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Why to care about what people say?

It has always been a matter of fact that we care more about what people say. Whether it be behind our back our even on our face. We often tend to do or say things that would please people though it may hurt ourselves.
We express the best of us to impress others. And during this, we lose our dignity. We end up doing things that do not favor us and eventually adopt those habits. We are scared by the fear of judgment.We tend to believe what they say about us and let that change us. Many people face this and are bound by it because they are so now much dug into it.

People are gonna think no matter what we do or what we are. They are gonna make assumptions about us. Even we judge others by the way they look, the words they speak and about their personality without even knowing them. It is a natural tendency of human beings. For example, if we see a boy and a girl together, we assume different things about them. Each one has a different perspective but what matters is that it should not affect us. It is a common fact among teens nowadays. They are constantly being judged by one another and that has led them to divert from their original goals and run towards what might make them look more sophisticated or in today’s language “cool”.

We should not care about what people say or think about us. They are gonna say no matter what so why not do something of our own will and then let them judge us. It depends on us as in how we let that judgment affect us. It can either take us down a path or towards the way we have planned to do so. So we just have to believe in ourselves and let anyone decide our decisions.

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