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The Justly was and is Purposed
October 28, 2018

There’s a purpose and the fulfillment of my purpose is what needs to occur. There are the unappreciative ones without understanding. “God already prepared my way and I’m continuing to try to reach the level in which was designed.” By: Tanikka Paulk. They’re mistaken what have they caused by their actions? If they are willing to read “scripture” then they’ll find out what God has said. God is specific about His instructions. Some will try to battle for positions they’re not “qualified” for. If they’re chosen then they wouldn’t need to battle. There is no need for Tanikka!-Tanikka Paulk to battle because I’ve been “chosen” by God and mankind.

If they’re unwilling to accept then they will have the troubles. There are the many difficulties but with prayer I’m able to overcome. The words spoken aren’t adding the value that’s needed. I’ve chosen to proceed with the most dignified. The persons in which will assist with the “building up.” My eyes will look away from the irritants. I’m uninterested in their antics. The disruptions aren’t bothering me=Tanikka Paulk because there’s the protection. What? Yes there’s the protection from God and mankind has also chosen to add their protection. The noisemakers aren’t apart of the fulfillment.

The needs are what causes the persons to display out of control behavior. They’ve lied and caused their own declines. Perhaps they should consider what “Word” entails. I’m continuing for many reasons. There is way too many objectives to meet. There will continue to be the additions. Yes some seem to be angered but I’m apart of the glorious actions. No matter what’s been said about you=Tanikka Paulk. “The Bible” speaks a lot about you your. God has stated about the enemies and how to handle enemies. Foes is what some have decided to become.

The birds continue to sing their melodies are welcomed. There is peacefulness in my area. The communities seem to have settled. Perhaps more should join the peacefulness. I’m focused on what can offer prosperity. There certainly needs to be some uplifting. Yes I’m in tune with self motivation. My purpose was designed by God and why should I Tanikka Paulk allow mankind to disrupt my purpose. The attitudes only cause the individuals to disrupt their own minds. “Proceed we’re headed in the right direction. There will be the solutions isn’t that what’s appreciated?” (Tanikka Paulk)

How many are watching? It seems as though the entire world watches my every move. The leadership continues to rise they’re unaware of how their actions affect society. There is the effectiveness although there are the disrespectful ones trying to make their way in. The door is shut to the agitated folks. They’re confused about spirituality. They’re also confused about the political realm. The mixture can cause troubles that’s why they’re separated. Actions. Purposely headed from here to there.

There’s the firmness and although there are some who’ve disagreed with my methods. I’ve strategized in ways in which there’s difficulties figuring out what will occur next. They’ve tried to take my place but they’re unable. The name will remain after leaving earth. “Defeat? No there is too much “faith” to think of the actions in which so many seem to project in order to surpass.” by: Tanikka Paulk. There’s a lot to be said in the Bible. The Word of God is filled with the truth. Jesus continues to walk with “thee.”

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Transformations Within the Mind in Time

The thoughts are so very important, what is thought of could cause increases, in some cases the thoughts could cause declines. That’s why it’s best that persons think on levels where there can be elevations. To think positively is better but how many will “think positively” on a daily basis? It’s best that there is positive thinking going on however no person will think positively every minuet. There are some rarely thinking on a positive level. It’s better to be surrounded by individuals choosing to be positive. Being surrounded by chaotic environments can cause fatigue. “I’ve chosen to replace the negative words with positive words and try to think more positive.” By: Tanikka Paulk

There is more focus now on the positives but there will be times when the negatives arrive. The good thing is that there are a lot of positive words to view and share. what a blessing! My eyes have viewed many words in which should have been left unsaid but once they’re out there there’s no taking the words back. At least there’s the ability to find the words which can add value to life. Smiling certainly helps to remove the negative thoughts and there’s “the ability” to think hopefully. How many are choosing to do so? It seems as though there are so many choosing to be negative but why?

Perhaps they too should decide to transform in someway. To be able to think at all is a blessing but when the positives enter then life will transform positively. Thank goodness. There is pleasure in knowing that there will be positively progressions occurring. Oh yes indeed. No matter what’s said I’ve chosen to insert the positive words where the negative words love to hang out. God has given me=Tanikka Paulk the ability to do so. “Yes there is still thoughts of moving forward toward further greatness.” (Tanikka Paulk). I’m continuing to work towards the highest level so that more can experience what I’m experiencing and “will continue” to experience.

The best thing to do is to continue moving with the important matters. To become more active in areas which will create more upward movements. There are so many continuing to believe that it’s best to try and prevent what should occur. What really needs to occur is “growth, progression, and revenue gain.” Yes, shouldn’t persons want to live better, shouldn’t persons want to receive abundance? It seems as though some aren’t so in tuned with developing better communities and a more stabilized economy. “The focus continues even when there are distractions occurring. I’m focused.” By: Tanikka Paulk

There are movements occurring right now. Perhaps some aren’t interested in producing more revenue so that there can be decreases with the homelessness rate. There should be more living comfortably. Some may try to prevent others from assisting with making society more connected. There will be the right connections in order to achieve what society needs. Every person is in need, meaning that every person needs some form of assistance, no matter how wealthy they are. There will be proper “movements” so that countries experience the growth which should be allowed.

The transformations could take some time. No need to worry because the mind continues to project the thoughts which can and will cause prospering to occur. That’s right. Some will want to come along so that they’ll experience the transformation. God has told each person that transformation of the mind needs to occur so that there is greater experienced. That’s why I’ve chosen to study the “Word of God” more. Persons having faith should study the word so that there’s a better connection with God the Father of Jesus Christ.

I’m so blessed that God has allowed the transformations to occur. Soon enough there will be movements in the right direction. Perhaps so many are wanting to know just where the mind is headed. God already declared my purpose and that’s what is on my mind because I’m believing that there should be prospering. How many are thinking in such a way? It appears as though there aren’t too many thinking properly. The actions are giving what they’re up to away. “My thoughts are my own and I’m continuing to remain hopeful so that there will be more and more growth occurring. Amen!

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Jesus is our Almighty healer, let us use him
sky-476817_1280 purple skyNo one can be the best all of the time.

Jesus said, “Healthy people do not need a doctor, but sick people do, ” and, “I did not come to call the righteous but sinners.”

When we establish relations of mercy and trust, and accept fraternal correction humbly, when there is mutual forgiveness between spouses, Christ is the one who forgives and pardons, and what is forgiven among us on earth, is forgiven in heaven. The gifts of healing are not limited to healing bodily ills and the devil is  responsible for more than individual maladies. Constant work and the unity of all people of goodwill are sufficient to remedy some of our misfortunes, but the only way to eradicate evil at its roots is to restore human persons to their dignity as children of God.

Dear heavenly Father, with a humble heart and gratitude I come before you. Please heal all my infirmities and calm my mind in its chaos and uneasiness. Forgive me of all my sins and make me new.

The beatitudes Jesus gave are know as our guidelines. (1) “Fortunate are those who are poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” (2) “Fortunate are those who mourn, they shall we comforted.” (3) “Fortunate are the gentle, they shall possess the land.” (4) “Fortunate are those who hunger and thirst for justice, for they shall be satisfied.” (5) “Fortunate are those with a pure heart, for they shall see God.” (6) “Fortunate are those who work for peace, they shall be called children of God.” (7) “Fortunate are those who are persecuted for the cause of justice, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” (8) “Fortunate are you, when people insult you and persecute you and speak all kinds of evil against you because you are my followers. Be glad and joyful, for a great reward is kept for you in God.”

These instructions we should follow to walk the path of God, the path of holiness. Jesus continues to tell us, to motivate and empower us. He says to us, “you are the salt of the earth, ” and ” you are the light of the world.”

He continues to warn us, “Do not take oaths. Do not swear by the heavens, for they are God’s throne. Nor by the earth, because it is his footstool, nor by Jerusalem because it is the city of the great King.” (2) “Do not even swear by your head, because you cannot make a single hair white or black.” We must, “say yes when you mean yes and no when you mean no. Anything else you say comes from the devil.” (3) “Do no oppose evil with evil. Give when asked and do not turn your back on anyone who wants to borrow from you.” Some of his instructions may be hard, but the ultimate reward make it worth while. Like when he tells us to, “Love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you so that you may be children of your Father in heaven.” Our goal, our duty is to follow him and follow his guidance. “For your part,” he says, “you shall be righteous and perfect in the way your heavenly Father is righteous and perfect.”

O God, help me to have the courage to live out beatitudes. Send your spirit to help me salt and light amongst my brothers and sisters. Help me to turn away from lustful desires and to be firm in my decisions. Let me say no when I mean no and yes when I mean yes. Let me not entertain evil desires but instead express love to my neighbors. O God, help me, I pray, to follow your path of righteousness.

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Make the most out of your spiritual training by serving others
5 Business Ideas to Make Moneyimage credit : pixabay

Believing in God, will lead you to do good as you follow his plan your life. You can start by reading the scriptures which is a guidebook. There you will learn what to believe, how to act, and how to speak with love. Soon you’ll be ready to put into action all you’ve learned.

Those of us who are women, we know a lot about serving: we serve on many fronts and sometimes wonder why this is our lot. God tells us he freed us from sin, not to do what we like, but so we can share his love. If we’re tempted to fulfill our own sinful desires, let’s remind ourselves why we are here-we obey Jesus by doing good for others. If that’s not our goal, we need redirection from him.

If you feel incomplete or inadequate, unable to carry out the tasks God has given you, you aren’t, you know, if you tap into his spirit. God equips you to do all things in him. If you feel overwhelmed, make sure you haven’t taken on tasks rightfully belonging to someone else. God does not overload your life with busyness. He has a purpose for all you do. So be certain you’re serving in the right place, doing the work he planned for you.

Knowing that the world will not last forever, we have to be careful how we act. We have no devil-may-care option, in which we act as if eternity does not matter, because God calls us to live wholly for him. The world’s destruction should not make us careless but vigilant to make the most of our time. In the end, all we do here will not be lost but will pass on into eternity.

We are gifted persons. God gives each of us his children spiritual gifts designed to help themselves and others-wisdom, knowledge, faith, healing, to name just a few. As we grow spiritually, we begin to unwrap those presents from God. Over time, we may be surprised and blessed at how many he has provided for us. When we feel unimportant, we must remind ourselves that we are gifted by God.

We don’t usually think of grace as a spiritual gift. But consider: it’s the basis for all the gifts God gives us. Without his gracious forgiveness, we’d have nothing spiritually. Our sins so separate us that only his forgiveness allows us to approach him. Whether we receive a large measure of grace or a smaller one, it is the perfect gift, given by Jesus, just for us. Let’s appreciate what it cost him and walk in him today.

Your spiritual gifts are tailored especially for you. God has a purpose for your life. To help you accomplish it, he has given just the gifts you need-nothing more, nothing less. Knowing that God has gifted you in just the right way make you feel special. Thank him for those gifts today, and use them for the glory of his kingdom and to help others.

Paul’s words to the Corinthians speak to us. We should build up the church, not ourselves, through our spiritual gifts. When God gave you a special combination of spiritual abilities, it wasn’t to make you feel important. He designed them to help you reach out to those who need to accept him as savior and to support other believers who share your mission to reach the world. This is how we should be using our gifts today.

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Spirituality helps the journey on the brick road
February 28, 2018
cross-1149878_1280from Pixabay

God’s work that saves persons, can never be separated from educating people: it demands the repression of the oppressors and ruling in the fear of the Lord. Jesus’ message includes a preferential love of God for the poor and for those who share with them in their poverty. Death and resurrection are at work among us and all over the world. Only God is good; and good is the authority of Christ. Miracles are another way in which Jesus teaches. The word apostle means sent and Christ is the one who chooses his apostles and sends them in his name. One begins to be an apostle or at least to cooperate with Christ. When one looks for something more than performing good works for the benefit of the people, when one feels responsible for people: fisher of people. Leprosy was seen as God’s punishment and healing meant that God had forgiven the sinner who was to express his gratitude with a sacrifice. Jesus did not withdraw only to be still, but because on each occasion prayer was necessity for him.

Jesus comes to reveal the mystery of God, the mystery of the love of God-Father, Son and Spirit. God does not expect works on the path of human beings but calls them to faith. Be rid of all that hampers you, of all that prevents you from seeing and believe. Believe that it is he, and he alone who is able to save you. Physical possession is not the usual way of the devil’s activity in humans. That is why the devil operates in the moral life of people. Not that the devil is the cause of every sin and evil that people do. There is also the selfishness of our flesh and the lure of the false promise of the world but the devil, as enemy of God’s Kingdom, is never at rest. The devil continues to notice those of us who are capable of weakening or destroying his empire. But Jesus shows us how to deflect and deter the devil by showing us how to care for each other. The care and love of our Christian brothers and sisters attracts God’s favors upon us. That is why the good news of the Gospels is not meant to be still but it effects a change.

Once corruption has taken over and the vision of God’s alliance has faded away, those who recognize their part in the evil affecting the whole of society must make positive gestures regarding money and the enjoyment of it, which will be for all a sign and a call to conversion. This is the time to be reconciled with family members and neighbors, to let go of resentments. Since we are sinners, our salvation is worked out through suffering and through the cross. Our desires and our prayers are powerful because we have come to the center from which God directs the forces saving humankind: because we work for eternity; our names are already written in heaven. To evangelize does not mean to try to sell the gospel but rather to prove its power to heal people from their demons. We must stop being envious of famous people, kings and prophets of the past. We must pray instead. To pray is to take the time to listen, to meditate in silence on the work of God, it is to slow our desires, so as to pay attention only to God, secretly present and slip into his will. The Spirit is available to help us believe and inspire our prayers so that it may be heard.

The Spirit enables us to understand and interpret Jesus’ words throughout all time. Moreover, we need to receive from the source of all love the ability to love selflessly. As believers we are destined to be hated by the world. When our hope does not come from God trials discourage us; but when our hope is rooted in God, we are strengthened and remain steadfast. God’s plan will not fail and the universe reveals the glory and the beauty of God. Little by little faith opens for us a global vision of human reality.

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Not Going to Think Defeat
November 26, 2017

Some believe that there are ways to defeat individuals through the mind. “If the mind is weaken then there’s certainly possibilities to make the mind unstable.” (Tanikka Paulk) The first attacks are of the mind. Satan will use mankind to try and take down individuals who are close to God, on a path to become more connected to God, and who seek God/Lord. God and Lord are the same and God/Lord isn’t a woman or man. God is a spirit. There are some who claim to be God or Jesus Christ and if they believe that they’re either then they’re not mentally stable. No person can be God or Jesus.

In order to become victorious one has to decide to meditate and read the words which are given by God. Mankind will display flawed behavior and will try to attack individuals who continue to try and excel. The only way to overcome the attacks is by reading the word, prayer, and keeping on the “Full Armor of God.” The flesh can be quite evil but God can intervene and the ones who continue to come against the anointed will be punished. God will administer the discipline and send out the Wrath of God. There are some who continue their attacks due to fear. Afraid that they’ll be left behind and in fact if they’re trying to pull down or take down then they’re behind.

Defeat is a mindset. What some have perceived isn’t so and when they think that they’re winning they’re actually not. I’m not going to waste my time on trying to convince the persons that I’m worthy. God already declared it. I’ve been chosen, selected, called so therefore I’m in no way concerned about where they’re going. God will see that the ones who continue to try and through arrows will cease. The word explains that the anointed will be attacked the most. They’re continuing to prove what God has already stated. “The Weapon weapons won’t prosper.’ Some are afraid of the prospering in which some are chosen to receive.

There will be groups of people who will try to take away the many blessings one receives. There are some who have chosen to not go to the word for whatever reasons for some they’re lost and refuse to find their way out. For some there will be no way out. When we think that we’re alone. We’re not alone. God nor Jesus Christ will forsake. There is always hope and when the darkness enters there will be “light.” There’s the moon and the night sky and they’re not touching one another. The moon isn’t harassing the night but mankind will for many reasons. God can assist and God has allowed the strongest to continue on their journey and fulfill their purpose.

The Reasons why so Many may Want a Cease

There are some who are able to recognize when there will be strength between certain individuals. They’re fear is if the rising occurs then the persons will become so powerful and be like glue. The persons could make changes in which no other has made. Become close and complete journeys and paths in which so many are afraid to travel. The ones who are intentionally trying to cause harm are weak. God will look at the heart and there will be protection for the very ones whom are suppose to be connected. Their efforts could be daily but God has already ordained for the connections to come together as “one.”

It is stated by God any wife who has suffered through abuse and or has been in fear of her “life” should divorce. No man can be whole if he abuses, tries to administer harm, and is full of hate. Life meaning to live, journey, to awake each day. What some continue to think within their minds isn’t what shall be. However there are some who can “recognize” where a person is headed and will won’t to prevent the rise. In order to remain mentally stable there has to be time spent with God and Jesus Christ. Mankind can be foolish. There are many fools lurking about.

The ones who want to disrupt will do so because they’re not prepared to see the excelling. There are some who would rather see individuals stay on a lower level then to see the persons become better individuals. Not all should be on the path. There are some no matter how successful we are. They may not agree and won’t be pleased when we’re trying to get ahead. “Thanking God for His Mercy and His love.” (T. Paulk) The reason why there’s so much war is because of the lack of love. Love will conquer every time. Love covers multitudes of sins and hate will not and can not defeat love.

There are battles in which we can win if we’re spiritually grounded. God can and has overcome the world. When it appears as though there’s no light at all. There will be some somewhere. A place won’t be all dark. The good ones will have to come up against some of the most conning folks. There will be some who spend their lives trying to cause disruptions. There are many ways to be apart of movements. The favor is why some are fond of the person or persons who have chosen to be courageous enough to suffer through their journey. There are so many who chose to stop because not wanting to face the foes.

T. Paulk Paulk= Tanikka Paulk

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The Chosen are the Qualified
October 4, 2017

The reason why so many may have difficulties removing individuals from certain positions is because of the nature of their position. Individuals who are called should have received their calling from God the Creator of Heaven and Earth. When individuals are called their position is “confirmed.” There can many confirmations to alert not only the persons but also others. The position is considered a spiritual leader position however the position can entail more duties which is considered leadership. Not every person who claims to be a spiritual leader has been called. .

The ones who have “a strong title” are the ones who most will choose to come up against. Some not realizing what they’re doing. Doesn’t matter what position one holds, if they’ve been declared anointed, the persons should adhere to the title because the Bible speaks about what will happen when coming up against the anointed. Too many take what is said lightly and end up finding out the hard way. There’s many positions spiritual positions. For some they’re considered highly qualified.

The position is set before birth and that’s’ why some will go through many trials in order to supply the “testimonies.” God is pleased when His children testify about their experiences so that others are aware of how good the Heavenly God is. There is only one although so many may claim to be Gods which is the wrong thing to do because God becomes angry when persons are claiming to be God. Being in any leadership position isn’t easy and it’s especially difficult being in a spiritual position. There is a lot of responsibility and so many may not understand the position.

Too many end up falling and unable to get back up because they’re constantly attacking the anointed. Not allowing the persons to do what God has already declared is a big mistake. There will be severe consequences for getting in the way of the anointed. So many may not believe the words in which God has spoken. For so many they’ve encountered the reaping so are aware of the wrath which God will send out against the ones who are disrupting the anointed. Being in such a position demonstrates “qualified.”

No matter what so many may think. it is God who has chosen that the person or persons be in such positions. There may be a lot of disagreements about the individuals staying in their positions but mankind must understand that the “position” is chosen by the most qualified. For some they’re unable to accept that a person remains in such a position because of their actions. God is a forgiving God and no matter what the anointed has done. God doesn’t want the persons to be harmed.

There are some who have claimed to be anointed or chosen but actually are not. The sure way to know if a person has been called by God is to hear “the confirmations.” No person has to dramatize their position but any person who has a close relationship with God and Jesus Christ will know that the person is anointed. Doesn’t matter about their behavior, the individuals will be able to see the glow, they’ll recognize the anointing. There are some who dramatize their position in order to be recognized. There is no need to do so.

“Being Called can be Very Strenuous at Times but a Very Rewarding Position.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

Photo Credit: Pixabay Free to use Even Commercially

God wants to be known by all but does know that there are some who won’t believe anything pertaining to God Jesus Christ Father. There can be a lot of pressure being in such a position. The attacks which will surely come may wipe some out because some may feel as if they’re unable to withstand the attacks. The anointed should be string enough to overcome any obstacles placed in the way of the individuals. To overcome there will need to be meditating, prayer, and the Armor of God. “The Full Armor of God.”

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But yet Still There is Faith

Oh how strong and willed Job was. Job suffered through many attacks which God allowed but Job remained filled with faith and was able “to stand” even when Job suffered many losses. God allowed Satan to attack Job but told Satan to do whatever it is Satan wanted to do but Satan could not kill Job. A lot of people would have broke down and cried out for death with what Job went through. It was faith which caused Job to remain faith filled and continue going on. Job loss a lot but in the end Job gained more than he had before.

No matter how troubling a situation may appear to be. There always be others who are going through more. There are tools which help get through any attack and the best one of all is “The Full Armor of God.” Not taking the Armor off. No matter how many attacks arise. No matter what’s said and what’s done. I’m still a believer in God and Jesus Christ and I’m believer in “The Word of God.” There are lots of words projected but I’m still here because God has allowed Tanikka Paulk to still be here. Satan can never ever defeat God the Creator of Mankind and heaven and Earth. Never.

Noo person is ever alone because “God and Jesus Christ never forsakes.” Some may think they’re abilities are the lion in a den. Their words are like an arrow piercing the heart. When the mind focuses on what is good then the bad or evilness will no longer be a worry. What mankind does is from the worldly views and doesn’t stem from a Godly view. So when mankind is attacking, the Armor is on, the word of God is strong and I’m continuing on. Still blessed. Even if the world crumbles God has chosen His anointed ones and He’s continuing to add the protection.

Do not be dismayed when the demons come out and try to destroy what is good. There is a battle between good and evil. There are some who felt as if they weren’t strong enough and removed “the shield.” When the protection is removed then the enemy can stomp on the persons and cause the individuals to be destroyed because they’ve removed their closeness from God and Jesus Christ. No matter what it looks like. There is joy because this place is not a final destination. There is a place of peace and no person who resides there will be poor.

Do not allow the enemy to cause a long suffering. clap, praise, and give God the glory. Some have chosen to do evil works because they’ve felt as if their good works have gone unnoticed. “Patience” is very important and one may never know when a breakthrough will occur. Man is flawed and will cause destruction just read about what Jesus shad to endure. It is mankind which attacked Jesus. Nailed Jesus to the cross. So the Bible demonstrates how Man causes destruction.

Jesus isn’t and wasn’t afraid of Satan . Satan had to get behind Jesus. God may allow many situations to take place and God will watch to see just how we’ll come out. No battle if fought alone. No man (meaning mankind can do what God can do). No matter how many think they’re Gods. There is only one who created all. He has given us day and night. Where there is darkness “there shall be light.” Where there is evil. There will be good. None of the attacks are too mush to bare.

Yes, there will be times when fatigue sets in and the wonders come in. The when will all of the troubles cease? When God is ready for training to cease then there will a gleam of light. We’re capable of coming out of the battle with little wounds. There has to be “faith” and continuous prayer. Even the ones who are close will be on the attack. Evilness can be in any place. No matter how I’m attacked. i’m still a believer and as long as I’m here. I’m going to carry on and keep my strength.

“Anointed Ones may be Tested Many Times. The Attacks Will Surely Come but God Never Leaves and Will see The Anointed Ones Through.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Don’t be Surprised as to who Receives Abundance

There are some people who are in situations where individuals are constantly taking advantage. Some lurking about to try and gain and some waiting to see what it is they’re able to take. Trying to subtract instead of adding. That’s why God may delay blessings. Really doesn’t make sense for a person to have and as soon as the blessings are gained the blessings are taken away by greedy individuals. There are some who “should have” received their abundance long ago but due to the circumstances the abundance was withheld.

Some may wonder why they’re not receiving when they’ve been through so much. God looks out and does not want His children to go without. although there are poor individuals, due to some not taking the right path, or other reasons they’re poor. God wants prosperity to occur. He does not want any person to be poor. There are riches “awaiting” for some but until the removals occur. The riches may not be administered.

There are some people who add no value to a person’s life. Meaning they’re causing more harm than good. There are some women who can do without their husbands. The husband may hinder growth and that’s why some wives aren’t prospering the way that they’re suppose to. Husbands who block the blessings aren’t good. The abundance can occur when there is changes and movement. Staying in the same place can actually cause a decrease instead of an increase. Some may need to divorce in order to receive their “abundance.”

Of course God doesn’t like divorce but if there is abuse, danger, or adultery then divorce occur. Some may choose to separate but any person who has experienced loss due to a spouse such as money loss shouldn’t continue to stay in a broken marriage. Abundance can not occur if there is persons around trying to steal, take away, and gain what is given to the person. A blessing to one doesn’t mean “entitlement.”

Some may wonder why their breakthrough hasn’t occurred yet. If God isn’t pleased with a situation then He’ll put away the blessings until the situation is rectified. Too many end up losing out on their blessings because of staying in areas too long. There is greater meant for God’s Children People but until the persons are willing to make the necessary changes. The breakthroughs will not occur. There has to be a “decision to move.”

There can be “further growth” when individuals decide to live bleak situations. Some may remain due being afraid of change, the unknown, or some for financial reasons. No person deserves to be treated unfairly and if abundance is suppose to occur then removals need to occur as well. Yes, some will have to leave behind even their mother, or children in order to incur better for the family.

Abundance can take some time. Some should have received their abundance but their situation may have lead to the delay. Once there is movement then God will prepare the administering. Until “the rewards” are received there should be continuous praises. Not all will because some may not believe in giving God the Creator of Mankind praise. He’s the one who makes sure the abundance is received. Some may try to hinder the abundance because of not wanting certain individuals to receive the abundance. Some may try to stand in the way because they’re trying to gain. Know who’s who.

My Abundance Awaits and I Tanikka Paulk Shall Receive.” By: Tanikka Paulk

Photo Belongs to Tanikka Paulk


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The War the Battle Can’t be won by Giving up

The journey may become extremely difficult and there may be a lot to face. The battle isn’t won when there’s a decision to give up and in. There has to be a drive to become victorious. Although there are many battles some won by a landslide while others are won by an inch. What battles am I Tanikka Paulk speaking about. The battle between good and evil. The battle between first and last. Race wars, religion wars, “the battle to survive.” There may be war every single day because there’s a lot of desperation and individuals who are trying to survive some barely making it from day to day.

The Bible speaks about what’s occurring now. There will be many wars some which can not be avoided and there will be some wars which are started by bullheaded individuals. Some not wanting to accept that they’re not chosen for certain “positions” but are trying to takeover and take down. Some starting wars in which they’re unwilling to fight in. None of the wars are won by mankind’s own hands. There has to be some help from the Creator of Mankind God/Lord.

Some may not understand just how on a spiritual sense. Thinking that wars are won by attacking again and again. Not realizing who Created the individuals. Not considering the Power of God/Lord our Creator who Created Heaven and earth. Why are some so foolish with their ways? There are some who are just following and not following what is good but what can destroy not only others but the very ones who are following the evilness. Some will choose to follow “good” and others will not because of not wanting to see certain individuals in certain positions.

There is a lack of love and lack of understanding. Some may not use their minds to think and will become quite vengeful. Not always considering the reasons why they’re thinking they’re “entitled” to revenge. Too many fall victim of hate. Hating what they’re unable to put down at least easily. Attacking what is good and keeping the bad. Harming the ones who are in positions to offer better. To provide more stability buy utilizing their gifts. There’s a lot of selfishness.

Too many choosing to display evilness instead of trying to help create a better and more suitable environment. Projecting darts and expecting individuals to remain calm. Of course there shouldn’t be any craziness but when some are up against what may appear as the entire world. There may be some choice words spoken and in some cases further actions which can cause more war. There’s so many who are tearing down progress. How can others “grow” if they’re continuously tearing down the help?

“There is greater awaiting” but some refuse to allow others to reach the point of greatness. There are some trying to stop what they really should allow. Although the wars are formed. There’s plenty of tools used to become victorious. Spiritually, there’s prayer, the word of God. The Full Armor of God. Not every person will believe in the tools and some not believing that God exists. There is comfort through the love and words from Jesus Christ. There’s refuge when in trouble.

There is no denying that there will be days when fatigue sets in but keep on going. Mankind can never do what God/Lord can do. God Created each being and continues to do wonders as well as Jesus Christ. We’re in what may appear as a pit of fire. It can seem as if hell is right here on earth. Dealing mankind isn’t always easy. The armor is the protection from evilness. Just praising and singing the “melodies of soothing” heavenly sounds can help get through the tough times.

No person is immune from such warlike behavior. There may be battles in our homes and elsewhere. There should be thoughts of being “victorious.” Having a defeated attitude will produce defeat. There may be times when crying is necessary in order to remove some of the pressure. Some may not want to stop creating war because for some it’s their pass-time. Think on a spiritual level and get through. Connect with evilness and be swallowed up. “God is in Control at all Times Even When it Appears as if He’s Taken His Hand off of the Situation. God Does not Forsake. The Heavenly God.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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