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Failure Leads to Success and Success Is Backed by Failure

This is true for I have experienced this. It has been said that nobody is perfect. As a human being we have lots of imperfections. There are people who claim that they are successful but yet they don’t know that they have some weaknesses.

What we should have in mind to lead us to a good if not better living is in yourself. Understand yourself of who you are, your incapability. Don’t wait for tomorow what you can do for today.

Never mind tomorrow for it will take care of herself. What important is today. This is the best opportunity to correc things that are amiss, to make amends to those whom you have hurt or insulted. It is the best time to accept weakness that we are human. We are no perfect.

There is something to work for today. If you are living in distress, it is better to know why and secure things to alleviate your life. God is a prayer away. He always listens to a prayer of faith. He directs us toward HIs way of having an eternal life.

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Lead yourself to the place you want to be. Leading is not best acquired from books, from schooling but by an ordinary experience. Leadership is a vague term for an ordinary person, for a mere stall owner or vendor. What is leadership for to a child, to a father, to a mother, or for everybody? It may be good or bad for them. It should be defined like leadership at home, leadership in school, leadership in the community or leadership in the government.

A group of kids playing may be doing things in order and there is understanding among themselves for there is someone who takes the lead, who guides them, and appreciates their success or corect their shortcoming. There is a good communication. It is a simple as it is so to speak. Thus communication matters.

Our imperfections make us better if we know them and do something about them. It’s a positive mental attitude that really count. A hope attitude, a consistent optimism that everything has a solution whatever problem there are. There is Someone who has the power to help up. He is just a prayer away if we need Him. It’s God. It’s Jesus Christ.

Nobody has become successful without experiencing failures in life. A successful person is feeling proud of his mistakes, errors, and failures for without them he has stepped on the highest rung of success ladder.

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