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What actually does the word “freedom” means?

I think freedom is something one cannot achieve in life. We all are bounded by some or the other thing. A child is bounded by his parents and parents are bound by their responsibilities. We often take the word “freedom” in a different manner as in being able to do stuff without anyone else’s consent but actually, it means to do things with one’s consent which is not always an easy task. There may not be someone who will be always there to guide us through the wrongs and the rights of our lives and we will be the ones to take the decision on our own. But now it depends on us on how we use that freedom. Some may misuse it and the other may use it for their own benefit.

Freedom for teens nowadays is nothing but just doing stuff by not getting interrupted by anyone especially their parents. If a child is being able to do they say they have got freedom. But really? Is this what freedom is? Will the child be able to do things on his own? He still will hesitate and ask for guidance if not to his parents but at least to his friends which means he still has not got the freedom to do stuff on his own.

Adults, on the other hand, are consistently bound by their responsibilities which they have towards their career or their family. They still are not able to take decisions according to their own free will. Even the biggest of the dignitaries have to think a lot of times before taking a decision and thus cannot just pass on something that they wish to do and should be of others service. Hence, we can say that no has got freedom in this world. None of us have the freedom we look for.


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