Julian Macleod Tagean-Tallano – He was married to Princess Aminah Kiram of  Sultanate of Sulu. He died in 1898. He begot a son…
  • Don Esteban Benitez Tallano – He died in the Vatican in Rome in 1939. He begot a son …
  • Don Bonito Acuña Tallano – He died during the Japanese occupation of Maharlika. He begot a son…
  • Prince Julian Morden Tallano – He is presently alive.