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Suicide is not an option

We all are crushed at one point of life and have no solutions to our problems and a time comes when those problems become big enough to bury us down.We are left with no options and the only thing that comes to our mind is what if I could run away from all this as we just can’t bear it anymore.Here comes the moment when we are so disgusted with the reality that we take a decision .Now this decision can either take us to face the truth and come up with a life saving solution or can take it.I don’t know why suicide has become so easy nowadays and everybody seems to be taking it for granted.But why no one ever realizes that any problem is not worth our life.Any situation can be handled though it may take time, maybe much time, but is always worth it.It never harms to take a one more try when we know that the next try could be it.

However this is not only the case when people choose suicide as a solution for their life(irony).Pushing our mind to that edge where we are left with nothing but fall also takes a deep turn here.But all we have to do is to unload that heaviness off our mind.It is not as easy as it may sound but why not give it a shot.Talking to a friend, family or any acquaintance is what I found helpful.Someone who will understand what we are going through and help us past this.Or at least ask them to help us in any other way if we are not comfortable to tell our situation.This will surely provide us a new hope.I know few people who have gone through this and now the idea of suicide just seems stupid to them .They now a have clear vision of their life and do not want to lose it .

I hope this blog will help you get a certain idea to help yourself as well others who are in need.

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