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Not Going to Think Defeat
November 26, 2017

Some believe that there are ways to defeat individuals through the mind. “If the mind is weaken then there’s certainly possibilities to make the mind unstable.” (Tanikka Paulk) The first attacks are of the mind. Satan will use mankind to try and take down individuals who are close to God, on a path to become more connected to God, and who seek God/Lord. God and Lord are the same and God/Lord isn’t a woman or man. God is a spirit. There are some who claim to be God or Jesus Christ and if they believe that they’re either then they’re not mentally stable. No person can be God or Jesus.

In order to become victorious one has to decide to meditate and read the words which are given by God. Mankind will display flawed behavior and will try to attack individuals who continue to try and excel. The only way to overcome the attacks is by reading the word, prayer, and keeping on the “Full Armor of God.” The flesh can be quite evil but God can intervene and the ones who continue to come against the anointed will be punished. God will administer the discipline and send out the Wrath of God. There are some who continue their attacks due to fear. Afraid that they’ll be left behind and in fact if they’re trying to pull down or take down then they’re behind.

Defeat is a mindset. What some have perceived isn’t so and when they think that they’re winning they’re actually not. I’m not going to waste my time on trying to convince the persons that I’m worthy. God already declared it. I’ve been chosen, selected, called so therefore I’m in no way concerned about where they’re going. God will see that the ones who continue to try and through arrows will cease. The word explains that the anointed will be attacked the most. They’re continuing to prove what God has already stated. “The Weapon weapons won’t prosper.’ Some are afraid of the prospering in which some are chosen to receive.

There will be groups of people who will try to take away the many blessings one receives. There are some who have chosen to not go to the word for whatever reasons for some they’re lost and refuse to find their way out. For some there will be no way out. When we think that we’re alone. We’re not alone. God nor Jesus Christ will forsake. There is always hope and when the darkness enters there will be “light.” There’s the moon and the night sky and they’re not touching one another. The moon isn’t harassing the night but mankind will for many reasons. God can assist and God has allowed the strongest to continue on their journey and fulfill their purpose.

The Reasons why so Many may Want a Cease

There are some who are able to recognize when there will be strength between certain individuals. They’re fear is if the rising occurs then the persons will become so powerful and be like glue. The persons could make changes in which no other has made. Become close and complete journeys and paths in which so many are afraid to travel. The ones who are intentionally trying to cause harm are weak. God will look at the heart and there will be protection for the very ones whom are suppose to be connected. Their efforts could be daily but God has already ordained for the connections to come together as “one.”

It is stated by God any wife who has suffered through abuse and or has been in fear of her “life” should divorce. No man can be whole if he abuses, tries to administer harm, and is full of hate. Life meaning to live, journey, to awake each day. What some continue to think within their minds isn’t what shall be. However there are some who can “recognize” where a person is headed and will won’t to prevent the rise. In order to remain mentally stable there has to be time spent with God and Jesus Christ. Mankind can be foolish. There are many fools lurking about.

The ones who want to disrupt will do so because they’re not prepared to see the excelling. There are some who would rather see individuals stay on a lower level then to see the persons become better individuals. Not all should be on the path. There are some no matter how successful we are. They may not agree and won’t be pleased when we’re trying to get ahead. “Thanking God for His Mercy and His love.” (T. Paulk) The reason why there’s so much war is because of the lack of love. Love will conquer every time. Love covers multitudes of sins and hate will not and can not defeat love.

There are battles in which we can win if we’re spiritually grounded. God can and has overcome the world. When it appears as though there’s no light at all. There will be some somewhere. A place won’t be all dark. The good ones will have to come up against some of the most conning folks. There will be some who spend their lives trying to cause disruptions. There are many ways to be apart of movements. The favor is why some are fond of the person or persons who have chosen to be courageous enough to suffer through their journey. There are so many who chose to stop because not wanting to face the foes.

T. Paulk Paulk= Tanikka Paulk

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Thank God for The Father and Son (The Spirit and the Savior)
November 4, 2017

God is so merciful and we can all observe just how merciful He is. So many may not even consider how blessed so many are. When one has experienced a lot of hardships the individual could either become a product of their environment or become greater. There are many reasons why we should at least make attempts to be productive. There are so many reasons to be grateful. We’re on in the same “position” at that is we’ve all fallen short of His glory! There is not one who is without sin. Some may believe that what some do is more sinful than what others may do. Our sins can be washed away. There are some who continuously believe that they’re in a position to administer punishments. There are some who have absolutely no business trying to discipline others.

I’m so grateful for my advocacy. The ability to stand up against the many injustices in which so many face. There are a lot who are unwilling to take a stand. So many who do not have enough courage to do so. It’s really sad when so many rather try to be nuisances then to try “to develop a stronger society.” Through observations there seems to be some who believe that continuously attacking me=(Tanikka Paulk) will result in better movements. Not at all. God is very specific about what He means by saying, “Touch not thy Anointed.” Some may not believe the Wrath of God. When God is ready to release the wrath there will be some who are caught off guard.

Too many destructive individuals continue to throw arrows at my head. Trying to cause an upset or simply trying to prevent further excelling. What some may not realize that my positioning was already ordained by God so therefore they’re finding it difficult to get rid of me=(Tanikka Paulk). Spending their every waking moment trying to cause a tumble. Some may wonder how I’m continuing to walk, talk, and be “grateful.” God and Jesus Christ are the reasons why I’m still here. The time that’s taken to pray allows the release of all the negatives which can be directed at me=(Tanikka Paulk).

So many do not understand just how God operates. There are some who know the word but do not take the time to read and study for whatever reasons. There are some who will disregard every section of “The Bible.” There is a lot of confusion so therefore the word is a great way to eliminate the confusion. What is said in the bible can certainly help with our daily lives. Dealing with some of the matters can certainly be stressful. God allows a lot of what takes place to go on but there will come a time when He will place His hand on the situations and remove what isn’t needed.

Through my experiences there has been a whole lot of adversities to face. A lot of dramatic experiences and a lot of contract with individuals who insist on trying to make sure that little productivity is obtained. Too many would rather see visionaries turn back and not achieve what should be achieved. God can see all what occurs and He will always know who’s behind the destruction. “No Matter how Many Attacks Faced. I’m Remaining Confident and Continuing to Believe That I’m Worthy.” (Tanikka Paulk)

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Should I be Dismayed by What has Occurred?????
October 19, 2017

For some they’ve discovered just how difficult it is to move in a certain direction. There is certainly adversity but there are so many who continuously try to project more adversity for certain individuals. Not sure why so many feel the need to try and make sure the economy becomes even more strained. Here’s a theory: There are a lot of people who are without confidence and who seem to be extremely insecure. How can one continue to move on a “upper level?” Go around the individuals by making moves in which they see and don’t see. What some may think is so may actually not be and what they may think isn’t may.

There are ways to make progress even when roadblocks have been set up! There is a reason why some go through more than others. There will be a coming of. Yes indeed. Too many believe that if they force individuals from getting ahead then they won’t. It’s certainly a a bad idea to keep coming after a person. The ones who continue to cause disruptions may find themselves in a position they’re to get out of. There are some who may not learn what it means “to be humble” until they’re placed in a strenuous situation. Trapped in a mindset in which they’ve produced on their own.

No amount of attacks should detour any person but of course some have given up because they’ve felt they’ve faced too much adversity. There will come a time when the persons who continuous come up against the “One” who is suppose to achieve further will find that they’ll face some of the most toughest challenges. Most are out to cause a mind to go bad. “To become” so sickened with negativity that there’s no way for the person or persons to continue on. That’s why it’s so important to pray for the mind. In order to have peace there has to be some modifications. “The Decision to Make Changes Which Will Help Create a Better State of Living.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

When they’re watching, they’ve recognized that there is greatness within, they’re aware that I’m chosen and filled with the gift otherwise persons don’t bother following mediocre. Not at all. There has to be a reason for the individuals to be on attack to be envious in “someway.” No matter what’s said or done each person who chooses to set off on a journey must understand that they’ll come across some of the most disturbed individuals and there has to be ways to deal with such persons. I (Tanikka Paulk) will continue because it’s obvious it’s God’s will.

Despite the setbacks and what so many continue to try to do. I’m still here for a reason and God has allowed me=(Tanikka Paulk) to proceed. No man or woman is in a position to become God and I’m no dismayed by what has occurred but disappointed of course. What some fail to understand that a lot of times the doors are opened to destruction by each individual who is apart of destroying. No matter how many claim that a person is the cause there are ways to go back to where “the door” was opened and it appears as if the door was opened when the breaches occurred.

Doesn’t seem very smart for individuals to be apart of a breach or breaches., Sounds as if there’s not too many thinkers. The thinkers would no better than to be apart of a breach but of course the ones who do not “care” about violating may not consider what they’ve done. Even the most educated individuals have taken  part. Doesn’t sound as if the educational part helped with their thinking. To be disturbed everyday may make some think that a person will be broken down within their mind. Devices are meant to be powered down. That’s what I (Tanikka Paulk) do. Power down and keep moving along.

What a time we’re facing, a time where there will be many changes, some welcomed while others will make some feel irritated. Too many stop advancing because of what so many continue to do. It’s the determination which helps so many carry on. What is designed for a person is so. What shall be shall be. No matter how many try to pull a person down. The will power and the “purposed” will continue on. So many will have to face battles and the battle is won through the word of God and keeping the “Full Armor of God” on.

The Journey Continues and That’s Right!” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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Tactics Which Serve no Purpose

There are some who have chosen to supply tactics which will not generate any benefits for the individuals. Their efforts will and continue to seem meaningless. when any person is trying to excel, there’s a risk, a risk of being criticized and having some of the most difficult people try to sabotage what the person is trying to accomplish. Not everyone will be pleased with “the progress” of others. Some live to try and cause problems for so many but are actually creating more problems for themselves. We’re living in a world filled with lots of competition and some are so obsessed with competing that they’ll end up destroying what they’ve worked for.

Having to deal with so many who are against can be unsettling but the accomplishments aren’t impossible. Oh yes there will be days of great frustrations. In order to remain positive. There needs to be some distance between the destruction and what one if trying to accomplish. Too many just give up on their dreams because of the adversity. Some are too afraid of “facing” some of the toughest critics. Not easy to deal with individuals who are so disturbed but there are many ways to get through the darkness. It can be quite tiring having to face so many obstacles.

It’s a known fact that adversity is apart of living but there are some who continue challenges in front of others when they’re in no position to do so. The overly competitive may end up losing their sanity because they’re so focused on competing and not “achieving greater.” The ones who can continue even when the storms arise are the brave ones. It really takes courage to try and pursue but it also takes a certain mindset to stay on the journey.

Giving up isn’t an option. No matter how many time the challenges come my way. I’m still here for a reason and will continue to make progress even if it appears little has been made. Instead of folks trying to sabotage others perhaps they should consider trying to be apart of growth. There will be some who will do what they feel is right but are so wrong. The focus should be on elevating, “reaching” the destination of choice, becoming better than before. No person is ever alone no matter how it appears to be.

Some have advanced even when they’ve been challenged constantly. Some have chosen to just stop because they’ve faced what they’ve perceived as too much adversity. It’s up to the person or persons whether to proceed or not. It’s “recommended” to not give up. It’s quite unsettling to have to deal with a lot of irritating people. The journey is worth traveling and in time all of the chaos will settle and there will be a finish to the race.

Never lose hope. If one day is filled with many challenges then the next day can be the day when the prosperity occurs. even when evilness comes into a person’s life, there is good, there is good in every situation. There is a way to get around all of the attacks which so many have faced and continue to face. In time all of the matters will be rectified. “Have a victorious attitude even when it appears as if the cookie has crumbled.” For Believers, they’re aware of the attacks, and also know that the Armor must stay on in order to be protected from the evildoers and evilness in the world.

“I’m a Believer and Have Faced Many Attacks but I’m Still Making Progress and Still Favored.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Keep Smiling Even When it’s Stormy

A smile can make a brighter day. Smiling helps when it appears as if the troubles will never subside. No trouble will last always but going through so many storms at one time can make it appear as if the storms will never roll over. Through patience so many are able to face the stormy days. There is hope after all. There is joy in knowing that no storm will last always. Every person will have to face adversity and some will go through so many challenges all at once but are still strong enough to get through the troubles. “I’m still standing and I’m still on my journey for a reason huh?”

Yes indeed. That’s right. No matter how many storms arise. I Tanikka Paulk shall not feel defeated. There’s a reason why I’m continuing on and a reason why I’m “chosen to travel such a path.” Not every person will face the same storms. My storms aren’t like the next. There’s been moments where the storm stood still and there was nothing but continuous thunder, downpours, and rumbles. I’m still here and will continue as long as I’m breathing.

So I’m smiling because of the thoughts of advancement even when so many try to cause disruptions. Some may become discourage when having to face many storms. Of course there will be days when it’s difficult to smile because of what’s occurring. There should be times when meditation occurs in order to remain functional. It’s not easy having to face so many storms. To have to deal with so many who may not understand why the path was chosen for certain individuals. Some may try to stop the growth but remain filled with confidence.

Smiling has helped when the road gets rough. To engage in :positive thinking” and to think about the future. Thinking positively helps relive some of the pressure which can occur when having to face a lot of adversity. Some may not be in control with their emotions and that’s one of the reasons why some may try to cause stress for others. Not receiving what they want and not accepting that some are suppose to be on the path they’re on.

No matter how many try to cause disconnects. I’m still choosing to go on. The problems will arise aren’t great enough to cause me=Tanikka Paulk to stop. No matter what the noisemakers are saying. I’m remaining hopeful. I’m not dismayed by what others are doing because they’re not in charge. That’a right. “God is always in charge (The Creator of Mankind by: T. Paulk).” What takes place may occur for many reasons but the problems faced can be handled in time.

“I’m Pleased With the Opportunity to be Apart of Growth and Movement and Despite What so Many Have Tried to do to me=Tanikka Paulk. I’m Still Here.”  By: Tanikka Paulk

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Taking sometime to just settle down when facing a lot of pressure from the hecklers, naysayers, and critics. Keep the smile. If shutting down all devices and turning down the lights is needed in order to relieve stress then do so. No person should allow others to tear their dreams and their mind down. There is and will be a victory. So continue on, yes it’s rather sad when so many feel the need to try and hinder, or to prevent “progress.” “Smiling.”

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Staying Grounded in Deep Waters

There are environments which are so controlled and so consumed with evilness which may generate some negative feelings if we’re not careful. Having to deal with a lot of unnecessary situations can be a headache. There are some people who are so annoying that they probably annoy themselves. Sometimes there will have to be some annoying involved in order to keep the mind in tact. There’s some who are persistent and will try to drive individuals insane. Stay in tact by removing some of the unnecessary mess.

The ones who are on a mission to make one’s life miserable aren’t very happy people. The best thing to do is to just proceed with the areas which truly matter. To discover more and to believe that there will be progress even when there’s disruptions and disturbances. Someday’s may seem as if there are high tides. The water may appear to be going over one’s head. There may be lots of drama. Some may choose to engage in such recklessness and others may just choose to “be apart of growth.”

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“Trees Represent Growth” By:

Tanikka Paulk

By not engaging in the foolishness one can move further. There can be abundance by not paying close attention to areas which can never add any “value.” Some aren’t even worth taking precious time to listen to their antics. Not meaning they’re not worthy just meaning that there’s no need to be consumed with their antics. The ones who are constantly trying to wreck havoc in persons life shouldn’t even be apart of their circle. They’re the ones who should be removed and not allowed to come back.

Take sometime to gather thoughts because there are some who will continuously try to push a person’s buttons. Always looking for a reason to harass the individual. Stay connected to joyfulness by finding ways to remain whole. Don’t be disturbed by “the actions” of others. There are some who will continue on the path of destruction and not willing to add any value to society or to their own lives.

The key is to focus on the areas in which there will be greater. The areas which will create abundance and prosperity. Not all will want to be apart of the growth which can take place when there’s determination, hopefulness, and motivation. It’s not easy to have to deal with some individuals who are always on a mission to create more problems. Some aren’t really in tuned with being problem solvers. “Disconnecting is necessary at times.”

Not allowing certain individuals in the circle could help minimize some of the pressure. No person has to deal with the pressures in which some “will develop.” Finding a way to not only become whole but to stay whole is important. trying to remain sane is important. Perhaps spending less time in unhealthy environments will help. Not being focused on the opinionated individuals but finding the knowledge. Seeking better can help create even more joy.

The world is filled with a lot of naysayers, doubters, cynics etc. There will be times when we’ll have to face the individuals. There will be environments filled with critics and the heckling will take place. Focus on the good, positives, and the values. The challenges may arise and some may have to deal with some of the most difficult people on earth but there are “ways to get through.”

“Stay Grounded Because There is Abundance Near Even When it Doesn’t Appear so.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Tanikka Paulk
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Resistance Shouldn’t be a Reason to Stop

Wrong right. So many are in the wrong but believe what they’re doing is justified. No at all. Of course any person who has ever tried to walk “a journey” knows that there will be some who will try to hinder and stop the process. Why? For some it’s mere competition and others envy. Even ones who appear to be on a higher level will display bouts of envy. There are some who are skilled and others who were trained. Born leaders and other placed in leadership positions. The ones who are insecure will try to use tactics to discourage the ones who are trying to elevate.

For some their actions could be revenge but their actions are wrong. Sometimes they’ve based their actions emotions and ignorance. Not seeking information and believing lies. So they’ll get caught up and forever be known as troublemakers. “Some mot minding their own business.” Every person has a right to try to live a dream to try and be prosperous. It’s so unfortunate that the ones who have so much will even try to hinder the ones trying to climb higher. The crab mentality.

They’re toxic and their the ones who shouldn’t be in a person’s circle. It’s best to find ways to get around such people. Shouldn’t the ones at the top try to pull others up? Are they really at the top if they’re trying to pull down? No. They’re money may be but their skills aren’t. That’s why they’ll try to pull others down. The ones who are humble or who are trying to be are the ones who deserve to be recognized. There’s a lot of crabs and what I’m saying has be proven over and over again.

“Rise up” anyway, the resistance will be there, eventually the ones who continue to make efforts will reach their destination. No matter who’s trying to stop the persons. Some believe they’re right because they feel they’re helping. Trying to make the journey more difficult because there has to be adversity but not knowing when to stop. So many may disconnect their dreams because of what so many will try to do. The ones who so many may look up to may be the very ones who will try to pull down.

There is hope of course and although there are people who are such crabs. There’s also some very good people out there. May be difficult to find but they’re somewhere. Keep on moving along despite the adversity. The ones who try to make life more difficult for others will have their day. Some may not even be prepared for the consequences. Causing havoc for others because they’re use to the spotlight. Not wanting others to shine. “Let me=Tanikka Paulk Through.”

There are many challenges to face and the road can be pretty rough. Imagine having what appears to be the entire world trying to cause a cease. There are some cheerleaders of course but some days it feels as if the whole world is against me=Tanikka Paulk. To think that their business isn’t my business and my business isn’t their business. They’ve invaded my business. “Tanikka Paulk” business. She/her business. Talking about Tanikka Paulk

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“I’m Bullied, Harassed, Attacked but I’m Still Here for a Reason and Still Blessed.” By: Tanikka Paulk


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Whatever to do? Just Proceed

That’s right! Continue on the journey and forget about all of the disturbances which will surely take place. Any persons trying to slow down progress is doing themselves an injustice. No time to be bothered with “situations” which will properly continue whether there’s disappointment or not. Some are simply trouble. It’s better to just proceed but be cautious of course. The fact remains that there will be some who will be difficult no matter what.

There’s a lot to accomplish and why be in tuned with the noise? No need. There are some who actually want to grow in some way. The ones who don’t will properly be the ones causing the most trouble. That’s their problem. The journey is certainly a difficult travel and process. So much to deal with. Some setbacks will occur. The problems are meant to be solved. The ones who are so in tuned with distracting aren’t “moving along.” They’re the ones who shouldn’t be going on the journey.

Not all are equipped to come along. Some will try to hold others back. Focusing on getting ahead is the best way to go. The ones who are supportive will support and the ones who continue to supply trouble will probably continue on if there’s no consequences or intervention. There are some who want to stop but perhaps for some reason they’re unable to do so. The fact remains every person should not be joining in on a persons journey.

There should be elevation. “There are ways to get around the ones who are causing havoc.” The best thing to do is to allow the individuals to think a certain move is occurring but do the opposite. There are so many eyes watching right? Some feeling the need to know every aspect of a person’s life. Some discontinue their travel because there’s so much to deal with. Not wanting to be consumed with stress. There will be a lot of people trying to cause a lot of stress for others.

Although there will be a lot of adversity, no person should give up on their dreams, yes dealing with the cynics is quite annoying but it’s not impossible to get ahead. Even when there’s a lot of chaos. The person or persons who are determined enough will continue on. There must be “confidence and determination” in order to make any progress. “Never allow any person to cause a hold back. Proceed and Eventually There Will be Completeness.” By: Tanikka Paulk

There is way too much talent all around the world to allow any person to remove the talent. There are so many who have thrown their talents, “dreams, and vision” away because of what the critics are doing. They’re criticize of course. Hear and don’t hear. See and don’t see. Don’t focus on what can add no value. That’s the best way to go.

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Adversity Comes and Adversity Goes

Some may become dismayed when having to come up against a lot of adversity. The adversity is surely come no doubt but the adversity shouldn’t be a reason to stop living a dream or to see to a “vision.” No matter what occurs we’re equipped to deal with many challenges but no person should try to tackle a lot of problems at one time. There will be a lot of people who will intentionally try to create problems for others and even in such situations a person can rise up. Although there will be times when it appears as if the challenges are too much to bare.

The adversity comes for a reason and for some the challenges may take longer to get rid of. We’re told that we’ll have to go through challenges. There’s no way of getting avoiding challenges. We’re meaning all individuals in the world. They’ll all have to face some sort of problems and not everyone will deal with the problems the same or go through the same problems. Although the adversity comes. “There shouldn’t be any lack of hope.” The time it takes to make a dream happen is different for each individual.

Some may think that some are moving too slowly but everyone should go at their own pace. The opinions shouldn’t matter. Trying to figure out every opinion is a waste of time. There will be a lot said and done but when the determination is there. No amount of criticism should detour a dream or tear down the dreamer. There will be times when the pressure is lowered. There will a time when all of the drama will cease. If there were no challenges then there would be no learning going on. No “growth” taking place.

In due time all of the challenges will fade and one can live the life they’ve been trying to accomplish. No matter how many people try to stop an individual from living a dream. It’s up to the person whether they’ll give in or not. If the dreamer, visionary, and inventor “want to be prosperous” then they’ll continue on even when it appears as if their goals will take a long time to accomplish. The best thing to do is to have thoughts of reaching the goals. not about what hasn’t been accomplished but the thoughts of knowing there will be accomplishments.

“Don’t Allow the Adversity to Cause a Cease. Keep Going Even When the Resistance Comes.” BY:

Tanikka Paulk

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How to get Around Troubled People
February 27, 2017

There will be some who will display war like personalities. Trying to get groups to fight against one another in hopes of creating weakness within the groups of people. We’re living in times where everyone wants their way. The control, the power, other people’s money. Not even willing to create their own but to try claim what others have produced. No person should tolerate being mistreated. “Unfairness” seems to be the name of the game these days.

The best way to get around all of the chaos is to keep going. Go through the crowd even an angry mob. There’s “many reasons” why some will continuously try to hunt other down. The main reasons is “the gift.” What was given to the individuals by the Heavenly Father is something the flesh would want to take away. So they’ll fight for what isn’t even there’s and come up short because their methods are incorrect.

Believe in the power of prayer then praying is what needs to be done. There’s a lot of people who are filled with hateful hearts not wanting see others “do better” so they’ll cause all sorts of havoc but no amounts of challenges are too much to bare. Some may even up at the first sign of difficulty but when there’s been many complexities in one’s life they’re more equipped to deal with more.

Continue to “proceed” with the works. Doing good doesn’t mean others will do good as well. The world is filled with all sorts of troubles and that’s what we’re told not to become of the world. Individuals focusing on what others should or should not do and are messing up society as a whole. Putting a country at risk by their antics. Not considering how their behavior will produce war. A world thinkers or a world of destructive beings?

Move swiftly if need be. Some will try to distract no matter what’s being done. “Don’t ever give in.” Actually the ones who are on constant attack display weakness. Not willing to allow others to just try and make a better self and a better economy. Not very smart. If they were using the brain in which is given then they’ll encourage instead of trying to knock down. A weaker country will put everyone at risk.

Other countries will have the advantage. Amazing how some will focus on trying to knock others down but refuse to focus on rising themselves. Never being positive just looking for ways to prevent others from excelling. Fighting their own and society will continue to crumble. How can we expect “to unite” with such people? Well as long as they’re using their attacks it would be difficult to produce unification.

No matter what’s being done there should continue to be progress. No matter how many attacks arise “there should never be a feeling of hopelessness.” Eventually there will be the right solutions but remember some will never be satisfied to one thing and they expect another. Do good and evil will surely come. Make mistakes and be judged. Perhaps they should consider checking themselves.

“The key is to Proceed Even When There’s Noise. The Noise Makers Will Make the Noise but There Should Still be Progress Made.” By:

Tanikka Paulk

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