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Failure Leads to Success and Success Is Backed by Failure
August 17, 2018

This is true for I have experienced this. It has been said that nobody is perfect. As a human being we have lots of imperfections. There are people who claim that they are successful but yet they don’t know that they have some weaknesses.

What we should have in mind to lead us to a good if not better living is in yourself. Understand yourself of who you are, your incapability. Don’t wait for tomorow what you can do for today.

Never mind tomorrow for it will take care of herself. What important is today. This is the best opportunity to correc things that are amiss, to make amends to those whom you have hurt or insulted. It is the best time to accept weakness that we are human. We are no perfect.

There is something to work for today. If you are living in distress, it is better to know why and secure things to alleviate your life. God is a prayer away. He always listens to a prayer of faith. He directs us toward HIs way of having an eternal life.

Lead yourself to the place you want to be. Leading is not best acquired from books, from schooling but by an ordinary experience. Leadership is a vague term for an ordinary person, for a mere stall owner or vendor. What is leadership for to a child, to a father, to a mother, or for everybody? It may be good or bad for them. It should be defined like leadership at home, leadership in school, leadership in the community or leadership in the government.

A group of kids playing may be doing things in order and there is understanding among themselves for there is someone who takes the lead, who guides them, and appreciates their success or corect their shortcoming. There is a good communication. It is a simple as it is so to speak. Thus communication matters.

Our imperfections make us better if we know them and do something about them. It’s a positive mental attitude that really count. A hope attitude, a consistent optimism that everything has a solution whatever problem there are. There is Someone who has the power to help up. He is just a prayer away if we need Him. It’s God. It’s Jesus Christ.

Nobody has become successful without experiencing failures in life. A successful person is feeling proud of his mistakes, errors, and failures for without them he has stepped on the highest rung of success ladder.

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I’m Right Here Making the Continuous Moves

To move from here to there is a patient decision and decisions. There are so many People wanting to know what moves are actually being made. There’s some which need to know and others don’t need to know. Progress is made when there are the removals of People who aren’t offering the values needed to create progression. Some haven’t figured out that they’ve played way too long with the goal planning. They’ve tried to cause what could’ve incurred tumbles but thankfully there are “success” beings knowing exactly what to do. I’ve made and continue to make what some are afraid to do.

Here I am continuing to be productive and although there are still some trying to cause disruptions they’re unsuccessful. Alright! There’s the key and the keys. Which has the valued keys? There are many having the keys but do they have the right keys to open the treasured door? No. There is only one other with the special keys. They hold the value in which others wouldn’t ever qualify for. My vision was set long ago and yes there are others but right now there is focus on “a specific area.”

I*f they tried to cause a decline then there won’t be an invitation on the journey. The setbacks occurred but I was able to regroup and continue at a constant pace. Yes there are some disappointed because they expected to see failure. The key is to remain determined. There were troubles and there will continue to be troubles but I’ve learned how to deal with the troubles patiently. What I’ve made some are stunned about. There is the continued focus on the dreams in which some have tried to include themselves and they’re un-welcomed.

My journey has attracted a lot of People. Some believed that they have rights to my journey. My rights are my rights and I’m refusing to give my rights away. I’m a believer in People’s rights but refuse to allow my rights to be taken away. “I’m cleared headed and won’t tolerate the negatives vibes some continue to throw in my direction.” By: Tanikka Paulk. There are some insisting on trying to cause a setback. I’m continuing for many reasons and my mind is focused on what should occur.

Time will tell exactly how much progress is made. I’ve moving quicker but there seems to be some wanting to slow down my progress. Oh there is way too much motivation to continue on my journey. There are continuing to think that I’ve invited the individuals on my pathway. My decision to let the ones go is the best decision because there is more peacefulness. There are some refusing “to understand” why I’ve made such a decision but the decision has been made.

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5 Responses to 6 Things Successful People Refuse To Do.
April 23, 2018

6 Things Successful People Refuse To Do
I like to think that there is a meaning to life, in the sense that finding purpose and striving to reach that level of fulfillment becomes part of daily routine. Living just for the sake of it, without wanting to reach greatness will lead to regret later in life when you realize that so much time has passed without doing nothing.
When thinking about successful people, it doesn’t necessarily translate to “industry big-shots”. People that have discovered their life purpose and stick to it are already walking “the road of success”. I would like to point out the I have purposefully used “of” instead of “to” in order to point out that success is not a destination, but rather a path. Something that sticks with us.
Indeed, successful people constantly enrich their lives, but there’s more to that: knowing what to include, when to exclude and how to control their inner voice. Let’s see a few examples of situations in which saying no is beneficial.
They don’t allow other people to drag them down
You won’t get far surrounded with the wrong people. When choosing to make a change, some people in your life can be a hinderance and distract you from reaching your goals.
Colleagues, friends and even family can negatively impact your motivation when you express your dreams and aspirations. They may say things like “You can’t do it” or “Others have tried and failed”. Being surrounded with people that don’t believe in you will ultimately lead to you not believing in yourself, which will sabotage your endeavors. That doesn’t mean that you must cut them out. Simply drawing a line between them and “the road” will do.
On the other hand, having around positive people that share your vision and support your ambitions is great and will make your life happier.
They don’t allow other people to dictate their path
As long as you don’t have a purpose or a dream to follow, you’ll surely be part of other people’s plans. Successful people follow their own road and aren’t caught up in activities that have nothing to do with their own purpose.
The main reason for not getting caught up in activities that aren’t worth it is quite simple. It’s because time is our most valuable resource and, unfortunately, is quite limited.
They don’t give up on their dreams, even when faced with failure
Oftentimes, the fear of failure can make lots of people give up what they’re doing.
Unfortunately, most of us are programmed by school and society to feel ashamed whenever we fail. Thus, the fear of failure dictates our choices and reduces our willingness to face the risks that come with embarking on the road of success.
Failure is, in fact, the natural way of growing. Successful people are aware of this and view failure as a stepping stone.
They refuse to limit their dreams
Setting high expectations will give you a vision regarding how your life will look like if you take the right steps. This trait is obvious in many people that have excelled and achieved truly great feats in life. Freddie Mercury knew that he won’t be merely a rock star, “I will be a legend”, as he famously stated. Steve Jobs knew the power of high expectations and used this idea to craft one of the most famous ads that reflect Apple’s mission, famously stating that “The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”
They refuse to get caught up in insignificant tasks
Successful people know what’s important for them and don’t work just for the sake of it. This can be tricky because it’s easy to lose sight and get caught up in repetitive tasks. Successful people prefer finding ways to boost productivity or delegate when things get too crowded.
They never stop learning
Successful people are aware that knowledge is power. Your level of expertise regarding a topic is very important if you are to achieve something truly great. Also, being knowledgeable regarding a wide range of topics will boost your chances of.

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5 Daily Steps for Succeeding at Anything Successful people plan.
April 22, 2018

5 Daily Steps for Succeeding at Anything
Successful people plan. Unsuccessful or mediocre people simply content themselves with hoping and wishing.
Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.
It seems that regardless of how well the typical American household does, as far as income go, happiness fails to keep up. Has this happened to you? Looking back, did you notice that when you were younger, it didn’t take much for you to feel contented and happy?
What separates people boils down to “software.” That’s right. People who have overcome and attained peak levels of personal success, happiness and purpose simply chose to install different software. They chose to program their minds in such a way that they are able to achieve a higher degree of success and happiness.
Here are 5 daily steps that will have you reprogramming your mind towards success in anything.
Step 1: Stop wishing and hoping. Start planning and acting.
There’s a big difference between hoping, wishing and planning. People with hopes have a vague, overarching idea of what lives they should be enjoying. They think someway, somehow, these things will happen, but they simply don’t know how to get from point A to point B. They content themselves with the fact that things can change.
People who engage in wishful thinking, on the other hand, take things one step further. They are able to visualize certain things that need to happen for them to achieve certain things, which is definitely a step in the right direction. The problem is, they don’t have a concrete plan of action or a series of steps that would take them from where they currently are to where they wish to be.
Planning is all about setting up concrete action that you can do now that will change your reality in the future. They take you from point A to point B because they break down that journey into specific steps that require specific actions. This is the power of planning. Successful people plan. Unsuccessful or mediocre people simply content themselves with hoping and wishing.
Step 2: Push for three daily wins, at least.
Now that you are focused on setting up goals the right way, I have some good news for you. You might think that your goal is too big, too ambitious or too grand. Well, think again. The truth is, there is no such thing as an impossible goal. Increase your daily wins, and the impossible becomes possible.
Think of it this way.
By thinking the impossible and breaking it down into doable portions, you get to what would seem like an impossible dream. Let’s face it, if Walmart founder Sam Walton had told the world early on that he was going to build a multi-billion dollar industry, people would have probably ignored him. Instead, he had the goal of becoming a large retailer. He took one small daily step and he stuck to it. Consequently, Walmart just got bigger. The rest, as they say, is corporate history.
Step 3: Stop making excuses, blaming and justifying.
Let’s face it, life is rough. Life can be unfair, life can be hard. Things fall apart. What are you going to do? Are you going to wish that things aren’t the way they are? Well, anybody can play that game. Anybody can look at reality based on how they think things should be. The problem is, we live in a world where things simply are.
So, take it like a champ.
The first step to making a dent on your personal reality is to get used to the fact that things fall apart. Get used to the fact that things oftentimes are disappointing. By simply allowing yourself to accept reality for what it is, instead of fantasizing about human nature in such a way that you could be “rescued” from your daily circumstances, you’re making a tremendous step forward. You are looking at reality straight in the eye and resolving to deal with it as it is.
Step 4: Shoot for the moon once every day.
If you want to hit the moon, aim for the sun. The truth is, the more you try to do the “impossible,” the sooner you become unstoppable. When you become unstoppable, you achieve greater and greater goals.
Business tycoons like Jeff Bezos of Amazon.com and sports legends like Michael Jordan weren’t born great. In the case of Michael Jordan, he didn’t get much encouragement playing basketball in high school. People thought that he was a mediocre basketball player at best. Still, he chose to take daily steps to push his basketball skills to the limit.
As important as it is to hit your three daily wins every day, you also need to try to do them in such a way that they can lead to something big.
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Step 5: Congratulate yourself.
According to my upbringing, it’s always bad form to brag. It’s always a bad idea to boast about yourself. While there’s a lot of good reasons for this kind of thinking, I’ve allowed myself to confuse this thinking with the tendency to avoid all sorts of self congratulation. I view any situation where I allow myself to feel good about my accomplishments as necessarily bragging. I got so scared of being cocky or being viewed as prideful and conceited that I never got around to congratulating myself. Big mistake.
An iron rule of life is to get more of something, incentivize it. You need to encourage it. Blocking yourself from congratulating yourself robs you of the power and resolve to succeed. By simply choosing to feel good about what you managed to achieve, you lay the groundwork for further progress. At the very least, you replenish your personal emotional batteries so you can get the energy you need to keep pushing forward.
Program yourself in terms of superlatives. “I am the best,””I deserve the best,””I can do the best.” Superlatives are awesome because they are very malleable. The reality is “the best” to you may not be the best for somebody else. It might be horrible to somebody else. Still, you are entitled to what you think is “the best.”

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April 5, 2018

To succeed in any Venture in life, we need preparation and planning. What you prepare for, you will execute adequately. The level of your preparation  determines your level of success. Every project, be it business, academic or ministry requires adequate preparation and planning.

The Bible says; “To build a tower, we must count the cost.”  There must be time for planning and preparation of every resource that is needed for the execution of the tower. No boxer ever challenge the reigning champion to a fight without adequate training. The time of training is the time of preparation and planning. Let us learn from King Jothan in the Bible.

“So Jothan became mighty, because he prepared his ways before the Lord his God.” (2 Chronicles 27:6)

King Jothan did what was right in the sight of the Lord. His father- King Uzziah is recorded to have done what was right in the sight of the Lord and as long as he sought the Lord, God made him to prosper. King Jothan copied the good character of his father, and he became mighty because he prepared his ways before the Lord. The purpose of athletic training is to prepare for the race. Believers are also on a spiritual race and there is need for constant preparation for the final race where Christ is waiting for us at the end of the race. Remember, the success in the life and ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ could be traced to his season of preparation and waiting on God. His 40 days of fasting and prayer was part of his preparations for a successful ministry. Christ Jesus knowing the values and essence of waiting on God in preparation for the ministry gave a clear instruction to the disciples to wait at the upper room for the purpose of spiritual endowment from God. He knew that success comes when preparation meets opportunity.

Adequate training and preparation must be made for every opportunity, when you are fully prepared you will be able to maximize your potentials. It is time to plan and prepare to succeed in your business or chosen career!

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My Name is Tanikka Paulk and I’m Proceeding
December 1, 2017

Yes indeed so many have tried to dull my shine there’s so many who have misunderstood and caused all sorts of havoc in order to try and stop what God had already declared. There are a lot who have projected lies but no matter what’s said God will always look at the heart. There are times when I’ve wondered just when will humanity become whole. There’s a lot who are so misguided and haven’t yet received the proper information and some would rather not. There are some who really enjoy being destructive. “How will society become stabilized when there are so many wanting to bring the rising down.” (Tanikka Paulk)

I’ve came across some of the toughest critics but there’s some good points in the journey. When it appears as if so many are against there are some very important organizations, corporations, businesses and others who continue to be for my journey. Even if it appears as if the entire globe has turned there will always be God and Jesus Christ by my side. It can be difficult to keep my “composure” but I’m doing so through prayer. There are some who will think whatever it is they want to think and some who will react to situations they’re not even invited in on.

My name holds value not just my name but what I’ve accomplished. I’ve recognized others and yet they’ll still try to attack in someway. No matter what one does there will always be some who will disagree and I’m not in the business to please all. No person should ruin their health or character in  order to please folks. There is joy in knowing that I’m further along. The ones who insist on trying to sabotage my journey aren’t very happy people. As long as I’m here there will be some progress. Elevation is what I’m seeking and continue to do so. Although so many have tried to create setbacks and slow down my “progress” I’m still continuing on for many reasons.

We’ll learn how to deal with the most difficult individuals and some will be so challenging that we’ll have to leave the individuals behind and if they’re pulling down then they’re already behind. Visionaries deserve to place their vision before the world so that there can be witnessing of how good God is and will continue to be. God allows certain situations to take place but is always there. He’s given me=(Tanikka Paulk) the”strength” to carry on. So many have tried to discourage my path from my childhood and yet I’m still continuing. My progress isn’t the same as others.

Thee have been setbacks and yet I’m not discouraged at all. There have been threats and yet I’m still moving along. That is important even if no person says so. God has already declared as such. When the chuckles are projected and the insults continue I’m going to continue to spread “light.” I Tanikka Paulk know my purpose and as long as I’m here I’m going to try to fulfill the purpose. I’m important enough to be watched and monitored each day. Eyes are on Tanikka Paulk and everyday there is proof.

I’m Continuing and Grateful That God has Chosen “Tanikka” By: (Tanikka Paulk) Tanikka Shajuan Wilson is the same.

Image may contain: 1 person, sunglasses and closeup

Photo Belongs to Tanikka Paulk

“Yes I’m Here Continuing to Make the Necessary Progress for the Future.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)


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Not Going to Think Defeat
November 26, 2017

Some believe that there are ways to defeat individuals through the mind. “If the mind is weaken then there’s certainly possibilities to make the mind unstable.” (Tanikka Paulk) The first attacks are of the mind. Satan will use mankind to try and take down individuals who are close to God, on a path to become more connected to God, and who seek God/Lord. God and Lord are the same and God/Lord isn’t a woman or man. God is a spirit. There are some who claim to be God or Jesus Christ and if they believe that they’re either then they’re not mentally stable. No person can be God or Jesus.

In order to become victorious one has to decide to meditate and read the words which are given by God. Mankind will display flawed behavior and will try to attack individuals who continue to try and excel. The only way to overcome the attacks is by reading the word, prayer, and keeping on the “Full Armor of God.” The flesh can be quite evil but God can intervene and the ones who continue to come against the anointed will be punished. God will administer the discipline and send out the Wrath of God. There are some who continue their attacks due to fear. Afraid that they’ll be left behind and in fact if they’re trying to pull down or take down then they’re behind.

Defeat is a mindset. What some have perceived isn’t so and when they think that they’re winning they’re actually not. I’m not going to waste my time on trying to convince the persons that I’m worthy. God already declared it. I’ve been chosen, selected, called so therefore I’m in no way concerned about where they’re going. God will see that the ones who continue to try and through arrows will cease. The word explains that the anointed will be attacked the most. They’re continuing to prove what God has already stated. “The Weapon weapons won’t prosper.’ Some are afraid of the prospering in which some are chosen to receive.

There will be groups of people who will try to take away the many blessings one receives. There are some who have chosen to not go to the word for whatever reasons for some they’re lost and refuse to find their way out. For some there will be no way out. When we think that we’re alone. We’re not alone. God nor Jesus Christ will forsake. There is always hope and when the darkness enters there will be “light.” There’s the moon and the night sky and they’re not touching one another. The moon isn’t harassing the night but mankind will for many reasons. God can assist and God has allowed the strongest to continue on their journey and fulfill their purpose.

The Reasons why so Many may Want a Cease

There are some who are able to recognize when there will be strength between certain individuals. They’re fear is if the rising occurs then the persons will become so powerful and be like glue. The persons could make changes in which no other has made. Become close and complete journeys and paths in which so many are afraid to travel. The ones who are intentionally trying to cause harm are weak. God will look at the heart and there will be protection for the very ones whom are suppose to be connected. Their efforts could be daily but God has already ordained for the connections to come together as “one.”

It is stated by God any wife who has suffered through abuse and or has been in fear of her “life” should divorce. No man can be whole if he abuses, tries to administer harm, and is full of hate. Life meaning to live, journey, to awake each day. What some continue to think within their minds isn’t what shall be. However there are some who can “recognize” where a person is headed and will won’t to prevent the rise. In order to remain mentally stable there has to be time spent with God and Jesus Christ. Mankind can be foolish. There are many fools lurking about.

The ones who want to disrupt will do so because they’re not prepared to see the excelling. There are some who would rather see individuals stay on a lower level then to see the persons become better individuals. Not all should be on the path. There are some no matter how successful we are. They may not agree and won’t be pleased when we’re trying to get ahead. “Thanking God for His Mercy and His love.” (T. Paulk) The reason why there’s so much war is because of the lack of love. Love will conquer every time. Love covers multitudes of sins and hate will not and can not defeat love.

There are battles in which we can win if we’re spiritually grounded. God can and has overcome the world. When it appears as though there’s no light at all. There will be some somewhere. A place won’t be all dark. The good ones will have to come up against some of the most conning folks. There will be some who spend their lives trying to cause disruptions. There are many ways to be apart of movements. The favor is why some are fond of the person or persons who have chosen to be courageous enough to suffer through their journey. There are so many who chose to stop because not wanting to face the foes.

T. Paulk Paulk= Tanikka Paulk

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Business Ethics and Who’s Concerned

Whatever happened to proper business practices? It appears as if even the large businesses and corporations aren’t engaging in ethical practices anymore. When conducting business there should be seriousness. It appears as though many businesses are now engaging in bullying which should never occur. When businesses take such “a route” they’re placing their business at risk. Some will lose their business because of using unethical practices. There’s some businesses which treat their customers unfairly.

Successful businesses will treat customers with dignity such as Amazon (CEO Jeff Bezos). Perhaps that’s how his company incurred billions. Mr. Bezos is a Billionaire. Net worth 

82.3 billion USD
Photo Credit: Free Advanced Google Images Free to use & Share Even Commerically
Image result for Jeff Bezos
Companies, Businesses, and Corporations as well as Organizations should try to be friendly with potential customers, consumers, and prospects. Not too many are these days. There are some who seem to not be concerned with growing at all. If they’re not treating their customers right then the business will surely fail. There will be a lot of complaints to the BBB and other complaints may be supplied. Some stopped using ethical practices for whatever reasons.
Perhaps some aren’t considering the ramifications of not using proper business practices. Not thinking long term and some “advertisers” could stop or not consider doing any business with the businesses which offer no ethical practices. Their ratings could decline as well as sales. The ones who are in tuned with treating their customers properly will probably end up being some of the most successful businesses. Some businesses owners may end up suffering a decline because of their desire to be overly competitive.
“The competition can cause some business owners to behave abnormally.” Some will continue to do so until they’ve suffered many lawsuits. Not all businesses will continue to rise because of the methods and practices used. The business owners aren’t considering how to increase their sales and to provide better products and services. Some will end up losing their business because of the treatment given to most of their customers.
Some may need to take sensitivity courses or perhaps stop doing business. No customer should be treated unfairly. “Any business who is unwilling to offer customer satisfaction shouldn’t be in business.” There are some previously used proper practices but stopped doing so. The decision to stop the practices is a mistake. Customers are the ones who keep the businesses open and people continue to help businesses thrive. Unfortunate for so many businesses.
“Business Owners Should be Concerned With Their Practices.” By: Tanikka Paulk
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How to be self motivated in your life when feeling down
May 12, 2017

Every mankind in this world faces a situation to motivate himself on his own. There are situations in life where people don’t ask any kind of advice from others, so one should know to advise and motivate himself by his own. Here are some tips for self-motivation.

1.Know yourself:
Try to know your exact situation in the society, that may be your working scenario or may be in your life, anything you can consider but you should know yourself. Knowing yourself means one should know his strength and weakness, his capability and everything. This is the first step one should need to do by himself to motivate on his own.
2. Goals:
Keep track on your goals and always think about it as that will make you feel responsible. Each and every time when you go down you can make yourself motivated by remembering your goals and targets.
3. Daily Target:
According to your working situation and capacity fix a daily target by your own. By targeting, one should always keep track on his work. And think of how to complete the tasks quickly.  This will motivate him to work more.
4. Smart work:
Yeah, Hard work never fails but smart work gives you ideas to get the results quickly. If you know that you are smart then you always find the way to get the work done in a smarter manner and this motivates you every time.
5. Success:
I know success is not an easy thing to achieve but you can get it by your dedicated quality work. If you know the taste of success in your life, that makes you motivated towards the success again. That motivation finds the ways to reach the success point and that’s important too.
6. Motivational stories:
There are lots of motivational speeches and stories available on the web as well as the market. So, find and read those books. The path faced by them to reach their destination makes you motivated. Read different types of stories that will give you different ways of thinking ability according to the situation. Apply some of the ways and incidents you have read in the various books of your real life problems and I am sure you will be motivated by doing this.
7. Get inspired by others:
 Whenever you see people succeeding in their life or in their field most of the people get inspired in them. Everyone wants to win and achieve great things like those legends who proved themselves in various fields. This inspiration gives motivation to every individual to do his job better than ever.
There is no formula for success and a great victory but one thing everyone should keep in mind that motivation. Everyone should know to motivate himself and motivates others too. This doesn’t mean that giving fake confidence to others, it’s like bringing out the best from the mankind. Motivation is a small essence and if it gets everyone at the right time then anyone can do wonders and achieve great goals.
Thanks for reading. Good luck.
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Success is an absolute harmony of material and spiritual worlds.

What is success? We often talk about success and successful people. Have you ever wondered what exactly you meant by the word “success”? What are the criteria and attributes that help to determine what success is? Most people blindly seek for the success not fully understanding the meaning of this word.

If to speak about the success bearing in mind the financial heights, then surely a man with a great career and a lot of money is considered as successful. Man achieves success in the financial field. If his social status is high, then, of course, he has achieved success here. But it does not answer the question, what is success and what is generally successful man. Without money and high social status, there are other aspects, all of which together constitute the general global understanding of success. After all, it happens quite often, when achieved the financial success person is very unhappy in personal life. As a result, more interesting would be more comprehensive, holistic definition, because the success can be in a public and professional as well as family and personal life.

Humans are naturally inclined to feel hungry – not only physical, but also spiritual. We are required communication, recognition, respect, love. And money not always can to meet these needs. We need friends, comrades, beloved one, and without these factors money are losing any meaning and value, is not it?

But without money, especially at high its deficit, can we fully enjoy the love, friendship, glory? Could we properly take care of our loved ones and family members? Inevitably, the obvious conclusion: the true success is an absolute harmony of material and spiritual worlds. Success is the ability to create a life in such way as you most want. It is to achieve the objectives set for it and to feel the pleasure.

Everyone has his own personal, individual and unique perception of the world. In particular, the way a person perceives success depends on a number of his personal qualities. It is the character and some of its features separately. For example, ambition, emotionality, temperament. And so one welcomes the fact that at his house he is loved by his wife and a couple of children, while others passionate seeking the attention of whole world. For some a piece of bread is the most expensive and the most desirable thing, and for the other even a million is not a lot of money!

It is worth for each of us to think about the success and to define the whole meaning of this word for ourselves. Stop for a moment, briefly leave the crazy modern life and think about what you are seeking for? Where you can find the necessary recognition? Whose favored you are waiting for? What kind of property you want to get? How do you understand the success? Do it now and you will have a true compass, which will tell you the correct swimming course in the sea of life. It will help preserve the strength and confidence in different situations and opens the way to your desired bay, whose name is “Dream”!


Picture by Pixabay.com

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