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Not Going to Think Defeat
November 26, 2017

Some believe that there are ways to defeat individuals through the mind. “If the mind is weaken then there’s certainly possibilities to make the mind unstable.” (Tanikka Paulk) The first attacks are of the mind. Satan will use mankind to try and take down individuals who are close to God, on a path to become more connected to God, and who seek God/Lord. God and Lord are the same and God/Lord isn’t a woman or man. God is a spirit. There are some who claim to be God or Jesus Christ and if they believe that they’re either then they’re not mentally stable. No person can be God or Jesus.

In order to become victorious one has to decide to meditate and read the words which are given by God. Mankind will display flawed behavior and will try to attack individuals who continue to try and excel. The only way to overcome the attacks is by reading the word, prayer, and keeping on the “Full Armor of God.” The flesh can be quite evil but God can intervene and the ones who continue to come against the anointed will be punished. God will administer the discipline and send out the Wrath of God. There are some who continue their attacks due to fear. Afraid that they’ll be left behind and in fact if they’re trying to pull down or take down then they’re behind.

Defeat is a mindset. What some have perceived isn’t so and when they think that they’re winning they’re actually not. I’m not going to waste my time on trying to convince the persons that I’m worthy. God already declared it. I’ve been chosen, selected, called so therefore I’m in no way concerned about where they’re going. God will see that the ones who continue to try and through arrows will cease. The word explains that the anointed will be attacked the most. They’re continuing to prove what God has already stated. “The Weapon weapons won’t prosper.’ Some are afraid of the prospering in which some are chosen to receive.

There will be groups of people who will try to take away the many blessings one receives. There are some who have chosen to not go to the word for whatever reasons for some they’re lost and refuse to find their way out. For some there will be no way out. When we think that we’re alone. We’re not alone. God nor Jesus Christ will forsake. There is always hope and when the darkness enters there will be “light.” There’s the moon and the night sky and they’re not touching one another. The moon isn’t harassing the night but mankind will for many reasons. God can assist and God has allowed the strongest to continue on their journey and fulfill their purpose.

The Reasons why so Many may Want a Cease

There are some who are able to recognize when there will be strength between certain individuals. They’re fear is if the rising occurs then the persons will become so powerful and be like glue. The persons could make changes in which no other has made. Become close and complete journeys and paths in which so many are afraid to travel. The ones who are intentionally trying to cause harm are weak. God will look at the heart and there will be protection for the very ones whom are suppose to be connected. Their efforts could be daily but God has already ordained for the connections to come together as “one.”

It is stated by God any wife who has suffered through abuse and or has been in fear of her “life” should divorce. No man can be whole if he abuses, tries to administer harm, and is full of hate. Life meaning to live, journey, to awake each day. What some continue to think within their minds isn’t what shall be. However there are some who can “recognize” where a person is headed and will won’t to prevent the rise. In order to remain mentally stable there has to be time spent with God and Jesus Christ. Mankind can be foolish. There are many fools lurking about.

The ones who want to disrupt will do so because they’re not prepared to see the excelling. There are some who would rather see individuals stay on a lower level then to see the persons become better individuals. Not all should be on the path. There are some no matter how successful we are. They may not agree and won’t be pleased when we’re trying to get ahead. “Thanking God for His Mercy and His love.” (T. Paulk) The reason why there’s so much war is because of the lack of love. Love will conquer every time. Love covers multitudes of sins and hate will not and can not defeat love.

There are battles in which we can win if we’re spiritually grounded. God can and has overcome the world. When it appears as though there’s no light at all. There will be some somewhere. A place won’t be all dark. The good ones will have to come up against some of the most conning folks. There will be some who spend their lives trying to cause disruptions. There are many ways to be apart of movements. The favor is why some are fond of the person or persons who have chosen to be courageous enough to suffer through their journey. There are so many who chose to stop because not wanting to face the foes.

T. Paulk Paulk= Tanikka Paulk

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    1. The mind is the powerhouse of the body,without the mind the human being is nothing,the mind controls every aspect of the human body and direct the body as to what to do and what not to do at every point of our life.if the mind is not strong, we end up not living a normal life.


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